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									             NE Regional Science & Engineering Fair Event Schedule
Hosted by East Carolina University; Mathematics, Science & Instr. Tech. Ed. Dept. (MSITE)
             Presented by PotashCorp-Aurora and Co-Sponsored by GoScience
                                 Saturday February 27, 2010
All events occur within the Science & Technology Building on the ECU Campus except for the
      tours which begin and start at the SciTech bldg., moving to other areas on campus.

Science & Engineering Fair Competition Schedules:
SR/Jr rm 339; Elem rm 336; Judges rm 333
7:30am – 9am        Students check- in; set up their projects
8:00 – 9am          Judges meet
9 – 10am            Judges review board presentations (no students in room)
10am -12noon        Students present to judges; no parents or community members in room
4-5:30pm            Awards Ceremony
5:30 – 6:30pm       Public Viewing of Projects (Please do not break down you project early)
6:30pm              Projects broken down and removed

Art in Science Competition Schedules: 1st Floor Atrium
7:30am – 9am       Students check- in; set up their projects
8:00 – 9am         Judges meet
9 – 10am           Judges review art presentations (no students in room)
10am – 2pm         Public judging of art presentations (everyone gets to vote)
4-5:30pm           Awards Ceremony
5:30 – 6:30pm      Art projects may be broken down after the awards ceremony

Student Academy Science Presentations
Howell Science Building
1:30 – 4:00pm
This is a separate competition that many of the students in the science fair will also be competing
in. Students in the Student Academies competition will present their projects publicly using
power points and other forms of public communication. The presentations are 10 – 15 minutes
long in front of groups of judges. The public is welcome to listen to these presentations as well.
They occur in different rooms, based on subjects and levels. An information table will provide
specific presentation information.
                                Other Inte rests and Presentations
Presenters; Room __C204_____
9:00am: Welcome Address: Dr. Sharon Schleigh, Regional Director
9:10am – 10am: Keynote Speaker: Andrew Miller, Inductee to the Young Scientists’ Hall of
       Fame and previous winner at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair. Title:
       More “Power” to You
10-11am: The Art in Science Presentations:
        Jeremy Fineman, MFA Candidate in Ceramics, Title: Carbon Neutral Out Door Kiln ;
       Autumn Brown Scanning Electron Microscope & Metallurgy Other presentation
1-2pm: Presentation: Environmental Health, Alice Anderson “What Is Environmental
       Health and What Do Environmental Health Professionals Do?
2-3pm: Magic By David Show
3-4pm: Presentation: Science in Antarctica, Susanne Grieve Science, Snow, and Seals:
       Discovering Antarctica through Research Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, driest,
       and highest continent on Earth and it is home to some of the most diverse species on the
       planet. Scientists from all over the world travel to Antarctica to study the natural and
       historical resources and how to preserve them. Everyone is invited to learn about the
       research that is being undertaken on this desolate landscape and hear about wha t it is like
       to live at the bottom of the world.

Tours (11am-noon) Start and end at the Science & Technology Bldg
Option 1: The Art of Science and the Science in Art Tour
    Carl Twarog: Associate Professor, ECU School of Art and Design, Curator for Sonic
    Tour and discussion of Sonic Plaza located at Joyner Library
    15-20 people
    Tour meets, departs and returns from Bldg. 203 (1 st floor atrium)
    1 hour

Tours (11am-noon) Start and end at the Science & Technology Bldg
Option 2: Science Department Tours
    Laura Bilbro-Berry: Instructional Consultant, ECU College of Education
    Tour and meet & greet of Science and Engineering Laboratories
    Tour meets and departs and returns from Bldg. 203 (2nd floor, main entrance
    1 hour

Tours (11am-noon) Start and end at the Science & Technology Bldg
Option 3: Biodiveristy Center Tours
    Leah Connell: Biodiversity Center support staff, Biology Dept.
    Tour and demonstration of Biodiversity Center in Howell Science Complex
    Tour meets and departs and returns from Bldg. 203 (2nd floor, main entrance
    30 minutes
Other Activities (1-4pm)
10am -4pm            Planetarium Presentations (20 min. presentations starting every half hour)
1-4pm                Roving Magic By David (David Hersh)

Displays, Demonstrations and Special Interests Tables (1-4pm) 2nd & 4th Floor Atrium
    ECU Maritime Conservation Lab
           o Electrolysis Demonstration
    ECU Environmental Health Department
    Washington Estuarium
    Go Science
    Stasavich Science and Nature Center
           o Snake demonstration
    4-H Program
    ECU Engineering Department
    ECU Nutrition and Dietetics
    ECU Department of Geological Sciences
    ECU RENCI & Geography
    U.S. Navy
    ROTC

                                  Awards & Public Vie wing
4 – 5:30pm    Art in Science Awards:
              Elementary (3rd – 5th ) : Best in
                      Three-dimensional work
                      Two-dimensional work
              Middle School (6th – 8th ) Best in
                      Three-dimensional work
                      Two-dimensional work
              High School (9th – 12th ) Best in
                      Three-dimensional work
                      Two-dimensional work
              Public Preference
                      Middle School/High School
                  Science & Engineering Project Awards:

         Specialty Awards
                     Best Visual Display; Art Community (Jr/Sr & Elem)
                     Environmental Health Sciences; ECU Environmental Health Sciences
                       program (6th-12th gr.)
                     LCOGT Outstanding Young Astronomy Researcher (Elem. & Jr/Sr)
                     Allied Publishing & Summit Entertainment Creativity in Science Award
                       (Elem. & Jr./Sr.)
                     U.S. Navy
                     ROTC (Elem, Jr & Sr)
                     GoScience Outstanding Teacher Award (Elem. Jr. & Sr.)
                     NC AWWA-WEA (Water related Awards) (1st , 2nd, 3rd HS/MS/Elem/
                     Border’s Research Recognition (HS/JR/Elem)
                     Best Buy’s Technology Award (HS/JR/Elem)
                     NC Regional (1 st – 3rd Elem., 1st – 3rd Jr., 1st – 3rd Sr., 1st & 2nd Sr. Team)
                     NC Regional Teacher/Mentor; ECU COE
                     Recommendations to State Science & Engineering Fair (March 26 & 27,
                       2010, in Raleigh)

5:30 – 6:30pm Public Viewing
                  Please make it a point to walk through the students’ projects, and if they are near their board s, ask
them questions and provide comments. Boards will remain up during this time specifically to allow the co mmun ity
to review the students’ work and to take a look at those that have received recognition.
                                                 Overall Schedule

7:30-9am          students set up projects
9-9:10am          Sharon does opening remarks and kicks off the event (students and parents)
9:10-10am         Keynote Presentation (students and parents)
10:10am           Break
10:10-11am        Presentation 1 (parents)
10am-4pm          Planetarium Presentations (everyone)
11-noon           Tours: Sonic Plaza or Science Labs (parents)
noon-1pm          Lunch (everyone)
1-2pm             Presentation 2 (students and parents)
1 - 4pm           Display table viewing and other activities (students and parents)
3-3:50pm          Presentation 3 (students and parents)
3:50-4pm          Break
4-5:30pm          Awards Ceremony
5:30-6:30pm       Public viewing of boards
6:30pm            Break down of boards and clean up

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