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Non-Profit Organization Grants List


Non-Profit Organization Grants List document sample

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									Foundations and Corporations Applications usually request a number of items to be included in
the packet as attachments.

1. Verification of tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. This is an IRS letter that
   verifies the applicant is a non profit organization. (Available in the grants office)
2. List of current board members (include member affiliations and any other pertinent information). (On
   our TSD web site and can be printed)
3. List of key organizational staff, including titles and main functions. May include expertise of the staff /
   credentials and degrees and/or an organizational chart.

Talk to the grants office if your application requests any of the following to enable us to help you
secure what is needed for a school district.

4. IRS Form 990 (if available). (Non profit agencies are required by IRS to file this form each year.)
5. Most recent audited financial statement.
6. A one-page summary of actual income and expenses for the past two complete years; a one-page
   listing of funding sources and amounts received from these sources over the past two years.
7. Organization’s current year operating budget.

The final two items are critical to securing grant funding. A clear and accurate budget is a good
demonstration of your competence in managing the project. And, most funders prefer investing
in programs that are collaborations. They seldom provide full funding needed for the project.

8.   A detailed budget of the project for which funds are being sought Sample Foundation budget
9.   If the project for which you are seeking funds is a collaboration with other agencies, include letters or
     other documentation from the collaborating agencies.

You may need a cover letter for the document package in which you BRIEFLY give information on what
the grant is intended to do, how much you are requesting, and that you are grateful for the opportunity to
apply. DO NOT forget to include either in the letter or the application document: Organization name,
address and phone, fax, website address and contact person’s information including e mail address.

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