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Nonprofit Organizations Forming Chapters


Nonprofit Organizations Forming Chapters document sample

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									The Bootstrap Network
  Bootstrap Network – The Open Source
     Community for Bootstrappers™

               Bijoy Goswami
 CEO Aviri, Author, The Human Fabric,
     Founder, Bootstrap Network

                                  March 31, 2006
   Entrepreneurship Myths

1. Capital is important in early stages
2. You need a business plan (meaning
   precedes action)
3. Lone Hero: you have to do it yourself
4. You have to have a “big idea”
5. Bootstrap Ventures don’t become big
    Definition: tr.v. boot·strapped,
    boot·strap·ping, boot·straps
 To promote and develop by use of one's own initiative and
  work without reliance on outside help
 Undertaken or accomplished with minimal outside help
  [from investors!]
 Being or relating to a process that is self-initiating or self-

Modified For Bootstrappers: do not rely on investors, but DO
  rely on customers, fellow bootstrappers and anyone else!
   Bootstrap Principles

1. Follow and Develop your Passions
2. Right action by Stage: Ideation, Valley of Death,
3. Valley of Death – this is where you innovate!
4. Focus on your Customer, not an Investor
5. Opportunistic Adaptation & Serendipity
6. Demo  Sell  Build
7. Power of 2
8. Venture as an organism – can’t skip grades
                                        *Darius Mahdjoubi
   The Bootstrap Network: An open-
   source collaborative community

Apply “Open Source” model to the community itself
 Full Membership through Providing a Negotiated
  Service to Bootstrap
 Output: Many products/services, not just one
 A “Closed” Community – bootstrappers only
 Bootstrapped itself – evolved in incremental steps
 Educate entrepreneurs about bootstrapping
 A community of support (Business Week Article)
   What Do we Do?

 Chapters organized by city and connected in a
  global network
 Local chapters: in-person, content-rich meetings
 Cross-geography Initiatives
      Led by complementary leads (Maven + Evangelist)
      by industry: food, software, nonprofit
      by stage of company: Ideation, Survival, Growth
      by topic: Book Club
 Enabling Technologies: Blogs, Yahoo groups,
  Stuffopolis, Hearthis, Aviri, Eteaming, etc.
    Laws of Networks

1. Sarnoff's Law = the value of a broadcast network is
   proportionate to the number of viewers / readers.
2. Metcalfe's Law = value of a network is proportionate to
   the square of the number of nodes, i.e., n2. (And,
   connecting two networks creates far more value than the
   sum of their values as independent networks.)
3. Reed's Law = value of a group-forming network is
   proportionate to the exponential of the number of groups,
   i.e., 2n

These laws apply to human networks (and to Bootstrap)
         The MRE/5D Framework *

  A way to understand             Mavens develop knowledge and
  people and                      capability through research and
                                  experience. These are the deep experts.

                                                      Evangelists are action-
Relaters are relationship                             creators. They convince
builders. They introduce                              others to take action and
people to each other. Relaters                        make things happen.
are all about people and                              Evangelists have causes.
                                 *Source: The Human Fabric
Bootstrap Enhances Connectivity
(#, Quality) Among its Members


   Free Tools

 Website
 Blogs – Bootstrap Austin & Bootstrap
 Yahoo groups
 Evite
 Wiki
   Bootstrap Austin Website

 Designed and Maintained by Steven List
 Hosted by Primus Networks
   Bootstrap Blog (Bootstrap
 Outward Facing
 Multiple Contributors
 Links and Resources
 Bootstrap Champions
 Events and Developments
     Yahoo Groups

   Moderated Group Conversation
   No selling!
   Ask any question related to your business
   Referrals to bootstrappers and non-bootstrappers
   Compile responses for the group
   Inappropriate posts – stay on topic
   Calendar – monthly event emails by Scott Ingram
   Files

 Manage events
 Gather payments
   Bootstrap Wiki

 Created by Steven List
 Everyone can edit
   Bootstrap Services

 Enhance Overall Bootstrap Community Offerings
 Safe space to play, experiment and learn
 80+ people (of 500 members in Austin) provide
 Bootstrappers learn, gain experience
 Build reputation within and without the
 Get Product/Service feedback before taking it to
  paying customers outside the community

                              *The Game, Neil Strauss
    Bootstrap Services Examples

   Hearthis – “Boot Rap” podcast on iTunes (Brian Massey)
   Stuffopolis – Book Club (Phyllis Blees), Reviews, Stuff
    Sharing (Tom Brown)
   Eteaming – Service Negotiation (Kevin Koym)
   Ambassador Program (Steve Harper)
   Boot Boards – Michelle Ewalt, Stan Tyler, David
   Bootstrap Student – Ryan Pitylak and Michael Griffin
   Bootstrap Modeling/Terminology (Darius Mahdjoubi)
   Community Direction/Structure – Bijoy & Kevin
   “Boot Rap”, produced by
 Recording, editing and production
 iTunes publication
   “Book Club” on Stuffopolis

 Private Group
 Book/DVD Reviews
 Stuff sharing
 Conversations before/after BookClub
 Managed by Phyllis Blees and Tom Brown
   “Services Administration” on
 Discuss, Negotiate, Fulfill
 Single management interface for all activities
  and services
   Ambassador Program (Steve

 8-Minute Ripple
 Connect Bootstrap to Other Orgs in Town
 Foster a Networking Ecosystem in Austin
 Share events on the Bootstrap Calendar
 Evangelize Bootstrapping
   Boot Boards (Michelle Ewalt, Stan
   Tyler, David Swedlow)

 New Initiative (April 10)
 Emerged from Discussion on Yahoo Group
 6-8 Bootstrappers per board
 Regular Monthly Meetings
 Ongoing Brainstorming & Problem solving
   Bootstrap Student

 Bootstrap for university students
 Foster Bootstrapping at the University Level
 Start Stand-alone bootstrap student chapters around
  the world
 Engage other entrepreneur groups
 Teach Bootstrapping
 First chapter at UT – founded by Ryan Pitylak and
  Michael Griffin
   Bootstrap Model (Darius

“Intellectual Godfather” of Bootstrap Austin
     Naming Stages: Ideation, Valley of Death
      (Survival), Growth
     Strategies: Camel vs. Rocket & Gazelle/Beaver
     Action Planning
   Community Direction & Structure
   (Bijoy + Kevin = Linus?!)

 BG: Apply the MRE Framework in a real
 Evangelize Bootstrapping and Bootstrap
 Nurture community and apply “Open
  Source” model (Kevin Koym)

Bijoy Goswami
512-474 6155


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