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									              ETIC/OPAS Pre-Engineering and Applied Science Grant 2009-2011
                                Project Lead The Way
                                   Quarterly Report

Contract Number
Organization Name
Organization’s Project
(Name & email address)
Grant Type (check one)          Gateway To                     Introduction to
                                Technology (GTT)               Engineering Design
Grant Award Amount
Report for quarter ending
Date of Report

Instructions are given below in italics. Remove the instructions before using this template so your
report does not include the instructions (including the sentences you are reading).

Progress Summary                                                               Yes or No
Equipment ordered
Teacher has attended Summer Training Institute
Course or units scheduled
First course or unit offered
Second course or unit offered (may not apply to IED)

Statistics Summary                                                         Provide Number
Number of students completing course first course or module with
passing grade
Number of students completing second course or unit with passing
grade (may not apply to IED)

Project Discussion

   Provide a candid and concise paragraph on progress for this quarter. We are interested in
   hearing about how where you stand on implementing the program you selected as well as
   successes, challenges, difficulties, and lessons learned and their impacts. Describe any new
   issues, barriers or possibly synergies arisen since the previous report period.

Engineering & Technology Industry Council Grant – Quarterly Report                   Form as of 10/6/09
Budget /Actual Summary

                                                                                    Cumulative Expenditures To
                                                      Budget from Application

                                                   School        Grant              School Funds   Grant Funds
                                                 Contribution   Request              Expended       Expended

Registration fee for Summer Training Institute
Travel for above


Budget/Actual Discussion

Comment on the expenses incurred during the quarter as well as how they relate to the amount
budgeted. To the extent expenses lag the forecast given in your original budget, comment on
whether this lag relates to the implementation of your project, cost savings, or other reasons. To the
extent that expenses exceed those forecasted, explain the reasons for the associated increases.
Explain any adjustments you are making based on expenses to date and indicate whether you plan to
request permission to adjust your budget.

Engineering & Technology Industry Council Grant – Quarterly Report                             Form as of 10/6/09

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