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					                                                                      Resume of David J. Boccabella
                                                                                  September 2002

                              Curriculum Vitae
                              David J. Boccabella

I am IT professional with over 25 years experience in the industry and have worked in
many sectors both private and public providing my skills and expertise. I can draw on my
experiences to find solutions to difficult problems and implement them in a timely manner.
During my chosen career I have gained a wide knowledge of various industries and have
learned to view a computer as a tool to assist others rather that the focal point of my
career. I enjoy helping people to realise the full potential of their tools and will take the time
to explain complex concepts to assist them in understanding the processes involved.
I have work both as a contractor and as a full time employee in a variety of positions and
enjoy working either as an individual or in a team. I am a strong team player and prefer to
work towards a harmonious and productive environment. When I am working as an
individual I am self-motivated and can work with minimal supervision.
I have a strong customer focus and firmly believe that they are the primary reason for my
employment. I am committed to ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the results and
will take a keen interest in the customer’s industry to achieve this.
I have demonstrated success as a Systems Analyst, Programmer, and Technician and
have an excellent understanding of the IT industry. This has proved invaluable when
diagnosing problems that cover hardware, software, networking, and Internet/Intranet.
One of my best qualities is an agile and inquiring mind. I have never stopped learning and
have seldom found myself incapable of coping with whatever situation I find myself in.
I look forward to new challenges and learning new skills in a dynamic and progressive

David J. Boccabella

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                                                                       Resume of David J. Boccabella
                                                                                   September 2002

ADDRESS:         72 Silvereye Crescent.
                 Spring Mountain, QLD, 4124.

TELEPHONE:       0416 264 637 (Mobile Phone)
                 (07) 3200 0108 (Home)

HEALTH:          Excellent (non-smoker)

EMAIL:           DJB@Anubis-Systems.DnsAlias.Com

CITIZENSHIP:     Australian.

EDUCATION:       Blackfriars Priory College

SHORT COURSES:   Microprocessor Programming (Regency Park Community College – Adelaide)
                 Electronic Technicians Course (Regency Park Community College – Adelaide)

SEMINARS:        Microsoft TECHED 1999
                 Microsoft Developers Forums 2000

MEMBERSHIPS:     South Australian Visual Basic Group

INTERESTS:       Woodworking, Writing, Electronics, and Mascot costume making

PERSONAL:        I am enthusiastic and have a good sense of humour. I enjoy working with people in
                 a productive environment.

REFEREES:        Kay Armstrong (GCCC, Nerang)
                 Julie Walpole (GCCC, Nerang)
                 Patrick Booth (Corporate Village Solutions Pty Ltd, Brisbane, 07 3846 3444)
                 Julian Biddle (Technology One Pty Ltd, Brisbane)
                 Peter Berlin (EDS, Adelaide)

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                                                                       Resume of David J. Boccabella
                                                                                   September 2002

Languages – Proficient.                       Databases Systems
   Visual Basic 5 & 6                           MS-Access (2, 95, & 2000)
   Visual Interdev                              SyBase
   Active Server Pages                          MS-SQL (6.6,7, & 2000)
   Microsoft Access (95, 2000)                  Oracle (7 & 8)
   Transact SQL (MS SQL Server 6.5-2000)        RDMS
   ZIM                                          MYSQL
   Informix                                     Dbase
   Basic                                        Informix
   JavaScript                                   Ingress
   VBA
   HTML                                      Additonal Utilities
   FoxPro                                       Microsoft Office 2000 Professional

   C-Line                                       Front Page

   Dbase and Clipper                            WordPerfect 4.2 (XENIX, Dos)
                                                 Ventura DTP Ver 1.1 2 2+PE
                                                 CorelDraw (2.01, 3.0 & 4.0)
Languages – Exposure
                                                 Visio
   VB.NET
                                                 Microsoft Project
                                                 Microsoft Money
   TODAY (4GL)
                                                 ABC Flowcharter
   Pronto
                                                 EasyCase
   Powerbuilder
                                                 Power Designer DB Case
                                                 Spyworks
Operating Systems
                                                 True-Grid
   Windows 2000 (Pro, Serv., Adv Serv)
   Windows NT 4
                                              Additional Skills
   Windows 95/98/ME                             Computer Technician
   Unix (Sco, Solaris, Red-Hat, HP, Xenix)      Desk Top Publisher
   VMS                                          Magazine Production Graphic Artist
   OS/2                                         Receptionist
   CP/M, MP/M                                   Secretarial
                                                 Web Master
                                                 NT Administrator
                                                 Unix Administrator

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                                                                               Resume of David J. Boccabella
                                                                                           September 2002

Company:                              Corporate Village Solutions (Brisbane)
Position:                             Systems Analyst/Programmer
Dates:                                01/09/2001 – 27/09/2002
I was initially contracted to CVS to work on the Backflow Prevention Licensing System for the Gold Coast City
Council. This was an MS-Access application with a Oracle database backend. My duties included the
development and implementation of changes from system specifications, writing upgrade SQL scripts, liasing
with the staff to clarify their requirements, and writing the user manual.
Whilst I was working for CVS I was offered a second contract to redevelop a Powerbuilder application for a US
based company. This was an on-line web based booking system. I was required to reverse engineer the
business rules, and to redevelop the application using ASP, HTML, JavaScript, and Visual Basic. With the
successful completion of the first phase I was asked to write a second phase with was a Visual Basic
application that could use the companies database from anywhere in the world. A further phase included the
development of a database driven web site that uses Visual Basic components.

Company:                          Technology One Pty Ltd (Brisbane)
Position:                         Technical Programmer
Dates:                            01/03/1998 – 09/05/2001
Technology One is a local company providing several world class products to the market. These are Finance
One (mid to large financial), Student One (university student administration), People One (HR management),
and Proclaim One (council administration).
Underlying all of these products is Technology One’s rapid development system called the Application
Development Framework (ADF). I worked in the ADF department for three years developing cutting edge tools
such as VB Controls, COM modules, Crystal Report front-ends, and Internet back-ends. The primary
databases that I used were MS-SQL, Oracle, Informix, and Ingress and these were accessed using MTS and
proprietary developed middleware..
My last year was in the Student One division where I was responsible for tracking issues in the product and
developing new features.

Company:                          D.E.T.A.F.E (Adelaide)
Position:                         System Analysis/Programmer (Internet)
Dates:                            11/06/97 – 22/12/97
D.E.T.A.F.E. was developing a large intranet application to consolidate it’s students, staffing, and
administration records. This was developed using MS-SQL 7 for the database, MS NT Server 4 & IIS3 for the
web platform, and Visual Interdev for the application. Visual Basic and RDO was used for many of the data
collating functions. I was a key person and was involved in all aspects of the project. My primary role was in
the database development and SQL scripting, and I was called on to use my skills as an ASP and Visual Basic
developer to create solutions to enable the interfacing to different databases like RDMS, Oracle, Informix, and

Company:                           Western Mining Corp (Adelaide)
Position:                          System Analysis/Programmer
Dates:                             21/02/97 – 7/06/97
Western Mining Corp was developing the Olympic Dam mine site, and required an Analyst/Programmer. I
used my MS-Access and Visual Basic skills to develop Asset Management and Site Development tools. These
were distributed over 4000 computers and would use MS-SQL and Oracle database backends. Another
application was a Intranet News Service which could also function as part of the mines emergencies process
to inform staff of potentially dangerous situations.

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                                                                                 Resume of David J. Boccabella
                                                                                             September 2002

Company:                         United Technologies (Adelaide)
Position:                        System Analysis/Programmer
Dates:                           01/06/96 – 20/02/97
United Technologies is a small network of people whom specialise in providing technical solutions. I was
involved as a consultant for Visual Basic and Internet solutions. I developed several applications in Visual
Basic, Access, and HTML/VBScript for local clients. These were cutting edge technologies in an arena where
internet applications were primarily in the C and UNIX web server domain.

Company:                           F.H. Faulding (Adelaide)
Position:                          System Analysis/Programmer
Dates:                             01/03/96 - 24/05/96
F.H. Fauldings is one of the primary pharmaceutical companies in Australia and heavily involved in the
development of new medications. I was contracted to write a set of macro driven spreadsheets in Microsoft
Excel to assist in the validation of results of new products for the Federal Drug Authorities. During my contract
I also successfully interfaced Microsoft Excel to the LIMS laboratory equipment and thus saved a considerable
amount of the staff time since they previously has to enter the results by hand.

Company:                         Prodata Solutions (Adelaide)
Position:                        System Analysis/Programmer
Dates:                           21/11/93 - 20/02/96
Prodata Solutions is a software house specialising in the Microsoft/Unix environment. I was one of the key
developers and was involved in both internal and external projects. I was required to develop in a variety of
languages including Visual Basic, FoxPro, C++, Microsoft Access, Cobol, and Delphi.
I was involved in a number of projects that covered all aspects of the computing industry from Inventory
Control, Promotional software, and Resource Management. The primary databases I used were MS-SQL, MS-
Access, Clipper, Dbase, Oracle, Informix and Btrieve

Company:                          AWA Transponder (Adelaide)
Position:                         System Analysis/Programmer
Dates:                            21/02/93 - 30/06/93
AWA Transponder manufactures a fuel dispensing system utilising dedicated consoles and PC’s in a network.
I was required to rewrite the existing Dataflex system into a Windows environment. The client’s main
requirement for the new application was that it was multilingual and easy to use. My role was initially to design
the specifications, and then manage a team of two other programmers to develop the application. The
language used was Visual Basic 3.0, with C interfaces to embedded control systems. The database was
developed in Access 1.1, and Powerbuilder was used for the reports.

Company:                         Data Action Pty Ltd. (Adelaide)
Position:                        Analyst/Programmer (Contract)
Dates:                           23/07/92 - 01/02/93
Data Action provides computer support for a several Credit Unions. I was contracted to write front end
applications using Visual Basic. These applications include a customer enquiry system using touch screens, a
bank teller work station, and a middleware application for a PICK system.

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                                                                          Resume of David J. Boccabella
                                                                                      September 2002

Company:   Telecom Australia (TTS Adelaide).
Duties:-   Analyst/Programmer for Clipper applications.

Company:   Telecom Australia (TTS Melbourne).
Duties:-   Analyst/Programmer for SCO Foxpro applications. On XENIX and Sun system.

Company:   Paintek. (Melbourne)
Duties:-   Analyst/Programmer developing a stencil cutting program for truck detailing.

Company:   ACHOS. (Melbourne)
Duties:-   A/P developing ZIM 4GL pharmaceutical application

Company:   Paladin 2000. (Adelaide)
Duties:-   A/P developing military applications in Visual Basic

Company:   Australis Microcomputers. (Melbourne)
Duties:-   A/P developing real time help desk application in Informix. Used by Mobil Oil

Company:   RAAF (Contract via Fairmores) (Melbourne)
Duties:-   A/P developing automated desktop publishing systems in Foxpro and Ventura Publisher,
           Staff Management system developed in Informix.

Company:   TECNAV Pty Ltd (Contract via Fairmores)
Duties:-   A/P developing automated desktop publishing systems in Foxpro and Ventura Publisher.

Company:   Merimcourt Pty Ltd (Contract via Fairmores) (Melbourne)
Duties:-   A/P developing automated magazine generator using ZIM and Ventura Publisher

Company:   Fairmore Pty Ltd (Adelaide)
Duties:-   A/P and Unix System Admin. Various projects using ZIM, Dbase, TODAY, and Pronto

Company:   System Support Pty Ltd. (Adelaide)
Duties:-   A/P and Unix System Admin. Various projects using ZIM, Dbase, TODAY, and Pronto

Company:   HiSoft Pty Ltd. (Adelaide)
Duties:-   A/P, Unix System Admin, Hardware Technician, Various projects using Dbase and Basic

Company:   Software Craftsmen (Adelaide)
Duties:-   A/P developing various projects using C, C-Line, and Dbase.

Company:   Vision Computer Corporation. (Adelaide and Sydney)
Duties:-   A/P developing a Pharmaceutical Package program for Chemists using Basic and Pascal.

Company:   Retal Software/Computermart Pty Ltd (Adelaide)
Duties:-   A/P, Team Management. Developing a Retail POS system using Basic.

Company:   University of Adelaide, Department of Psychiatry (Adelaide)
Duties:-   A/P development using video processing and Basic. Subsequent program was featured on
           Beyond 2000.

Company:   Swineprofit Corporation (Adelaide)
Duties:-   A/P developing animal husbandry and genealogy programs in Basic and Dbase.

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