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					                     Preliminary Student Report Template

Your district/school may choose to send preliminary scores to parents prior to the release of
the final reports. If your district/school chooses to distribute the preliminary scores, you may
use the Report Template provided on the Documentation page at

The following steps will provide instructions on how to download the preliminary scores and
use the file to populate and print Preliminary Student Reports.

Please note: Some computers and applications may be set up differently than those used to
create these instructions. Please verify the Preliminary Student Reports before distributing
them to students.

1. To save the preliminary scores:
      o Log in to the Management Tools on the ISAT website
      o Click on “Testing Main Page”
      o Click on the administration name
      o Click on “View Results”
      o Choose the school, subject and grade level
      o Choose either all results or results by a specific teacher/class
      o Download XLS file (not the PDF). Save the file to your computer.

2. To open the Report Template:
      o Click on “Documentation” on the ISAT Website
      o Click on the “ISAT Preliminary Student Report Template” link for the subject
        NOTE: Each subject has a separate template and it is imperative that the correct
        template is used.
      o Save the file to your computer
3. To create the preliminary reports for students:
      o Open the report template for the correct subject in MS Word
      o If the following box pops up, click “No” and the report template will open normally

     o   Open the Mail Merge function (usually found in “Tools”, “Letters and Mailings”)
     o   Choose “Letters”
     o   Click “Next: Starting Document” in the Mail Merge task pane
     o   Choose “Use the current document”
     o   Click “Next: Select Recipients” in the Mail Merge task pane
     o   Choose “Use an existing list”
     o   Click “Browse”
     o   Choose the preliminary score file saved on your computer
     o   Click “OK” at the “Select Table” window
     o Uncheck the first line of data at the “Mail Merge Recipients” window

     o Click “OK”
     o Click “Next: Write your letter” in the Mail Merge task pane
     o Click “Next: Preview your letters” in the Mail Merge task pane
     o Verify that the student demographic information and the student scores are in the
       correct locations in each memo by clicking on the Recipient arrows in the top of the
       Mail Merge task pane.
     o Click “Next: Complete the Merge” in the Mail Merge task pane
     o Click “Print” to print the reports directly on your printer
     o Click “Edit Individual Letters” to view the reports before printing
                o Choose which student records to view/edit

4. To save the preliminary reports:
      o Click “File”, “Save As”
      o Save the reports on your computer

Customer Service
If you need assistance, please contact the ISAT Project Team at 1-866-572-2050 or e-mail at

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