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                                                                 30 PLATFORMS Innovation
                                                                    repels commoditization
                                                                 30 NETWORKING VoIP leads

THIS YEAR                    we’ll continue to carry the
                                                                    networking into 2005
                                                                 32 STORAGE Emerging
                                                                    technologies go mainstream
torch for more powerful systems, more flexible storage, richer
                                                                 34 SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT
networks, more elegant applications, smoother integration,          Tightening the grip on networks
                                                                 34 APP DEV Throwing software
automated management, and granular security. Which wishes           at software quality
will be granted, and where will the action be? Who will make     36 DATABASES Managing data
                                                                    by the rules
up for the disappointments of 2004? Read on for our analysis     36 ENTERPRISE APPS Moving
                                                                    beyond Web services standards
of leading technology trends, our hopes and expectations for
                                                                 38 COLLABORATION Enterprises
2005, and our picks for top IT products for 2004.                   learn to do the Wiki
                                                                 38 SECURITY Vulnerable browsers
ILLUSTRATIONS BY TOM WHITE                                          and application breaches

                                                                   INFOWORLD.COM          01.03.05    29
     The vast conspiracy to bury
     innovation has been broken.

     Innovation Trumps Commoditization                                                          code that mucks up big systems and gets
                                                                                                Unix programmers fired. Our tip: If you
     Worthwhile platform and architecture choices abound                                        buy into 64-bit Windows, go with man-
                                                                                                aged (.Net) and Java applications when-
                                                   and high availability, and its binary        ever you can.

         n 2004, we started seeing the
         products of engineering that went on      compatibility with Linux will haul in           As hardware gets more expensive in
         underground during the recession.         open source developers who, after they       2005, IT will discover it has three new
     Whereas the market as a whole is doing        land on Solaris, might like Solaris better   friends: AMD, IBM, and Apple. AMD
     the wait-and-see, early adopters are          than Linux.                                  owned 2004, forcing Intel to ape its
     partying their butts off over true com-         And Solaris 10 will sell, along with       instruction set and closing deals with all
     petition in operating systems and CPU         Red Hat, Novell Suse Linux, and Apple’s      the first-tier server vendors but Dell,
     architectures, the long-delayed delivery      OS X. The 64-bit future is here. Among       which has expressed interest in climb-
     of the Java promise, and the essential        the OS platform players, only Microsoft      ing aboard. Why would IBM, HP, Sun,
     paradigm shift from fast processors           faces the overwhelming challenge of          and Dell opt for AMD’s Opteron over
     to fast throughput. Much of the               convincing thousands of ISVs to port         Intel’s new Xeon EM64T (Extended
     technology that vendors were forced to        their 32-bit applications to 64-bit hard-    Memory 64-bit Technology)? Because
     put in the deep freeze has thawed. In         ware. Windows has a well-earned repu-        Intel planted the 64-bit instructions in
     2005, the rest of IT will see why             tation as a haven for the kind of sloppy     a 32-bit Xeon chip that lives on Intel’s
     those forward-looking geeks (present
     company included) are so giddy.
        First, Sun rescued Java by becoming
     honestly and deeply engaged with the
     grassroots Java developer community.
                                                   VoIP Rings in the New Year
     The impact of the fulfillment of the Java     Internet telephony has finally come into its own
     promise extends well beyond open
     source and academia. Oracle stands out                                                     will only support proprietary handsets.

                                                      r e a l ly b l e w i t l a s t y e a r
     as an example: The vendor now offers             when I wrote about networking                Meanwhile, the networking commu-
     its entire commercial Java product line          in the 2004 Technology of the             nity is still waiting for vendors to deliver
     for free download. Oracle permits             Year Awards (infoworld.com/781). It          usable IPv6 networking gear — in this
     license-free use of its software for devel-   appears that I read the landscape the        case, “usable” is short for “something
     opment and testing. You pay only when         same way the Democratic National             vendors will release for review.” Readers
     you deploy, and then only when you            Committee read the hearts of the             will recall that I’d banked on that hap-
     deploy to an Oracle-branded server.           American people.                             pening in 2004, and now they know why
     Expect to see more of the “develop now,         At the end of 2004, VoIP is finally        I go to Vegas with a stack of good books
     pay later” approach to platform promo-        the hot-button issue everyone had            instead of a stack of dead presidents.
     tion in 2005.                                 predicted it would be, and I didn’t see it      I also didn’t accurately assess the
        Sun is also gearing up for the official    coming. Sure, I’d heard all of the blue-     need for speed — 40 Gigabit Ethernet
     launch of its most ambitious operating        sky talk about Internet telephony, going     network hardware still seems to be
     system project to date, Solaris 10. This      back to 1996 or 1997; I just didn’t          coming “next year,” although in Novem-
     release, currently available as an early-     believe it. My reaction to these opti-       ber, Japanese researchers announced a
     access download, marks the return of          mists has always been, “Yeah, yeah,          technological breakthrough that pushes
     enterprise-grade Unix to the PC. Those        when the old PBX is paid for.”               the boundaries of optical switching: the
     who argue that Linux already has that           Well, it is now. More importantly,         so-called “Femto” switch appears to be
     territory covered should to take an hon-      PBX kingpins Avaya and Siemens have          the first device that uses a phenomenon
     est look at Solaris 10’s specs and pedi-      tried to wrap their arms around the          called “virtual excitation” to shove pho-
     gree. If Sun follows through, Solaris 10      VoIP boom by introducing line cards          tons at that speed.
     will be hard to match for performance         for their systems that — surprise! —            Wireless networking stagnated this

30      INFOWORLD.COM              01.03.05
                                              BEST SERVER HARDWARE
                                              Apple Xserve G5
                                              Tightly integrated hardware/OS combo raises
                                              the bar for other server makers

                                              BEST BLADE SYSTEM
                                              HP Consolidated Client Infrastructure
ages-old shared I/O bus. For Opteron                                                                in 2004 as part of a lineup that car-
                                              Combines popular management tools with
and Athlon 64, AMD completely                                                                       ries sub-$20,000 servers closer to
                                              unrivaled reliability and scalability
redesigned the processor and the sys-                                                               mainframes than they’ve ever been
tem buses. If you’re not into architec-                                                             (infoworld.com/2382).
                                              BEST OPERATING SYSTEM
tural nuts and bolts, take our word for                                                               Smart buyers of servers and worksta-
                                              Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
it: Intel’s got a lot of catching up to do.                                                         tions next year will be choosing
                                              Continues to set the standard for simplicity and
   As does Microsoft, Intel faces more                                                              between 64-bit x86 and 64-bit Power-
                                              ease-of-use among 64-bit-capable OSes
than one unfamiliar competitor. IBM,                                                                PC. Smart x86 buyers will look beyond
which developed the Power4 and                                                                      application compatibility and recognize
                                              BEST VIRTUAL SERVER
Power5 multicore enterprise CPU archi-                                                              AMD’s commanding engineering lead.
                                              VMware ESX Server 2.1.1
tectures, knows a little something about                                                            Last year’s experience leaves us with the
                                              Enables an extraordinary array of high-availability
64-bit scalable systems and buses. IBM’s                                                            ability to make one fail-safe call: If you
                                              services and management capabilities
unexpected PowerPC 970FX elevated                                                                   buy 64-bit x86, buy into Opteron and
PowerPC to the performance level of a                                                               Athlon 64. And now is an ideal time to
single-core Power4 chip. It hit the mar-      Power Mac G5 workstation, the Xserve                  get acquainted with Power/PowerPC
ket in an IBM blade server but more           G5 rack server, and the iMac G5 inte-                 systems from IBM and Apple, and also
visibly as an accolade-winning series of      grated desktop. IBM’s exquisite multi-                to explore Solaris 10 and Mac OS X.
business-targeted 64-bit systems: The         core Power5 processor made its debut                  — Tom Yager

year as vendors jockeyed with propri-           Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop                     standard, and I don’t expect to see use-
etary approaches to enhancing 802.11g         remained an elusive goal for many                     able implementations of DNSSEC for
technology. There was one hopeful sign        shops that could have used it to                      two or three years.
in the ongoing clash between market-          improve backup and restore processes.                 — P.J. Connolly
ing and common sense: In October, the         Cable plants that aren’t up to snuff
Wi-Fi Alliance announced that it would        remain the greatest obstacles to deploy-              NETWORKING
rap the knuckles of any vendor caught         ment, as per-port prices will continue                BEST NETWORKING HARDWARE
pitching pre-802.11n products as “Wi-         to drop in 2005.                                      Extreme Networks BlackDiamond 10808
Fi” certified — even to the point of with-      Storage networking remains a sore                   Excellent performance paired with a powerful
drawing certification from gear that          spot for many shops that are choosing                 and flexible operating architecture
causes problems with existing products.       to cope with new regulations for e-mail
Because the IEEE is not expected to           retention by simply buying more and                   BEST WAN ACCELERATOR
ratify the 802.11n amendments until           bigger chunks of rotating brown mat-                  Riverbed Steelhead 2000
late 2006, this will cramp the styles of      ter. The choice between traditional FC                Reduces file-transfer times via WAN links by
the LinkNetSysGears somewhat.                 (Fibre Channel) and upstart IP-based                  several orders of magnitude
  Wireless security improved somewhat         transports remains a poser for many
with the release of products supporting       buyers. The only clear choice is for                  BEST IP PBX
WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2), an           those maintaining wide-area SANs,                     Zultys MX250 Enterprise Media
upgrade to WPA that supports AES              where the limitations of FC are obvious.              Exchange
(Advanced Encryption Standard). Ven-            Some progress has finally been made                 Not the most scalable or feature-rich, but the
dors have backfitted WPA support into         toward securing the Domain Name                       best truly standards-based solution we tested
as many devices as possible, although         System. DNSSEC (DNS Security
too many shops are forced by the lowest-      Extensions) uses digital signatures to                BEST WIRELESS LAN SOLUTION
common denominator approach to use            provide authentication of zone data                   Trapeze MX-20 Mobility System
WEP, which itself is only slightly more       being transferred between DNS servers.                Takes the gold for polish, flexibility, granular
secure than pig latin.                        The bad news is that it’s still a proposed            management, and seamless roaming

                                                                                                       INFOWORLD.COM                      01.03.05     31
     The major contributors to FC’s
     success were the usual culprits.

     Fibre Channel Still Rules the SAN
     In a red hot year for storage network solutions, iSCSI still simmered
                                                 peting choices, and so are SAN and                  (infoworld.com/1465). Anyone who

         f you were expecting breath-
         taking new storage technologies to      NAS solutions, but Network Appliance                anticipated iSCSI taking the entry-level
         appear, 2004 was probably a disap-      resolved both disputes this year with its           market by storm in 2004 was forced to
     pointment. But if you were looking for      FAS200 storage appliances, which                    eat FC (Fibre Channel), which contin-
     better storage solutions at lower prices,   incorporate all of those features and               ued to strengthen its hold on the storage
     then it was your kind of year.              more in a single, fast, reliable, and               networking market.
        We saw many of the technologies that     exceptionally scalable product.                       The major contributors to FC’s suc-
     emerged in 2003 generate mainstream            It’s difficult to put the NetApp                 cess were the usual culprits: Emulex,
     solutions last year. The technologies       FAS270C in one of the traditional stor-             which broke the 4Gbps barrier; QLogic,
     were familiar, but some of the names in     age categories; it’s flexible enough to             with its innovative SANbox 5200
     the enterprise storage market were new.     compete equally well as a filer or as a             switch; and Brocade, with its Multi-
     For instance, Rackable Systems — bet-       block-level storage device. We arbitrar-            protocol Router, which bridges multi-
     ter known for its innovative, high-den-     ily decided to honor its heritage by                ple SAN islands with aplomb. With so
     sity server solutions — jumped into the     awarding it Best NAS Solution of 2004.              many good FC products, our task to
     midtier storage space with both feet,          Interestingly, the FAS270C was also              choose a single winner was not easy. In
     adding NAS and iSCSI SAN appliances         the most successful iSCSI SAN we saw                the end, the laurel goes to Brocade’s
     to its product portfolio.                   in 2004, rising above a flat performance            Multiprotocol Router. If you need it,
        Another newcomer, Apple Computer,        by other players in the IP-storage arena.           you need it bad.
     which quietly unveiled the Xserve           Stonefly Networks’ elegant virtualiza-                Just about every major tape drive
     RAID in mid-2003, increased the vol-        tion router was another exception                   technology improved in 2004. Sony
     ume (so to speak) to 3.5TB in summer                                                            SAIT (Super Advanced Intelligent
     2004 (infoworld.com/1613). A very           STORAGE                                             Tape) remained the king of capacity
     affordable SAN for the entry-level mar-     BEST SAN SOLUTION                                   with 500GB on a single reel, but LTO
     ket, Xserve RAID was one of the first to    Dell/EMC AX100                                      (linear tape open) is hot on Sony’s
     blend FC transport and SATA drives,         Simple to set up, easy to manage, comprehen-        heels. Toward year-end, Certance and
     now a standard combination.                 sive in capabilities, and competitively priced      HP released LTO-3 Ultrium drives
        Another interesting trend in 2004                                                            that can store 400GB per reel at unri-
     was storage vendors branching into          BEST STORAGE ROUTER                                 valed speeds (see Product Previews,
     new spaces. In EMC’s quest to expand        Brocade Silkworm Multiprotocol                      page 12). Next year we should see
     revenue sources and open new markets,       Router                                              enterprise libraries taking advantage
     the company formed a partnership with       Consolidates multiple SAN islands regardless of     of the new drives.
     Dell which produced the Dell/EMC            their transport protocol                              With luck, 2005 will also bring SAS
     AX100 (infoworld.com/2344), a price-                                                            (serial attached SCSI) drives. The
     competitive, lightweight, and likeable      BEST IP STORAGE ROUTER                              results from a December plug-fest, with
     SAN solution that earns our Tech-           Stonefly Networks i3000 Storage                     vendors bringing their prototypes to the
     nology of the Year award in its category.   Concentrator                                        Interoperability Lab of the University of
     Combining FC transport and SATA             Provides a safe, easy migration path from direct-   New Hampshire under the sponsorship
     drives for entry-level customers, the       attached storage to IP SANs                         of the SCSI Trade Association, were
     Dell/EMC “SAN in a can” was the most                                                            encouraging. With a similar party
     complete single-shelf SAN we reviewed       BEST NAS SOLUTION                                   scheduled for April, new SAS products
     in 2004, edging out worthy competitors      NetApp FAS270C                                      probably won’t appear until the end of
     such as Apple and nStor.                    Manageable, scalable, high-performance; close       2005. They should be worth the wait.
        FC and iSCSI are often pitted as com-    to the ideal multipurpose storage solution          — Mario Apicella

32      INFOWORLD.COM             01.03.05
     Real network management became
     possible for smaller shops this year.

     Hands Across the Enterprise
     Management tools continue to extend their reach
                                                  grating VoIP, wireless, and network-         smaller networks. In addition to the

            iewed as a pipe dream only
            a few years ago, the “autonomous      level authentication — and the need to       devices themselves, Dell is providing an
            datacenter” gained momentum           more closely monitor traffic within the      integrated management framework,
     in 2004, leading some to claim IT as we      enterprise — the edge is getting             giving administrators a central applica-
     know it will be dead within a decade.        smarter. With these smarts comes more        tion to manage servers and switches.
     But that’s obvious, isn’t it? In 1994,       administrative overhead, and suddenly,       Although clearly an attempt to lock
     Usenet was still useful, and Spam            managing access devices for 500 users        customers into Dell’s product line, the
     tasted great at 1 a.m. The question          becomes troublesome.                         carrot doesn’t look half bad.
     remains, How soon will we get there —           Notably, Cisco has been slow to offer       Vendors such as AlterPoint and Ren-
     and who’s behind the wheel?                  reasonably priced, dedicated manage-         dition Networks (infoworld.com/1321)
       The good news is it’s coming together      ment tools for its switching and routing     have been aiming a bit higher, provid-
     faster than you think, and vendors of        line. CiscoWorks still exists but misses     ing centralized device management
     every stripe are pitching in. Hewlett-       the mark for the smaller infrastructure.     tools that ease the burden of managing
     Packard’s Adaptive Enterprise, IBM’s         New switching vendors, notably Dell,         large networks. These tools are espe-
     On Demand, and similar initiatives           are capitalizing on this shortcoming by      cially well-suited to widespread, hetero-
     from every management software ven-          offering low-priced managed switches         geneous networks, as well as networks
     dor from BMC to Veritas are squarely         for both the core and the edge of            undergoing a phased transition to a
     focused on reducing IT expenses by
     providing processing resources that can
     be used for any application or infra-
     structure component as load demands.
     Today’s Web server becomes tomor-
                                                  Better Quality Through Software
     row’s Citrix server.                         Dev tools address the challenges of evolving architectures
       One noteworthy trend in 2004 was

     dedicated service processors in enter-             OA (service-oriented archi-            compliant services that can work reli-
     prise-class servers. First developed by             tecture) edged out Web services       ably with similar services.
     the big players in commodity servers,               in 2004 as the preferred label for      As three-tier systems increasingly
     add-ons such as the Dell Remote Assis-       decentralized systems woven together         federate with remote services, real-time
     tant Card and HP’s Integrated Lights-        by the exchange of XML messages.             analysis of system health and applica-
     Out technology are moving from               Whatever you call this approach to           tion response time becomes essential.
     optional to integrated. Even smaller         application development, it presents         So it’s no surprise that application per-
     server vendors such as Newisys are           new challenges in terms of quality con-      formance management products such
     incorporating them. When tied                trol. As applications extend beyond the      as ProactiveNet (infoworld.com/2274)
     together with management software            enterprise to include partner services, it   were in demand this year. That trend
     twine, these dedicated processors make       becomes crucial to monitor and debug         will accelerate in 2005.
     remote BIOS-level monitoring and             your interaction with those services.          Whereas the growth of Web services
     modifications much simpler.                     Mindreef ’s      SOAPscope        3.0     can make life more complicated for
       Real network management became             (infoworld.com/1585) meets this need         developers, parallel growth in the use of
     possible for smaller enterprises this        in an effective way and at a bargain         Java and .Net can create new opportu-
     year. For a long time, desktop access to     price. With its integration of Web Ser-      nities to improve software quality. For
     network services was provided by dumb        vices Interoperability Organization          example, Compuware’s new DevPart-
     hubs in closets that were left alone until   (WS-I) testing tools, SOAPscope made         ner Fault Simulator runs a .Net appli-
     they failed. With the push toward inte-      it easier for developers to create WS-I-     cation in a sandbox that it subjects to

34      INFOWORLD.COM             01.03.05
new hardware vendor. With the poten-        a major boost from companies rolling          sanctioned corporate WLANs turned
tial to automate changes throughout         out these technologies for Wi-Fi access.      up in 2004 than any other year, and
the network from a single console and       When a 802.1x/EAP framework is in             vendors have been scurrying to meet
to apply and enforce best practices from    place on the WLAN, extending its reach        the management demand. The kinks
the core to the edge, these tools are       to every corner of the wired network          are still being worked out, and despite
finally bringing fine-grained control to    becomes that much easier.                     the fact that no solid standard for
administrators of large networks.             That’s not to say that deploying wire-      WLAN deployment and management
   As the boundary between systems          less networks is simple. Despite the          yet exists, there’s always hope for 2005.
and networks continues to blur, consis-     challenges, however, more planned and           Overall, 2004 brought management
tent network management will be                                                           tools — and their limitations — to the
mandatory and compulsory. Gone are          SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT                            forefront. IT directors saw HIPAA
the days of simply plugging a system in     BEST SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION              and Sarbanes-Oxley written on the
to an RJ45 jack and ensuring that a         Novell ZENworks 6.5                           wall and realized that the budget
DHCP lease was granted. Network-            Venerable suite that improves support for     needed to account for ways to prove
level access control is here to stay, and   handhelds and reaches out to Linux            compliance. Centralized control of
for the short term, administering it will                                                 every aspect of the network — from
be somewhat of a headache.                  BEST NETWORK MANAGEMENT SOLUTION              the configuration and monitoring of
   Nevertheless, we’re seeing progress.     Rendition Networks TrueControl 3.0            devices to who gets access to what and
Prevalent use of network-level authenti-    Feature-rich, broad in scope, and excels in   when — is the only realistic way to get
cation standards 802.1x and EAP             change management and reporting               there, and we know it.
(Extensible Authentication Protocol) got                                                  — Paul Venezia

“environmental faults” such as lost con-      Our Nov. 1 article on the new breed         APP DEV
nectivity or disk failure. The tool also    of source code analyzers (infoworld           BEST WEB SERVICES
exercises error-handling code by            .com/2230) explored how companies             DEVELOPMENT TOOL
enabling developers to program excep-       such as Coverity and Fortify are              Mindreef SOAPscope 3.0
tions that can be thrown by .Net classes.   revitalizing analysis techniques that         Must-have testing and analysis tool for
   The reflection — or introspection —      many programmers have long thought            developers working with Web services
features of Java and .Net lend them-        moribund. These tools will work with
selves to this kind of approach. The VM     Java and .Net code, but they don’t            BEST JAVA DEVELOPMENT TOOL
environment is inherently friendly to a     depend on the fancy machinery built           Agitar Agitator 1.5
whole set of monitoring, analysis, and      into VMs. Their pattern-recognition           Automates unit testing to the proper degree
simulation techniques, which will play      algorithms will also ferret out poten-        by recognizing when it needs human help
a growing role in the assurance of soft-    tially troublesome inconsistencies in
ware quality.                               C, C++, or SQL code.                          BEST APPLICATION TESTING TOOL
   But 2004 was also a year in which a        Throwing more software at the prob-         RadView TestView
venerable tactic, source code analysis,     lem of software quality might seem            Powerful, sophisticated Web application
emerged in new forms. Agitar Soft-          ironic. But the reality is that high-         testing tool accessible even to
ware’s Agitator (infoworld.com/1889)        quality software requires superhuman          nonprogrammers
reads Java source files, performs data      attention to detail. The right partner-
flow analysis, and acts as an intelligent   ships between computers and pro-              BEST SOFTWARE CHANGE
assistant to the developer who is           grammers will be the key to success,          MANAGEMENT SOLUTION
already committed to writing unit           and we continue to find new ways to           IBM Rational ClearCase 6.0
tests but needs help formulating            forge those partnerships.                     Easy to set up, complete, and tightly inte-
testable assertions.                        — Jon Udell                                   grates with development tools

                                                                                             INFOWORLD.COM                    01.03.05   35
     If DB2 8.2 was groundbreaking, the Oracle
     Database 10g release was earthshaking.

     Data Under Lock and Key                                                                      Oracle Database 10g release was earth-
                                                                                                  shaking (infoworld.com/1527). In addi-
     Database management vendors aim to assist compliance                                         tion to the new “grid management”
                                                                                                  capabilities, which allow admins to
                                                    Among the database vendors them-              reallocate cluster resources dynami-

            he year in databases saw
            its share of technology advances.     selves, the race is on to produce the most      cally among business processes, 10g
            The rise of commodity 64-bit          automated RDBMS. IBM’s DB2 8.2                  introduced a number of automated
     hardware, native XML storage in rela-        broke new ground in multiquery opti-            administrative features — including
     tional databases, configuration wizards,     mization and introduced other impor-            memory, storage, and configuration
     auto-tuning … all these developments         tant self-tuning capabilities. The stated       management — that make it much eas-
     are making databases more powerful,          goal, self-healing, is in sight, but today,     ier for DBAs to stay on top of large,
     flexible, and easy to manage. Perhaps        admins must script the fixes. Neverthe-         complex environments.
     the biggest trend, however, in terms of      less, the health monitoring capabilities          Formerly the palace of the rich, 64-bit
     what will drive the direction of data-       are there, and IBM is clearly positioned        computing has finally broken through,
     bases and related products in 2005, is       to be the leader in this emerging area of       thanks to AMD’s Opteron and Intel’s
     to demonstrate compliance with the           database technology.                            EM64T. More midsize businesses are
     likes of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and            If DB2 8.2 was groundbreaking, the            starting to invest in this technology, and
     other regulations.
        Database activity auditing is a stan-
     dard component of internal and exter-
     nal audits, and we’re already seeing
     products designed to make these exams
                                                  Desperately Seeking SOA
     easier. Lumigent stepped up to the plate     Enterprise apps look beyond the Web services specs
     in 2004 with a new version of Entegra

     that tracks all database activity, includ-          he enterprise software                 their proprietary nature), hard to main-
     ing changes to stored procedures, data-             acronym of the year must be            tain, and relatively limited in scope.
     base schema, and access permissions                 SOA (service-oriented architec-           Using XML to define data and SOAP
     (infoworld.com/2048).                        ture). The concept behind SOA — that          to define loosely coupled RPCs, Web
        Promising the ultimate safeguard for      applications should expose their func-        services seem to be the long-sought
     sensitive data, data-level encryption        tionality as “services” in a way that can     linchpin of SOAs. That’s because they
     products are also big right now. Raising     be accessed by any authorized external        comprise the first real integration tech-
     the bar for third-party vendors (as          system — isn’t new. We’ve heard               nology based on genuine standards that
     always), Microsoft is incorporating cell-    promises of a universal integration           span nearly every operating system,
     and column-level encryption into SQL         platform before, accompanied by the           application stack, programming lan-
     Server 2005. Meanwhile, solutions            same consultants salivating over the          guage, and network topology.
     such as Application Security’s DbEn-         billable hours implicit in the “revolu-          Every top-tier vendor now offers an
     crypt (infoworld.com/1778) make it           tion.” What’s new about SOA is that the       SOA strategy, and services are now at
     very easy to encrypt column- or table-       promise might actually be fulfilled.          the heart of application platform offer-
     level data. DbEncrypt only works for            For more than a decade, various plat-      ings as diverse as BEA WebLogic,
     SQL Server and Oracle databases, how-        form vendors have attempted to imple-         Microsoft .Net, IBM WebSphere, and
     ever. Ingrian’s DataSecure appliance         ment SOAs using methods such as               Oracle 10g. Traditional integration
     takes a broader sweep, encrypting data       RPCs and enterprise message buses.            players such as Sonic Software, Tibco,
     in applications, databases, and storage      Although many organizations have              webMethods, and WRQ are leaping
     systems all over the network. Whether        implemented those technologies as             onto the SOA bandwagon, and newer
     you want easy global management or           part of tactical integration projects, the    players such as Grand Central Commu-
     minimal network overhead, there’s an         solutions proved expensive to imple-          nications are redefining themselves as
     approach that’s right for you.               ment on a large scale (in part due to         SOA powerhouses.

36      INFOWORLD.COM             01.03.05
Oracle Database 10g
Leader in innovation is also packed with
features that ease administration

IBM DB2 Everyplace Enterprise 8.1.4                Open source databases created some         reduce its prices, and it will force the big
Easy to set up, straightforward to manage, and   buzz this year, with MySQL finally           four commercial players to increase
ready for customization                          adding stored procedures and Ingres          functionality to justify their costs.
                                                 being offered by Computer Associates           Finally, expect to see a big push for
BEST CONTENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION                 under an open source license. Not only       process-modeling tools, as compliance
CrownPeak Advantage CMS                          are these databases gaining popularity,      controls come forward this year. Ensur-
Powerful and extensible system that won’t        but they are finally being legitimized by    ing the integrity of information in the
confound business users                          vendors who are writing applications         database will only get harder, as prod-
                                                 for them. In 2005, expect to see not         ucts such as IBM’s DB2 Information
                                                 only applications that use these data-       Integrator make it easier to query and
it will very soon become the standard by         bases but also third-party tools for         load data from many different sources.
which we measure third-party applica-            monitoring and administering them.           Auditors will want to know where this
tions. Oracle and DB2 were among the               As open source databases become            data is coming from, whether you can
first applications to run on 64-bit              more functional and manageable,              track it, and whether you know how to
Linux, and they’ll be among the first to         shops will begin jumping off Oracle,         troubleshoot integrity problems. The
climb on 64-bit Windows when it                  DB2, SQL Server, and Sybase. This like-      cat is out of the bag.
arrives in Q1 2005.                              lihood is already forcing Oracle to          — Sean McCown

   Slower to catch on have been the              dotcom        survivors      such       as   offer. But don’t worry, there will always
CRM and ERP packaged application                 Amazon.com and eBay. In the mean-            be plenty of consultants to help you
giants such as PeopleSoft, SAP, and              time, the biggest challenge is how to        navigate those shoals.
Siebel and content management                    get there without breaking the bank or       — Alan Zeichick
heavyweights such as EMC’s Docu-                 giving away the store. It’s not trivial to
mentum division, Interwoven, and                 service-enable existing applications, to     ENTERPRISE APPS
Vignette. Yet there’s no doubt they’ll           build the right Web services hooks           BEST ENTERPRISE PORTAL
all be singing the SOA song soon,                into new applications, or to ensure          Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite
along with application service                   SOAs incorporate proper access con-          Scores top marks in the most critical test: ease
providers such as Salesforce.com.                trols and security safeguards. After all,    of integrating with other applications
   The database community is also                thanks to HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley,
heading toward SOA. Plans are afoot              good security isn’t just good IT policy,     BEST CRM APPLICATION
to enable IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL                 it’s the law.                                Salesforce.com Winter ’05
Server 2005, Oracle 10g, Sybase ASE,                To address those concerns, numer-         Flexible, easy to use, manageable, feature-rich,
and other platforms to participate               ous vendors — Actional, Amber Point,         and unrivaled in extensibility
actively in Web services-based SOA               Cape Clear, and Infravio, among others
activities as first-class citizens — even        — began offering in 2004 solutions           BEST PROCESS AUTOMATION SOLUTION
without the use of application servers.          that manage, secure, and route mes-          Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004
This will have profound implications             sages in an SOA, in many cases adding        Brilliantly executed orchestrator puts BPM in the
for the design and management of                 multiple layers of complexity to what’s      hands of businesspeople
widely distributed n-tiered applica-             intended to be a lightweight, loosely
tions because, in effect, hierarchical           coupled messaging system. A danger is        BEST WEB SERVICES
tiers will become horizontal peers.              that those management layers will            INTEGRATION SOLUTION
   The rise of SOAs will reap an unex-           evolve into closed or proprietary soft-      Grand Central Business Services
pected benefit for many companies,               ware stacks or will turn into perfor-        Network 4.0
eventually enabling them to take part            mance choke points, thereby negating         BPEL support sets this hosted integration and
in vast trading networks built around            many of the benefits SOAs plan to            management platform apart

                                                                                                 INFOWORLD.COM                   01.03.05         37
     Flexible, direct, lightweight ... Wikis
     suit a wide range of applications.

     Year of the Enterprise Wiki                                                                Linux, Apache, Perl — Wikis had long
                                                                                                flourished under the corporate radar. An
     Lightweight Web collaboration gets down to business                                        amusing and telling example occurred
                                                                                                right here at InfoWorld. Our CTO, Chad
                                                   There are Wiki implementations for a         Dickerson, became interested in TWiki,

               ard cunningman created
               the first Wiki site in 1995 to      dozen programming languages and              a Wiki implementation that’s often used
               collaborate with a band of          content management systems.                  to coordinate help desk and customer
     like-minded programmers on the eluci-         Wikipedia, the collaborative encyclo-        support activities. When he began
     dation of common software patterns.           pedia project that began in 2001,            installing the software, however, he
     That work continues today at                  reached critical mass in 2004.               learned that IT operations manager,
     Microsoft, where he works in the pat-         Wikipedia milestones this year includ-       Kevin Railsback, had already done so!
     terns and practices group. Meanwhile,         ed the millionth article, the 30,000th          The anarchic nature of the Wiki can
     the Wiki concept — a Web site that            contributor, and an explosion of press       make it seem an unlikely ally of the
     every reader can also write and edit —        coverage.                                    enterprise information manager. Mod-
     has flourished beyond all expectations.         This past year was also the year in        ern Wikis, though, are less fragile than
        Flexible, direct, lightweight, and         which the term “enterprise Wiki”             they may seem. Enterprise Wikis such
     requiring only a Web browser to use,          stopped sounding like an oxymoron. As        as TWiki and Socialtext log transactions
     Wikis suit a wide range of applications.      have other open source technologies —        and can roll back to a prior version of

     Traveling the Road to Prevention
     Networking and security vendors steer toward granular control
                                                   unusable following installation.             ther Cisco’s NAC (Network Admission

            ven though it happened
            late in the year, 2004 will proba-     Microsoft subsequently removed SP2           Control) and Microsoft’s NAP (Net-
            bly be remembered as the year          from its automatic update service, but       work Access Protection) technologies to
     that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer            continues to remind users to install SP2     provide for simplified system patching,
     slipped. Mozilla’s Firefox browser final-     whenever they visit the Windows              policy adherence, and problem resolu-
     ly reached release status in early            Update site. All this trouble and fuss for   tion before potentially destructive sys-
     November, and by early December had           a service pack that many admins              tems are permitted normal network
     made a noticeable dent in IE’s market         believe merely treated some symptoms         access. Although nothing is likely to be
     share. The main driver for Firefox’s suc-     but didn’t address the real problems.        released for at least a year, it’s a step in
     cess is not necessarily its innovative fea-     On the Linux front, the release of the     the right direction — if you’re a
     tures, but rather the lack of easily          v2.6 kernel brought some significant         Microsoft and Cisco shop.
     exploitable security holes. It seems that     changes in core-level security. The offi-       Across all the layers, a shift was defi-
     the serious flaws in Microsoft’s brows-       cial inclusion of the SELinux (Security      nitely felt in the intrusion detection
     er finally led many users to decide it’s      Enhanced Linux) code base into the           space. In 2004, IPS products found
     time for a change.                            v2.6 kernel introduced much-needed           their footing, and IDS vendors saw the
        In addition to more critical security      granularity to controlling privilege ele-    writing on the wall, and began incorpo-
     issues in IE last year, Microsoft also        vation on Linux systems.                     rating inline blocking capabilities into
     brought us Windows XP SP2 (Service              A few layers below these events, Cisco     their products. It’s always been nice to
     Pack 2). Hailed from Redmond as a             and Microsoft were not-so-quietly            know when abnormal events have
     security blanket for XP, it was soon          planning a joint effort to combat virus-     occurred on your network, but the
     clear it was also an application killer,      es, worms, and intruders, announcing         capability to prevent them from doing
     rendering hundreds of applications            that they were working to bring toge-        any harm is the ultimate goal.

38      INFOWORLD.COM              01.03.05
IBM Lotus Instant Messaging 3.1
Covers all the bases, including secure communi-
cation with other IM communities

IMlogic IM Manager 6.0
                                                        above individual authorship. It’s hard to    scene. As shown in an InfoWorld screen-
Brings flexible enforcement policies and strong
                                                        quantify the value of that style of work     cast (infoworld.com/2384), the goal of
security to all types of IM
                                                        but easy to see how it might comple-         JotSpot, still in beta by year’s end, is to
                                                        ment other modes of collaboration. And       combine the traditional virtues of the
                                                        of course, modern Wikis also integrate       free-form Wiki with tools for gathering,
Groove Virtual Office 3.0
                                                        with e-mail and blogs.                       searching, and reporting on structured
Full-featured peer-to-peer app is still the leader in
                                                          One of Socialtext’s most interesting       data. In early testing, I liked JotSpot’s
shared workspaces
                                                        deployments ended before most people         approach to the rapid development of
                                                        found out about it: The software was         simple document-oriented applications.
every page. With that safety net in place,              part of the infrastructure of the Howard       As the Wiki phenomenon enters its
users can create, edit, and reorganize                  Dean presidential campaign. In our           second decade, it’s hard to predict just
collections of documents while enjoying                 March cover story on social software in      how the technology will evolve. Two
two crucial degrees of freedom.                         the enterprise (infoworld.com/1312), I       things seem certain: Wiki culture will
   First, the Wiki strips hypertext                     described how the product was used at        continue to thrive, and enterprise users
authoring to the bare essentials, making                Ofoto to coordinate the activities of a      will continue to seek lighter, easier col-
it easy for anyone to contribute. Second,               software development team.                   laboration tools. Sounds like a winning
unlike e-mail, blogs, and discussion                      In October, another enterprise-ori-        combination.
forums, the Wiki promotes consensus                     ented Wiki, JotSpot, emerged on the          — Jon Udell

   Network managers received plenty of                  SAML-compliant, cross-domain iden-           SECURITY
encouragement to block threats in                       tity management platform, permitting         BEST FIREWALL
2004, a year in which several security                  companies to control access to appli-        SonicWall Pro 2040
breaches affected millions of innocent                  cations served from partners                 Setup wizards, easy VPNs, global management,
people. The October break-in at the                     (infoworld.com/1368).                        and optimization for VoIP traffic set it apart
University of California, Berkeley net-                    Speaking of securing access, 2004
ted a cracker roughly 1.4 million names                 may also be remembered as the year SSL       BEST NETWORK IDS
and Social Security numbers. Utah                       VPNs pushed traditional IPSec VPNs           Lancope StealthWatch 4.0
State University unwittingly exposed                    aside. The relative simplicity and           Fueled by an anomaly-based detection tech-
7,000 Social Security numbers and                       resource-level control of the SSL VPN        nique that bested signature-based solutions in
names of students, faculty, and staff on                seems to be proving hard to match for        our tests
its Web site for an extended length of                  general client access, although IPSec will
time, correcting the problem in Octo-                   continue to be widely used for site-to-      BEST WLAN SECURITY PRODUCT
ber. Universities weren’t the only tar-                 site connectivity.                           AirDefense 4.0
gets, of course. In March, Equifax                         All considered, network security          Provides excellent monitoring capabilities and
announced that criminals posing as                      made some gains, but it also took some       flags deviations from policy thresholds
credit issuers illegally accessed the cred-             losses. Yet another year went by with-
it files of 1,400 Canadians.                            out a standard means of ensuring our         BEST HOST-BASED IDS
   Of course, good security goes                        Windows client systems are protected         McAfee Entercept 5.0
beyond keeping the bad guys out.                        against the ever-growing array of            Combines straightforward management with
More mundanely, it requires granular                    worms and viruses. The Cisco and             effective protection of servers and desktops
and manageable access control; and                      Microsoft efforts will hopefully bring
on that front, 2004 saw a few break-                    some needed defenses, but it may be          BEST ANTI-SPAM SOLUTION
out products in identity management.                    years before we see the results. For the     Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam 6.0
The high point perhaps came from                        moment, vigilance is the only solution.      Sets the standard by combining high filtering
Oblix, which put together the first true                — Paul Venezia                               accuracy with minimal false positives

                                                                                                        INFOWORLD.COM                     01.03.05    39
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                                                                                                 IT / Technology Professionals                       Corporate / Business Management
                                                                                                 ❑ 01. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)                ❑ 13. CEO, COO, President, Owner
                                                                                                 ❑ 02. Chief Information Officer (CIO)               ❑ 14. CFO, Controller, Treasurer
SIGNATURE                                                    DATE                                ❑ 03. Chief Security Officer (CSO)                  ❑ 15. Vice President (including SVP,
                                                                                                 ❑ 04. Vice President (including                           EVP, etc.)
                                                                                                         SVP, EVP, etc.)                             ❑ 16. Director
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                                                                                                          Management                                  ❑ 13. Research and Development
 Is the above address a home address?                               ❑ 1. Yes           ❑ 0. No    ❑ 04. Systems / Network Management                        Management
                                                                                                  ❑ 05. Management of Enterprise                      ❑ 14. Sales / Marketing Management
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                                                                                                  ❑ 06. Applications Development                      ❑ 16. Other Department Staff
                                                                                                  ❑ 07. Consultant / Integrator                             ________________________________
 E-MAIL ADDRESS                                                                                   ❑ 08. Other IT Department Management                      (Please describe)
                                                                                                          (Please describe)                           ❑ 98. Other
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                                                                                                  ❑ 04.    1,000 - 4,999                                ❑ 08.   Less than 49

  General Business Industries
  ❑ 01. Defense Contractor / Aerospace
                                                 Technology Providers
                                                 ❑ 13. Managed Service Provider / Business
                                                                                                 5          OVER THE COURSE OF ONE YEAR, DO YOU BUY, SPECIFY,
                                                                                                            RECOMMEND, OR APPROVE THE PURCHASE OF THE FOLLOWING
  ❑ 02. Retail                                         Service Provider                                     PRODUCTS OR SERVICES WORTH:
  ❑ 03. Wholesale / Distribution                 ❑ 14. Technology Service Provider                          * CONSULTANTS: PLEASE INCLUDE WHAT YOU RECOMMEND FOR YOUR CLIENTS AS WELL
        (non-computer)                                 (ISP / ASP/ MSP, etc.)                               AS WHAT YOU BUY FOR YOUR OWN BUSINESS, IF APPLICABLE. IF YOU CANNOT
                                                                                                            DISTINGUISH BETWEEN THIS AND OTHER LOCATIONS, PUT RESPONSE IN THE FIRST
  ❑ 04. Pharmaceutical / Medical / Dental /      ❑ 15. Computer / Network Consultant                        COLUMN.
        Healthcare                               ❑ 16. Systems or Network Integrator
  ❑ 05. Financial Services / Banking             ❑ 17. VAR / VAD                                 01.   $100 million or more         06.   $5,000,000 to $9,999,999    11.   $100,000 to $399,999
  ❑ 06. Insurance / Real Estate / Legal          ❑ 18. Technology Manufacturer (hardware,        02.   $50,000,000 to $99,999,999   07.   $2,500,000 to $4,999,999    12.   $50,000 to $99,999
  ❑ 07. Transportation / Utilities                     software, peripherals, etc.)              03.   $30,000,000 to $49,999,999   08.   $1,000,000 to $2,499,999    13.   Less than $49,999
  ❑ 08. Media (print / electronic)               ❑ 19. Technology - Related Retailer /           04.   $20,000,000 to $29,999,999   09.   $600,000 to $999,999        14.   None
  ❑ 09. Communication Carriers (telecomm,              Wholesaler / Distributor                  05.   $10,000,000 to $19,999,999   10.   $400,000 to $599,999
        data comm., TV / cable)                  Government / Education                          Product category                                   For this location:         For other locations:
  ❑ 10. Construction / Architecture /            ❑ 20. Government: federal                                                                          (write code in box)          (write code in box)
        Engineering                                    (including military)
  ❑ 11. Manufacturing & Process Industries       ❑ 21. Government: state or local                Large systems
        (other than computer-related)            ❑ 22. Education                                 Client computers
  ❑ 12. Research / Development
                                                 ❑ 98. Other________________                     Networking / Telecom (including servers)
                                                            (Please specify)                     Internet / Intranet / Extranet
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              Please answer the questions                                                        Software
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❑ 01. Integrate Technology with company       ❑   08. Internet / Network Infrastructure
                                              ❑                                            ❑ 01. Technology Services                       ❑ 10. Content Delivery Networks
      goals                                       09. Customer Relationship Management
❑ 02. Define Architecture                     ❑                                             ❑ 02. Systems / Application Integration        ❑ 11. Disaster Recovery / Business
                                                  10. External Partnership Management
❑ 03. Choose Technology Platforms             ❑                                             ❑ 03. E-Business / Internet / Intranet /             Continuity
                                                  11. Budgeting
❑ 04. Develop Technology Integration          ❑                                                    Extranet                                ❑ 12. Outsourcing
                                                  12. Recruitment & Retention
                                              ❑                                             ❑ 04. Application Development                  ❑ 13. Utility Computing Services
      Strategy                                    13. Other_________________________
❑ 05. Test, pilot, implement emerging                                                       ❑ 05. Application Hosting (ASP)                ❑ 14. Telecommunications
                                                             (Please describe)
                                                  ❑ 99. None of the above                   ❑ 06. Web Hosting                              ❑ 15. Call Center / IT Services
❑ 06. Scalability Planning                                                                  ❑ 07. Web Development                          ❑ 16. Consulting
❑ 07. Build, Run Web Services                                                               ❑ 08. Security                                 ❑ 17. Other Technology Services
                                                                                            ❑ 09. Storage

                                                                                           10        ARE YOU INVOLVED IN BUYING, SPECIFYING, RECOMMENDING
            (PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY):                                                           OR APPROVING THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS OR TECHNOLOGIES?
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❑ 01. Enterprise / E-Business                ❑ 20. Integration Software
      Applications                            ❑ 21. Web Services                           ❑ 01. Networking                             ❑ 26. Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
 ❑ 02. Customer Relationship Management       ❑ 22. Web Services Orchestration              ❑ 02. LANs (Local Area Networks)            ❑ 27. Storage Blades
        (CRM / eCRM)                          ❑ 23. Application Servers                     ❑ 03. WANs (Wide Area Networks)             ❑ 28. Storage Backup (Tape, Disk,
 ❑ 03. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)     ❑ 24. Enterprise Application Integration      ❑ 04. Switches / Routers / Hubs                    Optical, RAID)
 ❑ 04. Supply Chain / Procurement                    (EAI) / Middleware                     ❑ 05. Caching / Load Balancing              ❑ 29. Removable / Portable Storage
 ❑ 05. Business Process Management            ❑ 25. Business Process Management             ❑ 06. Grid / Utility Computing              ❑ 30. Disaster Recovery
 ❑ 06. Business Intelligence / Data Mining    ❑ 26. Legacy Application Integration Tools    ❑ 07. E-mail                                ❑ 31. Other Storage
 ❑ 07. Knowledge Management                   ❑ 27. Other Integration Software              ❑ 08. Instant Messaging / Peer-to-Peer     ❑ 32. Security
 ❑ 08. Portals                               ❑ 28. Application Development                  ❑ 09. Content Delivery Networks             ❑ 33. Anti-Virus / Content Filtering
 ❑ 09. Collaborative Applications /           ❑ 29. Application Development Tools           ❑ 10. Network and Systems                   ❑ 34. Firewall
        Groupware                             ❑ 30. Application Servers                            Management                           ❑ 35. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
 ❑ 10. Project Management                     ❑ 31. Web services                            ❑ 11. Traffic Monitoring and Analysis       ❑ 36. Identity Management /
 ❑ 11. Financial / Payroll / Billing          ❑ 32. Java / J2EE                             ❑ 12. QoS (Quality of Service)                     Authentication
 ❑ 12. E-business / E-commerce                ❑ 33. XML                                     ❑ 13. VoIP (Voice over IP)                  ❑ 37. Intrusion Detection
 ❑ 13. Database Management Systems            ❑ 34. .NET                                    ❑ 14. Telecommunications                    ❑ 38. Encryption
        (DBMS)                                ❑ 35. Testing Tools                           ❑ 15. IP Telephony                          ❑ 39. Other Security
 ❑ 14. Data Warehouse                         ❑ 36. Other Application Development           ❑ 16. Wireless                             ❑ 40. Internet / Intranet / Extranet
 ❑ 15. Manufacturing                                 Software                               ❑ 17. Remote Access                         ❑ 41. Web Servers
 ❑ 16. Asset Management / Software                                                          ❑ 18. Web / Video Conferencing              ❑ 42. Web Development / Authoring
        Distribution                                                                        ❑ 19. Other Networking                             Tools
 ❑ 17. Performance / Application                                                           ❑ 20. Storage                                ❑ 43. Web Performance Management /
        Management                                                                          ❑ 21. High-end / Enterprise Class                  Monitoring Software
 ❑ 18. Streaming Media                                                                             Storage                              ❑ 44. Content Management / Document
 ❑ 19. Other Enterprise / E-Business                                                        ❑ 22. Network Attached Storage (NAS)               Management
        Applications                                                                        ❑ 23. Storage Area Networks (SANs)          ❑ 45. Content Delivery Networks
                                                                                            ❑ 24. Storage Management Software           ❑ 46. Internet Software
           ARE YOU INVOLVED IN BUYING, SPECIFYING, RECOMMENDING                             ❑ 25. IP Storage                            ❑ 47. Other Internet / Intranet / Extranet

❑ 01. Hardware                          ❑ 11. Peripherals                                            WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING OPERATING SYSTEMS ARE IN USE OR
 ❑ 02. Mainframes                        ❑ 12. Laser Printers
                                                                                           11        PLANNED FOR USE AT THIS LOCATION? (PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY):
 ❑ 03. NT / Windows 2000 / .NET Servers  ❑ 13. Inkjet Printers
                                                                                           ❑   01.   Windows XP                        ❑    09.   Linux
 ❑ 04. Unix Servers                      ❑ 14. Monitors
                                                                                           ❑   02.   Windows 2000                      ❑    10.   MVS, VMS, ESA
 ❑ 05. Linux Servers                     ❑ 15. Flat Panel Displays
                                                                                           ❑   03.   Windows NT                        ❑    11.   VM
 ❑ 06. Blade Servers                     ❑ 16. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
                                                                                           ❑   04.   Windows 95/98                     ❑    12.   OS 400
 ❑ 07. PCs / Workstations                ❑ 17. Network Copiers
                                                                                           ❑   05.   Windows CE                        ❑    13.   Netware
 ❑ 08. Notebooks / Laptops               ❑ 18. Other Peripherals
                                                                                           ❑   06.   Mac OS (Macintosh)                ❑    14.   Palm OS
 ❑ 09. PDAs / Handhelds / Pocket
                                                                                           ❑   07.   Solaris                           ❑    15.   Other OS
       PC / Wireless Devices
                                                                                           ❑   08.   UNIX
 ❑ 10. Other Hardware

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