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									KUSU’s Services and Provisions

The Students' Union at Keele began in the 1950s when the building was
designed to look like a cruise ship. Since then the Union has grown in a number
of ways. KUSU currently has five full-time elected officers, 16 part-time elected
officers, over 60 permanent staff and about 180 student staff. Over a 12 month
period in excess of 250 students will have worked at KUSU.

The services the Union provides can be roughly divided into commercial and

Catering Outlets KUSU provides two catering outlets: Harveys, popular for healthy eating options
such as paninis, jackets, soups and baguettes, and the Kiln, open all day and night providing
main meals such as Lasagne, pasta dishes, pies, breakfasts and fast food in the evenings. The
Catering outlets is hugely popular amongst students and they strive to offer a balance range of
food at an affordable price. The success of catering is attributed to the valuable input from its
customers – the students.

The Union Shop The Union Shop is located on the ground floor, and is also home to the only
Post Office on campus. Together they provide a wide range of services and products. It is
possible to buy a branded hoody, grab some lunch and tax your car in one visit. The union
website now hosts and e-shop so students can buy some merchandise on-line. Stock for the
shop is bought through the NUS purchasing consortium, NUS Services Ltd (NUSSL). Use of
NUSSL has the advantage of being student-directed and student-led, given that NUSSL is the
trading arm – and responsible to – the NUS. It allows for students to have a say in the stock the
shop sells, the most notable example being the decision not to stock Nestle products. Whilst
the refusal to sell such products may not necessarily be in the best financial interests, they
recognise students’ decision on the ethics of such corporations.

The Box Office The Box Office sells tickets for Union, University and local events within the area.
It provides a great opportunity for students and visitors to KUSU to discover some of the local
Bars The Students’ Union run four successful bars in the building.

     The Lounge is open day and night, 7 days a week. It is a relaxing retreat by day, serving
    alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is modern and stylish, home to several plasma
    screens showing music, sports events, Union events and even campaigns. It is used for
    events such as Karaoke, pool competition, the weekly quiz and has plenty of games
    machines to keep people entertained.

     Sams operates as both a stand-alone venue and as part of the ballroom on Wednesday
    and Friday nights. Sams is often booked out for society meetings and parties, and is host to
    pool tables, arcade machines and the ever popular dance machine.

     Barista is the Students’ Union newest and most stylish bar/cafe, this area is non-smoking,
    located on the ground floor. Barista is open every day serving coffee and hot drinks,
    pastries and snacks as well as bottle beers and a variety of wines. Wednesday evenings are
    cocktail evenings and Friday the venue can be hired for private parties, other evenings it is
    open until 11pm.

     K2 Bar is the recently revamped and stylish bar that accompanies Staffordshire’s premier
    nightclub, K2. The bar can be used as a stand-alone venue for internal and external events,
    as well as combining with the rest of the venue on a Wednesday and Friday night.

  Outback is our new purpose built outdoor seating area hosting regular BBQ’s in the
      summer and the occasional music event.

Student Safety: KUSU bars provide a quality, safe and inclusive social space for students. We
have regularly won “Best Bar None Awards” both locally and regionally. We actively support
campaigns for responsible drinking, and have a committed team of stewards, Security Co-
ordinators and first-aiders on duty to ensure the venue remains a safe space. KUSU also
operates a free Safety Bus (with financial support from the University) running nightly, two on
busy nights, and runs a taxi marshalling service to assist students with safe return home from

Print and Copy Shop The Print Shop offers cheap and affordable printing and photocopying
services to students, academic schools and external businesses. Situated on the top floors, they
offer an invaluable service to finalists wishing to submit a professional-looking dissertation, to
societies wanting to publicise an activity or event. The Department is also able to offer a design
service as well as printing and has colour copying available.

Entertainments KUSU offers the best range in entertainments in the area. The Ballroom, K2
and the Lounge have recently accommodated such artists as the Coral, Reel Big Fish, Rachel
Stevens, El Presidente, Trevor Nelson, Tim Westwood, Ash, Supergrass, Badly Drawn Boy,
Embrace, The Darkness, The Stranglers, The Rifles and Razorlight. We cater for a variety of
tastes of music, from Rock and Punk, to Dance, RnB and Hip Hop. In fact, the range of
Entertainments offered by KUSU is governed by students, through the weekly Ents Forum,
chaired by the elected Ents Officer. KUSU Entertainments provide events for students every
night of the week. Some events are open to members of the public. KUSU Entertainments has
it’s own Technical Manager who supervises a team of in house event technical staff. The
Department works closely with Bars to provide all round quality entertainment services and
good promotions for students. As well as the regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, the
Department also hosts a number of one off themed events, Parties, Balls, quiz nights, karaoke
and helps promote live televised sporting events.
Independent Advice Unit The Independent Advice Unit (IAU) provides free, independent,
impartial, non-judgemental advice, information and representation to Keele students, both
undergraduates and postgraduates. It aims to meet the needs of a diverse client population,
and can offer support and advice on a wide spectrum of issues, including money management,
legal guidance, accommodation, academic support, sexual health, mental health, support for
estranged students and immigration. The IAU is a member of UKCOSA, Advice UK and NASMA,
and has been awarded the Community Legal Service Quality Mark for General Help with
Casework, the most recent audit passed was August 2009. The Unit also publishes specialist
information, for example, Drugs handbook, Off Campus Housing Information. The Unit staff run
workshops for students, e.g. Avoiding Plagiarism, Extending Leave to remain. The Advice Unit
team are also trained to provide Chlamydia screening on-site. The Unit works with other KUSU
Departments and the University to provide Student development opportunities and awareness
including a whole series of daily events in the month of May (What Makes You So Special)

The Voluntary Experience Project The VE Project was established in 2002 and assists in the
personal development of students by providing them with volunteering placement projects
within the local community. The project was initially funded by the Higher Education Active
Community Fund (HEACF) and is now funded by Keele University. However, the project is co-
ordinated and staffed by the Students’ Union. VE@Keele currently works with over 150
organisations, students not only with other organisations but also get involved in one off
community events in Keele and the surrounding areas. Last year the project sent a group of
volunteers and a staff member to Thaiiland for a month to work in Schools teaching English.
Some students can chose and Volunteering elective module and gain academic credits for the
volunteer work workbook submission.

JobShop The JobShop offers job advice and opportunities, and advertises a variety of vacancies
including term-time casual work, part-time vacancies and vacation placements at home and
abroad. They also host a Jobsfair to help students find part time work. Jobshop works closely
with emplyers to help them find Keele students for their vacancies. KUSU Jobshop manages all
KUSU student staff vacancies. The Jobshop is a member of NASES.

Societies KUSU operates and funds over 50 societies, ranging from support and welfare groups
such as Nightline and LGBT, religious bodies including the Islamic Society and CathSoc, to
interest groups including Dance Society and Keele Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir (KPOC).
KUSU makes it easy to get involved by organising a Welcome and Welcome Back Fair twice
yearly. Societies help create smaller communities and organise a plethora of events, from
concerts and shows to balls, awareness events and tours. Societies are also trained and
supported by VP Finance and Activities and Membership Services Co-ordinator

Reception/Post Room The reception is the first port of call for visitors to KUSU, and also holds
parcels and recorded mail for collection by students.

Premises & Facilities The Premises and Facilities department look after the maintenance and
operation of the building, including domestic services, room bookings and meeting health and
safety requirements as well as overseeing building and refurbishment projects. The Premises
and Facility Department also leads KUSU’s environmental commitment, currently we hold a
silver award in NUSSL’s Sound Imact Award scheme, monitoring our environmental
performance. In addition, KUSU operates its own security that monitors the building day and
night, ensuring KUSU is a safe and supportive venue.
 IT Support KUSU operates its own IT Support service that monitor data from electronic point-of-
sale terminals, support bespoke database management systems for the IAU, Jobshop and VE
project, manage KUSU servers and provide general support for all KUSU IT and office computer
equipment. The IT Department also work on development of the KUSU website and
membership management database constantly adding features and improving functionality.
They also support IT for some student societies. The Department offers in-house IT training for
KUSU staff.

Services : The Students’ Union provides all sorts of services for it’s users and is open from early
in the morning to early the following morning! It is regularly staffed virtually 24 hours a day in
order to clean and maintain the building and provide the diverse range of services we do.

There are a number of Departments that could be classed as service departments helping in
the smooth and safe day to day running of KUSU as an organisation as well as providing
services for students, including a finance office, admin department.

 Membership services. Membership services help co-ordinate student enrolment, welcome and
welcome back events, issue NUS cards, work to maintain, improve and develop KUSU website
and membership management database (a bespoke system). The Department supports
student officers and student representatives, working with and training StARS (Student
Academic Representatives) and student society members. Generally supporting and developing
student societies. The Department also works closely with other KUSU Departments to improve
services and communications to students.

Marketing and Development: The Marketing Department works closely with all KUSU
Departments to promote both the commercial and non commercial services to students and
the wider community and to increase commercial income through sales and media activities as
well as promotion of other departments. The Department also co-ordinates many KUSU
daytime events and projects and some night time events: Welcome and Welcome Back Fairs,
International Cultural Events, Market Traders. It also oversees some of the organisations
communications with students and the wider community. The Department has sales and
design staff

Concourse KUSU provides a number of means of communication, and by far the most effective
is Concourse, KUSU’s fortnightly magazine. It is read by an estimated 3000-4000 students on a
fortnightly basis and used as a vehicle for communicating necessary and interesting
information to students, with regards to University news, external news and also acts as a
forum for students to express their opinions and share information. The newssheet has
undergone numerous changes in recent years and are reflective of the annually elected Vice
President (Democracy and Communications), which stimulate interest in the revised
publications each year. The newspaper format reinforces the professional appearance of the
paper, and its distribution allows students to pick it up as they go about their daily business, sit
down and discuss it between themselves. The option read it at their leisure allows students to
absorb information which is vital to their experience. A culture has developed where students
anticipate the arrival of the next edition. The nature in which students have a profound interest
in the paper is reassuring, clearly indicating that they are eager to know what is going on in
their University, and are receptive to messages that KUSU attempts to portray. 'Concourse'
represents much more than just a publication, it represents the relationship and ownership that
students have with their Union and their University. KUSU believe that this relationship is
fundamental to recruiting and retaining students at Keele.

Campaigns One of the numerous ways the Students’ Union supports and represents its
members is through campaigning. Campaigns serve two purposes: to educate and to affect
change, both of which are fundamentally important aspects. The NUS encourages its member
unions to campaign. KUSU has recently campaigned on safety issues, sexual health, and in
support of the National Student Survey, working in conjunction with the University.

Union Committee KUSU is student-directed via elected full-time (5) and part-time officers that
form the Union Committee. The Union Committee is responsible for implementing policy
passed at KUSU’s decision-making bodies, and comprises of welfare representatives, equality
representation, and liberation officers, as well as acamemic and general student
representation. The student officers, on behalf of students, decide the strategic direction of the
Students’ Union. Officers assist in campaigns and events pertaining to their role, and represent
students on a national scale at NUS liberation events such as Womens’, LGBT and SWD
Conference, and at NUS Annual Conference. Officers also have a vital representative role
internally in the University, sitting on most University committees and meeting regularly with
University Senior Management. The full time officer positions are: President, Vice President
Democracy and Communications, Vice President Education and Welfare, Vice President
Finance and Activities and Vice President Sport and Fitness. The part time posts are:
Environmental Officer, Entertainments Officer, Mature Student Officer, AU President, Male
Gender Officer, Female Gender Officer, Campus Affairs Officer, Non-campus Affairs Officer,
Hospital Campus Affairs Officer, Racial Diversity Officer, Disabled Student Officer, International
Student Officer, LGBT Officer, Non-portfolio Officer, Postgraduate Student Officer, and a
Representative for each of the faculties.

KUSU Democracy KUSU is governed by students through participation in Union General
Meetings (UGM) and Student Council (SC). As well as giving its members the opportunity to
scrutinise elected officers and hold them to account, any student may submit motions to pass
policy on an area of interest. Current policy exists on improving provisions for safety, increasing
recycling. There are up to seven SC meetings and up to four UGMs per year. KUSU is currently
undertaking a review of its Governance in light of newly emerging Charities legislation.

This diagram shows the structure of the Union. As you can see the student officers are the
pivotal point between staff and students. They take direction from students and then direct how
KUSU works.
                                 ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE
                                     Keele University Students’ Union


        PA to Ops Managers
             & President                     Sabbaticals

              Operations Manager                                    Operations Manager
                  (Services)                                          (Commercial)


                    IT Support                                           Post Office

                   Facilities &                                          Print Shop
              Admin, Personnel
                 & Training                                               Catering

                   I A U Manager                                          Security

     VE Project        IAU         Jobshop

These are just some of the functions and services of Keele university Students’ Union, as an
organisation KUSU is diverse, dynamic and committed to continual improvement. We are
student led and student focussed and we strive to provide Keele students with the ultimate
experience in student life.
KUSU’s Strategic Goals

  1. Ensuring financial stability and the financial independence of KUSU
  2. Providing even better customer service for all users
  3. Developing the building and premises to meet changing needs of users
  4. Providing development opportunities for all
  5. Attaining quality marks and employer excellence
  6. Developing representation, welfare and advice services
  7. Increasing involvement and democratic engagement
  8. Improving communication and marketing strategies
  9. Providing excellent entertainment and social venues
  10. Implementing effective campaigns

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