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					                                                                                  Equipment Rental Agreement
                                                                                      Available at Newark and/or Salisbury
                                                                                               Resource Centers

     Pick-up date: ________________________________ Return date: ____________________________________________

     To Reserve GSCB Equipment
     Complete all spaces which apply. Rental fees cover a one-week period of time. Send this form to GSCB at Newark Resource
     Center, 501 South College Ave, Newark, DE 19713 or Peninsula Resource Center, 911 Snow Hill Road, Salisbury, MD 21804.
     You will be charged for the replacement or repair of any items damaged while in your care.

     Service Unit: ____________      Troop/Group#: __________

     Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________
     Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________
     Day phone: ______________________________________ Cell phone: ___________________________________
     Email: _________________________________________________________________________________________

     Type of Equipment                      Qty. Requested          Cost per Item         Total Cost Due

     Bridge                                 ____________             $5.00                ____________

     Babysitting 101                         ____________            $7.00                 ____________

     Parachute                               ____________            $5.00                 ____________

     Sewing Machines (4 available)           ____________            $5.00 each            ____________

     Snow Cone Equipment                     ____________            $5.00                 ____________

     Uniform Trunk                           ____________            $5.00                 ____________

     Daisy’s Trunk                           ____________            $5.00                 ____________

     Clowning Kit                            ____________            $5.00                 ____________

     Zink the Zebra Kit                      ____________            $25.00/deposit        ____________

     Zink Beanies & Patches                  ____________            $4.75 + S/H           ____________

                                                                                Total $ ____________

                                           Please see reverse side for more information

205-PM 7/09, 3/10, 6/10                                                                           205-PM Equipment Rental Agreement
Flag Name                    Requested                         Flag Name                Requested
American Flag                                                  Maryland State Flag
Council Flag                                                   Delaware State Flag
World Association Flag                                         Virginia State Flag

Argentina                                                      Iraq
Australia                                                      Ireland
Austria                                                        Israel
Belgium                                                        Italy
Brazil                                                         Jamaica
Burma                                                          Japan
Canada                                                         Kenya
Ceylon                                                         Lebanon
Chile                                                          Liechtenstein
China                                                          Mexico
Columbia                                                       Malaysia
Costal Rica                                                    Monaco
Cuba                                                           Netherlands
Denmark                                                        Nigeria
Egypt                                                          Norway
El Salvador                                                    Pakistan
Finland                                                        Panama
France                                                         Peru
Gabon                                                          Philippines
Germany                                                        Poland
Ghana                                                          Puerto Rico
Great Britain                                                  South Africa
Greece                                                         South Korea
Guatemala                                                      Spain
Haiti                                                          Sweden
Iceland                                                        Switzerland
India                                                          Venezuela

                                                               Flag Stands

Please check at which office you will be picking up:  Newark        Salisbury
I agree to return the above equipment by the date listed. If I do not return by that date, I will be charged $1.00 per
day/per item. I understand the equipment will be inspected by GSCB Staff upon its return and I will be charged
for any repair or replacement cost in case of damage while in my care.

Borrower’s Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________

Check #:_________         Amount Paid: $ ___________   Date Returned: ______________   Received By:____________________

Condition and/or Damages: __________________________________________________________________________________

205-PM 7/09, 3/10, 6/10                                                                    205-PM Equipment Rental Agreement

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