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									                              AOSA Research Partnership Grant

         The purpose of the AOSA Research Partnership Grant is to encourage joint research
           related to Orff Schulwerk by music teachers (serving as primary investigator and
           team leader) and experienced researchers. For possible examples please refer to the
           document entitled Research Committee Initiatives on the AOSA Research website
         To make available, through the Isabel McNeill Carley Library, the findings, evidence,
           and documentation of sponsored research projects

        The grant is open to any research team that includes at least one practicing music teacher
        of grades PK-12 in a school setting and one faculty member with substantial research
        experience at a college or university. Team members are expected to collaborate closely
        in designing and implementing a research project. The practicing music teacher must be
        a member of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association and serve as primary researcher
        in the project; the college faculty members will serve in an advisory role.

         Grant requests of $100 to $800 will be considered
         In some cases, partial funding may be granted
         A maximum of three proposals per year will be awarded up to $800 each to cover
           expenses related to the research project.

        Requirements (See application.)
         AOSA National Membership
         Résumé reflecting knowledge of or expertise in Orff Schulwerk
         Letter of reference
         Completed Research Grant Application

         January 15 and July 15 of each year
         Notification will be made by April 1 or October 1, accordingly

      Submit the application form and proposal by January 15 or July 15 of each year.
      Notification will be made by March 31 or September 30 accordingly. Send to:

                                 American Orff-Schulwerk Association
                                 Attn: Research Chair
                                 PO Box 391089
                                 Cleveland OH 44139-8089

Revised 03/10
                             American Orff-Schulwerk Association
                                  Music and Movement Education
                                         PO Box 391089
                                      Cleveland, OH 44139
                                         (440) 543-5366

                         Partnership Research Grant Application

Members of the Research Committee and the Research Advisory Panel will evaluate this
proposal. Each member will receive a copy of Section 4 only. Please be certain that your
name does not appear in this application beyond Section 3. Final selections are made by the
AOSA National Board of Trustees upon recommendation of the Research Committee.


Name of PI:
Institutional Affiliation:
City, State, Zip:
Home Number:
E-mail Address:
AOSA Chapter Affiliation:
AOSA Membership #:
Fax #:

Project Title:
Name of College/University Partner:
Institutional Affiliation:
City, State, Zip:
Home Number:
E-mail Address:
AOSA Chapter Affiliation:
AOSA Membership #:
Fax #:

Any Additional Research Team Partners:
Name and Institution:
Name and Institution:
Name and Institution:

Date Submitted:

                      By submitting this application, applicants agree to
                      the conditions stated in section 3 of this document.

Revised 03/10
Section 2:

A. Please include a résumé which indicates:
   1. Previous and current positions and duties
   2. Education
   3. Training in Orff Schulwerk (Include training in Levels and other courses as well as
   4. Other relevant experience
   5. Articles or publications
   6. Work experience in Orff Schulwerk (place, grade levels, clinical situations)
   7. Previous experience with research.

B. Include at least one letter of reference from someone who is acquainted with your work and
   the work you would do as researcher of this project.

Section 3:

A. Briefly describe how the results of the research will be disseminated.

B. Upon accepting the grant, applicants agree to:
   1. Share the findings of the study at an AOSA national conference within 2 to 3 years of the
      completion of the work. (A portion of the awarded funding will be reserved by AOSA to
      pay the conference registration fee for the conference during which grant recipients
      present their research. All other travel expenses remain the responsibility of the grant
   2. Submit a written summary of the findings to the Editorial Board of The Orff Echo (The
      complete study may be submitted to another professional journal.).
   3. Provide one bound and one electronic copy of the completed study to the AOSA
      Research Chair for the Isabel McNeill Carley Library. (Include an Abstract,
      Introduction, Review of Related Literature, Methodology, Results, Discussion/Summary,
      and a Bibliography
   4. Print the following statement as acknowledgement within the study and in any
      subsequent publication of the study:
          “This project was supported in part by a Research Grant from the American Orff-
          Schulwerk Association. Funding of this research project does not imply endorsement
          of a specific method, philosophy, or approach by the American Orff-Schulwerk

        If the grant recipient fails to comply, AOSA reserves the right to recall this funding.

Revised 03/10
Section 4:
The proposal is limited to 15 pages. It must be typed and double-spaced, and it should include
the following components

A. Introduction
   1. Title of project.
   2. Introduction and general statement of the research purpose.
   3. Justification for the study.
   4. A specific statement of the research question(s), including definitions of terms.

B. Related Research
   This section may include background information, examination of studies closely related to
   the proposed research, and references about methodological concerns. Make clear how each
   study cited in this section relates to the proposed study.

C. Methodology
   This section will include the sample population, setting, data collection procedures, data
   analysis, and timeline.

D. Dissemination Plan
   This section may include a plan for the dissemination of results in professional publications
   and presentations (one of which must include the AOSA National Conference, as stated in
   Section 3).

E. Bibliography

F. Itemized Budget Proposal
   The budget proposal should include service fees, equipment, supplies, administration, travel,
   and any other expenses. Make clear how much you are requesting from AOSA Research
   Funds and how much will come from other sources. Following are examples of fundable
   budget items:
    Service fees: trade dues, editing fees, data entry, data analysis, transcribing, (not salaries
      or graduate assistantship stipends)
    Equipment: software, external hard drive or flash drive, microphone, camera, video
      camera, (not computers, music instruments or furniture)
    Supplies: tapes, paper, DVDs, CD ROMs, books, scores,
    Administration: Postage, printing
    Travel: pertaining to non-local data collection (not for dissemination of results)

G. Budget Justification
   This section should include a detailed justification of each item in the budget proposal.

Revised 03/10
vised 03/10

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