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									   Community Name                Category              Website             Language
Advanced EFT Healing Begins NOW!         
A.M. Sall's Translator Power Other       
A Room With A Moose          Other       
Barter's Basement            Other                                        English
Billionaires Elite           Other                                        English
Black Talk Radio Network™ Other                    blacktalkradio.ning.comEnglish       Other        visaya
CAFEIST                      Other       
CinemaSound                  Other       
City Of Angels               Other                 cityofangels.ning.comEnglish
COFFEE!                      Other               Other       
Cool FD                      Other       
Count Winter Bloodcrave      Other                                        english
CRRA Employees               Other                    Other          english, filipino
DeeDeeKeet                   Other                 DeeDeeKeet
Dr Bob                       Other       
DS Reiki Circle              Other       
Energy's Soul Mission        Other       
Eyecandy Themes              Other                 eyecandythemes.ning.comEnglish
                             Other                 Shadows Vampire english
Fallen Creations Teen Vampire Community & Silken fcvcgroup.ning.comCommunity
Floortime Repository         Other       
Flowers of Happiness and Peace                                            English
FriendLog                    Other                  Other        english and filipino and visaya
Frizzey Greif                Other                                        E
                                          nglish, German
Frontendrecruiting           Other                                        English
                                          Other                                            English
                                          Other                                        english
Gorewhore Network            Other                                        English
HEVEANSANGELSPARADISE        Other            Other        any
isocialize                   Other                 www.isocialize.ning.comEnglish
iSpace                       Other       
Joyful Light                 Other        Heavenly humor
KLG Unicorn Enterprises Networks                                          English
Living On Love               Other                 livingonlove.ning.comEnglish
MIphorce International       Other        English Spanish Chinese French
                             Other                  Poetry                English
Monica's Place, Bramble Icewitch, The 143 Group of,, http://the143g         Other       
My Troubled Mind             Other                 mytroubledmind.ning.comEnglish
net-workingwomen             Other                                        english
NThe ClubMasters             Other                                        English
pagans of california         Other                                        english
PAK 72                       Other       
Pals of Wayne                Other       
Paranormal Devon UndiscoveredOther                                        English
paranormalzone               Other                          Other                Engligh
RoadHouseRockers             Other                                        english
                                          but translators available on main page
Simply An Inspired Life    Other English
snow wolfs themes and more...                            English
SOCIAL EXCHANGE NETWORK    Other                         ENGLISH
Southern New England Paranormal                          English
Standing For Truth         Other                         English
The Arisbe Network         Other       English
The Grief Retreat Network  Other
The Hidden Dimension       Other                         English
Think World Peace CampaignOther                          English
Truly Connected            Other
Truth in Life              Other english
TutoBook                   Other English
Unavailable                Other
Venus over Pan             Other english
World Internet Group       Other
Youtube Gatherings         Other
    Preview Network               Subcategory              Community Rating                 Location
                                Healing      G                          Apple Valley, CA
                                Translators and Interpreters            Mature (not quite R)       St-Louis                           El Paso
                                Barter/Trade     G                          Bluffton, SC
                                Prosperity     G                          Beverly Hills, CA
                                News     G                          Mount Holly, NC     G                          Butuan City
                                Travel,City,Cafe,Coffee G                                 Zagreb, Croatia.        G                          Santa Monica, CA
                                Bereivment,Estate Planning,Estate Counceling,      PG-13                      Bloomfield
                                Gourmet coffee, tea, premium G beverages                      Kent, WA
                                cancer awareness     PG                         San Jose, CA     G     Mature (not quite R)       amarillo tx     G                          North GA                               Chicago, IL     G                          Colorado
                                Modern Radio Drama G                              River Rouge
                                spirituality         G                          Columbus, OH
                                Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Abundance G                               Central Alberta
                                Ning Themes and Resources G                              Staten Island, NY
                                Vampire Community     G
                                Autism G                              visiting earth                               Zabrze     G                          Chalmers, IN     G                          bxu
                                love, light, art, artist, producer,
                                                               G                          Earth - Universe - Tirolywood composer, film, music, studio, cosmopolite, writer, . .
                                Recruiting     G                          Frisco TX
                                Home based business     G                          Sydney,NSW
                                Best High School In The World     G                          Charlotte, NC
                                For people who love Gore PG-13                                 Adelaide, South Australia.                               Saint Louis, MO
                                DATING                           tampa
                                outdoor     G                          austin     G
                                New Paradigm, Heaven on Earth                               Belleville
                                Hair and Beauty G                              SFV     G
                                shopping,retail,ebay,amazon,leads,advertising,rebate,stores G                               Dallas
                                Animals, Fairies, Poetry G                                 New York
                                Beauty G                              Weehawken, NJ     PG-13                      New York, New York     G
                                Club nightlife,,dancing     G                          ATL Ga PG-13                          La Mesa, CA
                       (not quite R)             Leerdam Holland Europe Earth     G                          Cumming, GA
                                paranormal, hauntings, southwest, plymouth, pdu productions, paranormal devon undiscovered Mature (not quite R)           Plymouth
                                ghosts     R
                                Caribbean Nationals      G                          St. James
                                music , industry releases                               California
                                Retoration of the HistoricalG linguistic perspective to the Bible         &                               Oregon City,OR.
                                Inspiration   G                                Saint Petersburg, FL
                                ning css themes and layouts   PG-13                            Dayton, OH
                                share your opportunties with G the world                          Orangeburg
                                Paranormal   G                                Central Village, CT
                                Word of God First G                                   Oregon
                                philosophy, spirituality, culture   G                                New York, NY
                                bereavement                               Northern California
                                Think World Peace Campaign   G                                London, Ontario
                                for everybody   G                                Belleville, MI
                                consciousness, truth, government, health, education, wellbeing, development, education, resea (not quite R)                Countryside of Northern Virginia
                                Collection of videotutorialsG and how to's.   G                                Las Vegas, NV
                                LOVE, BEAUTY, ROMANCE, PLEASURE, GODDESS, EXPRESSION   Mature (not quite R) G                                  Sydney   PG-13                            Houston
                  Country              Community Tags                 Member Count
             United States                                          266
                                  "EFT video training", EFT, "Emotional Freedom Technique"
             Senegal                                                34
                                  translators, interpreters, freelancers, "marketing translation services", "selling translation services"
             United States        videos,fun,pictues,music          43
             United States                                          3
                                  "barters basement", barter, trade, swap, merchandise, wares, products, bath, beauty, pagan, crystals, kitc
             United States                                          1313
                                  An Exclusive Worldwide Network for the elite. By invitation only!
             United States                                          900
                                  "internet radio", education, news, activism, blogging, media
             Philippines          entertainment                     4000+
             Croatia                                                102
             United States        sound, entertainment industry 350
             United States        Keeping There Memory Alive 50
             United States                                           Fine
                                  Coffee, North Star, North Star 105 Coffees, Bryan, Bryan-David, Bryan-David Scott, mycoffee, mycoffee!
             United States        cancer,awareness,                 ...
             Canada                                                 WIlson Junior
             United States        vampires,werewolves,paranormal    4
             United States                                          2
                                  Coosawattee, "Coosawattee River Resort", CRRA, Employees, Photos, Forms, Documents, Calendars, S
             United States        we connect                        538
             United States        couple                            1
             United States                                          14
                                  "Sherlock Holmes","Kincade the Strange Seeker","Harry Nile","Jim French","Larry Albert","Movies for your
                                  reiki                             173
              Canada                                                112
                                  Reiki, EFT, Natural, Health, Switchwords, Peace, Astrology, Totem, mudras, yoga, soul talk
              United States                                         1
                                  ning,ningthemes,resources,tutorials,css,scripts,information,share,ideas,ning templates,ning skins,skins 4
              United States       vampire,blood,night,energy 100 & 418 - as of 10/14/08
              United States                                         1799
                                  autism,autism spectrum disorder,adhd,PddNos,aspergers,sensory processing disorder, neurological disor
              Poland                                                468
                                  peace,love,friendship,poetry,blogs,videos,photos,flowers, happiness,ning
              United States       friends                           44
              Philippines         entertainment                     31
niverse - Tirolywood                                                connection
              United States                                         28
                                  recruiting, research, "competitive intelligence","internet research",sourcing,sourcer
              Australia           Business                          26
              United States       fun, entertainment, videos etc 208
              Australia                                             2000+
                                  Gore, Whore, Gorewhore, xFallenAngeLx666, emo, emos, goth, gothic, metal head, metalhead, metal, he
              United States                                         9
                                  COME JOIN THE FUN RELAX, CHILL, AND ENJOY YOURSELF
              United States       FIND LOVE                         19
              United States                                         49
                                  videos, music, entertainment, outdoors, network
              United States       ispace                            37
              United States                                         ONE
                                  teachers, leaders, spiritual, truthseekers, those seeking their true path, artists, athletes, peacemakers, film
              United States                                         47
                                  hair, beauty, make-up. fashion, health products
              United States                                         300+
                                  love, conscious, living, joy, healing, becoming, being, growing, mind, body, soul, spirit, thoughts, peace
              United States                                         62
              United States                                         62, 159, 35
                                  animal lovers, fairy lovers, poetry lovers
              United States       beauty,borghese,cosmetics,skincare400+
              United States                                         27
              South Africa                                
                                  networking, marketing, advertising, women
              United States       dancing,videos of great dancers   24
              United States                                         10
                                  pagan, witch, wiccan, Wicca, witchcraft, heathen, spiritual, occult, goddess
              Netherlands         MetalClusters ArtAllSort          Beats me (357?)
              United States       test site                         3
              United Kingdom      videos, entertainment, ghosts,26   paranormal interest
              United Kingdom      ghosts                            7
              Trinidad and Tobago caribbean, trinidad               686
              United States                                         115
United States   Rabbinacle teaching              176 ~~
United States                                    1
                support, "self help", inspiration, quotes, "self worth", choice, "positive attitude", happiness, forgiveness, gra
United States   css, themes, layouts, learning 66 and rising
United States                                    7
United States                                    2
                Paranormal, Unexplained, ghosts, hauntings,
United States   standing,strong,word,make,free   3
United States                                    4
                philosophy, spirituality, culture, politics, christian, catholic, orthodox, russian, conservative, paleoconserva
United States   memorials,                       8
India           fantasy, roleplay, game, fun 3
Canada                                           300
United States                                    still counting
                empowerment, wealth, connection, networking, enlightenment,
United States                                    building... havent launched yet
                consciousness, truth, government, health, education, wellbeing, development, education, research
                videotutorial, tutorial, manual, how to, learn, learning, teach, article
United States   personal                         1
Australia       Group,Videos,                    150
                youtube,gatherings,meetup 204

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