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Insulated Concrete Forms for Residential Construction

    Over the past two years, we’ve seen a          ed events and gives your customers greater            ply cutting a channel into the foam with a hot
heightened awareness of the devastating            access to mortgage money through energy-              knife and placing the wiring or pipes into the
effects severe weather and hurricanes have on      efficient mortgage programs.                          wall. Interior and exterior finishes can be
the lives and homes of Americans and people            ICF construction begins with standard             screwed directly into the studs. Any stucco,
around the world. As a result, energy costs        poured concrete footings and slabs with rebar         siding, brick, stone or other finish can easily
and insurance rates are rising beyond reason-      placed at intervals as required by building           be secured. The cost is only slightly more than
able levels for most home owners. The positive     design and codes. Typically, form placement is        current stick frame construction.
benefit is that increased news stories, trade      started at the corners, is worked toward the              ICFs are the easiest way to form and
articles and seminars informing of alternative     center of the wall and then attached to the foot-     build a super-insulated reinforced concrete
ways to build better structures are also getting
more attention. Across the country, there is a
major shift in concern for the environment and
                                                          …anyone with some construction
more people wanting to build environmentally
friendly structures.                                   experience can quickly learn to use ICFs.
                                                   ing with foam adhesive or by setting the first        wall. The insulating concrete forms stay in
                                                   course in wet concrete. Subsequent courses of         place as an integral component of the wall
                                                   forms are placed in a running bond or stack           assembly. They are generally made of high-
                                                   bond position. As the forms are stacked, the          density expanded polystyrene and either gal-
                                                   proper reinforcement is achieved by placing ver-      vanized welded steel or plastic reinforcing
                                                   tical and horizontal rebar as required by design.     studs. The steel studs are 1.5 inches wide
                                                       Window and door openings are formed               and are spaced from 12 inches to 6 inches
                                                   with “bucks” to the rough opening dimen-              on center.
                                                   sions, braced and installed during the form               Forms are either pre-formed, interlocking,
                                                   stacking process. The ICFs are stacked to 10          completely assembled labor-saving blocks from
    Insulated Concrete Forms, commonly             or 12 feet high, braced to ensure straight            the factory, or they arrive as separate panels
referred to as ICFs are an excellent way to        walls, checked for plumb and then poured              that are assembled on site. They range in size
achieve EarthCraft House, ENERGY STAR or           with appropriate concrete mix and slump. The          from one to two feet high and four feet long.
LEED verification points and allow you virtually   top of the wall is leveled off, and anchor bolts      The largest form, 24 inches x 48 inches, cre-
unlimited design flexibility combined with         are placed to secure the top plate.                   ates eight square feet of wall area and requires
tremendous structural strength. (The 2007              Electrical and plumbing lines fit easily and      only four courses to stack an eight-foot wall,
EarthCraft House tiered worksheet gives            in accordance with code requirements by sim-          resulting in very rapid installations. ICFs replace
added point value for ICFs.) Your company can
benefit from learning more about this innova-
tive construction alternative.
    ICFs offer a dynamic source of new busi-
ness for builders interested in opportunities to
                                                     EarthCraft House Partners
exchange old, inefficient methods of construc-        GRAND PARTNERS                                    PARTNERS
tion for improved energy efficient building sys-      The Atlanta Journal-Constitution                  Energy Star
                                                      Cosella-Dorken/DELTA                              Johns Mansville
tems. A recent report indicates more children         DOW StyroSystems                                  Marvin Windows and Doors/
and adults are experiencing asthma and respi-         Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority         Integrity from Marvin
ratory diseases as a result of poor indoor air        Georgia-Pacific                                   Milesbrand
                                                      Home Depot Foundation
quality. ICF construction can contribute to           Icynene Insulation Systems                        ASSOCIATE PARTNER
healthier homes with improved indoor air              LP TechShield                                     Pestban of Georgia
quality and sound resistance. Another benefit         P2AD                                              Premier Indoor Comfort Systems
                                                      Packer Industries
is a building envelope that is super energy-          U.S. Department of Energy Building America
efficient, able to resist extreme weather-relat-      Whirlpool

                                                                                                       AtlantaBuildingNews          FEBRUARY 2007    23
                                                                                                              and certification. Some forms have
                                                                                                              a superior fire resistance, provid-
                                                                                                              ing a minimum four-hour (ASTM-
On time,                                                                                                      E119) class A fire wall rating
                                                                                                              before any wall covering is
                                                                                                              applied. ICFs are also excellent for
                                                                                                              sound resistance and provide an
Accurate                                                                                                      easy solution to building common
                                                                                                              fire walls in townhouse and apart-
                                                                                                              ment units.
   &                                                                                                              Although it looks new and dif-
                                             the normal wood studs, sheathing, house wrap        ferent, anyone with some construction experi-
                                             and insulation in one easy step.                    ence can quickly learn to use ICFs. An ideal
complete                                         Most ICF companies manufacture 90-
                                             degree and 45-degree corners. The forms
                                                                                                 crew has a mix of concrete and framing expe-
                                                                                                 rience. ICFs weigh only a few pounds, making
                                             come in various sizes, typically six, eight and     for easy installation. Most ICF companies have
                                             10 feet thick, which indicate the concrete core     certified training classes for both home own-
                                             dimension. Curved walls are possible with           ers and general contractors and will provide
                                             minor cutting of the forms in strategic places      you with the field training and support needed
                                             and bending the form into place. Some ICFs          to complete almost any project.
                                             have full-length studs that allow easy attach-          For more information on how the Earth-
                                             ment of finishes versus others that have small      Craft House program addresses ICFs,
                                             attachment points.                                  visit the Builder Information section of
                                                 ICFs have various fire ratings, ranging from
                                             two to four hours. When utilizing forms for fire-
                                             rated walls, it’s important to verify that the      Victor Keller with American Polysteel Southeast
                                             company has independent laboratory testing          Distributors contributed to this article.

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