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					Contractors Information

   Purchasing Department
     Joe Zaborowski-Director
    LeeAnn Crist-Buyer/Designer
             State of the Economy
             Creighton University

• News of late

• Projects

• Turnaround
 You Have the Business if?
$ PO            $ Notice to Proceed
                  – Need a lien waver
                     • Capital projects only

                  – Signed and returned
$ Credit Card       with invoice after job
                    is complete
Creighton Purchase Order
Notice to Proceed   Lien Waiver
      Responsibility Level
• Purchasing
  – Initial contact for CU business
  – Can delegate to client or other CU
• Facilities
  – Project Managers
• Campus Moving Services
  – CU internal process
  – CU responsibility
    • Moving companies
    • Reconfigures and installation
• Delivery Costs – What’s included?
  – Fuel costs
  – Inconsistent charges
  – Fuel charges
  – Handling fees
  – Install costs on jobs
• Schedule designated time on campus
  – Fee would reflect this
  – Same day each week except for
  – Larger jobs would need special scheduling
• Pricing Model
  – Price per hour
  – Trip charges
  – Quote not to exceed
    • Figure the worst possibilities
  – Removal of existing
• Schedule install and deliveries with
  LeeAnn first
  – Department to be notified by CU
     • CU to schedule other facets of job for
        –   IT
        –   Computer
        –   Printer
        –   Facilities
        –   Painters
        –   Carpet
     Forms and Invoices
Send to Delegated CU Project Manger –
         Not Accounts Payable
 – Approval of job to be completed
 – Correct Information on Invoice
      – Project & PO
          » LeeAnn then project manager
          » Facilities, Deb for projects with Lennis
          » Exceptions (DPR)
         Suppliers on Campus
• Background check employees
• Vehicles should be marked & move if idle
• Employees identified uniform or logoed shirt
• Check in at Facilities daily for temporary badge and
  key sign out if needed
• Badges available for more permanent workers
    –   (Name, picture, CU contractor, CU logo, expiration date, $3.00)

• Parking should be arranged through Public Safety
• This is a tobacco free zone
• Sales staff falls into the guest category
             Services for CU
• Samples available to CU if needed
• Drawings as part of project
  – Existing furniture

• Communication
  – Working with department without CU knowledge, Purchasing
    needs to know 1st.
  – Send all quotes and communication to Purchasing after
    working with CU dept
  – Quotes- turnaround time
  – Customer Service
          Becoming a Partner
• Fair price – Trends in pricing – The
  Magazine of Procurement & Supply Chain Management Best Practices

• Sustainability
  – Hottest item on campus today
  – Environment and Social Justice
• Service – Service - Service
• Partnering for savings
        Creighton Web Sites
• Purchasing

• Facilities

• President’s Office
Questions & Answers

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