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					                      SCORES HELD BY

   *Occasionally a missing part has been replaced by one transcribed from the score; such
       cases may be identified by the letters “tr” for the part.
   *Piano/conductor scores are signified by the letters “p/c”.
   *Multiple copies of parts are shown eg, by “x 3” for three copies.

T.Albinoni      Concerto a 5, Op.9 No.6, for oboe and strings.
                Musica Rara, London, 1973.
       Score oboe vln 1 (tr)            vln 2 alto vla           cello (tr)
K. Anderson Second Sinfonietta,
                Bosworth, London, 1959.
       Score vln A (tr)         vln B (tr)      vln C x 3        cello x 3       bass x 2
                Flute           oboe            clarinet
C.P.E. Bach Concerto for Organ and Strings (Wq 35)
                Musikverlag Hans Sikorski, Hamburg, 1964
       Score vln 1 vln 2 vla            basso x 2
J.S. Bach       Symphony on the Second Day of the Festival of Christmas
                Volkwein, Pittsburgh, 1941
       Score flute/vln          vln 1 vln 2 vla          cello bass
J. Barbarolli (arr.)    Concerto for Oboe and Strings on themes of Pergolisi
                OUP, London, 1936
       Score oboe vln 1 vln 2 vla               cello bass
Beethoven       Septet in E flat, Op.20
                International Music Co., N.Y., undated
       Miniature score          vln     vla     cello bass clar. horn bassoon
L. Boccherini           Sinfonia Op.1 No.6,
                Zanibon, Padua, 1956
       Score vln 1 vln 2 vla cello bass oboes1&2 horns 1&2 bassoon
L. Delibes      Pas de Fleur (from the ballet Naila); arr. S.V. Balfour.
                J.R. Lafleur & Son, London, 1919.
       p/c score vln oblig vln 1 x4 vln 2 x6 Vla x2 cello x3 bass
                Flutes x2 oboes clar 1 clar 2 bassoons horns 1&2
                horns 3&4 cornet 1 cornet 2 trombs 1&2 bass tromb timpani
G. Donizetti Concertino in C for flute & Chamber Orch (arr Von W Hofmann)
                Henry Litolff’s Verlag/Peters, Frankfurt (?), 1969.
       Score vln 1 vln 2 vla            cello/bass       solo flute       oboe 1 oboe 2
                Bassoon         horn 1          horn 2
A. Dvorak       Symphony No. 5 (New World), Part 1, Op. 95. (arr. A. Lotter)
                Boosey & Hawkes, London, 1927 (?)
       p/c score vln 1 x 2 vln 2 x 2 vla cello bass flute & piccolo
                oboe & cor anglais x 2 clar 1 clar 2 bassoons trumpet 1 trumpet 2
                horns 1&2 x2 horns 3&4 x 2 trombs1&2 x 2 bass trombone/tuba
J.F. Fasch  Concerto in D for flute, oboe, strings and continuo
            Musikverlag Hans Sikorski, Hamburg, 1971
       Score flute oboe vln 1 vln 2 vla basso/continuo

Granados       Villanesca     (arr. D. Stone)
               Boosey and Hawkes, UK, 1972. (Hawkes School Series HSS 104)
       No score vln 1 vla (other strings missing) flute 1 flute2 recorder
               bassoon horn 1 horn 2 trombone alto saxophone
               glockenspiel triangle
G.F. Handel Air with Variations [Harmonious Blacksmith] arr. S Wieloszynski
               Kendor Music, NY, 1994
       Score vln 1 x 8      vln 2 x 8 vla x 5       cello x 5     bass x 5  piano
M. Haydn       Pastorello (arr. B. van Beurden)
               Harmonia Uitgave, Hilversum, no date.
       Score vln 1 vln 2 vln 3 vla cello/bass flutes clars. timpani
V. Herbert     Selection from Babette         (arr. O. Langley)
       p/c score vln 1       vln 2     vla    cello     bass    flute oboe clar 1
               clar 2    bassoon horns x 2 cornet 1 cornet 2 drums
J.N. Hummel Military Septet, Op.114
               Musica Rara, London, 1970
       Score violin, cello, bass, flute, clarinet, trumpet, piano
F. Mendelssohn Italian Symphony (parts 1 – 3 arr. A. Winter, part 4 by A. Evans)
               Boosey and Hawkes, London, 1924.
       Note! Each part was published as a separate entity with its own score and parts. The
       data below are for one set of each part. Part 4 is duplicated.
       p/c score vln 1 x 2 vln 2 x 2 vla cello x 2 flute oboes x 2
               clar. 1 clar. 2 bassoons x 2 horns x 2 trumpet cornet 1 cornet 2
               trombone 1 trombone 2 trombone 3 timpani euphonium (part 2
W.A. Mozart Sechs Deutsche Tanze (KV 571)
               Breitkopf and Hartel, Weisbaden, 1970.
       Score vln 1 x 7 vln 2 x 6 cello/bass x 5 piccolo flutes x 2 oboe 1 oboe 2
               clar 1 clar 2 bassoon 1 bassoon 2 horn 1 horn 2 trumpet 1 trumpet
               2 pauken percussion
W.A. Mozart Andante in C (K315)
       Note! this is the slow movement from Mozart’s flute concerto. The flute solo and
       conductor’s score are missing. We obtained the former from an arrange -ment for
       flute and piano and the latter from the full score for the concerto.
               Breitkopf and Hartel, Weisbaden, undated.
               Vln 1 x 3 vln 2 vla cello/bass oboe 1 oboe 2 horn 1 horn 2
P. Reznicek Dvojkoncert: Concerto Doppio for bassoon, piano and string orch.
               Cesky Hudini Fond, 9613, Praha, 1989.
       Score bassoon piano vln 1 x 5 vln 2 x 3 vla x 3 cello x 2 bass
A. Salieri     Sinfonia in Re “Veneziana” (arr. R. Sabatini)
               Ricordi, Milan, 1987.
       Score vln 1 x 3 vln 2 x 2 vla x 2 cello/bass x 2 oboe 1 oboe 2
               horn 1 horn 2
R. Schumann       Schlummerlied Op. 124 No. 16 (arr. E.W. Ritter and A. Winter)
               Hawkes and Son, London, 1924.
       p/c score x 2 vln 1 x 3 vln 2 x 2 vla cello/bass x 3 flute x 2 oboe
             clar 1 x 2 clar 2 horns cornet 1 x 2 cornet 2 trombone euphonium
P Tchaikowski       Three pieces from Swan Lake (arr. D. Stone)
               Boosey and Hawkes, UK, 1967. (HSS 98)
       Score vln 1 x 2 vln 2 x 2 vla cello bass flute recorder oboe clar 1
               clar 2 bassoon horns x 2 trumpet alto sax tenor sax trombone
               percussion timpani

The list below names some of the chamber music scores available to the orchestra.

T. Albinoni      Concerto a 5, Op. 9 No. 12 for 2 oboes and piano reduction.
                 (Arr. F. Giegling)
                 Musica Rara, London, 1975.
J.S. Bach        Trio Sonata in B for 2 alto recorders, cello and cembalo.
                 Peters, Frankfurt, 1940. (Arr. W. Woehl)
Beethoven        Trio in C for 2 oboes and Cor Anglais Op. 87
                 Peters, London, undated.
Beethoven        Contradance, for flute, oboe, clar. and bassoon. (Arr. L.A. Hohn)
                 Fillmore, Cin. Ohio, 1938.
Beethoven        Variations on the Theme “La ci darem la mano” from Don Giovanni
                 for flute, clarinet and bassoon. Musica Rara, London, 1969.
L. Boccherini Terzetto for flute, oboe and clarinet. (arr. G. Waln)
                 N.A. Kjos, Chicago, 1951.
A. Carter (arr.)          Six Pieces for Woodwind Groups of 2 flutes, 2 oboes,
                 4 clarinets and bassoon. OUP, London, 1980. W. Byrd – Pavan;
                 H. Purcell – Rondo from Abdelazar; F. Couperin – Les Moissonneurs; L.
                 Boccherini – Minuet; F. Schubert – Minuet and Trio from Symphony No. 5;
                 and M. Mussorgsky – Promenade from Pictures at an Exhibition.
K. D. von Dittersdorf             Divertimento in B flat for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets and bassoon.
                 (arr. J. Wojciechowski) Musikverlag Hans Sikorski, Hamburg, 1954.
M. Haydn         Divertimento in D for 2 oboes, 2 horns and 2 bassoons. (arr. von Werner
                 Rainer) Verlag Doblinger, Wien/Munchen, 1969.
                 Please note! there is no score, only the instrumental parts.
G. Keller        Trio Sonata in B flat for either winds or strings and basso continuo.
                 Nova Music, London, 1980.
J.B. Lully       Courante for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon. (arr. L. Taylor)
                 Mills Music, NY, 1944.
Mixed Bag a series for woodwind groups, set for clarinets of flute, oboe and bassoon.
                 Nos. 1, 5, 7, 9, 14, 18, 21 and 31 are to hand.
                 Chester Music, London, 1979 on.
       No. 1 Tchaikovsky Waltz of the Flowers
       No.5 Two Joplin Rags: The Entertainer and Ragtime Dance
       No. 7 Bizet: Suite from L’Arlesienne
       No. 9 Beethoven: Fur Elise, Minuet in G and Ode to Joy
       No. 14 J. Haydn: Three Pieces for Mechanical Clock
       No. 18 K. Jenkins: Smokey Joe (Blue Waltz, Those Old Twelve Bar Blues and
       No. 21 J. Cameron: Cumbria (Grassmere Morning, Castlerigg Daffodils and The
                 Hawkeshead Stage)
      No. 31 B. Fraser: Citrus Suite (Lemon Tango, Orange Squash and Lime Cordial)
W.A. Mozart Divertimento No. 3 in B flat K439c for flute, clarinet and bassoon.
             International Music Coy., NY, 1980
W.A. Mozart Divertimento No. 4 in B flat K439d for flute clarinet and bassoon.
             International Music Coy., NY, 1980

W.A. Mozart A Spring Rondo for flute, oboe and piano from Serenade No. 9, K320
                (arr. A. Collins) Bosworth, London, 1955
W.A. Mozart Romanze, Menuetto and Trio for 2 oboes, 2 clarinets and 2 bassoons.
                (arr. R. de Smet from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Serenade K525)
                Hinrichsen, London, 1963
A. Salieri      Konzert in C for flute, oboe and orchestra
                (realized for piano by J. Wojciechowski)
                Henry Litolff’s Verlag/Peters, Frankfurt, 1962.
C. Stamitz      Two Quartets for flute/oboe/clarinet and violin, viola and cello.
                McGinnis and Marx, NY, 1947
C. Weait (arr.)          Four Marches from the American Revolution for 2 oboes
                and 2 bassoons.      McGinnis and Marx, NY, 1973

H. Voxman and R. Hervig Ensemble Repertoire for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and
             bassoon/bass clarinet. Woodwind Quintet. Rubank, Chicago, 1960.
      Please note! Only the bass clarinet part is held.

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