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                         Keyboarding / Computer Applications

I. Course Description

   This course is designed to teach typing, keyboarding and computer skills through
drills, exercises, and games with an emphasis on speed and accuracy. This course also
includes instruction in word processing, database, spreadsheet, electronic presentation,
and speech recognition computer functions. All interactive lessons are typed on the

II. Instructional Materials

   A. Century 21: Computer Applications and Keyboarding
                             -Published by South-Western 2002 (7th Edition)

III. Course Goals and Objectives

   A.   To learn proper hand placement and fingering technique
   B.   To develop speed through repetition
   C.   To aim for increased accuracy
   D.   To learn the basics of word processing
   E.   To learn the main features and functions of a computer
   F.   To become familiar with more advanced computer applications
   G.   To learn browser basics and search the web

IV. Course Outline First Semester:

   A.   Learn/Review letter keys
   B.   Build keyboarding skills
   C.   Review figure keys
   D.   Build keyboarding skills
   E.   Learn/Review symbol keys
   F.   Learn to format memos and E-mail
   G.   Learn to format unbound reports
   H.   Learn to format personal-business letters
   I.   Learn to format tables
   J.   Prepare for document formatting assessment
   K.   Assessing document formatting skills
   L.   Building basic skills
   M.   Improving E-mail and memo formatting skills
   N.   Improve report formatting skills
   O.   Building basic skills
   P.   Improving letter formatting skills
   Q.   Improving table formatting skills

V. Course Outline Second Semester:
   A. Preparing for assessment
   B. Assessing document formatting skills
   C. Enhancing correspondence formatting skills
   D. Improving report formatting skills
   E. Improving table formatting skills
   F. Building basic skills
   G. Creating employment documents
   H. Preparing for assessment
   I. Assessing document formatting skills
   J. Processing business correspondence
   K. Building basic skills
   L. Formatting column documents
   M. Processing worksheets
   N. Building basic skills
   O. Learn to create a business plan
   P. Preparing for assessment
   Q. Assessing information processing skills
   R. Developing database skills
   S. Developing spreadsheet skills
   T. Creating electronic presentations
   U. Searching the web

VI. Teaching Methods

   1. Daily practice lessons from text
   2. Games
   3. Speed and accuracy drills
   4. Practice typing varied resources—from books, magazines, etc, text companion
   5. Testing

VII. Methods of Evaluation

   A. Components
      1. Daily work assignments
      2. Typed papers- including accuracy check and word count
      3. Quizzes
      4. Tests

   B. Grading
      A: 90-100   A
      B: 80-89    B
      C: 70-79    C
      D: 60-69    D

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