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Supermarket Flowchart Resource link name Agency Ref ACT Agency Referral Guide Complaints

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									                         Resource link name

Agency Ref               ACT Agency Referral Guide
Complaints               Conciliated Complaints
Agency Ref               NSW Agency Referral Guide
Agency Ref               NT Agency Referral Guide
Agency Ref               QLD Agency Referral Guide
Agency Ref               SA Agency Referral Guide
Agency Ref               TAS Agency Referral Guide
Agency Ref               VIC Agency Referral Guide
Agency Ref               WA Agency Referral Guide
App Bnd                  Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries
Audio                    Legal Terms - Interview With ANZSLA Lawyer
Audio                    Sexual Harassment - Interview AFL Respect & Responsibility Program
Audio                    Religion & Sport - Interview With Afifa Saad - Soccer Player
Audio                    Religion & Sport - Interview With Passant Ibrahim - Project Officer
Audio                    Religion & Sport - Interview With Co-ordinator Centre For Multicultural Youth
Audio                    Pregancy & Participation - Interview With Sports Medicine SA Doctor
Audio                    Pregnancy & Participation -Interview With Olympic Coach
Audio                    Girls Playing In Boys Teams _ Interview With ANZSLA Sports Lawyer
Audio                    Homophobia & Sexuality Discrimination - Interview With Dr Caroline Symons Victoria University
Audio                    Homophobia & Sexuality Discrimination - Interview With Olympic Athlete
Audio                    Junior Team Selection - Interview With Director Community Sports ASC
Audio                    Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries - Interview Manager Sports Ethics ASC
Audio                    Sexual Harassment - Interview With Equal Opportunity Commission Conciliator
Audio                    Disability Inclusion _ Interview With Manager Disability Sports Unit ASC
Audio                    Disability Inclusion - Interview With Club Adminstrator
Codes                    Codes of Behaviour - Cards
Codes                    Codes of Behaviour - Cards (print & fold)
Codes                    Codes of Behaviour - Poster
Codes                    ACT Fair & Safe Behaviour flyer
Codes                    ACT Fair & Safe Behaviour brochure
Codes                    NSW Fair & Safe Behaviour flyer
Codes                    NSW Fair & Safe Behaviour brochure
Codes                    NT Fair & Safe Behaviour flyer
Codes                    NT Fair & Safe Behaviour brochure
Codes                    QLD Fair & Safe Behaviour flyer
Codes                    QLD Fair & Safe Behaviour brochure
Codes                    SA Fair & Safe Behaviour flyer
Codes                    SA Fair & Safe Behaviour brochure
Codes                    TAS Fair & Safe Behaviour flyer
Codes                    TAS Fair & Safe Behaviour brochure
Codes                    VIC Fair & Safe Behaviour flyer
Codes                    VIC Fair & Safe Behaviour brochure
Codes                    WA Fair & Safe Behaviour flyer
Codes                     WA Fair & Safe Behaviour brochure
Crt & Trib Decisions     Gardner Vs AANA
Crt & Trib Decisions     Victorian Ladies Bowling Exemption
Crt & Trib Decisions     Taylor, Cula-Reid and Stanyar v Junior Football League and Football Victoria Ltd (2004)
Crt & Trib Decisions     Emily South v Royal Victorian Bowls Association (RVBA) (2001)
Crt & Trib Decisions     Matthew Hall v Victorian Amateur Football Association (1999)
FAQ's Discrimination     FAQ's Discrimination
FAQ's Child Protection   FAQ's Child Protection
Child Abuse              Type of Abuse
Child Abuse   Discipline Versus Abuse
CP WWCC       ACT Screening & Working With Children Checks
CP WWCC       NSW Screening & Working With Children Checks
CP WWCC       NT Screening & Working With Children Checks
CP WWCC       QLD Screening & Working With Children Checks
CP WWCC       SA Screening & Working With Children Checks
CP WWCC       TAS Screening & Working With Children Checks
CP WWCC       VIC Screening & Working With Children Checks
CP WWCC        WA Screening & Working With Children Checks
Child Abuse   It's More Than Just A Game
Child Behv    Minor Seeking Inappropriate Relationships
Coach Beh     Coaches Working With Children Guidelines
Coach Beh     Maintaining Appropriate Boundaries
Coach Beh     Discipline Versus Abuse
Complaints    Complaint Handling Flowchart
Complaints    Complaint Handling - Principles & Guidelines
Complaints    Complaint Procedures - Discrimination Steps
Complaints    Complaint Procedures - Child Protection Steps
Discrim       Discrimination Law - Federal
Discrim       Discrimination Law -ACT
Discrim       Discrimination Law - NSW
Discrim       Discrimination Law - NT
Discrim       Discrimination Law - QLD
Discrim       Discrimination Law - SA
Discrim       Discrimination Law - TAS
Discrim       Discrimination Law - VIC
Discrim       Discrimination Law -WA
Discrim       Sex Discrimination In Sport
Discrim       Disability Discrimination Quiz
Discim        Gender Sport & Homophobia
Drugs         UNESCO Doping Control
Inclusive     Creating Inclusive Clubs
Legal R & R   Adminstrators - Legal Rights & Responsibilities
Legal R & R   Coaches - Legal Rights & Responsibilities
Legal R & R   Officials - Legal Rights & Responsibilities
Legal R & R   Players - Legal Rights & Responsibilities
Legal R & R   Parents - Legal Rights & Responsibilities
Legal R & R   Adminstrators - Levels Of Responsibility
Supervision   Suprvision Of Children - Away & Overnight Trips
Risk          Administrators - Risk Management Strategies
Risk          Officials - Risk Management Strategies
Risk          Coaches - Risk Management Strategies
Risk          Players - Risk Management Strategies
Risk          Parents - Risk Management Strategies
CSA           Play by the Rules DVD's Presenters Notes
Coach Beh     Team Selection Juniors scenario
Coach Beh     Sexual Harassment scenario
Coach Beh     Homophobia & Sexuality Discrimination
Coach Beh     Religious Inclusion scenario
Discrim       Girls Playing In Boys Teams scenario
Discrim       Disability Inclusion scenario
Discrim       Pregnancy And Participation scenario
Bully         Information Sheet Bullying
Bully         Bullying TipsSheet
Child Protc   ASC Child Protection
Child Protc   NSW Child Protection
Risk          QLD Risk Management
CP/CSE        NSW Child Safe Child Friendly
CP/CSE        SA Child Protection & Child Safe Environments
CP/CSE        SA Sport Ethics Checklists & Fact Sheets
CP/CSE        VIC Keeping Junior Sport Safe
CP/CSE        Child Wise Choose With Care Kit
CP            Child Protection Online Training
CP            NSW Child Protection Online Training
CP/WWCC       WA Working With Children Check
CP/WWCC       QLD About The Blue Card
CP/WWCC       NSW Working With Children Check
Child Behv    Managing Children Behaviour
Child Behv    Fact Sheets Coaching Children
Coach Beh     Information Sheet Intimate Coach/Athlete Relationships
Coach Beh     Coaches Tools & Tips Fact Sheets
Coach Beh     Online Training Discrimination & Harassment
Coach Beh     Online Training Child Protection -General
Coach Beh     Online Training Child Protection - NSW
Coach Beh     Beginning Coaching Online
Codes         NSW Rugby League Code of Conduct
Codes         Codes of behavior
Complaints    Options For Managing & Resolving Complaints
Complaints    Tribunal Hearing Procedures
Complaints    Internal Investigations
Complaints    Role Of Member Protection Information Officer video
Complaints    Complaint Handling & Natural Justice video
Complaints    Victimisation video
Complaints    Restricted Access - Sex Discrimination scenario
Complaints    Managing Complaint - Child Abuse
Counselling   Kids Help Line
Court Dec     Court & Tribunal Decisions
Discrim       Staffing - Hiring Staff
Discrim       Harassment Free Sport Information Sheets
Discrim       Pregnancy In Sport Guidelines For The Australian Sport Industry
Discrim       Transgender
Discrim       What's The Score Report
Discrim       Conciliated Complaints
Drugs         Sports Medicine Australia - Clean Edge
Hot Weather   Heat Guidelines
Inclusive     Multi-cultural Sport & Recreation Publication & Resources
Inclusive     Access For All Abilities Program Publications
Inclusive     Disability Sport
Inclusive     A Sporting Chance: The Inside Knowledge on Healthy Sports Clubs
Inclusive     Cricket Victoria - Including Everyone
Inclusive     Indigenous Sport
Infectious    Infectious Diseases Policy
Infectious    Blood Rules OK
Member Pro    Member Protection
Member Pro    Member Protection Data Base
Risk          Women In Sport Fact Sheets
Risk          Sports Medicine Australia Resources
Parent        True Sport Lives Here
Photo         Images of Children
Spectator     Ethics In Sport Research - Good Sports On & Off The Field
Spectator     VicSport Research Report Spectator Behaviour In Adult Sport
Spectator     Spectator Behaviour In Sport - Legal Jurisdiction Paper
Spectator   Sport Rage
Spectator   Officials Coloured Shirt Program
Spectator   Good Sports Territory Program
Risk        Child Safe-Child Friendly Reducing Risk
Risk        Child Safe-Child Friendly Choosing The Right People
Team        Getting It Right - Guidelines For Team Selection
Agency      Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission
Agency      ACT Human Rights Office
Agency      NSW Anti-Discrimination Board
Agency      NT Anti-Discrimination Commission
Agency      QLD Anti-Discrimination Commission
Agency      SA Equal Opportunity Commission
Agency      Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission
Agency      Victorian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission
Agency      WA Equal Opportunity Commission
Agency      Sport & Recreation ACT
Agency      NSW Sport & Recreation
Agency      Sport & Recreation NT
Agency      Sport & Recreation Queensland
Agency      Sport & Recreation Tasmania
Agency      Sport & Recreation Victoria
Agency      Sport & Recreation WA
Agency      Australian Sport Directory
Agency      Australian & New Zealand Sports Lawyers Association
Agency      Sports Medicine Australia
Agency      Queensland Commission For Children Young People & Child Guardian
Agency      NSW Commission For Children Young People & Child Guardian
Agency      Australian Sports Commission
Agency      ACTSport
Agency      NSW Sports Federation
Agency      Sports Federation Of Queensland
Agency      Sport SA
Agency      VicSport
Agency      Western Australian Sports Federation
CP Report   ACT Reporting Child Abuse
CP Report   NSW Reporting Child Abuse
CP Report   NT Reporting Child Abuse
CP Report   QLD Reporting Child Abuse
CP Report   SA Reporting Child Abuse
CP Report   TAS Reporting Child Abuse
CP Report   VIC Reporting Child Abuse
CP Report   WA Reporting Child Abuse
CP Abuse    Responding To Child Abuse video
CP Abuse    Verbally Abusive Coach scenario
Coach Beh   Verbal Abuse & Inappropriate Workloads
Coach Beh   Inappropriate Demonstration Of A Skill
Discrim     Race Discrimination video
Discrim     Disability Discrimination video
Parent      Ugly Parent video
CSA         Relax Sport Should Be Fun - Golf
CSA         Relax Sport Should Be Fun - Supermarket
Officials + Umpires
Players + Athletes
Parents + Guardians
Agency Referral Guide
Audio Interview
Brochure & Flyer
Community Service Announcement
Court & Tribunal Decision
Guidelines & Information Sheets
Interactive Scenario
Appropriate Boundaries
Child Abuse
Child Protection - General
Child Protection - Reporting
Child Protection - Working With Children Checks & Screening
Child Protection - Child Safe Environments
Children's Behaviour
Coaches Behaviour
Codes of Behaviour - General
Codes of Behaviour - State Publications
Complaint Guidelines
Counselling Services
Court & Tribunal Decisions
Discrimination - General
Discrimination - Federal Law
Discrimination - State Law
Discrimination - Sex
Discrimination - Pregnancy
Discrimination - Race
Discrimination - Disability
Discrimination - Sexuality
Hot Weather
Inclusive Sport
Infectious Diseases
Legal - Rights and Responsibilities
Member Protection
Parents Behaviour
Photographing Children
Spectator Abuse
Supervision of Children
Risk Management
Team Selection
Anti-Discrimination Agencies
Children's Commissions
National Organisations
Sport and Recreation Agencies
Sports Federations
Resource name                                           Type

act_referral_guide                                       Agency Referral Guide
conciliated_complaints                                   ??????
nsw_referral_guide                                       Agency Referral Guide
nt_referral_guide                                        Agency Referral Guide
qld_referral_guide                                       Agency Referral Guide
sa_referral_guide                                        Agency Referral Guide
tas_referral_guide                                       Agency Referral Guide
vic_referral_guide                                       Agency Referral Guide
wa_referral_guide                                        Agency Referral Guide
approp_boundaries                                        Agency Referral Guide
legal__anzsla-gibson_audio                               Audio Interview
sexual_afl_heenan_audio                                  Audio Interview
religion_ saad_audio                                     Audio Interview
religion_ibrahim_audio                                   Audio Interview
religion_cmy_cooke_audio                                 Audio Interview
pregnancy_sma_clisby_audio                               Audio Interview
pregnancy_coach_stirling                                 Audio Interview
girls_anzsla_gibson_audio                                Audio Interview
homophobia_vicuni_symons_audio                           Audio Interview
homophobia_athlete_vanmiltenberg_audio                   Audio Interview
team_selection_asc_flannagan_audio                       Audio Interview
boundaries_asc_simms_audio                               Audio Interview
sex_harassment_eco_fecyzc_audio                          Audio Interview
disability_asc_downs_audio                               Audio Interview
disability_admin_craig_audio                             Audio Interview
codes_of_behaviour                                       Brochure & Flyer
codes_of_behav_cards                                     Brochure & Flyer
codes_of_behav_poster                                    Brochure & Flyer
act_fair_and_safe                                        Brochure & Flyer
act_fair_and_safe_brochure                               Brochure & Flyer
nsw_fair_and_safe                                        Brochure & Flyer
nsw_fair_and_safe_brochure                               Brochure & Flyer
nt_fair_and_safe                                         Brochure & Flyer
nt_fair_and_safe_brochure                                Brochure & Flyer
qld_fair_and_safe                                        Brochure & Flyer
qld_fair_and_safe_brochure                               Brochure & Flyer
sa_fair_and_safe                                         Brochure & Flyer
sa_fair_and_safe_brochure                                Brochure & Flyer
tas_fair_and_safe                                        Brochure & Flyer
tas_fair_and_safe_brochure                               Brochure & Flyer
vic_fair_and_safe                                        Brochure & Flyer
vic_fair_and_safe_brochure                               Brochure & Flyer
wa_fair_and_safe                                         Brochure & Flyer
wa_fair_and_safe_brochure                                Brochure & Flyer
gardner_vs_aana.pdf                                      Court & Tribunal Decision
victorian_ladi_pdf                                       Court & Tribunal Decision
http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/vic/VCAT/2004/158.htmlCourt & Tribunal Decision
http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/vic/VCAT/2001/207.htmlCourt & Tribunal Decision
http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/cases/vic/VCAT/1999/627.htmlCourt & Tribunal Decision
faq_discrimination                                       FAQs
faq_child                                                FAQs
types_child_abuse                                        Guidelines & Information Sheets
discipline_vs_abuse                                        Guidelines & Information Sheets
act_work_with_child_checks                                 Guidelines & Information Sheets
nsw_work_with_child_checks                                 Guidelines & Information Sheets
nt_work_with_child_checks                                  Guidelines & Information Sheets
qld_work_with_child_checks                                 Guidelines & Information Sheets
sa_work_with_child_checks                                  Guidelines & Information Sheets
tas-work_with_child_checks                                 Guidelines & Information Sheets
vic_work_with_child_checks                                 Guidelines & Information Sheets
wa_work_with_child_checks                                  Guidelines & Information Sheets
violence_prevention                                        Guidelines & Information Sheets
minors_relationships                                       Guidelines & Information Sheets
coaches_children_guidelines                                Guidelines & Information Sheets
approp_boundaries                                          Guidelines & Information Sheets
discipline_vs_abuse                                        Guidelines & Information Sheets
complaint_handling_flow chart                              Guidelines & Information Sheets
complaint_principles                                       Guidelines & Information Sheets
complaints_discrimination_steps                            Guidelines & Information Sheets
complaints_child_protection_steps                          Guidelines & Information Sheets
federal_discrimination_law                                 Guidelines & Information Sheets
ACT_discrimination_law                                     Guidelines & Information Sheets
NSW_discrimination_law                                     Guidelines & Information Sheets
NT_discrimination_law                                      Guidelines & Information Sheets
QLD_discrimination_law                                     Guidelines & Information Sheets
SA_discrimination_law                                      Guidelines & Information Sheets
TAS_discrimination_law                                     Guidelines & Information Sheets
VIC_discrimination_law                                     Guidelines & Information Sheets
WA_discrimination_law                                      Guidelines & Information Sheets
sex_discrimination                                         Guidelines & Information Sheets
disability_quiz                                            Guidelines & Information Sheets
homophobia_presentation                                    Guidelines & Information Sheets
doping_control                                             Guidelines & Information Sheets
inclusive_clubs                                            Guidelines & Information Sheets
admin_legal_rights                                         Guidelines & Information Sheets
coaches_legal_rights                                       Guidelines & Information Sheets
officials_legal_rights                                     Guidelines & Information Sheets
players_legal_rights                                       Guidelines & Information Sheets
parents_legal_rights                                       Guidelines & Information Sheets
admin_levels_responsibility                                Guidelines & Information Sheets
supervision_children_away_trips                            Guidelines & Information Sheets
admin_risk_strategies                                      Guidelines & Information Sheets
officials_risk_strategies                                  Guidelines & Information Sheets
coaches_risk_strategies                                    Guidelines & Information Sheets
players_risk_strategies                                    Guidelines & Information Sheets
parents_risk_strategies                                    Guidelines & Information Sheets
dvd_presenters_notes                                       Guidelines & Information Sheets
team_selection_scenario                                    Interactive Scenario
sex_harassment -scenario                                   Interactive Scenario
homo_sexuality_scenario                                    Interactive Scenario
religion_scenario                                          Interactive Scenario
girls_scenario                                             Interactive Scenario
disability_scenario                                        Interactive Scenario
pregnancy_scenario                                         Interactive Scenario
http://www.dsr.nsw.gov.au/children/                        Link
http://www.ccypcg.qld.gov.au/employment/bluecard/risk.html  Link
http://www.kids.nsw.gov.au/kids/check/safefriendly.cfm      Link
http://www.childwise.net/index.php                          Link
child protection_online training                            Link
nsw_child protection_online training                        Link
http://www.dsr.wa.gov.au/index.php?id=294                   Link
http://www.ccypcg.qld.gov.au/employment/whats-new.html Link
http://www.dsr.nsw.gov.au/children/                         Link
coaches/discrimination/online                               Link
coaches_child_protect_online_general                        Link
coaches_child_protect_online_nsw                            Link
http://www.nswrl.com.au/files/national/codeofconduct.pdf Link
http://www.ausport.gov.au/supporting/ethics/strategy/codes Link
member_protection_video                                     Link
natural justice_video                                       Link
victimisation_video                                         Link
sex_discrimination_scenario                                 Link
http://www.kidshelp.com.au/home_KHL.aspx?s=6                Link
court_tribunal_decisions                                    Link
http://www.eoc.sa.gov.au/site/eo_for_business/staffing.jsp Link
http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/all/women/resources ink
http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/all/women/issues Link
conciliated_complaints                                      Link
http://www.cleanedge.com.au/Pub/pStart.asp                  Link
http://www.sma.org.au/information/launch.asp                Link
http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/all/disability      Link
http://www.vichealth.vic.gov.au/Content.aspx?topicID=489 Link
http://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/all/indigenous      Link
http://www.sma.org.au/information/resources.asp             Link
http://www.sma.org.au/information/resources.asp             Link
http://www.sma.org.au/information/resources.asp             Link
http://www.sma.org.au/information/resources.asp             Link
http://www.sportrec.qld.gov.au/resources_for_clubs.cfm      Link
http://www.vicsport.asn.au/Page.aspx?ID=86                  Link
http://www.dsr.nsw.gov.au/sportrage/                        Link
http://www.hreoc.gov.au/                                    Link
www.humanrights.gov.au                                      Link
www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/adb                                  Link
www.nt.gov.au/adc                                           Link
www.adcq.qld.gov.au                                         Link
www.eoc.sa.gov.au                                           Link
www.antidiscrimination.tas.gov.au                           Link
www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au                        Link
www.eoc.wa.gov.au                                           Link
http://www.tams.act.gov.au/play/sport_and_recreation        Link
http://www.dsr.nsw.gov.au/                                  Link
http://www.sportandrecreation.nt.gov.au/                    Link
http://www.sportrec.qld.gov.au/                             Link
http://www.development.tas.gov.au/sportrec/                 Link
http://www.sport.vic.gov.au/                                Link
http://www.dsr.wa.gov.au/                                   Link
http://www.ausport.gov.au/about/australian_sport_directory Link
http://www.anzsla.com.au/                                   Link
http://www.sma.org.au/                                      Link
http://www.ccypcg.qld.gov.au/index.html                     Link
http://www.kids.nsw.gov.au/                                 Link
http://ausport.gov.au/                                      Link
www.actsport.com.au                                         Link
www.sportnsw.com.au                                         Link
www.sfq.net.au                                              Link
www.sportsa.org.au                                          Link
www.vicsport.asn.au                                         Link
www.wasportsfed.asn.au                                      Link
act_reporting_child_abuse                                   Report
nsw_reporting_child_abuse                                   Report
nt_reporting_child_abuse                                    Report
qld_reporting_child_abuse                                   Report
sa_reporting_child_abuse                                    Report
tas_reporting_child_abuse                                   Report
vic_reporting_child_abuse                                   Report
wa_reporting_child_abuse                                    Report
  responding_abuse-video                                    Video
abusive_coach_scenario                                      Video
abusive_coach_video                                         Video
inapprop_demo_skills_video                                  Video
race_video                                                  Video
disability_video                                            Video
ugly_parent_video                                           Video
pbtr_golf_asc                                               Video
pbtr_supermarket_asc                                        Video

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