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Meeting Agenda

                                            MEETING AGENDA

        Group Name:     ILCDanville
             Format:    Face-to-Face
               Date:    05 Oct 2006
               Chair:   Dwain Dixson, ILCDanvillePresident@yahoo.com
           Secretary:   Jo Van Hoveln, ILCDanvilleBODSecretary@yahoo.com

1   Meeting Arrangements
05 October 2006, 19:00 CST at Immanuel Lutheran Church

2   Agenda Topics
1. Roll Call
2. Review and Agree Agenda
3. Review and Agree Minutes of Previous Meetings
        Minutes of 07 September 2006
4. Current or Continuing Work Activities
        Status Reports
              o    DLS Report : Betty Schneider
              o    Finance : Judy Creek
              o    Stewardship : Butch Buesing
              o    Properties : Dave Creek
              o    Worship : Darlene Radlof
              o    Missions and Social Ministry : Mark Gale – from written report / may not attend
                            1.   Assisted

                        Food Pantry – People Served in September 2006

                        Adults: 10

                        Children: 8


                            2.   Current Project:

                        Annual Central Illinois Lutheran World Relief Ingathering.

                        Will continue collecting items until the end of October, then will box up and deliver to pickup spot in

Immanuel Lutheran Church Danville,IL                                                                               Page 1 (of 4)
                                    3.    Upcoming Project

                              Begin Organizing Christmas Food Baskets in November

                  o       Parish Education : Jan Mann
                  o       Evangelism : Sue DeMoss
                  o       Elders : John Albers
                  o       Youth : Lori Page
                  o       DCE Report : Ray Dubert
                  o       Pastor : Pastor Fienen
                  o       Vice-President : Mike Glossinger
                  o       President : Dwain Dixson
     5. New Contributions
                   a. ILCDanville-BOD-2006-0028-INP-DCE_Staff_Planning
                   b. ILCDanville-BOD-2006-00029-INP-DLS_Equalization_Status.doc
                   c.     Website Admin rights set for : Mark Gale, Judy Creek, Dave Creek, Darlene Radloff, Mike
                          Glossinger, Pastor Fienen, Dwain Dixson
                   d. Need participation by : Ray Dubert, Jan Mann, Sue Demoss, John Albers, Jo Van Hoveln, Lori
                   e. Tech Committee membership
                                i. David Ammerman : motion to accept on tech committee
                                ii. Brian Kucic : motion to accept on tech committee
                               iii. Mike Kroll : motion to accept on tech committee
     6. Planning for Next Meeting
                   a. Board meeting : 02 Nov 2006
                   b. November Voters meeting
                                i. Presentations by each board
                                ii. Election of school board members
     7. AOB – as time permits
     8. Action Item Status :

ID                          Description                                    Owner                 Status    Date       Comments

                            Investigate move of Voter's meeting to
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-00014     quarterly / Tri-annual schedule                President             ONGOING   5-Oct-06

                            Investigate modification of personnel policy                                              Define policy for part-
AI-F2F-2006-06-05-0004      handbook for part-time staff                   Vice President        ONGOING   5-Oct-06   time in personnel guide
                            Begin working with Elders board to compile                                                Evangelism is working
                            a list of members who have been absent for                                                with Elders. Special
                            extended period of time. Fwd list for                                                     note for friendship
AI-F2F-2006-07-06-0005      evangelism contact                             Elders / Evangelism   CLOSED    5-Oct-06   Sunday?

                                                                                                                           Page 2 (of 4)        Error
                                                                                                                            Initial investigation is
                                                                                                                            done. Properties has
                                                                                                                            investigated a rebuilt
                         Investigate purchasing a firesafe for                                                              safe for use by the
AI-F2F-2006-07-06-0007   preserving important documents.                Properties                     ONGOING   5-Oct-06   church.
                         Prepare questionaire for determining member                                                        Survey submitted to
AI-F2F-2006-07-06-0008   opinion on Summer worship schedule             Worship                        CLOSED    5-Oct-06   congregation in Sept.
                                                                                                                            Information was
                         Publish information on Hymnal workshop.                                                            submitted in worship
AI-F2F-2006-07-06-0011   St. John’s Lutheran, 30 Sept. 2006, $20 fee    Pastor Fienan / President      CLOSED    5-Oct-06   folder highlights.

                                                                                                                            BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0001   Prayer Chain                                   Vice President                 ONGOING   5-Oct-06   Short Term item
                                                                                                                            Already listed on church
                                                                                                                            page. Sent in request to
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0002   All Around Danville Website                    President                      CLOSED    5-Oct-06   add link.

                         Focused Bible Studies (Highlights needs)                                                           Notice sent out in
                         and Small Group / Friendship Socialization                                                         worship insert. Sign-up
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0006   groups                                         Parish Education               CLOSED    5-Oct-06   sheet on bulletin board

                         Investigate current insurance coverage :                                                           BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0022   Church Mutual - umbrella policy items          Finance                        ONGOING   5-Oct-06   Mid Term item

                         Investigate recruitment of +1 member to
                         properties. Desire is for someone with                                                             BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0023   insurance experience                           Properties / President         ONGOING   5-Oct-06   Mid Term item

                         Investigate Hotel handout of Church
AI-F2F-2006-08-03-0005   brochure                                       Evangelism                     ONGOING   5-Oct-06

                         Coordinate plan for DCE full time position /   President / Vice President /                        See input for 5 Oct
AI-F2F-2006-09-07-0001   another possible intern.                       Pastor / Finance               NEW       5-Oct-06   meeting.

                         Contact Trinity for DLS Equalization change                                                        See input for 5 Oct
AI-F2F-2006-09-07-0002   request                                        President                      NEW       5-Oct-06   meeting.
                                                                                                                            Pastor provided via
                                                                                                                            email in Sept. Posted to
AI-F2F-2006-09-07-0003   Provide electronic copy of personnel guide     Pastor Fienan / President      CLOSED    5-Oct-06   BOD docs
                         Talent Search / Meeting member needs
                         through a Face-to-Face discussion with each                                                        BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0007   member                                         Stewardship                    ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item

                         Sunday Services : Audio cassette, website                                                          BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0008   available                                      Elders / Evangelism            ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item
                                                                                                                            Slide presentation
                                                                                                                            shown during end of
                                                                                                                            special service for
                                                                                                                            education Sunday. May
                                                                                                                            want to re-use for Nov.
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0009   Slide Presentations of Activities              Youth                          CLOSED    1-Jan-07   Voters meeting.

                         Adopt-a-family : Active members adopting                                                           BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0010   non-attenders                                  Elders / Evangelism            ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item

                                                                                                                            BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0011   Special Prayer Services                        Worship                        ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item

                                                                                                                            BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0012   Post-H.S. evangelism                           Youth                          ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item

                                                                                                                                 Page 3 (of 4)         Error
                                                                                                                     BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0013   Lunch Hour Fellowship                          Parish Education        ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item

                         Investigate the "Treasurer position /
                         Financial Secretary" - referenced in                                                        BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0021   Constitution                                   Finance                 ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item
                         Setup process for guest speakers : request,
                         policy, checklist to ensure good speaking                                                   BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0024   conditions                                     Worship                 ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item
                         Meet with Auditing Committee members :                                                      BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0025   Bob Ervin, Diana Rudolph, Marelia Kennedy      President               ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item
                         Meet with PR Committee : Sandy Kochvar,                                                     BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0026   Cindy Marks                                    President               ONGOING   1-Jan-07   Mid Term item

AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0027   Formation of Technology Committee              President               CLOSED    1-Jan-07   Formed.

                                                                                                                     BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0014   Family Outings                                 Stewardship             ONGOING   1-Jan-08   Long Term item

                                                                        Evangelism / Women's                         BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0015   Member-to-Member outreach                      Guild                   ONGOING   1-Jan-08   Long Term item

                         Advertising in Community Sites : Bazaar and                                                 BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0016   Taste of Deutschland                           PR Committee            ONGOING   1-Jan-08   Long Term item

                                                                                                                     BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0017   Projection Screen evaluation                   Worship / Properties    ONGOING   1-Jan-08   Long Term item

                         Lawn Activities to highlight church                                                         BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0018   functions                                      Worship / Evangelism    ONGOING   1-Jan-08   Long Term item

                                                                                                                     BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0019   Booth at Community Events                      Missions / Evangelism   ONGOING   1-Jan-08   Long Term item

                         Broadcast more widely the available items in                                                BOD Planning Session :
AI-F2F-2006-07-08-0020   the library                                    Parish Education        ONGOING   1-Jan-08   Long Term item

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