I Build America Why “I Build America ”  The power of members can be the difference between winning and losing  Activism levels across LIUNA are not even  One union one army Local by aur12898


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									I Build America
        Why “I Build America?”
 The power of members can be the difference
between winning and losing.
 Activism levels across LIUNA are not even.
 One union, one army.
Local Unions are Critical to I Build America
 International has activists Locals don’t have
 Locals have contact with activists International doesn’t have
 Integrate efforts: LIUNA members standing up for LIUNA
members – wherever they are
 Sign-up sheets, posters, talk it up
The defining characteristic of active union members:
    Receive a lot of communication from their union.
Good communications: more visible members

 Source: Peter Hart Research Survey of LIUNA members, November 2008
Good communications: members talk up the union
Good communications: members contribute
Good communications: more phonebankers
Good communications: more jobsite volunteers
Good communications: more door-knockers
Members become activists by using all
tools in our arsenal:
    Good communications
    Steady flow of activities
    Guidance / Tracking
    Recognition
    Seeing results
Good communications: difference between winning

                 …and losing.
      News Media Outreach
Since 2006, positive coverage of LIUNA
has increased 39 percent annually – just
short of 4,000 reports.
News media can help win organizing
and political campaigns.
Validates power of LIUNA and members.
Telephone Technology and Email
  Predictive dialing and patch-through.
  Robo calls.
  Text-messaging.
  LiUNA! Action Network emails.
 The front door of any
organization in today’s world.
 Message foundation for
organizing and political efforts.
 Free Local Union website
templates and hosting.
Campaign-oriented websites.
    In-Depth Information
 For reaching members with industry specific
 For prospective members, organizing.
 Tie into online communications.
 Offer ways to get involved.
 Arm members with information they can use
to involve others.
       Paid Media
 Reinforces member pride.
 Gets the message out, unfiltered.
 Supports members in the
      Becoming Visible
 If we have no common look, we
won’t be recognized.
 Politicians should recognize a
sea of orange as LiUNA!
 Non-union workers should see
orange and see, “LiUNA!”
 www.TheLiunaLook.org.
            Helping to win an election
 Make a Call to Build America: 107,967 member-to-
member conversations
 20,000+ volunteer offers
 2 million pieces of direct mail
 2 million robo calls and 1 million emails
 200,000+ stickers, t-shirts, caps, etc.
 Free and paid media
   Beating Multi-Billion Corporate Handouts
 Email
 Robo calls and patch-throughs
 Intensive media – Lou Dobbs to Wall Street Journal
 Visibility – pigs at the trough
 In depth reports
 Website
       Fighting for Good Jobs in Stimulus Bill
 5,000+ personal calls to Senators
 2,000 member letters
 200,000+ robo calls and patch-throughs
 Free and paid media featuring members hopes,
dreams and aspirations all with the message: Build
America so America Works.
        Immigrant Worker Outreach
 Goal: engage workers to organize where they are.
 TV, radio, print free and paid media.
 Text messaging.
 Community events, high visibility.
Major Battles Coming that Impact Members’ Lives
   Health Care Reform: Taxes, Level Playing Field
   Surface Transportation Bill: Good Jobs
   Project Labor Agreements
   Water Bill: Good Jobs
   Employee Free Choice: Good Jobs
   Pension Security
   Weatherization Organizing: Good Jobs
   Local and Regional Campaigns

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