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Requesting a Demotion Letter Template - PDF by nzx76251


Requesting a Demotion Letter Template document sample

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									       Guidelines for Managing Complaints of Misconduct and
                Serious Misconduct (TAFE Teachers)
               ISSUE                                Manager                     Manager informs HR

                                           Hold a Preliminary Meeting
 • Aim of conciliation
 • Detail concerns to be addressed
 • Advise purpose of meeting to determine whether to invoke the procedures
 • Gather evidence relating to the complaint
 • Advise possible action to be taken following the meeting
     a) Decide to take no further action
     b) Issue a record of the meeting & commence general performance management
     c) Invoke Unsatisfactory Work Performance Procedure
 • Advise employee of the expected timeline for any possible proceedings

      a) No             b) General                        c) Unsatisfactory Conduct Procedures
     further             conduct                                *Contact Human Resources
     action            management

                                                   Misconduct                       Serious Misconduct
Advise staff          Contact HR for          Clause 1.4 of procedure               Clause 2 of procedure
member of             letter template
 outcome                                  Issue a letter to attend a formal
                                          meeting. Conduct the meeting.             Issue a letter detailing
                     Schedule a follow     Decide on agreed actions, set               alleged serious
Create a file       up meeting with the        timelines & measures              misconduct charges & date
  note of             staff member to                                                     of meeting
discussion            review conduct
                                           Fail to meet agreed actions:
                                                                                    Conduct the meeting to
                                             Issue a written warning                 discuss misconduct
                                            requesting attendance at a                    charges
                                          meeting. Conduct the meeting.
                                          Decide on agreed actions, set
                                               timelines & measures                   Provide a report &
                                                                                  recommend action to DVC
                                           Fail to meet agreed actions:                & Director TAFE

                                           Issue a 2 written warning               Allegations are proven &
                                            requesting attendance at a           constitute misconduct and/or
                                          meeting. Conduct the meeting.               serious misconduct
                                           Confirm agreed actions, set
                                               timeline of 1 month               YES         NO

     Consult & Brief DVC & Director        Fail to meet agreed actions            Concern is dismissed and
               of TAFE                                                            staff member is notified in
                                                                                    writing of the outcome
                                          DVC Extends time lines for staff
      DVC’s decision to terminate         member to meet agreed actions
      proceedings, transfer and /or                                               Employee is demoted and/
     demotion or extend timelines to       Fail to meet agreed actions           or transferred or summarily
          meet agreed actions                                                             dismissed
                                              Terminate employment

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