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					National Adoption Day

           Event Day & Media
What Makes Your Day a Success?

                       Goals                               Ways to Measure Success

  Finalize adoptions from foster care             Actual number of adoptions finalized

                                                  Scope and nature of celebration activities
  Celebrate families who adopt                    Positive media stories on adoption
                                                  Number of people and families in attendance

                                                  Positive media stories about National Adoption Day
  Raise awareness and encourage others to adopt

                                                  Involvement of numerous adoption organizations
  Build collaboration among local adoption
                                                  and other community partners in planning National
  agencies and organizations
                                                  Adoption Day activities

  Communicate availability and need for post-     In-person information at event
  adoptive services                               Speaker remarks
Event Logistics

   Things to think about:
      Timing of your event
      Speakers
      Visuals at the event
      Audience – who to invite?
Event Timing

      Event start time
        – Between 10 a.m. and 12 noon (consider media)
      Run of show
        – Adoption hearings
        – Celebration
        – Press conference/other activities
        – Press conference should be under one hour and
          between 10 a.m. and 12 noon

      Who are your speakers?
       –   Judges, coalition representatives, elected officials, agency
           directors, families, celebrities/sports figures
      What are their messages?
       –   Talking points
       –   Prep for interviews
      Briefing materials
       –   Gather bios and fact sheets on involved organizations
      Schedule
       –   Invite them to the adoption hearings (if possible) and the

      Signage/posters
      National Adoption Day Banner (available when
       you register your event at
      Podium sign
      Activities with families and children
      Other
        – Balloons, posters, informational materials
Remember Your Audience

      Send invitations and follow-up to:
       –   Adoptive/potential families
       –   Judges
       –   Community supporters
       –   Coalition partners
       –   General public
       –   And don’t forget the media!
Media Outreach

      What you need to think about:
       –   Materials
       –   Pitching
       –   Interviews
Outreach Materials

      Community calendar listing

      News advisory

      Press release

      Bios of spokespeople/speakers

      Local statistics

      Information on your local coalition

      Letter to the Editor
Getting the Word Out

      Pitching:
       –   Preparation
       –   How to pitch
       –   Timeline
Pitching Preparation

      Building media lists
       –   Local telephone book
       –   Internet
      Background information
       –   Local statistics on adoption and foster care
    Pitch points/script
    News advisory
Time to Pitch

      Be persistent
      Keep it short and sweet
      Deadlines
      Ask preferred method of delivery (fax or e-
      Verify contact information
      Be sure reporter has everything he/she
Pitching Timeline

      Two weeks until event
       –   Draft news advisory, news releases and other event
      One week until event
       –   Send news advisory
       –   Write and practice script
       –   Begin contacting media for event
      Five days until event
       –   Call media outlets
       –   Be sure event is on media calendars
Pitching Timeline

      Four days until event
       –   Continue calls and make follow-up calls
      Three and two days until event
       –   Additional follow-up calls
      One day until event
       –   Resend advisory (if possible)
       –   Intense pitching to everyone on your list
Preparing for Interviews

      Get all details from producer and/or reporter
       arranging the interview
       –   Date, time (time zones)
       –   Location - in studio or phone-in
       –   Live or taped
       –   Call-in show, one-on-one interview
      Prepare your spokesperson
National Adoption Day Toolkit

      Letter of invitation                      Drop-in newsletter article
      Confirmation of participation letter      Thank you letter
      Solicitation of donation letter           Template media materials
      Sample phone script for business          How to stage a media event
      Certificate                               How to find families to speak
      Proclamation for governors/mayors         Core talking points
      Personal release form                     Faith-based organization drop-in
      Business cover letter
                                                 Event signage
      Business drop-in article
                                                 National Adoption Day logos
Event Day: Logistics

    Identify an on-site coordinator
    Set-up the night before if possible
    Identify staff to:
       –   Emcee press conference
       –   Coordinator speakers at the event
       –   Work with reporters who attend
       –   Provide general information to attendees
      Breakdown
Event Day: Media

    Pitching morning of event
    Event day media materials
       –   Press kits
       –   Media table
       –   Other materials
      Media at the event
       –   Q&A
       –   Interview availability
       –   Photo-op
Post-Event Follow-Up

      Event day
       –   Follow-up with reporters who attended the event
           to be sure they have everything needed
       –   Follow-up with reporters interested in story, but
           unable to attend
      Days following the event
       –   Gather and share results

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