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									 Degree Code                                Degree Name
AAB            Associate of Applied Business
AAR            Associate of Arts
AAS            Associate in Applied Science
AIS            Associate of Individual Study
AIT            Associate of Science in Information Technology
ALS            Associate of Labor Studies
ART            Artist Diploma (master's level for musical performance majors)
ASC            Associate of Science
ASE            Associate of Engineering
ATS            Associate of Technical Studies
BAB            Bachelor of Science in Applied Business
BAC            Bachelor of Architecture
BAE            Bachelor of Art Education
BAG            Bachelor of Applied and General Studies
BAH            Bachelor of Applied Health Science
BAR            Bachelor of ARTS
BAT            Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training
BBA            Bachelor of Business Administration
BCE            Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology
BCM            Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
BCS            Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Technology
BCT            Bachelor of Science in Chemical Technology
BDS            Bachelor of Science in Design
BED            Bachelor of Music Education
BEE            Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology
BET            Bachelor of Engineering Technology
BEU            Bachelor of Education
BFA            Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFS            Bachelor of Science in Fire and Safety Engineering Technology
BGS            Bachelor of General Studies
BHS            Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
BIE            Bachelor of Science in Information Engineering Technology
BIS            Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
BIT            Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
BLS            Bachelor of Liberal Studies
BME            Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology
BMU            Bachelor of Music
BOL            Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership
BPT            Bachelor of Physical Therapy
BRC            Bachelor of Respirtory Care
BRS            Bachelor of Radiation Science Technology
BSA            Bachelor of Applied Science
BSB            Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
 Degree Code                              Degree Name
BSC            Bachelor of Science
BSD            Bachelor of Science in Education
BSE            Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BSH            Bachelor of Science in Architecture
BSI            Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design
BSK            Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
BSN            Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSP            Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
BSR            Bachelor of Social Work
BSS            Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
BST            Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology
BSW            Bachelor of Science in Social Work
BUP            Bachelor of Urban Planning
CER            Certificate
DAU            Doctor of Audiology
DDS            Doctor of Dental Surgery
DED            Doctor of Education
DMA            Doctor of Musical Arts
DMD            Doctor of Medicine
DME            Doctor of Music Education
DNP            Doctor of Nursing Practice
DOP            Doctor of Optometry
DOS            Doctor of Osteopathy
DPH            Doctor of Pharmacy
DPT            Doctor of Physical Therapy
DSS            Doctor of Science in Surgery
DVM            Doctor of Veterniary Medicine
EDD            Doctor of Education
EDS            Education Specialist
JUD            Juris Doctor
MAC            Master of Accounting
MAE            Master of Education
MAH            Master of Applied Human Ecology
MAR            Master of Arts
MAS            Master of Applied Statistics
MAT            Master of Architecture
MBA            Master of Business Administration
MCM            Master of Community Planning
MCP            Master of City and Regional Planning
MCS            Master of Computer Science
MDS            Master of Design
MED            Master of Education
MEL            Master of Arts in Teaching English and Language Arts
 Degree Code                             Degree Name
MFA            Master of Fine Arts
MFC            Master of Family and Consumer Sciences
MHA            Master of Health Administration
MHE            Master of Home Economics
MHH            Master of Health and Human Services
MHM            Master of Arts in Human Resources
MHR            Master of Labor and Human Resources
MHU            Master of Humanities
MIS            Master of Information Systems
MIT            Master of Industrial Technology
MLA            Master of Landscape Architecture
MLB            Master of Liberal Studies
MLE            Master of Arts in Labor and Employee Relations
MLS            Master of Library Science
MLW            Masters of Law Studies
MME            Master of Music Education
MMS            Master of Music
MOD            Master of Organizational Development
MOE            Master of Engineering
MOT            Master of Occupational Therapy
MPA            Master of Public Administration
MPH            Master of Public Health
MPT            Master of Physical Therapy
MRC            Master of Rehabilitation Counseling
MSC            Master of Science
MSD            Master of Science in Education
MSE            Master of Science in Engineering
MST            Master of Sciecne in Technology
MSU            Master of Science in Nursing
MSW            Master of Social Work
MTC            Master of Arts for Teachers
MTS            Master of Teaching Science
MTX            Master of Taxation
MUA            Master of Urban Administration
OTD            Doctor of Occupational Therapy
PHD            Doctor of Philosophy
PRO            Professional Certification
PSY            Clincial Psychology
SAB            Specialist in Applied Biology
SED            Specialist in Education
XXX            Does not lead to the award of a Degree

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