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									                                       5323     S    Emerald   Road,   928 789-7989
                                       Flagstaff, AZ. 86001

Sheila Kircher

Objective    Eliminate poverty from Planet Earth

Experience   2004-present             Industrial Areas Foundation                Flagstaff, AZ
             Community Organizing
              Organized debate on Prop 100.
              Educated various civic/religious groups reference Prop 200.
              Held home meetings with over 200 people to organize on social justice

             2004-present             Sharon Manor                              Flagstaff, AZ
                                      Flagstaff Family Food Center              Flagstaff, AZ
             Community Volunteering
              Created and gave parenting classes for high risk parents.
              Regularly assisted in food preparation, delivery and cleanup for local food

             1990–2002                Dayton Police Department                   Dayton, OH
             Community Based Police Detective
              Eliminated heroin traffic in historic Wright Dunbar neighborhood.
              Established Watch groups in all West side neighborhoods.
              Created easy method to use civil code to close drug houses throughout
               the city.
              Taught self-defense classes for women in local corporations.
              Created gun safety program for preschool and elementary school children
               living in high crime neighborhoods.
              Held bike rodeos to teach bicycle safety and boost police departments
               image in community.

             1985–1990                Jack La Lanne Health Spas                  San Diego, CA
             Personal Trainer
              Created age appropriate exercise routines.
              Increased spas sales by 20%.
              Taught aerobics, yoga and swimnastic classes. .

             1974–1985                Purolator                            Thousand Oaks, CA
              Assembled blood transfusion filters in clean room environment.
Education   2004-present         Northern Arizona University              Flagstaff, AZ
             working on BA Social Work

            2002-2004             Pima Community College                   Tucson, AZ
             general education courses

            1990-2001           Sinclair Community College                 Dayton, OH
             A.A. Law Enforcement

Interests   Volunteering for crime victims and the creation of social justice.
            Marathon runner. Astrologer.


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