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					Marielena Gamboa
 Jillybeth Burgado
      Scott Scannell
      Kaishon Knox
   What do they do?!
           Build circuits that do everything
            from opening your garage door…
       Problem solving                        Written Comprehension

                            Oral Expression


 Math & Science Aptitudes

                                       Multi-Tasking Abilities
                      Physical Science
          Calculus                                  Physics


Integrated Circuit Design
                                          COLLEGE MAJORS

                                                        such as…
  Material Science
                            Aerospace Engineering

                     Biochemistry                         4 Years of English
                                    Power Electronics
         Electrical Engineering          HIGH SCHOOL COURSES
No… but it is recommended.
Write performance requirements, instructions, translate
Communicate equipmentcustomers needs and and reports
Anticipate and identify a performance expectations to them into
design specifications schedules
Develop maintenance
suppliers including quality, performance, manufacturing,
Work in a problem
Build prototypes solving capacity
capacity, system fit and life cycle costs.
Manage multiple projects
Supervise construction plans and specifications and draw up
Supervise the budgeting, testing, and releasing of equipment into the
Design and produce drawings of electrical systems
Identify and monitor project milestones
Using computer-assisted design software
Select and recommend materials
           Do YOU have
      what it takes to be
  in the next generation
of Electrical Engineers?
Their starting salaries average at…

$51,888—Bachelor’s Degree
$64,416—Master’s Degree
$80,206—Doctorate Degree

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