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                         Prepared by
       Sherrie Burbank, Senior Human Resources Analyst
                         City of Tigard
                            ACTION LIST

Completed                  Task                  Target Date   Responsible
            Schedule Fair date and time
            with CIS (Recommend
            scheduling a year in advance)
            Determine color/theme
            Determine and order HR
            Schedule flu shots w/ LVNA
            Compose invitation letter and
            response questionnaire to
            benefit providers
            Revise provider address list
            Send preliminary invitation
            letters and questionnaires to
            benefit providers
            Forward RFA to PW for
            assistance w/ room set-up/tear
            Determine events
            Review Budget
            Discuss program options with
            Jan from EBS
            Check w/ Gary re: Safety
            Committee participation
            List tasks for Estella w/ target
            Determine room decorations &
            Determine need for volunteer
            and submit request to Susan if
            Follow-up with those providers
            who have not submitted
            response forms
            Notify Exec Staff of Fair/Flu Shot
            Clinic date
            Publicity announcements
            - Memo from Bill
            - Invitations
            - E-mail reminders
Completed                  Task              Target Date        Responsible
            Temporary Business License
            - Marlene
            - Health Incentives
            - Phyllis
            - Carole
            - Conrad
            Determine City door prize (if
            Schedule additional date for
            AETNA meetings
            Schedule additional date for
            ICMA meetings
            Send confirmation letters and
            maps to provider participants
            Determine schedule for set-up
            and task assignments for HR
            Distribute HR assignments to
            HR staff
            Request “Welcome” banner for
            Determine room configuration
            Order balloons
            Request signage for tables and
            door prizes
            Prepare HR handouts
            Prepare Provider nametags
            Remind Estella/Loreen to bring
            in Thera-ball
            Prepare retirement sign-up
            Set-up/Tear down
            E-mail to staff regarding door
            prize winners
            Thank you letters to providers
            Set Date/Reserve Rooms for
            next year

                                                           (Provided By City of Tigard)

TOTAL BUDGET AVAILABLE                                                           $3,000.00
- Event (approximately $2,750.00)
- Food/Decorations (approximately $250.00)

                                           Projected Budget                    Actual Budget

Massage Therapy                                 $250.00                             $200.00
Naturopath                                      $250.00                             $200.00
Acupuncture                                     $250.00                               -0-
Fitness Expert                                  $250.00                             $200.00
Long-Term Care                                    -0-                                 -0-
Yoga                                            $250.00                               -0-
Nutrition                                       $250.00                               -0-
Wellness Screenings – 30 @ $25.00 ea            $750.00                             $750.00

                                              $2,250.00                          $1,350.00

Giveaways (250 @ $1.99 ea)                      $398.00                             $398.00

Door Prizes                                     $100.00                                $0.00
- Gift Certificates ($25.00 each)

Food/Decorations                                $252.00
- Decorations ($50.00)                                                               $55.00
- Balloons ($35.00)                                                                  $40.00
- Food ($215.00)                                                                    $175.50

TOTAL                                         $3,000.00                          $2,018.50

BALANCE                                         $981.50

(Note: The expenses identified in this example are not based on actual budget expenses)

                                                                          (Provided by the City of Tigard)
                             EMPLOYEE BENEFITS/WELLNESS FAIR
                                    November 14, 2002
                                   11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                       Water Building


Deferred Comp (457)

City-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Financial Planning

Fitness Expert

Flexible Spending

Life/Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Care

Credit Unions

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Seated Massages

Wellness Screening:

   Blood Pressure Screening
   Cholesterol and Glucose Screening
   Pinch and Grip tests
   Body Fat tests

Naturopathic Services – Free Cardiovision Screening

Nutrition – Healthy Snacks and Lunches

Safety-Related Information

Snacks (including fresh popcorn donated by Aetna)

Door Prizes


Flu Shot Clinic – 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

                                                               (Provided by City of Tigard)

Vendor Name and Address

Dear :

The City of Tigard would like to invite you to participate in this year’s Employee Benefits/Wellness
Fair. We’ve scheduled our fair for Thursday, November 14, 2002, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the
Tigard Water Building located at 8777 SW Burnham.

The objective of the City’s fair is to enhance employee awareness of their benefits and the
respective service providers, and to encourage an environment of wellness within our
organization. This should also be your objective when considering whether or not your company
will participate in this year’s fair.

In the past participants have generously provided door prizes, free gifts, sample products, etc.
Since the City of Tigard has some specific guidelines related to accepting gifts, I thought it might
be helpful to share some of these with you:

   The City is not asking for any special treatment. In fact, we ask that you treat the City of Tigard
    as you would any other public or private customer. Door prizes, gifts, sample products, and/or
    discounts need to be typical of the type you would give away at other benefit fairs or
    promotional events that are open to the public at large.

   Door prizes must be less than $100 per company/organization. You have the liberty of
    deciding the nature of the door prize(s). The City will handle coordination of door prize
    drawings with recognition given to each of the participating providers. In order to prepare this
    recognition, please note on the attached response form if you plan to furnish a door prize.

   The same criteria needs to be used for any discounts, free samples, or gifts. Our definition of
    “free” includes such items as pens, tablets, magnets, etc. -- feel free to use your imagination.

   Although the City will be providing some snacks for the fair, if you wish to provide treats at your
    table that would be fine.

In order to confirm your participation and to identify your space needs, I ask that you complete the
enclosed form and return it to me by October 4, 2002. This form will assist us in determining how
to configure the room. It is important for you to identify equipment that you want the City to
provide. In the past we had several providers with full-table displays; unfortunately, due to our
limited space we are not able to accommodate these displays. In fact, in most cases you will be
limited to about 4 feet of table space. Please plan to furnish your own extension cord if it is
needed for your display or table; this will assure that power can be provided to your display area. I
will attempt to accommodate all of your needs; however, if I am unable to do so, I will contact you
in advance so we can discuss other available options.

Remember -- the fair is an information-sharing event so any handouts regarding your programs
and services or promoting wellness will be very useful. We would like employees to leave with
information they can use as a future resource. Staff also enjoys interactive activities so please
keep this in mind as you prepare for our fair.

We are very excited about sponsoring this annual Benefits/Wellness Fair for our employees and
believe your company will be an integral part of its success.

If you are unable to attend or you are not in a position to authorize your company’s participation in
the City’s Benefits/Wellness Fair, please refer this letter to the appropriate person. I’d also
appreciate a telephone call right away so that I can follow-up on our request.

I look forward to having the opportunity to work with each of you on this project! Please give me a
call if you have any questions.



                                                                              (Provided by City of Tigard)

Company Name
Benefits Fair Contact Person
Phone Number
E-Mail Address

List of Attendees for Name Tags

Briefly explain what your participation will entail

Furnish door prize?         Yes       No

Materials needed (please check appropriate boxes):

  Table             Size ____________        Chairs              How many

  Overhead                                   White Board

  Flip Chart                                 Electrical Outlet

  Other (please identify)

                        PLEASE RETURN THIS FORM BY DATE

                                                                       (Provided by City of Tigard)

Vendor Name and Address

Dear :

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the City of Tigard’s Employee Benefits/Wellness Fair on
November 14, 2002 from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. We are excited to once again make this event
available to our employees and are happy that you accepted our invitation to participate!

The City will be actively publicizing this event, but obviously we will not know what to expect in the
way of attendance until the actual day of the event. As a point of reference … last year we had
over 130 employees attend this four-hour event. We hope to have the same level of attendance
again this year.

The Fair will be held in the auditorium at the Tigard Water Building at 8777 SW Burnham in Tigard
(the corner of Burnham and Hall Boulevard). If you need directions, please give me a call.

When you arrive, someone from Human Resources will be on hand to direct you to your table
location. The City will also provide identification for your table as well as a name tag for everyone
at your table as long as you notify us in advance. If you haven’t already notified us of the names for
the name tags, we need to have a list by November 8 th. We will use first names only unless you
specifically request something different. You can contact me either by phone at 503-718-2414
(leave a message if necessary) or by e-mail at In order to assure that we
spell the name correctly I ask that if you leave me a voice message you spell out any name that
might be uncommon or have multiple spellings.

City staff will have the room set up by 10:30 a.m. This should allow you plenty of time to set up
your individual area before employees start arriving for the Fair at 11:00 a.m. Since we have
notified employees that contributors will be available to meet with them from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00
p.m., I ask that you don’t start dismantling your area until that time. If for some reason you need to
leave earlier than 3:00 p.m., please give me a call before October 24, 2002 so that I can make
sure employees are aware of this timeframe when we start publicizing the event.

Remember – the Fair is an information-sharing event so any handouts regarding your programs
and services or promoting wellness will be very useful. We would like employees to leave with
information they can use as a future resource. Don’t overlook interactive activities – employees
seem to enjoy participating in these types of events.
General Information

   Several employees attend the Fair in conjunction with their lunch hour so please keep this in
    mind as you consider your lunch options. Please don’t leave your area unattended during the
    lunch hour. A refrigerator and microwave are available in an adjoining room if you would like to
    bring a lunch with you.

   Although the City will be providing some snacks for the Fair, if you wish to provide treats at
    your table that would be fine.

   The City will be holding its annual flu shot clinic the day of the fair. Please feel free to
    participate at your own expense ($20.00). Since the clinic is co-sponsored by Blue
    Cross/Blue Shield and Legacy Health Services, anyone with Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage
    can receive a free shot as long as they show their health card.

   The City will again be offering cholesterol and glucose screenings for employees only. As
    much as we would like to extend this opportunity to each of you, we are unable to do so.
    However, you can take advantage of the free blood pressure and body fat tests.

   For those providers bringing door prizes this year, please feel free to keep the door prize at
    your table so our employees can see them as they attend the Fair. As in the past, the City will
    coordinate the door prize drawing at the end of the day rather than having individual provider
    drawings. Please feel free to stay for the drawings after the Fair concludes at 3:00 p.m.

If you have any questions, please give me a call. Thanks again for agreeing to participate in this
year’s Fair – it should be a fun time for both you and City employees!


                                                                               (Provided by City of Tigard)
                                   TASK LIST
                            HUMAN RESOURCES STAFF

              Task                           Target Date                  Lead Person
Determine snacks including        10/15/02                       Estella/Sherrie
Determine snack supplies          10/15/02                       Estella
Determine any additional          10/25/02                       Estella
Purchase paper for posters        10/25/02                       Sherrie/Estella
Posters                           10/31/02                       Estella
Employee invitations              11/01/02                       Estella
Order balloons                    11/06/02                       Estella
List of table banners to Office   11/06/02                       Sherrie
List of door prize providers to   11/06/02                       Sherrie
Office Services
Request door banner               11/06/02                       Sherrie
Determine HR handouts             11/08/02                       Sherrie/Estella
Purchase 2 red/white/blue         11/12/02                       Estella
tablecloths (Snack & HR table)
Purchase additional               11/12/02                       Estella
Purchase snacks and supplies      11/12/02                       Estella
Prepare name tags                 11/12/02                       Estella
Insurance plan list of            11/12/02                       Estella
employees in alpha by last
Transfer all decorations,         11/13/02 – 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.   Estella/Sherrie/Cathy
snacks, & supplies to Water
Set-up                            11/14/02 – 7:00 a.m.           Sherrie/PW
Decorations                       11/14/02 – 8:00 a.m. sharp     Estella/HR Staff
Pick up balloons                  11/14/02 – 10:00 a.m.
Tear down                         11/14/02 & 11/15/02            HR Staff

                                                                            (Provided by City of Tigard)
                            THE DAY OF THE FAIR

         Task                    Time         Lead Person          Assist
Set up tables           7:00 – 8:00      Sherrie            Bldg. Maint.
Table cloths            8:00 – 8:30      Sherrie            Cathy
Name banners            8:30 – 9:30      Sherrie            Cathy
Decorations             8:00 – 10:30     Estella            Nancy (Volunteer)
Pick up balloons        10:00            Office Services
Greet Providers         10:00 – 11:00    Sherrie            Cathy
Pick up coffee from     10:00            Office Services
Set out snacks          10:30 – 11:00    Cathy              Nancy (Volunteer)
Refresh snacks          11:00 – 3:00     Nancy              HR Staff
Cover HR Table          11:00 – 12:30                       Sherrie
                        12:30 – 2:00     Sherrie
                        2:00 – 3:00                         Sherrie
Flu Shot Clinic         11:30 – 1:30     Kathy G.
Record door prizes      3:00 – 3:15      Estella
Clean-up                                 Sherrie            Cathy & Estella & Bldg
 11/14                  3:15 – @ 4:00                       Maint
 11/15                  @ 8:30 – 10:00

                                                            (Provided by City of Tigard)
                                       TABLE BANNERS
                                        (2 FEET LONG)

Oregon Central Credit Union

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)

Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Kaiser Permanente

Standard Insurance Company
(Life and Long-term Disability)

Health Incentives
(Nutritional Guidance)

City/County Insurance Services

Seated Chair Massages by Marlene Brewer

(401 and Deferred Compensation)

(Deferred Compensation)

(Employee Assistance Program)

Manley Administrative Services
(Flexible Spending Program)

Human Resources

Main Street Clinic – A Naturopathic Practice
(Cardiovision Screenings)

City of Tigard Safety Committee

Pearson Financial Group
(Financial Planning)

Master Care, Inc.
(Long-Term Care)
Washington County Credit Union

Cathy Hebert - Fitness Consultant

Employee Commute Options (ECO)
Incentive Program

ProActive Health Resources
(Cholesterol and Glucose Screenings)

(We print up name banners to put on the front of the participant’s table; we use colors and
decorations that are coordinated with our overall theme)

                                                                             (Provided by City of Tigard)
                                           DOOR PRIZES
                               (Table Tents – 8-1/2” x 11” – Landscape)

Provided By – Magellan EAP

Provided By – ING

Provided By – ICMA-RC

Provided By – Kaiser Permanente

Provided By – Standard Insurance Company

Provided By – Oregon Central Credit Union

Provided By – City/County Insurance Services

Provided By – City of Tigard Safety Committee

Provided By – City of Tigard

Provided By – Manley Administrative Services

Provided By – Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Provided By – Washington County Credit Union

(We print up table tents with coordinating paper and ask that the providers display the door prize
they are providing on their table)

                                                                             (Provided by City of Tigard)
                           MISCELLANEOUS SIGNS AND BANNERS

(A Popcorn graphic would be nice for this small sign – 8-1/2” x 11”)

Legacy Visiting Nurse Association
(A graphic would be nice for this small sign – 8-1/2” x 11”)

Flexible Spending Open Enrollment Meetings
December 3, 2002 from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. in Town Hall
December 12, 2002 from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. in Water Auditorium
(Small sign – 8-1/2” x 11”)

ICMA Retirement Meeting Sign-up Sheet

ING Deferred Compensation Meeting Sign-up Sheet

DOOR BANNER (3 feet in length)

(We print any additional signage using coordinated paper or colors to recognize special
contributions and enhance communication about upcoming events or locations of Fair events)

                                                                        (Provided by City of Tigard)
                                      LIST OF NAME TAGS
                                       (Providers and Staff)

Dr. Eileen Walsh

(We print our own name tags for each participant so that we can coordinate it with the overall
theme of the Fair)

                                                                            (Provided by City of Tigard)

                          EMPLOYEE BENEFITS/WELLNESS FAIR
                                 November 14, 2002
                                11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
                                    Water Building

Credit Unions:
    Oregon Central Credit Union
    Washington County Credit Union

Retirement Programs:
    Public Employees Retirement System (PERS)
    ICMA-RC (401 and Deferred Compensation)
    ING (Deferred Compensation)

Health and Wellness:
   City/County Insurance Services (Pinch and Grip Tests)
   Kaiser Permanente (Body Fat Testing)
   ProActive Health Resources (Cholesterol and Glucose Screenings)
   Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Blood Pressure Screening)

Life and Long-term Disability:
     Standard Insurance Company

Nutritional Guidance (Healthy Snacks and Lunches):
    Health Incentives – Pam Walker

Seated Chair Massages:
   Marlene Brewer

Employee Assistance Program:
   Magellan Behavioral Health

Flexible Spending Program:
    Manley Administrative Services

Naturopathic Services and Cardiovision Screenings:
    Main Street Clinic – A Naturopathic Practice – Dr. Eileen Walsh

Financial Planning:
    Pearson Financial Group – Conrad Pearson and Staff

Long-Term Care:
    Master Care, Inc. – Melissa Thorne
Fitness Consultant:
     Cathy Hebert

Employee Commute Options (ECO) Incentive Program


Door Prizes

Flu Shot Clinic (11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.):
     Legacy Visiting Nurses Association

Safety-related Information

(We design posters and place them in prominent locations throughout all City buildings. In
additional we communicate through e-mail to all staff. In the past we have also sent out individual
invitations to all employees; these invitations also double as the employee’s door prize entry.)

                                                                             (Provided by City of Tigard)

Vendor Name and Address

Dear :

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the City of Tigard’s 2002 Employee
Benefits/Wellness Fair. It was another successful year! Once again we had an overall increase in
employee participation this year. In fact, we had over 50 percent attendance – approximately 150
employees in all!

As usual the wealth of information provided by you and your respective companies was both
informative and useful. I also want to thank you and your company for providing free samples,
information brochures, door prizes, etc. Our employees were very appreciative.

I’m already thinking about next year’s fair. I would appreciate any ideas you might have for making
the event even more successful next year. Each year seems to get harder when trying to come up
with new wellness-related ideas to present to our employees. I haven't scheduled the date for next
year yet – I’m thinking about dates around the latter part of October or the first part of November.
As in the past, I like to coordinate the Benefits/Wellness Fair with our annual flu shot clinic since in
the past this has been a successful approach for assuring employees will get their flu shot.

Thanks again for your commitment and support. The fair is such a fun way for our employees to
learn more about their benefit package and providers along with having exposure to alternative
means of health care.


                                                                                (Provided by City of Tigard)
                            DOOR PRIZE WINNERS

Door Prize                     Donated By               Employee                    Division
Cookbook & Cooking        Blue Cross/Blue
Mitts                     Shield
Sports Bag w/ Gifts &     City/County Insurance
Water Bottles
Starbucks Mug &           ICMA
Coffee Mints
Boom Box                  ING
Umbrella                  ING
Umbrella                  ING
Flashlight & Umbrella     Kaiser Permanente
Handpainted Pottery       Magellan EAP
with Gifts
Starbucks Mug & Gifts     Manley Administrative
Newport Bay Gift          Newport Bay/
Certificate               City of Tigard
$25 Gift Certificate to   Oregon Central Credit
Oregon Central Credit     Union
$25 Gift Certificate to   Oregon Central Credit
Oregon Central Credit     Union
Snowflake Lantern         Standard Life
Snowman Nightlight        Washington County
                          Credit Union

(A couple days after the fair we send out an e-mail notice to all employees letting them know who
won door prizes and how to claim their prize.)

                                                                           (Provided by City of Tigard)

Consider for next year:

-       Hearing (schedule right away)
-       Acupuncture
-       Naturopath – Dr. Walsh was well received
-       Chiropractor
-       Screenings – Cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose
-       Strength endurance and lifting box
-       Dietician
-       Nutritionist – Pam was unable to attend
-       Yoga
-       Mood dots (from EAP) – Enjoyed by all!
-       Get input from Jan Nolan (EBS)
-       Fitness Expert – people enjoyed having Carole
-       Emphasize to PERS that we want someone to be available for the entire time and to
        remain within site of their station

Flu Shot Clinic:

-       Make sure to get written confirmation
-       Schedule at earliest possible convenience (Minimum of 2 hours)
-       Reserve 90+ vaccines
-       Arrange to have staff person(s) available to assist
-       Provide staff with a list of the employee names and health plan numbers


-       Sunmaid Fruit Snacks – 2
-       Planters Peanuts – 2
-       Gardetto – 1
-       Toasty Peanut Butter Crackers – 1
-       Goldfish crackers – 1
-       Laguna FF – 1
-       Trail Mix – 1
-       Yogurt Bars – 1
-       Cheese & Peanut Butter Crackers – 1
-       Water – 64 Bottles
-       Fruit Juice – 3 Cases
-       Popcorn was a success!!! Let's think of something different; i.e., cotton candy
-       Starbucks coffee – 4 coffee travelers were too much for just having available to providers.
        Either consider for all employees or cut back for providers

-     Make sure to keep copies of all receipts in Fair file for budget planning


-     Four dozen balloons; try to get 2 or 4 mylar balloons that match the theme
-     Tablecloths from Costco with decorated tablecloths for HR and snack table
-     Could use white tablecloths for everyone with colorful banners and decorations

Room Configuration:

-     Be sure to check requests for outlets
-     Priority for outlets to be used for screening equipment; 2 nd priority for computers
-     Phones are not to be considered a necessity for the provider; have a phone at the Human
      Resources table available to providers and staff
-     Try to arrange the room so that competing providers are not located together
-     Have a back-up configuration option in case someone is unable to attend


-     Balloons can't be picked up until around 10:00 a.m.; have Office Services pick up
-     Get all name tags done two days before the event
-     Establish a task list with projected deadlines for Estella
-     Transfer decorations and all fair supplies over to building no later than the day before the
      event; schedule Estella to help
-     Schedule all rooms through Noon the day following the event so we have plenty of time to
      clean up
-     Request vacuuming of auditorium through RFP process for after the event; popcorn was a
-     Consider establishing a set-up timeline to assure that HR staff is available and in the right
      place when needed -- all staff should immediately report to the auditorium when they arrive
      the morning of the event
-     Consider establishing a coverage schedule; didn’t work this year but Estella was available
      all day
-     Ask for assistance from a volunteer specifically to help set-up and restock snacks
-     Explain role expectations and the reason for their role/task assignment to Human
      Resources staff and/or volunteers
-     Consider gifts for providers (especially those who don't receive any type of payment)
-     Schedule with CIS as soon as have date decided for the next year
-     Make sure there is appropriate help to clean up the day after the event

Business Tax

-     All providers must have a business tax to participate within the City. Check with Finance
      before making arrangements with providers to discuss the procedures.
(Provided by City of Tigard)

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