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PhillyLiving is a Philadelphia real estate agency with a special focus on Center City and
Mainline. They are also the publishers of the Philadelphia Real Estate Market Report, a
quarterly publication aimed at providing an in-depth look at the real estate market in that
area. was appointed to redesign the site and the periodical. The main focus
was to provide a very usable real estate search interface integrated within a professional
layout, while keeping page load times as low as possible. The new design characterizes the
PhillyLiving team and their services as elegant, professional and innovative.
Qnect was appointed to develop the identity and new website for the internet
service provider Qnect. The main focus was on combining an open image in tone with the
company’s focus on great customer service, with the cutting edge elements suggested by the
nature and quality of its services.
The result is a simple, usable and engaging website that provides quick access to all required
information for current and potential customers while emphasizing Qnect’s traits and benefits
for those interested in acquiring its services. The resulting image is memorable, bringing a
creative approach to the field of high tech service providers.
Homethinking redesign

Homethinking is an online service that helps home owners choose the most remarkable
neighborhood realtors to sell their house.
Within the nearly two years since the original launch, the site kept expanding its range of
services and functionalities, constantly keeping an ear open to user suggestions. The time
came when the old design was no longer a perfect fit for the new range of services, and a
redesign/realign process was required.
The result is a design that emphasizes usability and user-centered planning, while still keeping
in touch with the original identity.
Change is a social networking platform aiming to connect likeminded people, to help them
exchange ideas and collectively act to address the social issues they care about. helped bring this initiative to life by creating the identity, overall website
and interface design as well as developing the XHTML templates and a custom Wordpress
theme for the team’s blog.
The project’s main goal is to facilitate dialogue by grouping users around existing nonprofits
or new endeavors called changes. The interface seamlessly integrates the myriad of features
allowing quick access to different actions and content types, helping emphasize an overall
friendly and interactive user experience.
ComeOver worked with a concept provided by the client to refine and create the
final identity for the real estate start-up company ComeOver. The result is a memorable mark
that expresses the company’s fresh and friendly approach – a distinct attitude in today’s
online landscape.

Companions is a new online meeting place for Australians set to become the trendiest, most
trusted and visited relationship site in the area. was appointed to develop the identity and website design for this
project. The resulting design reflects the modern, friendly and welcoming attitude of this
online service. It emphasizes the fact that the website is a great place to meet someone
special and make new friends, all this through a user-friendly and fun-to-use interface.

RealEstateVoices is a real estate social news site created by the same minds behind
Homethinking - another project worked on. It is meant to easily allow
users to submit and promote real estate related articles and information as well as to provide
a source of constantly updated quality facts and reports. was appointed to develop the identity and website design for this
project. The resulting design reflects the modern, friendly and welcoming attitude of this
online service. It emphasizes the fact that the website is a great place to meet someone
special and make new friends, all this through a user-friendly and fun-to-use interface.
Sandwell Parents

The Sandwell Parents site provides a virtual support network and dialogue between parents. It
is meant to offer access to information in helping parents and children, as well as advice from
the surrounding web community.
The design reflects the fact that this is site dealing primarily with childhood and parenting
issues. The optimistic tone and graphics reinforce the general feeling of happiness associated
with this age, reassuring worried parents that help and solutions are at hand. It also helps in
creating the kind of intimate family atmosphere where you are more likely to share emotions
and feel more connected to your peers.
Insight worked closely with the creative crew at Insight in suggesting and
applying a series of web-specific modifications and improvements to their new website design.
The result is a modern, clean and elegant site with clear informational structure and a strong
emphasis on usability. also developed the XHTML templates and main work frame for the new
site. The clean and organized code helped achieve fast loading speeds and good search engine

Comunica Group is an UK based web communications agency. was
appointed to design the new website that acknowledged the merger of the company’s two
divisions - design and software.
The main task was to create a visually compelling site, while offering the required information
which was previously stored within two different sites. The end result managed to showcase
this merger while avoiding an overcrowded informational architecture and content.

CollectiveX is pioneering a new class of communications and social networking services
designed explicitly for organized groups. was appointed to develop the
new identity, graphic design and templates as well as to offer consulting services on the web
application’s information architecture.
The suggestive logo and consistent design elements help in achieving that. The end result is a
highly memorable, friendly and fresh look that quickly communicates the basic attributes of
the service.
CollectiveX’s features were designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. The large
quantity of information and actions available are thoroughly organized to allow for quick
interaction and maximum content visibility. Each design decision was made considering
the needs of potential users thus helping create what is truly a Web 3.0 social networking
Sandwell Council was appointed to re-design the info kiosk interface of the Sandwell
Council, in an attempt to make it more usable and attractive.
This marks the first full info kiosk interface design project and the limitations and special
requirements of this specific medium had to be considered - large clickable areas, clear and
intuitive navigation, large fonts and crisp contrast. The end result manages to address all
these aspects while also delivering a fresh and appealing look.
Extended Schools

In collaboration with Comunica Group, was appointed to create the
graphical appearance and layout for the Extended Schools audit and planning application.
The result was an aesthetically pleasing and very usable interface for this rather complex web
application, a major improvement over its previous Microsoft Excel format.

Homethinking is an online service that helps home owners choose the most remarkable
neighborhood realtors to sell their house. After creating the company’s identity, badboy. also designed and developed the necessary templates for creating the website.
Respecting the company’s credo of keeping things simple and giving the users uncluttered
and friendly advice on making their decision, the Homethinking identity is simple, bold and
friendly. It engages the user, making it memorable and easy to relate to.
The website is user-oriented, giving the visitor clear choices and interaction methods. Though
it displays large quantities of information, this is structured in such way as not to be cluttered,
either aestethically or from an usability point of view.
QueerMoolah was assigned to create the identity and the website design for a new
weblog focused on alternative lifestyles and the adult industry. The overall design stays clear
of the stereotypes of the industry related models and delivers an innovative and somewhat
cute and funny approach.
The website was developed using the WordPress content management system and was tailored
to fit the client’s specific needs.

Tutoriall is a start-up company focused on interactive learning. Its main goals are to provide
free for all online courses and seminars on web related technologies and issues.
The identity was created by as a first step in a wide range of products to
come-the main Tutoriall website, an interactive e-learning application, informative brochures
and printed courses.
This also marks’s first naming project.

The Friendville online community website is a project in current development.
design created a complete visual identity for this new website, ranging from the logo to the
color scheme and the graphics used on the website.
Ubertor designed and coded a series of website templates to be used by Ubertor’s
Uberplate system, a system that enables the creation of multiple websites, sharing similar
structure but each with its own content, promoting real estate deals in various areas.
The provided templates were scalable as to fit whatever content would be needed while
maintaining their design and appealing look thus bringing a fresh view on the clogged online
real estate landscape.

Developing a website for a fashion company was not the easiest of tasks. This is not an
ordinary website driven by content and services. It has to stand out; it has to breathe both
creativity and a certain lifestyle. developed a simple and original solution that allowed the photographs
and the models to speak for themselves. In accordance with BeYou’s direct and youthful style,
the website is stripped of any burdening and unnecessary design elements, of any content that
might get in the way of what’s truly important: presenting more that clothes - an attitude, a

Some would argue that you are not a web designer until you have successfully submitted
a design to the ZenGarden. I am not sure if that affirmation is entirely correct but there is
some truth to it. On the road to achieving design and coding perfection,
tackled the Garden and has done so successfully.
Soothing colors and calm typography come to emphasize the main idea behind this design
concept: there is beauty all around us-all you need to do is take a moment and admire it.

As a design study I developed a new identity and design style for an internet fashion and
lifestyle magazine called Phashion.
The logo reveals the magazine’s strong connections to the internet world, while its other main
focus, lifestyle, would be expressed by the design style, imagery and content. A clear and bold
style was developed to ensure the magazine’s success on the newsstands while keeping in tone
with its hi-tech, new-wave persona.

As a design study I developed a new identity for an olive oil brand. The company was
established as one of high-quality products but its public image hadn’t changed in a few
decades and was perceived as old-style and outdated.
In creating a new, more modern identity, a simple but effective solution was developed.
Featuring bold colors on a simple black background, the new identity would provide visibility
while adhering to a more contemporary look. The simplicity of the new design also contributes
to the already established perception of confidence and hi-quality.

Metafilter held a redesign contest to refresh its 5 year old website and identity. This is my entry
in this contest.
Tweaking the old logo was the first task. The colors were already well established with a very
large part of its user base so a drastic change was not recommended. The approach was to
move away from the 90’s look and feel and to create something modern and simple at the same
time. A new clean look was developed while keeping the focus on the most important part
of the website - the content. Some elements were re-organized to provide for a better user
experience and quicker, more intuitive navigation across the website.

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