Hawaii Real Estate Litigation by drd10767


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									         ID                                 Title                  Author Last Name
M24           Bluebook, 18ed.
H1-32         HRS
M19           Pace Env. Law review: 4th An. MC Comp.
M20           Pace Env. Law review: 11th An. MC Comp
M22           Pace Env. Law review: 14th An. MC Comp
M23           Pace Env. Law review: 15th An. MC Comp
M21           Pace Env. Law Review: 16th An. MC Comp
M31           Pace Env. Review
H101          Sea Mountain at Punalu`u DEIS
H101.5        Sea Mountain at Punalu`u DEIS: Tech. Apdnx
F200          UH Env. Law Moot Court Team Archives
F193          Miss. College Law Review                             (Fall)
F195          WV Law Rev.                                          (Summer)
F220          ABA, 2005 Section Meeting                            ABA
H78           Key Environmental Issues in US EPA Reg. IX           ABA
F57           Nat. Resources, Energy, and Env. Law. 1996           ABA
F140          Nat. Resources, Energy, and Env. Law. 1998           ABA
F603          Environment, Energy, & Resource Law: 2004 in Revi    ABA/U Tulsa
F604          Environment, Energy, & Resource Law: 2005 in Revie   ABA/U Tulsa
P65           Desert Solitaire                                     Abbey
P1            The Fool's Progress                                  Abbey
I49           Guide to Env. Leg & Admin in Australia               AEC
                                                                   Alabama Law
F605          The Clean Water Act at 30: Progress, Problems, &     ReviewLaw
F66           Public Trust Doctrine                                School
F216          Environmental Litigation, ALI/ABA Materials          ALI/ABA
F211          Admin Law & Process. 2d.                             Aman
H74           Waimea Falls Park, Draft EA                          Planning
F156          Env. Law Practice: Skills Development, 2d., Teach    Anderson
F156.5        Environmental Law Practice, 2d.                      Anderson
F176          Free Market environmentalism                         Anderson
F59           Free Market Environmentalism                         Anderson
F67           NEPA in the Courts                                   Anderson
P2            Sisters of the Earth                                 Anderson
H53           From the Ground Up: Comm. Based LU Planning          APA, HI Chapter
H54           From the Ground Up: Comm. Based LU Planning          APA, HI Chapter
F186          Env. Law: RCRA,CERCLA, and Haz Waste Mngmnt          Applegate
F204          Env. Law: RCRA,CERCLA, and Haz Waste Mngmnt          Applegate
F116          The Reg. Of Toxic Subst. &Haz. Wastes                Applegate
F135          The Reg. Of Toxic Subst. &Haz. Wastes                Applegate
F117          The Reg. Of Toxic Subst. &Haz. Wastes, Preview       Applegate
F118          The Reg. Of Toxic Subst. &Haz. Wastes, Teach. Man.   Applegate
F218          Wet Growth: Should Water Law Control Land Use?       Arnold
I41           Man & Environment                                    Arvill
P3            Reconciling Man with the Environment                 Ashby
I36           Env. Planning & Mngmnt.                              Development
F166          Environmental Citizen Suits                          Axline
F166.5        Environmental Citizen Suits                          Axline
I50           Conservation Law in the ACT                          Barker
I46    Environmental Law in Australia                       Bates
K2     Tales of Tutu Nene and Nele                          Bates
F6     EL: Environm. Decisionmaking/NEPA                    Battle
F174   EL: Hazardous Waste                                  Battle
F8     EL: Hazardous Waste                                  Battle
F100   Environmental Law: Water Pollution, 2d.              Battle
F121   Haz. Wastes: 1994/95 Suppl.                          Battle
F105   Water Pollution, 3d.                                 Battle
                                                            Bd. Water
H39    Honolulu Desamination Study, Draft EA                Supply
F601   The Evolution of National Wildlife Law, 3d           Bean
F223   The Lawyering Process                                Bellow
F191   Finding The Law, 12d.                                Berring
P5     Home Economics                                       Berry
P6     Openings                                             Berry
P4     The Memory of Old Jack                               Berry
I55    Rights to Plant Genetic Resources and Traditional    Biber-Klemm
H36    Reef Fish Replenishment Refuges                      Birkland
H37    Reef Fish Replenishment Refuges                      Birkland
I19    Comparative Asian Environmental Law                  Bolla
P8     Defending the Earth                                  Bookchin
P7     Remaking Society                                     Bookchin
F155   Energy, Economics, & Environment                     Bosselman
F136   Energy, Economics, & Environment, Teach. Manual      Bosselman
F53    Energy, Economics, & Environment, Teach. Manual      Bosselman
F175   EPA Authority Affecting Land Use                     Bosselman
F119   Law of Environmental and Toxic Torts                 Boston
F120   Law of Environmental and Toxic Torts Teach Man.      Boston
F134   Law of Environmental and Toxic Torts, 2d.            Boston
F215   Coastal Zone management                              Brahtz
F90    Wildlife and America                                 Brokaw
P67    Let the Mountains talk, Let the rivers run           Brower
P9     Life and Times of David Brower                       Brower
F147   A Land Use Anthology                                 Bruce
F77    Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, & EQ                  Bullard
F78    Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, & EQ                  Bullard
F51    Natural Resources Cases and Materials                Burke
H80    Ala Wai Canal Water Qual Improvement                 C&C Honolulu
H44    Leeward Dist. Landfill, RevEIS, FinAdd               C&C Honolulu
H42    Leeward Dist. Landfill, Revised EIS                  C&C Honolulu
H40    Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Exp., Draft Suppl. EIS      C&C Honolulu
H43    Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Exp., Rev Suppl. EIS        C&C Honolulu
H41    Waimanalo Gulch Landfill Exp., RevDraft Suppl. EIS   C&C Honolulu
P10    Ecotopia                                             Callenbach
F143   After Lucas: Land Use Reg                            Callies
H116   Preserving Paradise                                  Callies
F144   Takings: After Dolan and Lucas                       Callies
I601   The Role of Customary Law in Sustainable Developme   Callies
I57    Cambridge Local Plan                                 Cambridge
F16    Environm. Law: From Reesources to Recovery           Campbell-Mohn
I22      Readings in American Indian Law                      Carillo
F94      Water Law: trends, Policies, & Practice              Carr
F95      Water Law: trends, Policies, & Practice              Carr
P11      Silent Spring                                        Carson
P12      Silent Spring                                        Carson for Land
P86      The Story Handbook                                   and People
F208     Environmental Justice                                CEQ
F214     Global Future: Time to Act                           CEQ
F91      National Wildlife Law                                CEQ
F164     The Costs of Sprawl                                  CEQ
F164.5   the Costs of Sprawl: Cost Analysis                   CEQ
F213     Twentieth Annual Report, 1990                        CEQ
P61      Playing God in Yellowstone                           Chase
PH1      Sea Turtles of Hawaii                                Ching
F219     Coastal and Oceam Mngmnet Law: In a Nutshell         Christie
F83      Coastal and Ocean Mngmnt Law: In a Nutshell          Christie
F82      Coastal Ecosytems                                    Clark
PH2      Hawaii Place Names                                   Clark
PH3      the Beaches of oahu                                  Clark
P47      Forests: For whom and for what?                      ClawsonLands
H35      Coastal Erosion Mngmnt. Plan                         ProgramStates
F63      Putting the Public truct Doctrine to Work, 2d.       Organization
                                                              Coastal States
F65      Putting the Public truct Doctrine to Work, 2d.       Organization
P13      Lyrics for Re-Creation                               Conlon
F104     Groundwater Protection                               Foundation
I39      The Franklin Dam Case: Tasmania                      Cooper of State
F146     Land: State Alternatives for Plan. & Mngmnt.         Gvts.
I58      Planning for quality of life in rural england        Agency
I52.5    Capacity Building, Env.Law in Asian/Pac Reg, II      Craig
I52      Capacity Building, Env.Law in the Asian/Pac Reg, I   Craig
P64      The Riverkeepers                                     Cronin
I23      Surviving in Two Worlds                              Crozier-Hogle
H87      A Native Hawaiian Garden                             Culliney
P53      Man & Nature in the National Parks                   Darling
F60      Ecological Principles for Economic Development       Dasmann
P15      Fire in the Turtle House                             Davidson
P16      Fire in the Turtle House                             Davidson
PH4      Land and Power in Hawaii                             Daws
PH5      Shoal of Time                                        Daws of the
I59      Access to the Open Countryside in England and Wale   Environment,
P66      Bush Versus the Environment                          Devine
P17      Reweaving the World: The Emerg. Of Ecofeminism       Diamond
I11      The Global Environment & International Law           DiMento of
H114     Managing Boat Wastes                                 Boating and
H48      Pac. Missile Range Facility, Final EIS, I.           DLNR
H49      Pac. Missile Range Facility, Final EIS, II.          DLNR
H50      Pac. Missile Range Facility, Final EIS, III.         DLNR
PH7      The Richardson Years: 1966-1982                      Dodd
K3       The Lorax                                            Dr. Seuss
PH8      A Call for Hwn. Sovereignty                          Dudley
P60      National Defense and the Environment                 Dycus
P18      The Apocalyptics                                     Efron
F124     Toxic Torts, 2d.: In A Nutshell                      Eggen
F187     Toxic Torts: In a Nutshell                           Eggen
F188     Toxic Torts: In a Nutshell                           Eggen
M27      Just Writing, 2d.                                    Enquist
F23      ALI-ABA Study Materials, Env. Law                    Law Institute
F24      ALI-ABA Study Materials, Env. Law                    Law Institute
F25      ALI-ABA Study Materials, Env. Law                    Law Institute
F26      ALI-ABA Study Materials, Env. Law                    Law Institute
F103     The CWA Handbook                                     Evans
H111     Purchasing Costal Real Estate In Hawaii              Eversole, Dolan
F228     Disasters and the Law                                Farber
H119     Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sa   Partnership for
F27      Environmental Law                                    Ferrey
F10      Environm. Law, 6d.                                   Findley
F11      Environm. Law, 6d., Teach. Manual                    Findley
F152     Environmental Law: In a nutshell, 5d.                Findley
F22      Environmental Law: In a nutshell, 6d.                Findley
F55      The Natural Resources Law Manual                     Fink
F29      An Environm. Law Anthology                           Fischman
F31      Environmental Decisionmaking, 3d.                    Fischman
I29      Environmental Law in Australia                       Fisher
F165     Env. Geology, Conserv, LU Plan & Res. Mngmnt         Flawn
P82      Confessions of an Eco-Warrior                        Foreman
P73      Ecodefense: Field Guide to Monkeywrenching           Foreman
F158.5   Understand. Admin Law, 3d.                           Fox
F158     Understanding Administrative Law, 3d.                Fox
H89      Protecting Paradise: Citizen's Guide to Water Use    FrankelNansen
I24      Green Globe Yearbook 1995                            Institute
P601     The History of American Law                          Friedman
P75      Heal the Ocean                                       Fujita
F163     Guide to CA Planning                                 Fulton
F148     Black Letter Outlines: Env. Law                      Gaba
F148.5   Black Letter Outlines: Env. Law                      Gaba
F44      Environmetal Law, 2d. Black Letter Series            Gaba
M602     A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage, 2d               Garner
F170     Control of Pollution Act 1974                        Garner
M1       Legal Writing in Plan English                        Garner
M6       The redbook: A Manual on Legal Style                 Garner
M2       the Winning Brief                                    Garner
F28      The Env. Law Manual                                  Garrett
F12      Modern Environ. Law                                  Geltman
F168     Modern Land Transactions: Env. Cases and Material    Geltman
F75      The Law of Environmental Justice                     Gerrard
F107     Water Law: In a Nutshell                             Getches
F107.5   Water Law: In a Nutshell                             Getches
M13      Regulation of Lawyers, 5d.                           Gillers
P70    Investing In Nature                                  Ginn
F36    Env. Protection: Law and Policy, 4d.                 Glicksman
F37    Env. Protection: Law and Policy, 4d.,Teach. Manu.    Glicksman
F88    Federal Wildlife Statutes                            Goble
F89    Federal Wildlife Statutes                            Goble
F87    Wildlife Law                                         Goble
F79    The Truth about Where you Live                       Goldman
F190   The ABCs of Env. Regulation, 2d                      Goldsteen
I30    Amazon Jungle-green hell to red desert?              Goodland
H70    HI Env. Law Hndbk.                                   Anderson…
H96    HI Env. Law Hndbk.                                   Anderson…
F161   Inland Wetlands of the US                            Goodwin
P14    This Sacred Earth                                    Gottlieb
                                                            Great Barrier
I60    Cairns Section Zoning Plan and the Cormorant Sect    Reef Marine
F122   A Documentary Companion to "A Civil Action"          Grossman
F123   A Documentary Companion to "A Civil Action, Teach    Grossman
P83    High Tech Trash                                      Grossman
P71    Tyranny of the Majority                              Guinier
PH9    Hwn. Coral Reef Ecology                              Gulko
K4     Sea Turtles: An Ecol. Guide                          Gulko
K5     Sea Turtles: An Ecol. Guide                          Gulko
I32    Inl'l Environ. Law, 2d.guruswamy                     Guruswamy
I18    International Law, In a Nutshell                     Guruswamy
I13    International Law, In a Nutshell, 2d.                Guruswamy
I7     International Law, In a Nutshell, 2d.                Guruswamy
P54    Marine Mammals                                       Haley
PH10   Malama: Hwn. Land and Water                          Hall
PH11   Native Planters in Old HI                            Handy
P19    A River Lost: Life/Death of the Columbia             Harden
F185   State Env. Mngmnt/Case Studies                       Haskell
H118   Conservation Strategies: Matching Science & Manage   Conservation
P20    The Ecology of Commerce                              Hawken
P21    the War Against the Grens                            Helvarg
H46    S6217 in a Nutshell                                  HI CZMP
H45    HI Impl. PLAn Poll. Runoff Control                   HI DOH
H83    HIS Leg: Trad/Cust NH Rights                         HI House of Rep
H38    HI Coastal Nonpoint Poll. Cntrl. Plan                Planning
H52    1997 Land Use Conference                             HICLE
H69    1997 Land Use Conference                             HICLE
I34    The Common Heritage                                  HMSO
F92    Animal Extinctions                                   Hoage
P74    Groundswell: Stories of Saving Places, Community     hopkins
F98    The Clean Water Act TMDL Program                     Houck
F93    Animals in Peril: How Sustainable Use is Wiping O    Hoyt
H86    Emerg. LU and Envir/Project Devo                     HSBA
H75    Hawai`I Water Law Seminar, Vol1.                     HSBA
H76    Hawai`I Water Law Seminar, Vol2.                     HSBA
I1     International Env. Law & Policy                      Hunter
I4     International Env. Law & Policy, 2d. Teach Man.      Hunter
I28    International Env. Law & Policy, Treaty Suppl.        Hunter
I5     International Env. Law & Policy, Treaty Suppl.        Hunter
I48    Int'l Environmental Law and Policy; Treaty Suppl.     Hunter
H88    HI Coastal Hazard Mitigation Guidebook                Hwang
F126   Property Law and the Public Interest                  Hylton
P57    Hypatia: Ecological Fenminism                         Hypatia
                                                             Inst. For
F150   No Land is an Island                                  Contemp.
I21    Man in the Living Environment                         Inst.Inst.Ecology
                                                             Int'l Of 4 Indig.
F71    Attaining Env. Justice thru NEPA                      Resource
M29    Sentence Mastery                                      Jack
H109   Kupa`a ma hope o ka `aina                             Jarman
H110   Kupa`a ma hope o ka `aina                             Jarman
H100   Making your Vopice Heard: Contedted Cases             Jarman
P56    Economics, Equity, and the Environment                Johnson
F58    the Environment and NAFTA                             Johnson
PH12   Atlas of HI                                           Juvile
F229   Coastal and Ocean Law: Cases and Materials            Kalo, Joseph J.
P77    A Feeling for the Organism: Life of Barb McClinto     Keller
F102   Water: the Universal Solvent                          Kemmer
P68    Crimes Against Nature                                 Kennedy, Jr.
P62    Cruise Ship Squeeze                                   Klein
F178   Natural Resources Law                                 Klein
F212   Admin Law: Case/Materials, 5d.                        Koch
F222   Admin Law: Cases, Materials, Statutes, 5th Ed.        Koch
I51    Selected ASEAN Documents on the Environment           Koh
I45    The Developing Order of the Oceans                    Krueger
F61    The Economics of Natural Environments                 Krutilla
F173   Public/Private Parks/Mngmnt. Priv. Lands for Park     Kusler
P81    Mama Poc: An Account of the Extinction of a Species   LaBastille
F62    Energy and Natural resources Law: In a Nutshell       Laitos
F145   Natural Resources Law                                 Laitos
F52    Natural Resources Law                                 Laitos
P22    A Season of Spoils: Reagan's attack on the Env.       Lash
F157   Modern American Remedies, 2d.                         Laycock
F159   Modern American Remedies, 2d., Teach Man              Laycock
I53    Korea: Joint Working Party on Trade & Environment     Lee
F76    Environmental Injustice in the US                     Lester
PH24   Remains of a rainbow; rare plants and animals HI      Liittschwager
P26    Gift from the Sea                                     Lindbergh
F115   Environ. Law: Hazardous Waste, 3d.                    Lipeles
F70    A National Poliocy for the Environment                Liroff
P23    Arctic Dreams                                         Lopez
I10    Global Environ. Challenges of the 21st Cent.          Lorey
F86    ESA, Law Seminars Int'l                               LSI
H94    NEPA/EIS Compliance in HI                             LSI
F151   Marsh & Estuary Mgmnt.                                LSU
PH13   A Dictionary of Hwn. Legal Land terms                 Lucas
H73    Native Hawaiian Rights Handbook                       MacKenzie
PH14   NH Rights Handbook                                    MacKenzie
F72      Environmental Protection and Justice, 2d.            Manaster
F73      Environmental Protection and Justice, Read. & Com.   Manaster
F74      Environmental Protection and Justice, Read. & Com.   Manaster
F602     How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation, 3d              Mancuso
F69      NEPA Law and Litigation                              Mandelker
F182     Standing and Global Warming                          Mank
F224     MAPA Directory                                       MAPA Mammal
F169     Marine Mammal Commission: Treaties, Vol1-3           Commission
F130     Environmental Analysis for Land Use and Site Plann   Marsh
K1       Beyond `Ohia Valley                                  Matsumoto
F81      CA Marine Protected Areas                            McArdle
H34      Environmantal Risk Mgmnt.                            Miller…
I154     Ocean Devo. & Int`l Law                              McDorman
P55      Documentary History of Conservation in America       McHenry
P24      The Control of Nature                                McPhee
P49      The Limits to Growth                                 Meadows
P25      The Death of Nature: Women, Eco, Sci. Rev            Merchant
H115     Limahuli Garden                                      Merrill
M16      Fundamentals of Legal research, 8d.                  Mersky
M18      Fundamentals of Legal research, 8d., Teach Man.      Mersky
M17      Fundamentals of Legal research, 8d.: Assgnments to   Mersky
I63      Marshall Islands A Chronology: 1944-1983             Support News
I62      Constitution of the Marshall Islands                 and Printing
P43      Witness" Endangered Species of North America         Middleton
H103     Water and the Law in HI                              Miike
F30      Federal Environmantal Law                            Moya
P27      My First Summer in the Sierra                        Muir
F192     Legal Research and Writing                           Murray
F111     The Law of Biodiversity & EcoSystem Mngmnt.          Nagle
F111.5   The Law of Biodiversity & EcoSystem Mngmnt.          Nagle
F112     The Law of Biodiversity & EcoSystem Mngmnt.          Nagle
H90      Water Warriors: Kuleana Eco-Project                  Nakano
P28      The Rights of Nature: Hist. Of Env. Ethics           Nash
K6       Coral Reefs: Middle School Curriculum                Geographic
                                                              National Land
I26      Land Use and the Environment                         Agency Marine
H93      HI Islands Humpback Whale Mnmnt Plan                 Sanctuaries
I40      Philippine Env. Law                                  NEPC
I42      Phillipine Environmental Law                         NEPC
I43      Phillipine Environmental Law                         NEPC
H84      Life With PASH                                       NHBA
P58      Laws of the Landscape: How Policies Shape Cities     Nivola
H77      HI: Himpback Whale Nat. Mar. Sanct. Mgmnt Plan       NOAA
H107     NWHI Symposium                                       NOAA
H102     US Coast Pilot                                       NOAA
P30      Ancient Forests of the Pacific Northwest             Norse
F113     Why preserve Natural Variety                         Norton
M28      Just Research, 2d.                                   Oates
M30      Legal Writing Handbook                               Oates Gov.
F184     Ocean Governance                                     Study Group
H91     Guidebook for HI State Env. Review Process                     OEQC
H92     Guidebook for HI State Env. Review Process                     OEQCof
H113    Open Meetings: A Guide to the Sunshine Law                     Information
                                                                       Office of
H113a   Open Meetings: A Guide to the Sunshine Law                     Information
F153    ELR: Environ. Statutes Outline                                 O'Grady
I56     Intellectual Property and Biological Resources                 Ong Law
I35     Sustainable Development - US & Argentina                       Review
F179    Environmental and Natural resources Law, 2d.                   Pearson
F180    Environmental and Natural resources the People's Republic of
        The Environmental Protection Law of Law, 2d. Teach             Pearson
I61     China                                                          Congress
F17     Env. Law: Stat & Case Suppl. & Internet Guide                  Percival
F42     Env. Regulation: Law, Science, Pol, 3d. Teach Man              Percival
F41     Env. Regulation: Law, Science, Pol, 4d. Teach Man              Percival
F38     Environ. Regulation: Law, Science, & Policy                    Percival
                                                                       Pew Fellows
F80     Science in Marine Conserv. Law                                 Program
H82     Kohanaiki (PKO)                                                PKO
F14     Env. Law & Policy: Anture, Law, and Society                    Plater
F15     Env. Law & Policy: Nature, Law, and Society                    Plater
F35     EL&P: Nature, Law, & Society, Teach. Manual, 3d.               Platter
F33     Environ. Law and Policy: Natuire, Law, & Society               Platter
F149    Development Agreements                                         Porter
P46     Global Environ. Politics                                       Porter
P31     Getting Sued for Speaking Out                                  Pring Trust
H33     Managing Hawaii's Public Trust Doctrine                        Conference
PH15    `Olelo No`eau                                                  Pukui
M603    Legal Writing: Getiing it Right & Getting it Written           Ransfield
F49     Natural Resources Law and Policy                               Rasband
F50     Natural Resources Law and Policy, Teach Man.                   Rasband
PH16    Isles of Refuge                                                Rauzon
F139    Environmental Justice: Law, Pol., & Reg                        Rechtschaffen
                                                                       Republic of the
I14     National Env. Enhancement Program                              Philippines the
                                                                       Republic of
I15     the Philippine Environment                                     Philippines
F221    Managing Scientific & Tech, Info in Env. Cases                 RESOLVE
F154    Env. Law & Policy: Stat & Reg Suppl.                           Revesz
F18     Env. Law & Policy: Stat & Reg Suppl.                           Revesz
F48     Foundations of Env. Law and Policy                             Revesz
F45     Foundations of Environmental Law and Policy                    Revesz
F46     Foundations of Environmental Law and Policy                    Revesz
I37     The Law of the Land (Australia)                                Reynolds
P33     Motgaging the Earth                                            Rich
P79     The Pinnipeds                                                  Riedman
F183    RMI: Con Limits on Zoning Authority                            RMLUI
F106    Prdcngs, LT maint. Of Clean Air Standards                      Roberts
P80     Saving the Neigthborhood: Fight Developers and Wi              Robin Mntn
F199    Natural Resources Law teachers                                 Mineral Law
F54     Energy and Natural resources Law, Teach Manual                 Rodgers
F5      Environmental Law, 2d.                                         Rodgers
F1      Environmental Law: Air & Water                                 Rodgers
F2      Environmental Law: Air & Water                                 Rodgers
F101   Environmental Law: Air and Water, Suppl. V2         Rodgers
F4     Environmental Law: Haz. Waste/Substances            Rodgers
F3     Environmental Law: Pesticides/Toxics                Rodgers
F160   Administrative Law                                  Rogers
F177   Administrative Law                                  Rogers
H105   A Green Hawai`I                                     Rohter
H79    The price of Paradise                               Roth
PH17   The Price of Paradise                               Roth
H120   The Price of Paradise - Vol. 1                      Roth
H121   The Price of Paradise - Vol. 2                      Roth Cmmsn.
I33    Environ. Planning                                   Env. Poll.
P76    Stuff: the Secret Lives of Everyday Things          Ryan
F47    Environmental Law and Policy                        Salzman
P69    Defending the Environment                           Sax
F97    Legal Control of WaterResources                     Sax
P34    Mountains Without Handrails                         Sax
P78    Mountains without Handrails                         Sax
P32    Playing Darts w/ a rembrandt: Pub/Priv rights in    Sax
F96    Water Law, Planning & Policy                        Sax
F43    Environ. Policy Law, 3d. Teaching Notes             Schoenbaum
F40    Environ. Policy Law. 4d.                            Schoenbaum
M601   Legal Writing & Other Lawyering Skills, 3d          Schultz
P48    Small is Beautiful                                  Schumacher
PH18   Exploring Haunama Bay                               Scott
P36    A Fierce Green Fire: the Am. Env. Mvmnt.            Shabecoff
P35    Earth Rising: Am. Envlsm in the 21st Cent.          Shabecoff
I47    The Theft of the Countryside                        Shoard
                                                           Sierra club
P44    Wild By Law: Sierra Club LDF                        Books club
P45    Wild By Law: Sierra Club LDF                        Books
P51    The Soil Conservation Service                       Simms
P29    Our Common LNAds: Defending the National Parks      Simon
P50    Sustainable America                                 Sitarz
P88    Preserving Family Lands: Book 1                     Small
P89    Preserving Family Lands: Book 2                     Small
P90    Preserving Family Lands: Book 3                     Small
PH19   HI's Best Hiking Trails                             Smith
I44    the Law of the Sea: In a Nutshell                   Sohn
P63    red Sky at Morning                                  Speth
F125   The Law of Haz. Wastesn& Toxics: In a Nutshell      Sprankling
F197   St. Mary's Law Rev. on Minority Issues              Spring
F108   Air Pollution, 3d.                                  Squillace
F7     EL: Air Pollution                                   Squillace
F189   Legal Writing: In a Nutshell                        Squires Env.
F132   Geothermal Energy: Legal Problems of Resource Dev   Law Society
H106   Hawaii's Invasive Species                           Staples George
H112   Hawai`I's Invasive Species                          W.
PH6    Loa`a Ka`Aina ho`opulapula                          State of HI
F141   The Environmental Guidebook: Refrence guide         Staudlinger
F32    Environ. Law: teachers Manual                       Stensvaag
F13      Environmental Law                                   Stensvaag
P38      Buffalo Creek Disaster                              Stern
F230     Questions and Answers: Environmental Law            Stevenson
F230a    Questions and Answers: Environmental Law            Stevenson
M3       Environmental Law Dictionary                        Stoloff
PH20     Conseration Biology in HI                           Stone
F204     Behind the Bench: Guide to Judicial Clerkships      Strauss
P39      Dreamers and Defenders: Am. Conservationists        Strong
M26      Elements of Style, 3d.                              Strunk
F225     Extinction and The ESA                              Suckling
F167     Land Use and Env. Law Review 2002                   Tarlock
F127     Land Use and Env. Law Review 2003                   Tarlock
F128     Land Use and Env. Law Review 2004                   Tarlock
H81      The US and the Hawaiian Kingdom                     Tate
M8       Law School Competitions: In a nutshell              Teply
                                                             The All-japan
I38      Env. Pollution & Role of Jurists in Japan           Committee
P52      National Parks for the Future                       Conservation
                                                             The Seminar
H51      HI Land Use and Takings Law                         Group
                                                             The Trust for
P85      Coming to Land in a Troubled World                  Public Land
                                                             The Trust for
P87      Conservation Finance Handbook                       Public Land
                                                             The Trust for
P84      Our Land, Ourselves                                 Public Land
PH21     From a Native Daughter                              Trask
PH22     From a Native Daughter                              Trask
P40      When Values Conflict: Esays on Env. Analysis        Tribe
P37      Progress and Privilege                              Tucker
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F206     Toxic Waste and race in the US                      UCC
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H98      CWA: HRS & Cases                                    UH ELP
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F217     Taking Action                                       Programme
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F56.5    Natural resources Journal                           UNM Task
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H117     Environmental Assessment: Johnston Atoll            Defense
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F203     Directory of Env. Web Sites                         Directories
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H95a-d   Makua Mil Training, DRAFT EIS                       USACE
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F202     Transboundary Waters: Crossing Cultural Boundarie   Utton Center
F207     Small Town America                                  UVM
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I12    the Global Environment: INSt., Law, & Policy        Vig
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I20    Local Gvt. & Env. Planning, New South Wales         Whitmore
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P42    Environmental Philosophy: from Anim. Rights to Ra   Zimmerman
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