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									                                                ONLINE WORKFORCE TRAINING PROGRAMS
                                                These self-paced programs are designed with a team of professionals to provide the most effective web-
                                                based learning experience possible. Programs can be completed generally in less than 6 months. Instructors
                                                are actively involved in the students' online learning experience by responding to any questions or concerns
                                                as well as encouraging and motivating students to succeed. Each program includes everything needed to
                                                succeed (books, lessons, quizzes and assignments)! Grades are a combination of computer-graded tests and
                                                the instructor’s evaluation of the students' work. Students love the quality as well as the convenience of
                                                anytime, anywhere learning! For detailed course outlines and demos please visit (your URL here)

  HEALTHCARE PROGRAMS                                                                                          billing and/or coding in a medical office setting and are
                                                                                                               prepared to sit for the Certified Coding Associate
                                                                                                               (CCA) national certification exam. All materials
 Administrative Dental Assistant (240 Hours)                                                                   included. Price $1595
This online program will teach you the essential
administrative tasks for managing the business                                                                 Medical Transcription (240 Hours)
aspects of a dental practice. Textbooks                                                                        This online, instructor-led program will prepare you to
included. Price $1595                                                                                          start a new career as a Medical Transcriptionist. A
                                                                                                               medical terminology course is included at no extra
Administrative Medical Specialist with                                                                         cost! Transcriber and all materials included. Price
Medical Billing and Coding (300 Hours)                                                                         $1595
This online program teaches students medical
office operations, with an emphasis on billing                                                                 Personal Fitness Trainer (150 Hours)
and coding, processing insurance forms, and                                                                    Content and curriculum within each section of this
using medical software. This program provides                                                                  unique program are designed to present the student
training on medical billing software as well as                                                                with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to implement a
preparation for the Certified Coding Associate          Certified National Pharmaceutical                      unique medically-based fitness model for their future
(CCA) national certification exam. All                  Representative 120 Hours                               or current clients. Students will also have the
materials including student version of medical          Students will automatically become a member of         opportunity to take an optional field internship elective
billing software included. Price $1995                  NAPSR and receive eligibility to sit for the CNPR      course. Materials included. Price $2095
                                                        national certification exam at no additional cost.
Advanced Coding for the Physician’s Office              Price $1595                                            Pharmacy Technician (240 Hours)
(80 Hours)                                                                                                     This online program will teach the skills needed to
CPT, ICD-9-CM (Volumes I and II), and                   Coding, Reimbursement and Documentation                gain employment as Pharmacy Technician in either the
HCPCS Level II Coding, and much more will               for Physicians (12 Hours)                              hospital or retail setting. All materials included. Price
be covered in this online, instructor-led               This online, instructor-led program is designed to     $1795
program. Textbooks and preparation for the              teach physicians how to maximize their
Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification        reimbursement by emphasizing proper coding and         Revenue Cycle Management for Healthcare
exam is included. Price $1395                           compliance. Price $795                                 Providers (12 Hours)
                                                                                                               Revenue Cycle Management for Healthcare Providers
Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep                   HIPAA Compliance (4 user licenses) (12 Hours)          will teach students the skills necessary to evaluate the
(80 Hours)                                              The HIPAA Compliance online program provides           performance of revenue cycle systems and processes.
This Advanced Hospital Coding course prepares           doctors and their staff with a simple route to         Price $795
students to take the American Health                    compliance. Price $599
Information Management Association's                                                                           Veterinary Assistant (240 Hours)
(AHIMA) official certification exam to become           Human Resources for Healthcare Professionals           This online program will prepare you for an exciting
a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS). Price              (80 Hours)                                             new career as a veterinary assistant by teaching you the
$1695                                                   This program provides a comprehensive human            essential skills of a veterinary assistant. Textbooks
                                                        resource management foundation, grounded in            included. Price $1795
Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer (240                  practice, for those who intend to work or are
Hours)                                                  working in healthcare settings. All of the modules
This interactive, comprehensive Web-based               in this program instill a solid foundation in both           INTERNET, DESIGN, AND
program includes the basic Personal Fitness
Training program (also offered separately),
                                                        human resources and healthcare administrative                     TECHNICAL
                                                        practices. Price $1995
along with additional material on nutritional
management, resistance biomechanics, and                ICD-10 Medical Coding: Preparation and                 ASP.NET (300 Hours)
functional flexibility. Students will also have the     Instruction for Implementation (200 Hours)             Students will learn to develop web applications based
opportunity to take an optional field internship        This online program will teach students how to         on Microsoft’s .Net development environment. This
elective course. Materials included. Price $2795        prepare for and implement the massive changes to       program begins with computer technology basics and
                                                        the existing coding system. Textbook included.         leads to web and application development. Price $1995
                                                        Price $1595

                                                        Medical Billing and Coding (240 Hours)                 AutoCAD 2007 (150 Hours)
                                                        Students can learn medical billing and coding          This online program teaches students the skills needed
                                                        from the comfort of their own homes with this          to create and edit simple drawings and gradually
                                                        online, instructor-facilitated program. Students are   introduces more advanced AutoCAD skills. AutoCAD
                                                        prepared for an entry-level position doing medical     2007 student software and textbook included. Price
                                                      industry. This program will help you set-up,         HVACR industry, continuing education for upgrading
Business Marketing Design                             maintain, monitor, and improve your Pay Per          skills, or becoming Certified or Licensed (NATE, etc).
(240 Hours)                                           Click campaign. Price $1395                          Price $3095
The Business Marketing Design program
focuses on developing the visual identity,            Search Engine Marketing (250 Hours)                  Modern Automotive Service Technician
advertising, and marketing design skills required     This comprehensive program will show students        (380 Hours)
for a corporate or small business environment.        how to create, monitor and maintain successful       The Modern Automotive Service Technician online
Students learn professional applications for          search engine rankings, integrate technology such    program teaches the construction, operation, diagnosis,
Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator or equivalent         as dynamic content and Flash, take advantage of      service, and repair of late-model automobiles and light
digital imaging and vector drawing tools. Price       pay-per-click advertising, and much more. Price      trucks. This comprehensive program uses a building-
$3295                                                 $1795                                                block approach that starts with the fundamental
                                                                                                           principles of system operation and progresses
Digital Arts Certificate (225 Hours)                  Search Engine Optimization (150 Hours)               gradually to complex diagnostic and service
The Digital Arts Certificate program focuses on       This 3-part program will teach you how to tailor     procedures. Students and professionals learn quickly
developing technical skill and creative artistry in   your website to achieve better search engine         and easily, helped by thousands of color illustrations,
digital photography and imaging. Price $3195          ranking, incorporate dynamic technology such as      scores of 2-D and 3-D animations, built-in quizzes, and
                                                      Flash, and make the most of your website’s           other interactive features. Price $2695
Fine Arts Training (200 Hours)                        content. Price $1395
Build a foundation in drawing and painting,
deepening your knowledge of the fine arts.            Web Database Developer (200 Hours)
Expert Faculty provides critique and feedback         The Web Database Developer online program will               BUSINESS PROGRAMS
on projects within 1-2 business days, helping         provide students with intermediate and advanced
you build a creative portfolio for prospective        knowledge and skills in utilizing and leveraging     Administrative Professional with Microsoft
employers. Price $1395                                databases on the Internet. Price $2195               Certified Application Specialist (240 Hours)
                                                                                                           Our Administrative Professional with MCAS training
                                                      Webmaster (150 Hours)                                will not only provide you with Administrative
                                                      This online Webmaster program begins by              Professional training but will also teach you how to use
                                                      teaching simple web page development and             the new Microsoft Office 2007 suite of programs
                                                      progresses by introducing new concepts by            (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint) as
                                                      involving you in active web page implementation      well as the new Vista operating system. Price $1995
                                                      using HTML and Dynamic HTML. Textbook
                                                      included. Price $1795                                Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office
                                                                                                           Specialist 2003 (240 Hours)
                                                      Website Design (225 Hours)                           This online program teaches the skills that you must
                                                      The Website Design online training program           acquire to be successful as an administrative
                                                      focuses on developing the visual graphic and         professional. Students will also learn the most popular
                                                      information design skills required to create         Microsoft Office 2003 programs including Word,
Forensic Computer Examiner (150 Hours)                compelling Web sites. Students learn professional    Excel, Access, Power Point, and Outlook. An
The online Forensic Computer Examiner                 applications for Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia         introduction to QuickBooks is also provided. All
program prepares individuals for a career as a        Dreamweaver and Flash, or equivalent software        textbooks included. Price $1995
forensic computer examiner. Students will learn       tools. Price $3295
to retrieve evidence and prepare reports, based
                                                                                                           Bookkeeping the Easy Way with Quickbooks (140
on that evidence, which will stand up in a court
of law. This program is an authorized Certified
                                                                                                           This course is designed for students who are interested
Computer Examiner (CCE) training course and
                                                                                                           in gaining knowledge of basic bookkeeping practices
thoroughly prepares students to take the CCE
                                                                                                           in planning a more profitable future or seeking a new
certification exam. Price $3095
                                                                                                           career. Textbook and thorough tutorial for Quick
                                                                                                           Books are included. Price $1695
Graphic Design (80 Hours)
This online program begins with the
                                                                                                           Certified Bookkeeper (80 Hours)
fundamentals of design and guides the student
                                                                                                           This online course for experienced bookkeepers leads
through the terms and processes they will use to
                                                                                                           to national certification with the American Institute of
turn their knowledge of design into a career.
                                                                                                           Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). All textbooks
Price $1495
                                                                                                           included. Price $1795
Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist
                                                                                                           Certified Global Business Professional
(80 Hours)
                                                                                                           (400 Hours)
The Help Desk Analyst online program will
                                                                                                           This online preparatory program for the Certified
prepare students for a challenging technical
                                                                                                           Global Business Professional Credential exam is a
support role. Textbooks included! Price $1495
                                                                                                           prestigious acknowledgement of international business
                                                                                                           expertise. The North American Small Business
Interior Design (350 Hours)
                                                                                                           International Trade Educators Association (NASBITE)
In this new and exciting interactive online
                                                                                                           Certified Global Business Professional Credential
program, you will learn how to create spaces for
                                                                                                           (CGBP) provides a benchmark for competency in
living, working, and enjoyment. The program
                                                                                                           global commerce.
focuses on Design Theory, Design Process
methods and Design Studio Work. Price $2295                      CONSTRUCTION                              Price $2495

                                                                  TECHNOLOGY                               Certified Wedding Planner (300 Hours)
Multimedia Design Certificate (225 Hours)
                                                                                                           Whether you plan on working part-time, planning only
The Multimedia Certificate focuses on
                                                      Home Inspection (200 Hours)                          a few weddings a year, or a full-time career, this
providing the conceptual, technical, and visual
                                                      This program covers the principal components of      program will provide all the tools necessary to work as
design skills required to create multimedia
                                                      a home inspection procedures and processes.          a professional wedding planner or start your wedding
applications and environments. Price $3195
                                                      Price $2095                                          planning business. Price $1395
 Pay Per Click Marketing (150 Hours)
                                                      HVAC Technician (320 Hours)                          Corporate Governance and Ethics (15 Hours)
The Pay Per Click Marketing training series has
                                                      This program is designed to prepare learners using   This innovative program teaches companies and
been developed in direct response to the
                                                      an online, mentor facilitated, self-paced            professionals how to reduce fraud losses - and how to
skyrocketing growth of the paid search engine
                                                      environment for entry-level positions in the         effectively work to eliminate future frauds. It offers
comprehensive coverage of fraud detection,           For those who work with or desire to work in a        that will teach you how to manage electronic records
warning signs, technology tools, investigation       non-profit organization or business environment,      and conquer the paper pile-up. Textbook included.
techniques, financial statement screening, fraud     this is the program for you. The Non-Profit           Price $1395
risk in e-commerce, pro-active fraud risk and        Management Program is particularly well suited        Seven Steps to Leading High Achieving Teams
much more. Price $895                                for anyone in who has recently assumed                (70 Hours)
                                                     management responsibilities, anyone who is            This unique online program provides students with the
eBusiness (200 Hours)                                working in a non-profit organization, or anyone       information and application to develop, work in, and
The primary objective of this online program is      who wants a perspective on some of the unique         lead high achieving teams at work, at home, and in the
to introduce concepts, tools and approaches to       issues facing management of a non-profit              community. Price $1395
eBusiness. Textbook included. Price $1995            organization. Price $2095
                                                                                                           Six Sigma Black Belt (200 Hours)
English as a Second Language: Global                 Paralegal (225 Hours)                                 The Black Belt training program integrates online
English (unlimited hours)                            This online, instructor-led program prepares          learning with hands-on data analysis. The course
This exciting new Global English program is          students to be successful in the fast growing         material provides an in-depth look at the DMAIC
perfect for students who wish to either learn or     paralegal career field. All materials included!       problem-solving methodology, as well as deployment
improve their English language skills. The           Price $1795                                           and project development approaches. Workshops are
Global English program gives each student a 12                                                             incorporated extensively throughout the training to
month license to the Global English service.         Payroll Practice and Management (80 Hours)            challenge the student’s analytical and problem-solving
This service is designed to accommodate the          This new online program is designed to teach the      skills. Price $2695
needs of all levels of students – beginner,          solid skills and knowledge of payroll rules and
intermediate, and advanced in both general and       regulations to the beginner and to increase or        Six Sigma Green Belt (100 Hours)
business English curriculum. Every student will      refresh the skills of the more experienced student.   Six Sigma is one of the highest standards for
have access to an unlimited amount of courses        Price $1595                                           companies and individuals to achieve. This interactive
for a full year! Price $595                                                                                online experience provides the skills needed to affect
                                                     Personal Financial Planning (available                this highly valuable skill as well as prep for the
Entrepreneurship: Start-Up and Business              September 2007) (40 Hours)                            national certification. All materials included. Price
Owner Management (360 Hours)                         The online Personal Financial Planning program’s      $1895
This Entrepreneurship course provides an             curriculum for better money management is
excellent foundation for not just the start-up       unique because it teaches the psychological           Supply Chain Management (240 Hours)
business owner, but also the business owner or       aspects of money management in addition to the        By examining managerial behavior, organizational
manager who wants to gain a deeper                   practical mechanics of day-to-day living and          strategies, incentive alignment, legal considerations,
understanding of some of the essential               spending. You will learn the step-by-step process     operational execution and other management topics,
principles associated with owning and operating      for better money management in addition to a          this program provides a framework that allows
a start-up or on-going business. Price $2095         Fast-track approach, which will be a quick            participants to integrate and apply proven supply chain
                                                     reminder for you for the rest of your life. Price     management strategies within their scope of
Freight Broker/Agent Training (150 Hours)            $1395                                                 responsibility. Price $2795
Become a part of the exciting trucking, freight
logistics, and transportation industries as a                                                              Technical Writing (80 Hours)
licensed freight broker, or as a freight broker                                                            The Technical Writing online training program is
agent. Price $1695                                                                                         designed for anyone who wishes to develop their
                                                                                                           technical writing abilities to a professional level. Our
Lean Mastery (60 Hours)                                                                                    technical writing program will give you the skills you
Students will learn the concepts and theories                                                              need to get noticed! Price $1595
needed to transform an organization to Lean in
this online, expertly-facilitated program. Price                                                           Travel Agent Training (200 Hours)
$1695                                                                                                      This industry-leading program will prepare students
                                                                                                           for the Institute of Certified Travel Agents TAP
Management for IT Professionals (390 Hours)                                                                Certification teaches the basic skills needed to operate
The Management for IT Professionals online                                                                 a computer reservation system. All materials included.
training program is designed for anyone in IT                                                              Price $1595
who has recently assumed management                  Principles of Private Investigation (200 Hours)
responsibilities, anyone who is managing IT          This comprehensive basic course in private              NETWORKING and CompTIA™
professionals, or anyone who wants a                 investigation will facilitate a career in the
perspective on some of the unique issues facing      investigative field. Students will learn the basic           CERTIFICATION
management in the IT field. Materials included.      techniques of information gathering, techniques
Price $2095                                          required to successfully practice as a private
                                                                                                           Cisco® CCENT™ Certification Training (70
                                                     investigator. Price $1995
Management Training (360 Hours)                                                                            Hours)
This program is perfect for the business owner,                                                            The CCENT™ online course focuses on providing the
                                                     Project Management (40 Hours)
entrepreneur, or anyone seeking to learn the                                                               skills and knowledge necessary to install, operate, and
                                                     This program teaches the basics of project
essentials in business and management. If you                                                              troubleshoot a small branch office Enterprise network,
                                                     management and includes preparation for the
are thinking of starting a business or pursuing an                                                         including configuring a switch, a router, and
                                                     Project Management Professional national
MBA, learn the essentials here! Price $2095                                                                connecting to a WAN and implementing network
                                                     certification exam. Textbook and exam prep
                                                                                                           security. Price $1795
                                                     included. Price $1495
Mediation and Dispute Resolution (180
Hours)                                                                                                     Cisco™ CCNA® Certification Training (100 Hours)
                                                     Purchasing Management (300 Hours)
Mediation is a formal process of negotiation                                                               This online program involves extensive hands-on work
                                                     This exciting online training program is
which uses a third-party neutral who has limited                                                           on Cisco routers, switches, and firewalls in a simulated
                                                     particularly well suited to anyone working in or
or no authoritative decision-making power to                                                               network environment and prepares students for the
                                                     interested in working in purchasing, supply chain
facilitate communication among the people who                                                              Cisco CCNA certification exam. Textbook included.
                                                     management, or procurement. In this program
are involved in the conflict or dispute. This                                                              Price $1995
                                                     students will be introduced to the various aspects
online training program will give you the            of the supply chain environment, including
educational background you need to break into                                                              CompTIA™A+ Certification Training
                                                     enterprise resource planning systems and
this fast-growing field. Materials included. Price                                                         (320 Hours)
                                                     requirement systems. Price $2095
$4195                                                                                                      This online program will prepare students to take the
Non-Profit Management Training (available                                                                  CompTIA A+ Hardware and the A+ Operating System
                                                     Records Management (80 Hours)
September 2007) (300 Hours)                                                                                Technologies exams. Price $1695
                                                     Gatlin's online record management certificate
                                                     course is a power packed online training program
Comp TIA™ Linux+/LPI Level One                    This online program is a comprehensive,                 HEAVY INDUSTRY PROGRAMS
Certification Training (300 Hours)                performance-based program that teaches students
This online program teaches the fundamentals      to be proficient using the most popular suite of
of the Linux operating system including how to    Microsoft Office 2003 programs including Word,         Chemical Plant Operations (400 Hours)
configure Linux system services, how to           Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and Access.               This online training program will teach you the skills
manage a Linux system in a networked              Textbooks included! Price $1595                        you need to gain employment as a Chemical Plant
environment, and finally, how to manage the                                                              Operator. Chemical Plant Operators are highly paid
servers a Linux system provides. Textbooks                                                               and enjoy a stable work environment.
included. Price $2195
                                                     VIDEO GAME DESIGN AND                               This is a unique user-friendly course designed for
Comp TIA™ Network+/Server+                                                                               people who have minimal knowledge of industry,
Certification Training (80 Hours)
                                                         DEVELOPMENT                                     math, physics or chemistry. Price $2595
This online program will prepare students for
both Network+ and Server+ national                3ds max (650 Hours)                                    Oil Refinery Operations (400 Hours)
certification exams. Price $1495                  This exciting new online program will teach            Oil Refinery Operators are highly paid and enjoy a
                                                  students how to use both 3ds max and Character         stable work environment. This is a unique user-
Comp TIA™ Security+ Certification                 Studio to design, develop, and animate 3D video        friendly course designed for people who have minimal
Training (120 Hours)                              game characters. Price $4095                           knowledge of industry, math, physics or chemistry.
This online Security+ course helps prepare a                                                             The necessary science concepts are built into the
student for the CompTia Security+ certification   Video Game Art (300 Hours)                             course modules. Price $2595
exam. Textbook included. Price $1695              The Video Game Art program builds technical and
                                                  artistic skills in 3D modeling, texturing, lighting,   Paper Mill Operations (400 Hours)
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) on the      and animation using Autodesk Maya and                  This online training program will teach you the skills
Web™ (70 Hours)                                   Photoshop. Challenging, practical projects put you     you need to gain employment as a Paper Mill
RFID on the Web™ will provide the student         through your paces, helping you develop a high-        Operator. Paper Mill Operators are highly paid and
with the information and practice exams           quality portfolio of game art. Price $1995             enjoy a stable work environment. This is a unique
necessary to sit for the CompTIA™ RFID+                                                                  user-friendly course designed for people who have
certification exam as well as the knowledge and                                                          minimal knowledge of industry, math, physics or
information necessary to evaluate and                                                                    chemistry. Price $2595
implement RFID technology in various
application scenarios. Price $2495                                                                       Power Plant Operations (400 Hours)
                                                                                                         Power Plant Operators are highly paid and enjoy a
                                                                                                         stable work environment. This is a unique user-
 Microsoft Certification                                                                                 friendly course designed for people who have minimal
                                                                                                         knowledge of industry, math, physics or chemistry.
                                                                                                         The necessary science concepts are built into the
                                                                                                         course modules. Price $2595
Microsoft Certified Application Specialist
Training (MCAS)                                                                                          Pulp Mill Operations (400 Hours)
(120 Hours) The online MCAS training program                                                             This online training program will teach you the skills
will be prepare students to sit for the MCAS                                                             you need to gain employment as a Pulp Mill Operator.
national certification exam through Microsoft®.                                                          Pulp Mill Operators are highly paid and enjoy a stable
Price $1595                                                                                              work environment. This is a unique user-friendly
                                                  Video Game Design and Development (500
                                                  Hours)                                                 course designed for people who have minimal
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator                                                               knowledge of industry, math, physics or chemistry.
                                                  Learn the high-end techniques and engineering
(MCDBA) (460 Hours)                                                                                      Price $2595
                                                  principles behind modern videogame technology
The online MCDBA program will prepare
                                                  with this exciting online program. Price $1995
students for Microsoft’s national MCDBA
certification exam.
                                                  CASINO GAMING PROGRAMS
Price $3095
                                                                                                                   The eLearning
Microsoft Certified Desktop Support
Technician (MCDST) (200 Hours)
                                                  Casino Baccarat Deale (75 Hours)
                                                  This exciting new program teaches students the                      Center
The online MCDST program prepares students        appropriate methods, techniques, and mannerisms         <<Insert School Name>> now
for Microsoft’s national MCDST certification      necessary to gain employment as a Casino
exam. Price $1795                                 Baccarat Dealer. Students will receive their own        has thousands of online
                                                  deck of cards and chips, as well as a playing felt      courses from the world’s
Microsoft Certified System Administrator          and a web camera to attach to their computer.
2003 (MCSA) (440 Hours)                           Price $1195                                             greatest authors and
The online MCSA program will prepare                                                                      companies on nearly every
students for Microsoft’s national MCSA            Casino Blackjack Dealer (100 Hours)
certification exam. Price $2495                   Want to become a Blackjack Dealer? This                 subject imaginable! Visit the
                                                  program teaches students the appropriate methods,       <<Insert School Acronym>>
Microsoft Certified System Administrator          techniques, and mannerisms necessary to gain
Plus 2003 (MCSA+) (340 Hours)                     employment as a Casino Blackjack Dealer.                eLearning Center to find the
The online MCSA+ program will prepare             Students will receive their own deck of cards and       largest selection of self-study
students for Microsoft’s national MCSA+           chips, as well as a fold out Blackjack felt and a
certification exam. Price $2195                   web camera to attach to their computer. Price           online courses available.
                                                  $1395                                                   Enroll anytime you like – study
Microsoft Certified System Engineer 2003
(MCSE)                                            Casino Poker Dealer (100 Hours)                         when you want!
(700 Hours)                                       This highly interactive online training program            www.<<>>
The online MCSE program will prepare students     will teach you everything you need to know in
for Microsoft’s national MCSE certification       order to become a Professional Poker Dealer.
exam. Price $3295                                 Students will receive a deck of cards, chips, a fold
                                                  out poker felt, and a web camera. Price $1395
Microsoft Office Specialist 2003 (MOS)
(120 Hours)

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