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					                                               November 2009 Voting Records
Board Date        Bank Group Window Country             Type                                    Project                           Amount (MM) U.S.position Code
                                                                      Center-Invest Bank - Residential Energy Efficiency
      11/3/2009 WB          IFC     Russia              Loan          Finance and Agribusiness Finance                                 $30.00 Support
                                                                      Creation of new microfinance institution in Honduras,
      11/3/2009   IDB       MIF     Regional            Grant         Mexico, Colombia and Dominican Republic.Restructuring             $0.00   Support
      11/3/2009   WB        IFC     India               Equity        Snowman Frozen Foods Limited                                     $20.00   Support
      11/3/2009   EBRD      EBRD    Moldova             Loan          Moldindconbank (MICB) - SME Credit Line                          $22.00   Support
      11/3/2009   EBRD      EBRD    Kazakhstan          Loan          Kazexportastyk                                                   $35.00   Support
      11/3/2009   EBRD      EBRD    Serbia              Loan          Bakery Point                                                     $22.00   Support
      11/3/2009   WB        IDA     Kyrgyz Republic     Blend         National Road Rehabilitation Project                             $25.00   Support
                                                                      2nd Village Investment Proj -
      11/3/2009 WB          IDA     Kyrgyz Republic     Blend         Addl Financ & Prop Restructure                                    $8.00 Support
      11/3/2009 EBRD        EBRD    Bulgaria            Loan          Suvorovo Wind Farm                                               $55.00 Support
      11/3/2009 WB          GEF     Regional            Grant         Tien Shan Ecosystem Development Project                           $3.35 Support
                                                                      The Small Towns and Rural Water
      11/3/2009   AFDB      AFDF    Kenya               Loan          Supply and Sanitation Project                                   $108.70   Support
      11/3/2009   WB        IBRD    Montenegro          Loan          Health System Improvement Project - Addl Financing                $7.10   Support
      11/3/2009   WB        IDA     Kyrgyz Republic     Non-Financial Country Assistance Strategy Progress Report                       $0.00   Support
      11/3/2009   IDB       IIC     Bolivia             Loan          Proposal for loan to ADM SAO S.A.                                $10.00   Support
      11/3/2009   IDB       IIC     Argentina           Loan          Loan to Profertil S.A.                                           $10.00   Support
      11/3/2009   IDB       IIC     Ecuador             Loan          Proposal for loan to Banco ProCredit S.A.                         $3.00   Support
                                    Central African                   The Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation in 3
      11/4/2009 AFDB        AFDF    Republic            Grant         Divisional Hdqts and Surrounding Rural Areas                     $10.00 Support
      11/4/2009 WB          IFC     Brazil              Loan          Banco Industrial e Comercial S.A.                                $25.00 Support
      11/4/2009 IDB         OC      Belize              Loan          Proposal for a loan for the Agricultural Services Program         $5.00 Support
                                                                      Nonreimbursable technical-cooperation funding for
                                                                      process Quality improvement for SME software
                                                                      developers in Latin America and the Caribbean through
      11/4/2009 IDB         MIF     Regional            Grant         the use of software development models                            $2.30 Support
                                                                      Proposal for a loan for the Urban Renewal and
      11/4/2009 IDB         OC      Brazil              Loan          Social Inclusion Program (PREURBIS)                              $59.40 Support
      11/4/2009 IDB         OC      Chile               Loan          Energia Pacifico S.A. Biomass Cogeneration Plant                  $6.50 Support
                                                                      Supplemental Road Infrastructure for
      11/4/2009 IDB         OC      Nicaragua           Loan          Competitiveness Program                                          $43.40 Support
                                                                      Direct Supports for the Creation of
      11/4/2009 IDB         OC      Bolivia             Loan          Rural Agrifood Initiatives Project                               $20.00 Support
                                    Trinidad and
      11/4/2009 WB          IBRD    Tobago              Non-Financial HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control Proj - Prop to Restructure          $0.00 Support
                                                                      Water and Sanitation Program for Rural and
      11/4/2009 IDB         OC      Paraguay            Loan          Indigenous Communities (PAySRI)                                  $12.00 Support
                                                                      Protecting Biodiversity in the
      11/4/2009 IDB         GEF     Colombia            Grant         Southwestern Caribbean Sea                                        $3.00 Support
                                                                      Opening Gates: Advancing Women's
      11/4/2009 IDB         IDB     Regional            Grant         Political Participation Revised version                           $2.30 Support
                                                                      Standard Chartered Bank Global
      11/5/2009 WB          IFC     Regional            Guarantee     Mezzanine Trade Finance Facility                                 $60.00 Support
                                                           CEMAC Transport & Transit Facilitation
 11/5/2009 WB      IDA    Regional            Blend        Proj - Addl Financing                                       $217.00 Support
 11/5/2009 WB      IBRD   Seychelles          Loan         Development Policy Loan                                       $9.00 Support
 11/6/2009 ADB     ADB    Bhutan              Grant        Road Network Project II                                      $38.46 Support
                                                           Hebei Small Cities and Towns Development
 11/6/2009 ADB     ADB    China              Loan          Demonstration Sector Project                                $100.00 Support     7,35,62
                                                           Helios Shared Telecom Infrastructure
 11/6/2009 AFDB    AFDB   Nigeria            Non-Financial Project -- Request for a Waiver                               $0.00 Support
11/10/2009 WB      IFC    China              Equity        Bank of Shanghai                                             $39.00 Abstain           8
                                                           Preparation of the Master Plan for the
11/10/2009 ADB     ADB    Egypt              Grant         of Major Hydraulic Structures                                 $0.90 Abstain           1
11/10/2009 WB      IFC    India              Equity        Belstar Investment and Finance PVT.LTD                        $1.15 Support
                                                           First East-West Highway Improvement Project.
11/10/2009   WB    IBRD   Georgia            Loan          Add'l Financing and Proposal to Restructure                  $28.00   Support
11/10/2009   WB    WB     Georgia            Loan          Kakheti Regional Road Improvement Project                    $30.00   Support
11/10/2009   ADB   ADB    Laos               Blend         Health Sector Development Program                            $20.00   Support
11/11/2009   IDB   OC     Panama             Loan          BBVA Panama Lending Facility                                 $15.00   Support
                                                           Program to Strengthen the Financial
11/11/2009 IDB     OC     Uruguay            Loan          Services Superintendency (SSF)                                $4.00 Support
                                                           Support for the National Tourism Development
11/11/2009 IDB     OC     Brazil             Loan          Program (PRODETUR Nacional)                                  $15.00 Support
11/11/2009 WB      IDA    Sri Lanka          Non-Financial Puttalam Housing Proj - Proposal to Restructure               $0.00 Support
11/11/2009 IDB     OC     Dominican Republic Loan          Contingent Loan for Natural Disaster Emergencies            $100.00 Support
                                                           Support Business Development in Mexico” and first
                                                           individual loan under the line for the Program to Promote
                                                           the Development of SME Suppliers and
11/11/2009 IDB     OC     Mexico             Loan          Contractors for the National Oil Industry                   $301.00 Support
                                                           Program of Support for Social Reforms in
11/11/2009 IDB     OC     Brazil             Loan          Ceará PROARES Phase II                                       $45.00 Support
11/11/2009 WB      IFC    Regional           Equity        ShoreCap II L.P.                                             $10.00 Support
                                                           Education and Advisory Services for Youth
11/12/2009 IDB     MIF    Peru               Grant         Microenterprises In Peru                                      $0.95 Support
                                                           East. Africa Agric Productivity Progr-Uganda
11/12/2009 WB      IDA    Uganda             Credit        Proj -APL 1A                                                 $30.00 Support
11/12/2009 WB      IDA    Sierra Leone       Grant         Co-Financing of the National Social Action Project            $4.00 Support
11/12/2009 WB      IFC    Indonesia          Loan          P.T. Jakarta International Container Terminal                $70.00 Support
                                                           Education and Advisory Services for
11/12/2009   IDB   MIF    Peru               Blend         Youth Microenterprises                                        $0.95   Support
11/12/2009   ADB   ADB    Indonesia          Loan          Rural Infrastructure Support to PNPM Mandiri Project II      $84.20   Support
11/12/2009   WB    IFC    Jamaica            Blend         Transjamaican Highway Limited                                $75.00   Abstain         9
11/12/2009   WB    IDA    Mozambique         Credit        Sixth Poverty Reduction Support Credit                      $110.00   Support
11/12/2009   ADB   ADF    Solomon Islands    Grant         Second Road Improvement (Sector) Project                     $15.00   Support
                                                           3rd Programmatic Fiscal Managem
11/12/2009 WB      IBRD   Peru               Loan          & Competitiveness DPL                                       $150.00 Support
11/13/2009 ADB     ADF    Cambodia           Grant         Strengthening Technical and Vocational Education             $24.50 Abstain           1
                                                           Proposed revolving credit line to BBVA
11/13/2009 IDB     IIC    Peru               Loan          Banco Continental S.A                                        $40.00 Support
                                                      PROFISCO Minas Gerais Institutional Strengthening
                                                      Project to Modernize Fiscal Management in the State of
                                                      Minas Gerais (PROFORT/SEF) (PROFISCO/MG)”.
                                                      Seventh individual operation under the Conditional Credit
11/16/2009 IDB      OC     Brazil           Loan      Line for Investment Projects (CCLIP)                         $40.00 Support
11/16/2009 ADB      ADB    Regional         Blend     South Asia Tourism Infrastructure Development Project        $89.50 Support
11/16/2009 ADB      ADB    Papua New Guinea Loan      Digicel Mobile Telecommunication Expansion                   $25.00 Support
                                                      Capital Market Development Program
11/16/2009 ADB      ADB    Indonesia         Loan     Cluster - Sub program II                                    $300.00 Support
                                                      Second Programmatic Private & Financial
11/17/2009 WB       IBRD   Serbia             Loan    Devel Policy Loan                                           $100.00 Support
11/17/2009 WB       IBRD   Serbia             Loan    Programmatic Public Expenditure Devel Policy Loan           $100.00 Support
11/17/2009 WB       IBRD   Dominican Republic Loan    Public Finance & Social Sector Devel Policy Loan            $150.00 Support
                                                      Performance & Accountability of Social Sectors
11/17/2009 WB       IBRD   Dominican Republic Loan    Dev Policy Ln                                               $150.00 Support
                                                      The Institutional Support to African Climate
11/17/2009 AFDB     AFDF   Regional          Grant    Institutions Project                                         $31.00 Support
11/17/2009 ADB      ADB    India             Loan     India Infrastructure Project Financing Facility II          $700.00 Abstain     1
11/17/2009 AFDB     AFDF   Lesotho           Blend    Poverty Reduction Support Programme (PRSP)                   $10.19 Support
                                                      Governance in Justice Sector Reform Program,
11/17/2009 ADB      ADB    Philippines       Loan     Subprogram 1 - Progress Report on Tranche Release             $0.00 Support
                                                      Loan to Molino Cañuelas S.A.C.I.F.I.A. and
11/17/2009 IDB      IIC    Argentina         Loan     Molinos Florencia S.A                                        $10.00 Support
                                                      Proposal for a loan to Golden Grove Sugar
11/17/2009   IDB    IIC    Jamaica           Loan     Company Limited                                               $4.00   Support
11/17/2009   WB     IBRD   Philippines       Loan     Social Welfare & Development Project                        $405.00   Support
11/17/2009   IDB    IIC    Uruguay           Loan     Proposal for loan to Nuevo Banco Comercial S.A               $16.00   Support
11/17/2009   EBRD   EBRD   Croatia           Blend    GTC Avenue Mall Osijek                                       $34.00   No        1
11/17/2009   EBRD   EBRD   Russia            Loan     Sodrugestvo                                                  $40.00   Support
11/17/2009   EBRD   EBRD   Kazakhstan        Loan     Aktobe CHP Rehabilitation Project                            $60.00   Support
11/17/2009   EBRD   EBRD   Russia            Loan     Volga-Balt Transport Holding (“VBTH”)                        $60.00   Support
                                                      Urban Development Sector Project - Use of Surplus
11/18/2009 ADB      ADB    Mongolia          Loan     Loan Proceeds for additional financing                        $7.03 Support
                                                      Partnership between the MIF and Burril & Company LLC
                                                      through equity investments in the Burril Chile and
11/18/2009 IDB      MIF    Regional          Equity   Burrill Brazil Venture Capital Funds                          $9.40 Support
                                                      Regional Training Program for Socially Inclusive
11/18/2009 IDB      MIF    Regional          Grant    Local Economic Development                                    $3.35 Support
                                                      Creation of the Argentine Microfinance
11/18/2009 IDB      MIF    Argentina         Blend    Development Fund (FODIMA)                                     $4.68 Support
                                                      Promotion of sustainable Production Systems
11/18/2009   IDB    MIF    Argentina         Grant    through Fair Trade Markets                                    $1.20   Support
11/18/2009   IDB    OC     Bolivia           Loan     Road Conservation in the East-West Corridor                  $25.00   Support
11/18/2009   IDB    OC     Peru              Loan     Social Sector Reform Program I                               $50.00   Support
11/18/2009   IDB    MIF    Chile             Equity   AgroDesarrollo Investment Fund                                $3.70   Support
11/18/2009   IDB    OC     Guyana            Loan     Financial Sector Reform Program II                            $5.00   Support
                                                            Support Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises and
                                                            first individual loan under the line for the Program to
11/18/2009 IDB     OC     Brazil            Loan            Support Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises        $1,000.00 Support
11/18/2009 IDB     OC     Nicaragua         Loan            Agricorp                                                     $10.60 Support
                                                            Assam Power Sector Enhancement
11/18/2009 ADB     ADB    India             Loan            Investment Program - MFF                                   $200.30 Support
11/18/2009 ADB     ADB    Nepal             Non-Financial   Country Partnership Strategy                                 $0.00 Support
                                                            Governance Support Program (Subprogram 1) -
11/18/2009   ADB   ADF    Nepal             Non-Financial   Progress Report: Release of Second Tranche                   $0.00   Support
11/19/2009   WB    IBRD   Jordan            Loan            Recovery Under Global Uncertainty Devel Policy Loan        $300.00   Support
11/19/2009   ADB   ADB    Regional          Non-Financial   Pacific Strategy 2010-2014                                   $0.00   Support
11/19/2009   WB    IBRD   Ukraine           Loan            Hydropower Rehabilitation Project- Additional Financing     $60.00   Support
                                                            Community-Based Rural Land
11/19/2009 WB      IDA    Malawi            Grant           Development Proj- Addl Financ                               $10.00 Support
11/19/2009 WB      IBRD   Guatemala         Loan            Expanding Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups Project      $114.50 Support
11/19/2009 WB      IDA    Kosovo            Non-Financial   All Active Kosovo Grants (IDA/IBRD & Trust Funds)            $0.00 Support
                                                            Energy Emergency Assistance Project-
11/19/2009 WB      IDA    Kyrgyz Republic   Blend           Additional Financing                                         $4.00 Support
11/19/2009 WB      GEF    Botswana          Grant           Northern Botswana Human Wildlife Coexistence Project         $5.50 Support
                                                            Banking Sect & Capital Mkt Dev
11/19/2009 ADB     ADF    Kyrgyz Republic   Non-Financial   Prog-- Release 2nd Tranche                                   $0.00 Support
                                                            PROFISCO Espírito Santo - Finance Administration
11/20/2009 IDB     OC     Brazil            Loan            Development Plan                                            $22.00 Support
                                                            Município of Curitiba Integrated Social and Urban
11/20/2009 IDB     OC     Brazil            Loan            Development Program                                         $50.00 Support
                                                            Supporting Local Governance and Community-Based
11/20/2009 ADB     ADB    Timor-Leste       Grant           Infrastructure Works                                         $3.00 Support
11/20/2009 ADB     ADF    Timor-Leste       Grant           Road Network Development (Sector) Project                   $46.00 Support
11/23/2009 ADB     ADB    Nepal             Blend           Air Transport Capacity Enhancement Project                  $80.00 Support
                                                          Strengthening the Capacity of Pacific Developing
11/23/2009 ADB     ADB    Regional          TA            Member Countries to Respond to Climate Change                  $3.14 Support
                                                          Misicuni Renewable Energy Hydroelectric
11/23/2009 IDB     FSO    Bolivia           Loan          Project                                                      $101.00 Support
11/23/2009 IDB     IDB    Barbados          Non-Financial Country Strategy                                               $0.00 Abstain     1
                                                          Water and Sanitation Program for Human
11/23/2009 IDB     FSO    Guatemala         Blend         Development – Phase I                                        $100.00 Support
11/23/2009 IDB     OC     Panama            Loan          Banco General Green Facility                                  $20.00 Support
11/23/2009 IDB     OC     Argentina         Loan          Export Promotion Program                                       $6.00 Support
                                                          Stormwater Drainage and Development
11/23/2009   IDB   FSO    Nicaragua         Loan          Management Program in Subwatershed III of Managua             $13.00   Support
11/23/2009   IDB   FSO    Nicaragua         Loan          Foreign Trade Support Program                                 $20.00   Support
11/24/2009   WB    IBRD   El Salvador       Loan          Sustaining Social Gains for Economic Recovery DPL            $100.00   Support
11/24/2009   WB    IFC    Vanuatu           Equity        BRED Vanuatu Limited                                           $4.00   Support
11/24/2009   WB    WB     Jamaica           Loan          Education Transformation Capacity Building Project            $16.00   Support
                                                          Municipality of Santos Project: Santos Novos
11/24/2009 WB      IBRD   Brazil            Loan          Tempos- APL 5                                                 $44.00 Support
                                                          Influenza Prevention & Control Project- Emergency
11/24/2009 WB      IBRD   Mexico            Loan          Project                                                      $491.00 Support
11/24/2009   WB     IFC    Russia             Loan     Avtokran                                                    $27.00    Support
11/24/2009   WB     IDA    Sierra Leone       Credit   Third Governance Reform & Growth Credit Program             $10.00    Support
11/24/2009   WB     IBRD   Mexico             Loan     Economic Policies in Response to Global Crisis DPL       $1,504.00    Support
11/24/2009   WB     IBRD   El Salvador        Loan     Income Support & Employability Proj                         $50.00    Support

11/24/2009   WB     IBRD   El Salvador        Loan     Fiscal Management & Public Sector Performance TA Proj        $20.00   Support
11/24/2009   WB     IBRD   Bulgaria           Loan     Municipal Infrastructure Development Project                $118.70   Support
11/24/2009   ADB    ADB    Papua New Guinea   Loan     Civil Aviation Development Investment Program - MFF         $480.00   Support
11/25/2009   ADB    ADB    Vietnam            Loan     Secondary Education Sector Development Program               $60.00   Support
11/25/2009   AFDB   AFDB   South Africa       Loan     Medupi Eskom coal-fired power project                     $2,550.00   Abstain   1, 9, 16
11/25/2009   EBRD   EBRD   Poland             Blend    Bank Millennium S. A.                                       $203.00   Support
11/25/2009   EBRD   EBRD   Regional           Equity   Veolia Voda Capital Increase                                $105.00   Support
11/25/2009   EBRD   EBRD   Croatia            Loan     City Center One Split                                       $102.00   No              1
11/25/2009   WB     IFC    Regional           Equity   Africa Development Partnership I, LLC                        $24.60   Support
11/25/2009   AFDB   AFDB   Mauritius          Loan     The Competitiveness and Public Sector Efficiency Programme $698.90    Support
11/25/2009   AFDB   AFDB   Regional           Loan     African Banking Corporation Holdings Ltd                     $30.00   No             41
                                                       Second Financial Sector Development
11/26/2009 ADB      ADB    Cambodia           Loan     Program (Subprogram 3)                                       $10.00   Support
                                                       Local Government Financing and Budget Reform
11/26/2009 ADB      ADB    Philippines      Loan       Program (Subprogram II) (Philippines)                       $225.00   Support
11/27/2009 ADB      ADF    Papua New Guinea Loan       Pilot Border Trade and Investment Development Project        $25.00   Support
                                                       Policy and Institutional Support for Banking sector
11/27/2009 ADB      ADB    Mongolia           TA       systemic risk management                                      $2.00   Support
                                                       Energy Access and Improvement Program (formerly
11/27/2009 ADB      ADB    Nepal              Blend    Clean Energy Access Improvement)                             $69.50   Support
11/27/2009 AFDB     AFDB   Senegal                     Sendou Coal Power Plant                                      $72.00   Support
                                                       Misicuni Watershed Environmental Management
11/30/2009 IDB      FSO    Bolivia            Loan     Project                                                       $5.00   Support
                                                       National Program to Support the Administrative and Fiscal
                                                       Management of Brazilian Municípios Phase II (PNAFM -
11/30/2009 IDB      OC     Brazil             Loan     PHASE II)                                                   $150.00   Support
                                                       Additional Financing for the Norte Grande
11/30/2009 IDB      OC     Argentina          Loan     Electricity Transmission Program                            $300.00   Support
                                                       Supplemental Financing for the Port of Montevideo
11/30/2009 IDB      IDB    Uruguay            Loan     Mondernization Program                                       $20.00   Support
                                                       Panama City and Bay Sanitation Project -
11/30/2009 IDB      IDB    Panama             Loan     Supplemental Financing                                       $30.00   Support
                                                       Support for Microfinance Expansion and
11/30/2009 IDB      MIF    Chile              Grant    Inclusive Business Development                                $0.62   Support

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