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									                  APPLICATION FORM


                    National Pavilions &
                      Local Pavilions

                                 Effective 1 April 2009
Under no circumstances should any application form and/or the claim form be altered. Amended
                 application/claim forms will not be considered for evaluation.

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                                        Application form for
                            National Pavilions & Mini Pavilions Participation

                                            Important Notice to EMIA Customers
  Customers please note that this application form goes hand-in-hand with the Guidelines booklet. The conclusion of a
  successful application is only possible if it is done with cross-reference to the requirements as laid out in the Guidelines

 Incomplete applications will be rejected without exception.

  Applications for National and Mini National Pavilions should reach the dti no later than 6 months prior to the event. Late
  applications will not be considered.

 Please ensure that this application form is duly signed and initialed on each page.

All correspondence to EMIA should be sent to one of the following addresses

                       PHYSICAL                                                                POSTAL
ADDRESS                                            (Hand                                      ADDRESS
                  / Courier deliveries)                                                    (Registered Mail)

Mapungubwe - the dti Group House, EMIA Division
                                                                                            EMIA Division
          Building A: Ground floor
                                                                                      Building A, Ground Floor
              77 Meintjies Street
                                                                                           Private Bag X84

 Correspondence that has not been properly addressed to the dti can be incorrectly forwarded to other departments. This
will result in delays in the processing of your application or claim. the dti does not accept responsibility for mail that has not
                                                    been properly addressed.

                             Cancellation of National Pavilion and Mini Pavilion participation.


1. The cancellation of your participation after the consolidation date for freighting of goods: R50 000 cancellation fee is

2. The cancellation of your participation after the issue of the air ticket to your firm by the Preferred Service Provider: Any
cancellation fees are due directly to the travel agent. The second ticket will be solely for your account.

3. The cancellation of your participation before selection of approved exhibitors: No cancellation fee.

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                                      Application form for
                                  National Pavilion Participation

                                                Section A - Particulars of Applicant

Entity Name

Entity trade name (As on the
Customs & Excise
Registration Certificate)
                                                                                                         Other: Specify
Entity type (Please Cross X                         Close                Partner
                                    (Pty) Ltd               Sole Prop.             Limited    Division
Applicable)                                         Corp.                 ship

Entity registration
number/ ID Number
Customs & Excise registration

Tax Reference Number

Name of holding company

Postal Address



Postal Code

Physical Address/es                                Head Office                                Factory (where applicable)




Postal Code

Contact Details                         Code                 Number                Code                        Number




Web site address

Email address

Contact person                  Title                       Name and Surname

Responsible person:
                                Title                       Name and Surname
(Man. Director / CEO)

Name of Proposed Traveler                                                            Designation

Proposed dates of visit                    From                                              To

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                                           Section B - Type of Activity of Applicant

                                                              Turnover Last Financial
Number of employees

Total assets (Excluding
                                                              Value of fixed property
fixed property)
Criteria for classification.
Please indicate the                Black Owned Entity                                                                             %
percentage (%) of
ownership.                         Black Woman Owned Entity                                                                       %

                                   White Woman Owned Entity                                                                      %

                                   Disabled Owned Entity                                                                         %

                                 Manufacturer - Exporter       YES          NO

                                                                                      * Submit letters of confirmation of representation.
    Indicate whether the
                                  Export Trading House         YES          NO            ** Submit copies of agency agreement/s.
       business is a:
                                                                                              Please consult the guidelines.

                                   Commission Agent*           YES          NO

  Disclose information on related parties where the one party can exercise significant / insignificant / substantial / insubstantial
  influence over party in making financial and operating decisions or can exercise control or joint control over other party. Please refer
  to "Definitions & Terminology" on page 26 of 29 of the National Pavilion Guidelines, effective 1 April 2008.

                   Name of related party                                         Short description on the relationship

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                                            Section C - Product Capacity of Applicant

             State the number of products which can be manufactured per month and which are available for export

          Description                     Hs-Code             Quantity   Unit Price     Rand Value                Local Content

                                       Details of products exported over the past two years:

          Description                     Hs-Code             Quantity   Unit Price     Rand Value                   Country

                    Have you exported any other product to the country that you are applying for assistance?

          Description                     Hs-Code            Quantity Unit Price        Rand Value               Local Content

Note: The HS-Code (Harmonised System Code) or Tariff Heading can be obtained from Customs & Excise
Tel: 012 422- 4000 or . This is an international code, which is used to classify products, which are imported and
exported. Please also consult your shipping agent.

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                                         Section D - Previous Financial Assistance

                 In which EMIA Assisted foreign exhibitions have you participated during the last 3 years?

                                                                                         Did you receive assistance from EMIA
        Exhibition                         Country / City                        Date

                 Section E - Details of National Pavilion for which current participation is intended

 Name of show

 Location: Country & City

 Show date(s)

 Name under which you will
 exhibit (on stand):

 How many times have you participated in this Pavilion

 Exhibition space required:

 State whether you have already appointed an agent in
                                                              YES         NO
 the country where this National Pavilion is taking place:

                     Product(s) intended for display: (Note: Only products listed below may be exhibited)

        HS-Code                                         Description of Product                              Local Content

Note: The HS-Code (Harmonised System Code) or Tariff Heading can be obtained from Customs & Excise (Tel: 012-422 4000 or This is an international code, which is used to classify products, which are imported and exported

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                                                       Section F - Cost Estimate

                    Description of Expenditure                                      Rand Value                     Office Use Only

Economy class airfare                                                     Not Applicable

Subsistence Allowance (Number of days____X R1800)


                                                         Important Information

  Travel Arrangements

  the dti has appointed Preferred Service Providers, to the EMIA Scheme, for the provision of Travel services. These services include
  the management of air travel for SMME's and PDIs for the "National Pavilions & Mini National Pavilions" component of the EMIA
  Scheme. the dti / EMIA therefore makes the arrangements and bears the costs. Any extra costs incurred, over and above those
  benefits as approved by the dti / EMIA, will be for the applicants account.

 Preferred Service Supplies : DISCLAIMER

 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the Preferred Service Providers in the EMIA Guidelines and application forms are
competent and efficient, the dti is discharged and exempted from all liability which might arise from all acts pertaining to the transport of
samples and air travel arrangements.

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                                     Section G - Declaration (To be completed by all applicants)
                                             AUTHORISED OFFICIAL OF THE ENTITY


             In my capacity as


  am aware of the fact that the information which I have submitted will have a material bearing on the adjudication of the application and
  if it, therefore, subsequently transpires that any information in the application and addenda was incorrect, or that certain information
  was omitted, The Department of Trade and Industry shall be entitled to withdraw or amend its approval and without prejudice to its
  rights, recover any amounts already paid or to withhold further payments due. I further undertake to furnish follow-up reports on the
  successes achieved by the visit no later than six months after my return. (Failure to submit the follow up reports will result in you/
  your company/organisation being barred from further assistance under the EMIA scheme.)

  This application (with any addenda), if successful, will form part of your contract with The Department of Trade and Industry. Please
  Note: Cessions of the incentives granted are not allowed unless consented to in writing by the dti . Any cessions of these EMIA
  incentives or part thereof invalidate the contract from the date such cession is effected. The dti reserves the right to cede or transfer
  its rights to any other Government Agency.
  The organiser / participants indemnify and shall hold harmless the dti against any claims, damages, expenses and costs (including
  those asserted by third parties) directly or indirectly related to this National Pavilion and the Export Marketing and Investment
  Assistance provided to the National Pavilion participants by the dti, in delict, for breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

    Signed (Authorised
    Official of Entity)

    Name in Print


                                            Appointment TO ACT AS A CONSULTANT
    The Board of Directors of

                    declare that

              Physical address

                Postal address

                     Telephone                                                  Facsimile

                E-Mail address

was appointed as a consultant to act on our behalf with regard to issues pertaining our participation in the EMIA Scheme of Trade and
Industry. This appointment will remain in force until written notification of change by the entity.

NB. This appointment does not authorise the consultant to sign any EMIA documents on behalf of the applicant. All documents
submitted to EMIA must be signed by the applicant.

    Signed (ONLY sign this
    part if external                                                          Designation
    consultant is used)

    Name in Print


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                                                    Section H - Document Checklist

 Kindly ensure that all the required documentation is attached to the application in the                         Refer to National Pavilion
     following order. Please tick the documentation submitted in the last column.                                Guidelines

(a) Full colour product brochure

(b) Electronic Product photos / images on CD disc in high definition (at least 300 dpi). These images are
in addition to the product brochure. The cost of preparing these images is for the exhibitor's account).

(c) A copy of the company's Export Registration certificate from Customs & Excise.                Note: Not
applicable to domestic pavilions held in South Africa.

(d) An original valid Tax Clearance Certificate, which must be obtained from SARS.The Tax Clearance
Certificate should be valid at the time of approval of the application (+/- 4 months prior to the exhibition).
Applicants are therefore advised to request Tax Clearance Certificates from SARS which are valid for a
year. For applicants whose Tax Clearance Certificate has expired at the time of the approval process at
EMIA, will be requested to lodge a new valid Tax Clearance Certificate before approval of their
application can be given.

(e) A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and copies of all name changes effected. In the case of a
sole proprietor a copy of a South African identity document.

(f) A copy of a valid passport of the proposed traveler.                                       Note: Not
applicable to domestic pavilions held in South Africa.

(g) If you are a Commission Agent, please submit copies of agency agreements and brochures from
three SMME's / PDI's, which you represent. (See the new rules page 8 NP Guidelines)

(h) If you are an Export Trading House please supply details and brochures of at least three SMME's /
PDI's represented and a letter of permission to represent these SMME's / PDI's (See point G, page 15
of the NP Guidelines)

(i) Latest audited financial statements, signed by the Directors and the report of the Auditors on the
Auditor's letterhead.

(j) Company profile and logo according to the attached template (company logo in high definition (at
least 300 dpi) on a cd disc).

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                                        COMPANY PROFILE

The dti requires the following information for the publication of the National Pavilion Brochure.
                               Please use font: Arial 11. Title case

 Name of company as on
 the stand:
                               At show:
 Contact persons at the
 show and in SA:
                               In SA:
                               At show:
                               In SA:

                               P.O. Box
 Postal address and code:
                               South Africa

 Telephone:                    +27 ( )

 Fax:                          +27 (    )


 Website:                      www.

 Main products which you

 Quality systems: (i.e. ISO)

 Desired co-operation:
 What are you doing at this
 show? Are you looking
 for wholesalers, agents
 manufacturers, importers,
 distributors, joint
 Brief history of company
 (max 100 words)
 Cover: date established,
 years in business, new
 products, new
 technology, production
 capacity, quality
 (What makes you firm
 better than your
 competitors? Why should
 someone do business
 with your firm?)

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Desktop Export Readiness Questionnaire

Exporting has become a lucrative activity for many South African businesses, but all of them began brief questionnaire
by making the critical decisions necessary to expand their market outside South Africa. The following is designed to
help you make those fundamental decisions, or if you are already exporting, to help you identify additional information
you may export more effectively.

Please note that although these questions require a simple yes/no answer, you are expected to back up your "yes"
answers with substatiating evidence.

How to Score Yourself

Give yourself one point for each "Yes" answer, and zero for each "No" answer.

                                                                                                           YES      NO
 1 Your company has a product which has been successfully sold in the domestic market.
   (If yes, please provide proof by way of financial statements reflecting your domestic sales)
 2 Your company has or is preparing an international marketing plan with defined goals and strategies.
   (If yes, please submit a copy of your international marketing plan - draft or otherwise.)
 3 Your company has sufficient production capacity that can be committed to the export market.
   (If yes, please submit documentary proof: human resource capacity or manufacturing capacity etc)
 4 My company has the financial resources to actively support the marketing of our products in the
   targeted overseas markets.
   (If yes, please provide proof by way of financial statements indicating financial resources)
 5 My company is committed to developing export markets and is also willing and able to dedicate
   staff, time and resources to the process.
   (If yes, please indicate the strategy in place that will support this)
 6 My company is committed to providing the same level of service given to our
   domestic customers.
 7 My company has adequate knowledge in modifying product packaging and ingredients to meet
   foreign import regulations, food safety standards and cultural preferences.
   (If yes, please provide examples of knowledge in specific target markets)
 8 My company has adequate knowledge in shipping its product overseas, such as identifying and
   selecting international freight forwarders, temperature management and freight costing.
   (If yes, please supply the relevant information as documented)
 9 My company has adequate knowledge of export payment mechanisms, such as developing and
   negotiating letters of credits.
   (If yes, please substantiate with examples of knowledge levels)

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