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									Career Cruising can be
translated into Spanish!
1) Identify Careers and Pathways

                  2) Explore Careers in Detail

                                   3) Explore Colleges

                                                         4) Create Portfolio
Exceptional Interest
                                  Flexible - You can complete
                                    anywhere from 39 to 116
                                   interest-related questions,
                                     and you can complete
                                          the optional
                                      My Skills component.

                   Proven –
Matchmaker is based on a system that has been the
        world's leading computer-based
     career matching tool for over 30 years.
                                                       Intelligent –
                                                   Matchmaker creates
                                                    customized sets of
                                                  questions for each user.

                          Interactive –
Participating in the matching process creates an opportunity
                for learning and self-awareness.
      Accessible –
 You can save your work
   and log back in from
home or wherever you have
  access to the Internet.
  Easy to understand –
You receive clear feedback
 on why individual careers
    may or may not suit
  your interests or skills.
    In-Depth Occupation Profiles:

    Career Cruising contains detailed
information on hundreds of occupations—
       from Actuary to Zoologist.
      Compelling –
   Users of all ages find
multimedia (photographs,
  sound and video clips)
   more engaging than
standard text descriptions.
    Practical –
 Users get to see
what occupations
   are really like
at a very practical,
   concrete, and
   personal level.
 Each career profile
     features two
multimedia interviews
   with real people
 in that occupation.
      Convenient –
Career Cruising provides
      easy access to
 informational interviews
   for every occupation
       without having
         to arrange
   expensive field trips
   or bring in hundreds
    of guest speakers.
Personal Perspective –
 The personal insights
    and experiences
 of real working people
 complement the more
 occupation information.
            Useful Preparation –
The interviews provide a useful introduction
          and framework for users
         who would like to conduct
     their own informational interviews.
 Career Cruising provides
comprehensive information
     on thousands of
     2-year colleges,
     4-year colleges,
     and career and
    technical schools
   across the country.
for schools
  by state
for schools
  by type
     School overview
(including type, location,
     setting, website)
 Search for schools
      that offer
athletic scholarships
                                                        Career Cruising's
                                                     financial aid database
                                                includes details on thousands o
                                                      scholarships, grants,
                                                    awards, fellowships, and
                                                  other assistance programs.

       Using our Financial Aid Selector,
      you can find financial aid programs
     that you qualify for based on factors
        such as gender, background,
academic record, educational plans, and more.
        Career Cruising's Portfolio Tool
        allows you to save and organize
       your career exploration activities,
develop an education plan, and create a resume.
                       Students can
                    review messages
                   received from their
                      career advisor

  Students can
  update their
 information or       Students can enter
invite others to            Personal
    view their           website links
     portfolio         or view websites
                        by their advisor
   Students can
upload documents
    or images
(scanned artwork,
   essays, etc.)
Career advisors
   Can create
 Standards they
    want their
students to meet
 each year, and
  students may
    track their
  own progress
    in meeting
 Students are able
       to save
     a variety of
assessment results
 to their portfolio,
   including their
Matchmaker results.
                                                  Students may
                                                   record their
                                                 thoughts about
                                                   a particular
                                                   career and
                                                    why it is of
                                                interest to them.

  Students may save any career information
that they have researched in Career Cruising.
                                Students may
                              record comments
                               about programs,
                                costs or other
                            important information.

  Students may save any
    school information
that they have researched
    in Career Cruising.
    Within the
 Portfolio Tool,
 students have
  the option to
     create a
   high school
education plan.
 View a list of
  high school
  subjects for
  any career
    that the
   has saved
to their portfolio
  Students may
choose from the
  course listings
 that have been
 into the system
        Students may
          view their
       education plan
         at any time
      and make changes

View a tally of credits for the
courses they have selected
One of the goals of the
     Portfolio Tool
 is to help students
   prepare for the
    world of work.

  the Portfolio Tool
  can also be used
 to store a number
  of career-related
Activities such as their
    Education Plan
  Students may
    record any
career preparation
    also attach
   Students have the
     option to enter
       a variety of
    additional items
  into their portfolios.

 These items include:

»Extracurricular Activities

  »Hobbies & Interests

   »Skills and Abilities

 »Awards & Certificates
                   The Portfolio Tool
                      also contains a
                     Resume Builder
                  that allows students
                       to produce a
                  customized resume
                  using the information
                     they have stored
                    in their portfolios.

                   Choose the order
                      in which the
Students may
                  various sections of
choose which
                    the resume will
sections of the
 resume they
wish to include
Students may print
   their resume
   directly from
 their web browser

Students may also
export the resume
  in Word, text,
  or html formats
Our Career Advisor Management System (CAMS)
     can help you effectively implement and
 manage the use of Career Cruising at your site.
Tailor Career Cruising
  to meet the needs
    of your students

                           Communicate with your
                             students using our
                         internal messaging system
 Through CAMS,
      you have
      the ability
   to customize
portfolio experience
  different users.
  Set portfolio
  to help track
 your students’
   progress in
Career Cruising.
View individual student
 portfolios and resumes
to monitor their progress
Student Data
  Help students remember how to login
           by exporting their
usernames and passwords to access cards
       Add students
          to their
   assigned counselors,
teachers and administrators
  lists to help
generate their
education plans
  reports for
your students'
  career and
education plans
Customize your reports!
  Online resources
 are easily available
     so you may
easily plan and work
at school or at home!

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