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					                  STATE OF TENNESSEE
                  500 JAMES ROBERTSON PARKWAY
                  NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 37243-5065

                              REGULATORY BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS
                                   DISCIPLINARY ACTION FORM
      Date              APRIL 30, 2003              Board/Commission                  Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission
       Contact Name                                Judy Kanakrieh                      Phone                741-2711

 APRIL 30, 2003 Disciplinary Actions
         Name                     Address              Action/Penalty                            Statute/Rule
                            3001 Bristol Hwy.
Cherokee Suzuki-Daewoo                               Paid a Civil Penalty
                            Johnson City, TN                                TCA 55-17-109 and 55-17-114
                                                     of $1,500.00
                            373 North Water          Paid a Civil Penalty
Look Look Used Cars, Inc.                                                   TCA 55-17-114
                            Gallatin, TN             of $7,500.00
                                                     Paid a Civil Penalty
Brentwood Import Auto       128 Pewitt Drive
                                                     of $500.00             TCA 55-17-114
Care, Inc.                  Brentwood, TN 37027
                            2131 Chapman Rd.
                                                     Paid a Civil Penalty
Pye Acura Mazda             Chattanooga, TN                                 TCA 55-17-110 and 55-17-114
                                                     of $5,000.00
Musicland Motor Co.         1118 N. Gallatin Rd.     Paid a Civil Penalty
                                                                            TCA 55-17-114
                            Madison, TN 37115        of $250.00
                            6000 Shallowford Rd.
                            Chattanooga, TN          Paid a Civil Penalty
Budget Car & Truck Sales                                                    TCA 55-17-114 And Rule 0960-1-.12
                            37422                    of $4,500.00

Cumberland Imports, Inc.    2517 Dickerson Pike      Paid a Civil Penalty
                                                                            TCA 55-17-114 and Rule 0960-1-.19
                            Nashville, TN 37207      of $150.00(Partial)

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