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									                                                                                                          Prepared for Alberta Human Resources and Employment
 HINTON REGIONAL EMPLOYMENT CENTRE IS A FREE SERVICE designed to assist individuals requiring
      job search support. Our services include: resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing
        workshops, direct connections to employers with job openings and training at work sites.

   If you require further information on these postings PLEASE CALL 865-5943 or toll free 866-299-5945

JOB# LOCATION               JOB TITLE                 JOB DESCRIPTION            POSTED       CLOSING

    1 Hinton, AB            Child Minding             Tuesday/Thursday           Jan-14-08    On Going
                             EMR & EMT (Full           Industrial medical
    2 Hinton, AB            )time                     services                   Aug-07-16    On Going
    3 Hinton, AB            Cashiers/Grill Staff      Fast food service          On-going     On-going
    4 Hinton, AB             /Receptionist/Stylist     Full time part time and   Feb-20-08    On-Going
                            Estititions               seasonal
                            -Gasfitter A or B (Full
    5 Hinton, AB            )time                     Industrial                 Aug-07-31    On-Going
    6 Hinton, AB            Child Care Workers        Full time                  Feb-29-08    On Going
                                                       Industrial & oilfield
    7   Hinton, AB          Welders,Labourers         services                   Aug-07-10   On-Going
    8   Hinton, AB          Mystery Shopper           As required                            On-going
    9   Hinton, AB          Child Care Workers        Full and part time         April-07-08 On-going
   10   Hinon, AB           Prep Cooks,               Full and Part time         Aug-08-08 On Going
                            Customer Service,         Available
                                                  Start up new day
   11 Hinton, AB         Child Care Providers homes in Hinton                    Jul-07-20    On-Going
                          Esthetician, Massage
                          Therapist (Full & part
   12   Hinton, AB       )time                   Full service hair salon         Aug-07-16    On-Going
   13   Hinton, AB       Instore Merchandiser flexible hours                     Feb-11-08    On-going
                                                  Part-time/ Casual
                                                  Home and industrial
   14   Hinton, AB       Labourers               .claim clean up                 Aug-07-10    On-going
                                                  Evenings only~ Part
   15   Hinton, AB       Floor Staff             time                            Oct-07-23    On-Going
                                                  & Customer serivce
   16   Hinton, AB       Housekeepers            hospitality                     Jul-07-13    On-Going
   17   Alberta          Drivers/Laborers        Full time/ Seasonal             Aug-28-08    On Going
   18   Hinton, AB       Vac Truck Operators      Full time                      Jul-07-05    On-Going
   19   Hinton, AB       L&W Restaurant           Cashier full time              May-16-08    On-Going
   20   Hinton, AB       Cashier                  full time                      May-16-08    On-going
   21   Grande Cache, AB Admin Support Clerk Full time                           Sept-29-08   Oct-09-08
                                                                                               Prepared for Alberta Human Resources and Employment

  22 Hinton, AB     Licensed Journeyman Full time                     July-08-08   Oct-10-08

  23 Hinton, AB     Class 1 Drivers          Full time             July-08-08 Oct-10-08
  24 Jasper, AB     Firesmart Forest         Start date is Oct 14- Sept-17-08 Oct-10-08
                    Wise Crew training       2008 March 27-2009
                    opportunity for Metis    Relocation Assistance
                    youth 18-30yrs of age    available
  25 Hinton, AB     Experienced              Full Time             Aug-15-08 Oct-10-08
                    Labourers/ and
                    carpenter postions
  26 Hinton, AB     2 Full time Class 3      Full time previous     Sept-04-08 Oct-10-08
                    Drivers                  oilfield experience an
                                             asset, tickets
                                             preferred but not
  27 Hinton, AB     Sheet Metal              Full Time/ Must        Sept-11-08 Oct-10-08
                    Apprentice               possess valid DL and
                                             have compelted 1st yr.

  28 Hinton, AB     Driver/ HD Mechanic      Class 1/Good drivers     Aug-11-08    Oct-10-08
                    REVISED                  abstract and would
                                             prefer safety tickets
  29 Hinton, AB     Cooks & Servers          Full/Part time           Aug-21-08 Oct-10-08
  30 Hinton, AB     3 - Oilfeild labourers   Full time, long          Sept-04-08 Oct-10-08
                                             irregular hours
  31   Hinton, AB   Retail Meat Cutter       40 hrs per wek           Aug-20-08    Oct-10-08
  32   Hinton, AB   Class 1 Driver           Full time 12 hr shifts   May-15-08    Oct-10-08
  33   Hinton,AB    Office Administration    Full time 8:00-5:00pm    Sept-29-08   Oct-10-08
  34   Hinton, AB   2 part time              1 full time(28-36        Sept-15-08   Oct-10-08
                    sales/customer           hrs/wk) and 1 part
                    service                  time position
  35 Hinton, AB     All positions and        Full and part time       Sept-22-08 Oct-10-08
                    Operations Manager       please pick up
                                             application at Canada
                                             Safeway located in the
                                             Parks West Mall Upon
                                             completion of
                                             application ask to
                                             speak to Brenda
                                                                                                 Prepared for Alberta Human Resources and Employment
JOB# LOCATION             JOB TITLE              JOB DESCRIPTION         POSTED      CLOSING

  36 Hinton, AB           Cashiers, deli      Full and part time         Sept-22-08 Oct-10-08
                          personnel, coutesy  positions available
                          clerks              dental benefits are
                                              available to part time
                                              employees, full
                                              benefits pkg. for full
                                              time/ all day shifts
  37   Hinton, AB        3rd&4yr. Apprentices Full time 4 on 4 off       Aug-13-08   Oct-17-08
                         journeymen, and      permenant and
                         millwrights          temporary positions
  38   Hinton, AB        Company Drivers,     Full time, Minimum 2       May-26-08   Oct-17-08
                         Lease Drivers, Sub   years experience
                         Contractors          driving tractor trailer
                                              Class 1 License
  39   Hinton, AB        3rd yr HD Mechanics/ Full Time 4 positions      Aug-26-08   Oct-17-08
                         Millwright           available 4 on 4 off
                                              shift rotation
  40   Hinton,AB         Front Desk           Full and part time         Sept-25-08 Oct-24-08
  41   Hinton, AB Hwy 16 Cooks, Night Cook    Full time/ Seasonal        Aug-12-08 Oct-24-08
                                              Experience an asset
  42   Hinton, AB        Class 1 Drivers      Full time                  Aug-25-08   Oct-24-08

  43 Hinton, AB           Servers                Full time Days and      Sept-04-08 Oct-24-08
  44 Hinton, AB           Personal Caregiver     Live in Full time       Aug-08-08   Oct-31-08
  45                       Electricians and
                          Journeyman and          Full time all branch
     Hinton, AB            Apprentices           locations               Apr-23-08 Oct-31-08
  46 Hinton, AB           SERVERS                2 FULL TIME             MAY-20-08 Oct-31-08
  47 Hinton, AB           Home care Aid          Part/Full time          July-22-08 Oct-31-08
  48 Hinton, AB           Field Technician       Full time               Sept-26-08 Oct-31-08
  49 Hinton, AB           Automotive             Full time               Sept-12-08 Oct-31-08
                          Journeyman Mechanic
                                                                                              Prepared for Alberta Human Resources and Employment

     50 Hinton, AB   H & L Degner           Full Time/ experienced Sept-30-08 oct-31-08
                                            residential and
                                            commercial painters

     51 Hinton, AB   Class 1 with air       Full time must be         Oct-01-08   Oct-31-08
                     Driver Tank truck      ambitous and willing to
                     hauling in town        work
     52 Hinton, AB   Servers                Full time/ part time      Sept-18-08 Oct-31-08
     53 Hinton, AB    Janitorial Position   Mon - Fri 4:00-           Sept-19-08 Oct-31-08
                                            10:00pm must be able
                                            to provide criminal and
                                            child welfare check
                                             & Customer service
     54 Hinton, AB   Sales Clerk            sales                     Aug-07-14   Oct-31-08
     55 Hinton, AB   Journeyman Heavy       Familiar with             May-02-08   Oct-31-08
                     Duty Mechanic          commercial vehicle
                                            inspection and repair
                                            Class 3 drivers or
     56 Hinton, AB   Customer Service/      Full time Flexable        Aug-28-08   Oct-31-08
                     Cook                   schedule
     57 Hinton, AB   Front Desk Clerk,      Full Time Night           Apr-22-08   Oct-31-08
                     Night Auditor,         Auditor and Part time
                     Experience an asset    front desk
     58 Hinton, AB   Vac Truck Operators    Vac Truck and             Sept-16-08 Nov-07-08
                                            combination unit
                                            experience only need
                                            applyMust have all
                                            safety tickets
     59 Hinton, AB   Experienced            Full time Oilfield Hrs    Oct-03-08   Nov-07-08
                     Swampers               Must have all oilfield
     60 Hinton, AB   Cashier/floor staff    full time                 Aug-21-08   Nov-07-08

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