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                            NOTICE INVITING TENDER
      Sealed tenders are invited for Pest Control Operations in New Office Building of
APMC, Azadpur covered area 6300 and Kissan Bhawan 3500 at New
Fruit Market Azadpur from the reputed agencies. Prescribed tender form along with
terms and conditions can be obtained from the office of Agricultural Produce Marketing
Committee, Office Complex MNI Azadpur: Delhi-110033 between 10.00 AM to 2.00 PM
latest by 12.2.2008 on any working day on payment of Rs.200/- (Rs.Two hundred only).
Tender form duly completed along with an earnest money deposit 5% of the estimated
value by pay order / demand draft / FDR in favour of APMC, Azadpur and other required
documents should reach the undersigned latest by 3.00 PM on 12.2.2008. The tenders
shall be opened in the room of Secretary, APMC, Azadpur on 12.2.2008 at 4.00 PM by
the tender Committee in the presence of tenderers or their authorized representatives.
      The tenderer should take care that the rate and amount should be written in such
a way that interpolation is not possible. No blanks or blank columns should be left
which would otherwise make the tender liable for rejection.
      There shall be no post tender negotiation except in case of negotiation with
lowest tenderer.
      The Secretary, APMC, Azadpur reserves the right to accept or reject any or all
tenders without assigning any reason thereof.
      NIT     may     be     seen     on    web     site   and
      The agencies downloading tender papers from website will have to deposit the
cost of tender by pay order/demand draft/FDR with the earnest money.

                                                                         (B L SHARMA)
                                                                       DY. SECRETARY
                    OFFICE COMPLEX, NFM PHASE-II,
                      SARAI PIPALTHALA, DELHI-33

NAME OF WORK:                     Pest Control operation in New Office
                                  Building & Kissan Bhawan at New Fruit Market,

                                           TENDER FORM
1.      Cost of tender                                                             Rs.200/-

2.      Due date for tender                                               __________________

3.      Opening time & date of tender                                      __________________

4.      Names, address of Tenderer                                         __________________
8.      PAN No. of Income Tax Dept. and Clearance Certificate              __________________

9.      Details of earnest money deposited

        a.       Amount                                                    ____________________
        b.       Pay Order/Bank draft/FDR No.                              ____________________
        c.       Date of issue of PO/DD/FDR                                ____________________
        d.       Name of the issuing Bank                                 _____________________

10.     Proposed amount for general                                       Rs._________________
        disinfestations ( per sq. ft.) (Annualy)
11.     Proposed amount for anti-termite treatment (per sq.ft.)           Rs._________________
        (for 2 years)

12.     Any other information

13.     Declaration by the contractor: -

        This is to certify that I/We before signing this tender have read and fully understood all the terms
and conditions contained herein and undertake myself/ourselves abide by them.

                                                                          (Signature of Tenderer)

Date:                                                                      Phone No.
                            TERMS & CONDITONS

1.   The contractor shall provide all technical and professional service
     including labour material tools equipment supervision in accordance with
     the contract necessary to perform all operation to the satisfaction of
     APMC, Azadpur for pest/Rodent control.

2.   The contractor shall ensure that concentration and composition of the
     pesticides / chemicals should be as required & as per ISI specification.

3.   The contractor has to provide entire termite treatment in the open space
     of office premises as well as Kissan Bhawan as & when required.

4.   Under rodent control service slow poison baits and tarp must be provided
     to control the pests like rats and mice. Rodent burrows in the open
     compound area must be furnigated to kill them in their holes.

5.   The general disinfestations and Rodent control as defined in must be
     applied on following premises.

     Sr. No.          Premises                         Service period______
         1.          Office Complex             Weekly Pest control services
                           &                    must be provided through out
                     Kissan Bhawan              year except during extreme
                                                Weather condition when it may
                                                be required fortnightly in place
                                                of weekly.
6.   The contractor shall co-ordinate with the Asstt. Secretary (Sanitation) for
     fixing the date and time for providing the services and other matter.

7.   If in the opinion of the Asstt. Secretary (Sanitation) performance of a
     particular service is not satisfied, contractor shall provide additional
     services free of cost. The direction of Asstt. Secy. (Sanitation) in writing
     to the contractor is sufficient proof that service provided is not sufficient.
     The Contractor will not question his decision the same shall be final.

8.   Contractor to provide details of chemical and its composition /
     concentrate used for various services. Contractor to also confirm and
     certify that the chemicals / composition used for above services are
     prescribed / approved by manufacture / Govt. agency, if any.
9.    The contractor shall carry and maintained during the performance of this
      contract adequate comprehensive and employer liability insurance and
      such other insurance coverage accordingly to contractor’s risk perception,
      as may be required to ensure against losses or damages to APMC
      employees, property or production caused by contractor activities.
      Contractor shall, at its sole expense and risk perception, maintain in
      effect at all times during the performance of its obligations hereunder
      adequate insurance set forth below.

      a.    Workers’ Compensation as required by any applicable law or
      b.    Employer’s Liability Insurance.
      c.    Automobile Liability (Owned, hired and non-owned).
      d.    Third party bodily injury & third party property damage.

      APMC will not maintain any insurance on behalf of contractor.

10.   The contractor shall certify in each bill that there are no known
      outstanding mechanic’s or material-men’s liens and that all due and
      payable bills have been paid or are included in the application for

11.   The contractor shall promptly pay all claims of persons or firms
      furnishing labour equipment or materials used in performing the work
      under this contract as a condition precedent to any payment by APMC.
      APMC may require contractor to submit satisfactory evidence of
      payment and release of all such claims.

12.   The contract will initially awarded for a period of two years, which may
      be extended by the APMC, if the work of agency is found satisfactory for
      the 3rd year on terms and conditions to be settled by Secretary, APMC,

13.   The successful contractor would keep deposited a security money of
      Rs.50000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) to make good the loss caused by
      him or his workers to the APMC, which will be refunded in case if the
      loss is not accord after the expiry of the contract. No interest will be
      payable by APMC on the security money.
14.   The APMC holds the right to terminate the contract at any time during
      the period after giving one month’s notice without assigning any reason
      thereof. However, it will be ensured by the contractor that services are
      provided during the notice period.

15.   The Contractor shall be responsible for all injury and accidents, to
      persons engaged by them and for damage to fittings, fixtures and
      equipments or any other office furniture or equipment arising over the
      negligence on the part of contractor, and contractor shall indemnify the
      APMC for any monetary loss due to negligence on the part of its staff.

16.   The Contractor undertakes that all labour laws enforced shall be duly
      observed and any liability if arises due to any default and / or an accident
      and consequent injury to any worker, it shall be borne by contractor and
      no responsibility or liability shall rest on the APMC. The contractor
      undertakes to indemnify all losses, damages, costs the APMC etc. and
      shall always keep in fully indemnified during their period of contract.

17.   The contractor shall not appoint any sub-contractor to carryout any
      obligation under the contract.

18.   In case of dispute between the workers of the contractor or in case of
      their absence from work, the contractor will make alternative
      arrangement for the above said job to the entire satisfaction of the

19.   In case of any dispute between the parties with regard to the
      interpretation of any clause of agreement the matter shall be considered
      by the Secretary, APMC, Azadpur and the decision of the Secretary with
      respect to interpretation of any clause in the agreement shall be
      conclusive and binding on both the parties.

20.   The Agency shall comply with all the legal requirement for obtaining
      licence under contract Labour (R&A) Act, 1970 at its own cost and
      should produce the same with the tender documents.

21.   The APMC shall have all the rights to ask for removal of any employee
      of the agency, who is not considered to be of a good conduct, well
      behaved, competent, disciplined and orderly in discharged of his duties
      assigned to him.
22.   If at any point of time, the information submitted by the Agency is found
      to be incorrect, then the contract is liable to be cancelled without notice.

23.   It will be responsibility of the Contractor to pay the income tax, service
      tax, VAT as per rules, without fail.

24.   The APMC reserves its right to indene any other condition as deem fit in
      view of any order or instruction issued by the competent

25.   The Contractor shall make good all the A.C. Ducting/grills i/c false
      ceiling panels etc. in case required to be remained from its original
      position, reaffixing in good condition is the responsibility of the
      contractor. Any damage shall be made good by the Contractor.

26.   The Contractor shall maintain clean environment inside or outside the
      building premises.

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