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									     JUNE 2003

                                A CREDIT UNION TECHNOLOGY NEWSLETTER

                          Beaumont Area Educators FCU
F EATURES                   Converts to WebFederal2 TM
Beaumont Area
                            Internet Banking Solution
Educators FCU
Converts to               PM Systems’ in-depth conversion process has given this credit union an
WebFederal2TM             almost seamless transition to the new Internet Banking System. Plus, by
Internet Banking          offering an easy and effective bill payment system, balance alerts,
     Pages 1 & 2
                          e-statements and check images, the WebFederal2TM Internet Banking
Internet Banking Trends   Solution has received good reviews from the credit union’s members.
“Home” Banking
      Page 2
                               This year, at the end of March,         with the credit union throughout the whole
                          Beaumont Area Educators FCU of               conversion process. He states, “Working
WebFederal2 TM
                          Beaumont, Texas adopted PM Systems’          in partnership with an innovative credit
A Powerful and            WebFederal2TM Internet Banking and Bill      union such as Beaumont was very exciting
Affordable Solution       Payment Solution. Jimmy Lackey,              and extremely helpful. Beaumont’s ideas
to Internet Banking       Executive Vice President at Beaumont,        helped add quality and functionality to the
      Page 3              was involved in the decision to go with      Internet Banking product.”
                          PM Systems since the incep-
Credit Unions             tion of the project in 2002.
Renew Network                  “We were looking for a
Security Assessment       vendor who could provide us
Subscriptions             with more than just a prod-
     Pages 4 & 5          uct,” Lackey said in a recent
                          interview. “Obviously price
“Trade Secrets”           was a factor, and PM
Helpful Hints & Tips      Systems provided us the price level we
for Credit Unions         were looking for. But we were also look-
     Page 6               ing for a vendor who could customize the
                          Internet Banking site to be seamless with
                          our informational website. We wanted
                          flexibility, ease of maintenance and inno-
                          vative features. Other features such as
                          on-line check image viewing and balance
                          alerts have provided us with growth in the
                          number of members using the site.”
                               Tom Campbell, Software Services
                          Manager at PM Systems, was also involved                              ...continued on page 2
Beaumont Area                                   One area of concern that credit unions have as they consider moving from one
                                           vendor to another is the issue of bill payment data conversion. PM Systems’ conver-

Educators FCU                              sion process enables the member to have an almost seamless experience in moving
                                           to the new system. All future dated payments are converted and sent out on sched-

Converts to                                ule. In addition, all payee data is converted and displayed in the new site, enabling
                                           those members to move to the new process with no re-keying of information.

WebFederal2 TM                                  Jimmy Lackey has been the point person for Internet Banking at Beaumont for
                                           several years and he is pleased to be working with PM Systems. One aspect of this
             ...continued from page 1      that makes his life easier is that he has a close working relationship with the product
                                           specialists at PM Systems.
                                                “I feel like I can call them at any time and get someone on the phone right away.
Enhancements this credit                   And when I suggest changes to the functionality of the site they are always ready to
                                           help and implement these suggestions quickly. In addition, PM Systems is always
union added to their                       adding new features to their back office area that allow our staff the ability to modify
Internet Banking System                    the site on demand, as well as use the various administrative functions that apply to
                                           the members.”
                                                Since going live with the new site, Beaumont has received many favorable com-
1. In addition to a new Internet Banking
                                           ments from its members. By offering an easy and effective bill payment system, bal-
site, Beaumont also introduced a new
                                           ance alerts, e-statements, check images, and timely information about member-
Bill Payment product using PM
                                           appropriate products the WebFederal2TM Internet Banking Solution brings significant
Systems’ CheckFederalTM in-house bill
                                           value to the members. And by being significantly less expensive than similarly fea-
payment process.
                                           tured services, the credit union receives more value at lower costs. The new
2. In partnership with Corporate
                                           WebFederal2TM site is helping achieve the mission of the credit union.
Network Ecom, PM Systems provided
                                                Beaumont Area Educators Federal Credit Union currently has assets of
an ACH enabled, “pay anyone” bill pay-
                                           $180,300,039 and a membership of 29,130.
ment system.

                                                         Internet Banking Trends
        “Home” Banking?
        “Work” Banking is more like it. As a provider of Online Banking, PM Systems has seen first hand the traf-
        fic patterns associated with these websites. Traffic, both in terms of number of users and pages viewed
        decreases substantially in periods when people are expected to be home. In figure 1, note the 5 days up,
        2 days down trend... you guessed it; weekdays verses weekends. Figure 2 shows the most active hours
        of the day, which generally runs from 12:00AM to 1:00PM.... lunch breaks. This type of information is help-
        ful in understanding your online users, and in suggesting some obvious dos and don’ts. For instance,
        since your users are generally viewing your website from work, audio and background sounds shouldn’t
        generally be used.
        Figure 1                                              Figure 2
WebFederal2 TM                                                                              WebFederal2 was made easy with the
                                                                                            help of Pam Reutebuch at PM

A Powerful and Affordable                                                                   Systems. JPPCU has found that work-
                                                                                            ing with PM Systems has taken our

Solution to Internet Banking                                                                credit union to the next level.”
                                                                                                Jacksonville Postal & Professional
                                                                                            Credit Union currently has assets of
There was a time when only large credit unions could afford to                              $40,341,292 and a membership of
                                                                                            6,600 people.
offer the convenience and security of Internet Banking. Today that
is no longer true. Smaller credit unions are making the transition
and reaping the benefits.                                                                   WebFederal2TM provides
                                                                                            credit unions with an
                                                                                            Internet Banking System
     The       WebFederal2TM Internet         This web-site is ours - customized to fit
                                                                                            that is 30-40% less costly
Banking Solution developed by PM              our needs and backed up by the prompt
                                                                                            than the closest competitor
Systems Corporation, provides credit          technical support of the PM Systems
unions with an Internet Banking System        staff. I have always found PM Systems         It is faster, less expensive,
that is 30-40% less costly than the clos-     very easy to work with. We have been          more secure and more stable
est competitor; all of this is achieved by    in business together for over 10 years
                                                                                            “Edit-In-Place" technology
using "state of the art" technology and       and every time that I have had a ques-
                                                                                            lets you change your website
software. It is faster, less expensive,       tion, they have always had an answer.”
                                                                                            and Internet Banking presence
and more stable. "Edit-In-Place" tech-              Hingham Federal Credit Union cur-
                                                                                            whenever you choose
nology allows credit unions to change         rently has assets of $38,043,647 and a
their websites and Internet Banking           membership of 5,584.                          Learn more about WebFederal2TM
presence whenever they choose to.                   Kirk    Gillum,     President      of   Contact Robert Broadwell at
     Robert Broadwell, VP of PM               Jacksonville Postal & Professional            800.233.4052 x210 or email at
Systems Corporation states, “Before           Credit Union states, “When looking for
WebFederal2        became        available,   a partner for
Internet Banking was simply too costly        our Internet
for smaller credit unions. Now, we have       Banking who
changed all of that. Regardless of their      could provide
size, smaller credit unions will be able      a solid product that also gives us flex-
to compete with the very best of their        ibility in marketing other products and
online competitors.”                          services to our members, PM
     Dottie Johnson, Chief Operating          Systems stood out among the com-
Officer, Hingham Federal Credit Union         petition. Our past relationship of
says the move to WebFederal2 has              over 17 years helped make the deci-
been just what                                sion to go with PM Systems an easy
her     members                               one. When dealing with the techni-
have been wait-                               cal side of Internet Banking, PM
ing for.      “We HINGHAM FEDERAL             Systems is there every step of the
went       on-line       CREDIT UNION         way. For a credit union our
March 15th and over the last thirty days      size, they made it possible to
the response has been more than we            offer this service to our
could have hoped for. Our members             members that at one time
want the control and convenience that         was simply too costly. Most
only 24-hour Internet Banking offers.         members who visit their
Now, they can know the status of their        credit union’s website are
accounts at a moment’s notice. They           there for one purpose - Internet
also receive statements that are clear        Banking. WebFederal2 has made it
and concise - much better than our pre-       possible to communicate vital mar-
vious statements. And in addition to all      keting information to members
of this, we have an Internet Banking          while they are in the site. The
System that gives us complete control.        transition from WebFederal to
Serious About Security
Credit Unions Renew Network Security Assessment Subscriptions
As the threat to network security grows daily, these credit unions take no chances and insure that
they are protected through the PM Systems’ CUDefenseTM Network Threat Assessment Program.
     Each day throughout the world,        qualified within the financial services      structure. Nichols notes, “We continue
thousands of hacking attempts are          industry. The tools and training our         to be pleased with the quality and
undertaken. Most large financial insti-    staff receives keep them sharp and           easy reading format of their quarterly
tutions and corporations have experi-      well equipped to identify real threats to    reports. It is especially appreciated
enced serious damage due to glaring        network security.”                           that they listened to Star One’s con-
network security failures.                      Star One Credit Union, one of the       cerns in their contacts with our IS
     As large corporations tighten up      nation’s fifteen largest credit unions       Department staff. It’s also apparent
network security, hackers are search-      with more than $2 bil-                                               that they apply
ing for easier targets. Credit unions      lion in assets, has                                                  a ‘real world’
are very likely to be a hacker’s next      renewed its annual                                                   approach     in
target as they move down the food          CUDefenseTM Security                                                 attempting to
chain searching for weaker prey.           Subscription with PM                                                 find a ‘weak
     Meeting the challenge of network      Systems Corporation for the third con-       link’ through contacts with our staff
security threats starts with a Network     secutive year. In announcing the             during the quarterly testing.”
Threat Assessment. PM Systems              security subscription renewal, PM                  PM Systems’ CUDefenseTM pro-
Corporation has assembled a team of        Systems Corporation Vice President           gram augments Star One’s in-house
professionals with the training and        Robert Broadwell noted that Star One         Information Systems staff with a team
skills needed to identify the security     Credit Union was the first credit union      devoted to staying abreast of the lat-
threats that exist within organizations    to use PM Systems’ Security                  est security issues, keeping the credit
today.                                     Assessment Services and is now its           union safe and in compliance with reg-
     Using sophisticated tools and         longest-standing security customer.          ulatory demands. Nichols states,
knowledge, they probe a credit union’s     Star One’s Vice President for Internal       “Management assigns a priority to
network for both internal and external     Audit Jim Nichols stated that “certainly     promptly resolving issues raised by
security vulnerabilities. These probing    price was attractive, but there was          PM Systems in its reports,” he said.
tools are designed to expose their         also an earned reputation for quality        PM Systems Corporation is pleased to
weaknesses using the same tech-            service that played a roll, as a result of   continue this relationship with Star
niques and methods hackers and             the Network Security Assessment PM           One Credit Union.
unscrupulous employees use. O n c e        Systems performed in 2000 for previ-               Empire Federal Credit Union in
known threats have been addressed,         ous IT management.”                          Syracuse, New York, and Hiway
the PM Systems team can implement               PM Systems Corporation has a            Federal Credit Union in St. Paul,
an on-going internal and external          tradition of working exclusively with        Minnesota have also renewed their
Network Threat Assessment. This can        credit unions, providing in-depth tech-      annual Comprehensive Network
occur on a monthly, quarterly, semi-       nical knowledge and a reputation for         Security Assessment agreements
annual, or annual basis. They work         customer service that is unmatched in        w i t h P M Systems Corporation. Bob
closely with a credit union’s auditors,    the industry. In this                                                Padula, Vice
supervisory/audit committee, security      tradition, PM Systems’                                               President of
officer, and information systems staff     CUDefenseTM Security                                                 Information
as team members engage in the quest        Assessment team pro-                                                 Technology at
for improved security.                     vides security services and deliver-         Empire FCU cites PM Systems’ repu-
     Jim Krakeel, CEO of PM Systems        ables that are accessible to credit          tation for quality and service as the
states “We bring over 18 years of          union staff at all levels of technical       key factors in their decision. “We
extensive experience to financial insti-   experience. CUDefenseTM subscrip-            looked at three vendors. Price was
tutions. Our background with local         tion services include unlimited access       not the main issue, but it eliminated
and wide area networks, firewalls,         to PM Systems’ security staff for ques-      one of the competitors who was simply
risk-assessment, and many other            tions, scanning, testing, and assis-         too expensive. When we looked at the
important areas makes us uniquely          tance implementing security infra-           overall package, PM Systems was the
best choice. The scope of work was        with anytime throughout the year.              to make sure that credit unions have
very comprehensive and fairly priced,     They have backed up this claim and             access to the security expertise need-
and after checking references we          have consulted with us many times              ed to run the organization safely in the
were confident that they had the          throughout the year whenever we                Internet age at a tremendous savings
expertise to get the job done.”           have implemented new network tech-             over hiring a dedicated staff member.
     PM Systems Corporation has prid-     nology. The biggest benefits of the            According to Bob Padula, “We felt that
ed itself on the                                               subscription is           we got tremendous return for our
                                      HIWAY                    that PM Systems
                                                               assesses our sys-
                                                                                         investment last year and expect the
                                                                                         same this year. We feel that we have a
with its credit                       FEDERAL                  tems throughout           great relationship with PM Systems
union clients.
                                      CREDIT UNION             the year, not just
                                                               once, and we can
                                                                                         and view them as partners. We were
                                                                                         looking for a company that takes our
subscription customers are encour-        call them anytime for security advice.”        credit union’s network security as seri-
aged      to    call   PM     Systems’         “All of the employees we have             ously as we do.          PM Systems
CUDefense TM staff with questions         dealt with from PM Systems have                Corporation does just that.”
regarding anything from the security of   been very professional, knowledge-
their network topology to the signifi-    able, and helpful. I would definitely
cance of the latest Microsoft Security    recommend their services to others,”                    To learn more about
Bulletin. This relationship was noted     says Hiway Federal Credit Union’s                     PM Systems’ CUDefenseTM
by both credit unions. Bob Padula         Information Systems Manager Sheri                  Security Assessment Programs
states, “An important issue was PM        Riemenschneider.                                       contact Niels Taylor at
Systems’ claim that they would be              The CUDefenseTM program was                         800.233.4052 x204
there for us, to help us implement cor-   created to help fill security voids at                        or email
rective action and for us to consult      credit unions. It is PM Systems’ goal       

                                                           Before He Does!
                                                                   NETWORK SECURITY ASSESSMENT PROGRAM
                                                                   • Evaluates your credit unions’ external and internal
                                                                     network security vulnerabilities
                                                                   • Educates credit union IT and management staff
                                                                   • Reviews security policies and procedures
                                                                   • Improves security through specific recommendations
                                                                   • Assists your credit union in meeting NCUA ISTEP guidelines

                                                                   MANAGED SECURITY & MONITORING SOLUTIONS
                                                                   •   Full-Time Intrusion Detection monitoring
                                                                   •   Blocks attackers in Real Time
                                                                   •   Monthly reports and analysis of the network
                                                                   •   Assists your credit union in meeting NCUA ISTEP guidelines
                                                                   •   Cost effective solutions

                               HELPFUL HINTS & TIPS FOR CREDIT UNIONS

                               The Most Valuable Web Page

Products                       The entry page to your Internet Banking website is the most trafficked. This is a prime area
                               where useful information can be displayed and new programs highlighted or announced. A

  Services                     Credit Union recently used this area for a small promotional bullet. As a result, they were able
                               to double the enrollment for a program in the matter of a few days.

for Credit Unions              RAID Maintenance Issues
                               Over time it is possible for a RAID array to develop errors in the data stripes, parity stripes, or
                               both. While these errors may not be apparent in a working system the symptoms become
Internet Banking Solutions     rather acute when you attempt to perform a rebuild on a degraded system. If there are errors
                               in either the data or parity stripes it may be impossible for the controller to recreate the miss-
Managed Firewall/Intrusion     ing pieces and therefore the rebuild will usually fail. It is also possible that the rebuild suc-
Detection Solutions            ceeds but that the rebuilt data is corrupted. Consistency checking is considered to be regu-
                               lar preventative maintenance and should be done on an array at least twice a month.
Network Security
Assessments                    Protect Your VPN Session From Hacking With A Firewall
                               Home PCs that connect back to any business for VPN must have a firewall to protect their
Wide Area and Local            session from being hacked. If someone attacks your system prior to you launching a VPN tun-
                               nel, that hacker could ride your VPN connection into your place of business. VPN users must
Area Networks                  protect themselves and their businesses with a personal firewall. There are free firewalls for
                               PCs that work quite well. The one available at is great for personal PCs,
Application Servers            but if you’re using a company PC, you’ll need to buy it to stay legal. In most cases, it takes
                               only 5 minutes for your computer to be hacked once it’s on the Internet. Having a firewall at
Internet/Intranet              your place of business could become nonexistent if a VPN user doesn’t have one.
Installation, Setup
                                                                                                  redit Unio n Industry For Ne
and Consulting                 CU   Trends                                                 thT
                                                                                              he C                             a rly
                                                                                        Wi                                             oD
                               A newsletter published by                            ing                                                  ec
                                                                                  er                                                        a
Enterprise Wide Virus          PM Systems Corporation as an                 t   n


                               educational service for our credit
Protection and Backup

                               union customers and friends.
Solutions                      Any comments or suggested topics
                               should be addressed to Carrie Marks
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and Support                    Phone: 800.233.4052 x255

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