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Government Grant Information


Government Grant Information document sample

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									              Due Dates: Fall: October. 1st, Winter: December 3rd, Spring: March 11th

Name_________________________________                        Student ID_________________

Applying For (Circle all that apply):       Childcare       Textbook

    Associated Student Government
     Grant Application 2010-2011

               Due by 5:00pm on:
         Fall 10 Friday, October 1, 2010
       Winter 11 Friday, December 3, 2010
        Spring 11 Friday, March 11, 2011

    Contact Grant Department in CC 152
                       Please read all information carefully
                  Attach required documents in the order listed

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                Due Dates: Fall: October. 1st, Winter: December 3rd, Spring: March 11th

                        General Grant Information
      Associated Student Government, along with the CCC Foundation, has created a partial
       solution to the challenges of Childcare and Textbook expenses.
     Grant recipients will be selected through an evaluation process that is based on, and
       may not be limited to: income, credit hours, grade point average, number and age of
       children and a student’s ability to sufficiently demonstrate a financial need for the grant.
     The money that funds the Grants comes from the CCC Foundation’s donations and
       several CCC ASG fundraising activities.
     The amount of money awarded varies due to the number of applicants, the need of the
       applicants, and the funds available.
     Receiving a grant one term, does not guarantee that you will receive a grant another
       term, and not everyone who applies will receive one.
     In order for ASG to determine your eligibility for the grant program, you need to have
       your application fully completed.
     All information you submit is confidential.
     Do not mail this application; ASG is not responsible for items lost in the mail.
Financial Aid Information
     Federal financial aid regulations require you to report any sources of income or
       assistance that you receive during the school year that total $100 or more to the
       Student Financial Services Office. This includes money that you are awarded as a
       recipient of any ASG Grant, even though the funds do not come directly to you.
       Adjustments may need to be made to reduce your budget amount.
     Student Financial Services determines your budget based on the information you
       provide to our office through the FAFSA and additional information forms. When you
       indicate that you will have child care costs during the school year, your budget is
       increased to include those costs. Though you do not receive award aid for childcare,
       those funds are included in the total award you can receive.
     To find out about the impact of the grant on your aid package, please contact Chippi
       Bello, from Enrollment Services, in Roger Rook or call 503-594-3099. Your information
       will be reviewed and your specific questions will be answered.

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              Due Dates: Fall: October. 1st, Winter: December 3rd, Spring: March 11th

                      About the Childcare Grant
     In order to be eligible for a grant, your child(ren) must be placed with a state certified
      and approved Childcare provider or facility.
     Only ONE grant can be awarded per child in a family. For example, a separated or
      divorced couple may NOT get a grant each for their common child(ren). However, other
      dependent children can be put on an application.

                      About the Textbook Grant
     The Textbook Grant money may be used in the CCC Bookstore or the Student
      Government Book Exchange.
     Money awarded from the Textbook Grant can only be used to purchase textbooks.
      School supplies are not covered.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these polices or anything in this application,
           please contact the Grant Department by phone at 503-594-3934 or email or stop by the Associated Student Government office located in the
                Community Center room 152 (enter the cafeteria—turn right).

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               Due Dates: Fall: October. 1st, Winter: December 3rd, Spring: March 11th

     Required Paperwork for CCC Grant Application
 The following information is required each term. Attach the following items stapled and in
          the order listed (check the boxes to insure you have included everything):

      Application packet, filled out completely, signed and dated. Do not leave any blanks.
      Unofficial grade transcript, documenting your cumulative GPA (not required if this is
       your first term in college). {Print from myClackamas or see Enrollment Services.}
                Check here _______ if this is your first term in college

      Financial aid award letter (if receiving aid). {See Financial Aid Office or print from
               Check here _______ if you have not received your award letter. Please
                   bring in a copy as soon as you receive it.
      Registration for classes for the term for which you applying. {Print from myClackamas or
       see Enrollment Services}
      Completed questions, typed on a separate sheet of paper.

                         Put all materials together in the order listed.
                   Make a copy of application and paperwork for your records.
                           Copy machines are available in the Library.

I certify that the information submitted in this application is complete and accurate.

Your Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________

      Clackamas Community College Associated Student
              Government Grant Application
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               Due Dates: Fall: October. 1st, Winter: December 3rd, Spring: March 11th

Please print neatly in ink or type. Do not leave any blanks. If a question does not apply to you
write N/A in the space.


Street Address__________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address (if different from above)

City ____________________________________State ___________Zip____________________

Home/Cell Phone __________________________Alternate _____________________________

Student Email Address___________________________________________________________

Student ID Number______________________________________________________________

       If we need to contact you for any information regarding your application, please initial
       the box if we can leave a detailed message. Simply leave the box blank if you would
       prefer us not to leave you a message concerning the application.

1. Income/Expenses—Fill in the charts below using the following criteria:
       a. Total Monthly Income
              Include income as of the date this application is filled out from all sources
                 except financial aid, but including total household employment, public

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                       Due Dates: Fall: October. 1st, Winter: December 3rd, Spring: March 11th

                         assistance, veterans’ benefits, child support, alimony, and any other income not
                      This includes not only yourself but also parents, spouse, or partner you live
                         with. Do not include roommates you share expenses with.
                      If you enter no income you must attach a typed explanation on a separate
                         piece of paper. If you fail to attach an explanation, your application will not be
               b. Financial Aid.
                        Include loans, grants, scholarships, work study, veteran’s benefits, and any
                           other type of educational benefit you receive from other sources (i.e. work
                           pays for part of your tuition or fees)
              Income                                                   Monthly Expenses
Itemized Monthly                                          Item Description                       Amount
                                                       Rent or house payment            $
Employment                 $__________
Public Assistance*         $__________                         Utilities                $
Veteran’s Benefits         $__________
Child Support/Alimony      $__________                        Car + Gas                 $
Other_____________         $__________
                                                                Food                    $
Other_____________         $__________
Other_____________         $__________
                                                     Insurance (Car + Medical)          $
                   TOTAL   $___________
 Financial Aid (for the    $___________         School Expenses (books and supplies)    $
                                                              Childcare                 $

           **If you enter no                     Other__________________________ $
           income you must                       Other__________________________ $
             attach a typed
           explanation on a                                    TOTAL                  $

           separate piece of
          paper. If you fail to
                attach an                           *Public Assistance includes (but is not limited to) food
                                                      stamps, rent assistance, unemployment benefits,
           explanation, your                            child care assistanceand any other form
       3. Please list all children you support in your household (including college age students)of aid
         application will not child.
       beginning with the YOUNGEST                     received from federal, state or county programs.
             be considered.
                   Name of Child                                                 Age

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                 Due Dates: Fall: October. 1st, Winter: December 3rd, Spring: March 11th

4. If you live with a spouse or partner, is he or she a student?
 _____N/A _____ Full Time (12+) _____ 3/4 Time (9-11) _____ Part Time (Less than 9)

5.       What was your GPA on your most recent grade transcript? __________

                If this is your first term in college please check here

6.       How many credit hours will you take this term? __________
         OR check one of the following programs:
         GED_______            YPOP_______

                                     Grant Questions
Please answer the questions below typed on a separate piece of paper and submit them with
the rest of the application.

      I. Explain how this grant will help you in your quest for an education.

     II. What are your educational or career objectives after CCC?

     III. Why should we select you to receive this grant?

     IV. If you receive this grant, it may only cover a portion of your expenses. How do you plan
         to pay for the rest?

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