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S     begins with YOUR cover letter.
123 Happy Avenue
Grand Forks, ND 58201
   # (2 spaces)
December 12, 2009         (don’t abbreviate)
   # (2- 4+ spaces depending on the length of the letter)
Ms. Sally Somebody
Director of Human Resources
Finders Corporation
444 Tulane Street
Fargo, ND 58501
   # (2 spaces)
Dear Ms. Somebody:                  (Never by first name and only
   # (1 space)                  Sir / M adam: if absolutely necessary)
• Paragraph 1: There are 2 items to be
  mentioned in this paragraph.
• 1.)…the reason for the letter, such as, that
  you are applying for (or) seeking a sales
  manager position.
• 2.) Close this paragraph by telling the
  employer where you heard about their
  business or the positions you are inquiring
  about. State the name of the publication,
  employment agency, or networking contact,
  this will give the employer a reference point
  about the contact. (Note: 3 sentences = a paragraph)
   (1 space between paragraphs)
                 SAMPLE: 1A
I am writing today to express interest in
working for your company. I am currently a
Junior at the University of North Dakota,
majoring in Communications and am looking
for an internship or a co-op position for the
summer term. In researching your company, I
feel that I could be an asset to your team. I
would like to gain experience in the
Advertising/Marketing field and believe that
your company is exactly what I am looking for.
               Sample: 1B
John Allen of your firm informed me of an
opportunity within your company as a
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. I
also found a more detailed job description
on Please consider this
letter as my application for that position.
• Paragraph 2
  This paragraph gives the reader an
• 1.) indication of your interest in
  the position
• 2.) and why you chose their
• (Note: 3 sentences = a paragraph)
  (1 space between paragraphs)
                 Sample: 2A
Growing up on a family farm, I have come to
understand how important insurance is to the
farmer and their family. I also understand that
ABC Company is a business that was founded
to protect farmers and ranchers from the
natural disasters they faced in their business. I
am very interested and excited to join ABC
Company so that I can learn more about
helping people protect their families and their
                       SAMPLE: 2B
I was particularly attracted to your organization
because of the wide diversity of projects it is involved
in. Working in the areas of retail, hospitality and
entertainment is what I have always wanted to do and
those are areas that your organization specializes in. I
am especially interested in your international
perspective because my concentration in the MBA
program is International Business and because I have
studied abroad. I find the number of offices you have
exceptionally appealing because of the various layers
of management necessary to make this corporation run
successfully. This fits with my ultimate goal of being
part of a management team in an international
business. I believe that my education along with my
internship experience as ___________ will enable me
to assist your organization on many levels.
• Paragraph 3
• Why the company should consider YOU
  for an interview.
     Tell the reader about your relevant work
    experience (paid or unpaid) as well as your
    educational strengths. Tell the reader only
    the most important skills you have,
    especially those that relate to the position
    you are seeking. If you are a graduate with
    little work experience, explain how your
    education has prepared you for the
    position, but be specific.
• (Note: 3 sentences = a paragraph)
   (1 space between paragraphs)
                        Sample: 3A
As you can see on my resume, I possess the
qualifications to join your team in a number of different
positions. I am a proven leader who believes that
accountability and integrity are essential in today's
workforce. As President of a Greek Fraternity chapter
that ranks in the top 10% in the country, I have traveled
the country and given presentations to hundreds of
people. I possess the communication and teamwork
skills to work with anyone to conquer a task. With hard
work and dedication, we can work together to help your
company continue to strive for excellence and succeed
to our fullest potential.
                      SAMPLE: 3B
I believe that I am well qualified to fill this position
because of both my education and experience. I will
graduate from the University of North Dakota (UND) in
May 2006 with a Bachelor of Business Administration
degree in Marketing. Through my current position at
PRACS Institute, I have gained an immense interest in
pharmaceutical products and the developments within
the pharmaceutical industry. I have worked several
part-time and temporary positions while earning my way
through college. Most of those positions have been
sales related or customer service oriented and some
have entailed management responsibilities. Please see
my enclosed resume for further details. Through these
experiences, I have had the opportunity to learn the
importance of building relationships with customers and
the effective use of good communication tools in making
a sale as well as in building a business.
• Paragraph 4: The closing paragraph should…
• 1.) refer the reader to any attachments, such as your
          Education majors – good place to mention credential file and what is
    in your file and when it is being sent.
• 2.) ask for an interview and include your telephone
  number (so the employer can contact you).
• 3.) offer to assist if additional information is needed
• 4.) contain questions about: the application process,
  how to get additional information, the fact that you will
  be following up the letter with a phone call, that you
  have an answering machine and will return calls
  promptly, or dates and times you will be available for
• 5.) A closing sentence that shows appreciation for
  their time.
•   Note: 3 sentences = 1 paragraph)
      (2 spaces after final paragraph and before closing)
                   Sample: 4A
Please refer to my resume for a detailed account of my
education and work experience. I look forward to
visiting with you about this (Co-op/Intern) position, and
respectfully request the opportunity to interview with
you and ABC Company. If you require additional
information or would like to set up an interview, I can
be reached by phone at (701) 777-7777 or by e-mail at I look forward to hearing
from you soon. Thank you for your time and
                   Sample: 4B
I have enclosed my resume for your review. I
would welcome the opportunity to talk or meet
with you to discuss further the position and my
qualifications or to provide you with any
additional information you might require. I will
be relocating to your area upon my graduation
from UND in May of 2006. Prior to that, I may
be reached by phone at (701) 777-7777 or by e-
mail at: I look
forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you,
for considering my application.
• Sincerely, or Sincerely yours,
• Respectfully, or Respectfully yours ,
    # (4 spaces - allow room for your signature)

• Mark Anybody (Type your signature)
• Enc. or Enc.(s) (“enclosure(s) is optional”)

    (Note: **The body of the letter should be centered on the page.)
      Suggestions of what NOT to do

 Use abbreviations in your addresses
 (except for states)
 Be sloppy about formatting
 Have any spelling or grammatical errors
 Use different colors of paper for cover
  letter and resume
 Repeat what is already on your resume
 (refer to resume for details)
   Suggestions of what NOT to do

Use a first name in a business
Buy or create perfumed paper
Use background images
Use the stationery of your current
Handwrite your letter
Send a photocopied letter with only
an address change
  (i.e. Mass mailing)
   Include all your contact information in the
    letter and on the envelope
   Determine the appropriate contact person
   Center your letter on the page
   Use the same font for resume and cover letter
   Use quality 8 ½” by 11” paper (24# weight)
   Choose a conservative color: white, off white,
    gray, beige, pale blue
   Use a 9” X 12” manila envelope (flat) to send
 Use a Word Processing program and a letter
  quality printer (Recommend laser printer)
 Type your label or envelope (Neat handwriting is
 Give an overview of your capabilities and show
  why you are a good candidate for the job
 Assume that the lowest ranking person will do
  the prescreening
 Write your cover letter/resume to include all of
  the essential components of the ad that
  pertain to you
 Make your qualifications clear so that the
  reader won’t have to read between the lines
  (Don’t assume they know what you mean.)
• Finally, write your cover letter in your own
  words. Let your personality, your passion
  and your enthusiasm for the position and
  the company shine through!
  (Then … have someone else proofread it for you!)

• Career Services staff can sure proofread it for you!
• Call to make an appointment at 777-3904.

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