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					“I Just Heard That When This Is
Over We All Have To Get Jobs.”
Career Development Center

 John Thomas Building, 3rd Floor
Peer Career Center

Student Union, 2nd Floor
“What Do You Mean You Still
  Want To Be A Cowboy?”
“I Imagine You’ll Be Interested
  In One Of The More Highly
     Visible Occupations?”
“I Haven’t Decided On A Major Yet.
• I Haven’t Even
  Chosen A Long
  Distance Phone
Employers Look For Students Who:
• Have done well in school

• Can communicate

• Have Contributed Something

• Can make the connection between their
  skills and what they can offer an employer
Opportunities For Skill Development
 •   Internships/Cooperative Education
 •   Co-curricular Involvement
 •   Summer Jobs
 •   Part-Time Jobs
 •   Volunteer Work
 •   Athletics
 •   Self-Employment
 •   Elective Classes/ Research
    College Grads Have Experience
      Under Their Mortarboards
• 71.5% had held a part-time job
• 61.2% had held summer jobs
• 46.9% had held a full-time job at one time
• 42.7% had acquired experience through an
• 2.5% reported having no work experience
       Graduating Student & Alumni Survey, National
      Association of Colleges and Employers
   Career Planning Timeline…
        Freshman Year!

• Adjust to college life and learn to be a
  successful college student.
• Explore your interests by taking a variety of
  classes; think of majors you would enjoy.
• Visit the Peer Career Center.
• Get involved in a campus organization or
     Career Planning Timeline…
    Sophomore and Junior Years!

• Take elective courses that interest you and
  which will broaden your skills.
• Develop strong relationships with faculty,
  your academic advisor, and your career
• Get involved in a leadership position.
• Research careers at Peer Career.
        Career Information Network

• An online searchable index of
  parents and alumni willing to
  provide “shadowing,” volunteer
  or internship experiences to
  current Appalachian students.
• Password is (cinonline).
       Sophomore and Junior Years
•   Volunteer in community programs.
•   Declare a major and remember skills are key.
•   Get a summer job that relates to your career.
•   Talk to lots of people about career choices.
•   “Shadow” professionals in jobs of interest.
•   Compose your resume for internship applications.
•   Do an internship!
     Career Planning Timeline...
            Senior Year
• Evaluate your skills and interests with your career
• Revise and update your resume.
• Develop your interviewing and job seeking skills.
• Focus your career preferences (places of work, job
  descriptions, etc.)
• Research employers thoroughly.
• Explore options for graduate study if interested.
     Career Planning Timeline
     Senior Year continued...
• Look at yourself as a total package:
On-Line Career Account
          • The Career Development
            Center provides an internet-
            based registration and
            resume referral system that
            is designed to bring students
            and employers closer
            together in the hiring
            process via the internet.
    When do students hear this
• In class presentations by the Career
  Development Center staff
• In clubs/organizations with guest speakers
  from the Career Development Center
• One-on-one career counseling at Peer
  Career and at the Career Development
• In programs offered on an on-going basis by
  the Career Development Center
Your student’s responsibility

    Explore, explore, explore...
What you can do as parents...
   You Say You’ll Come Back,
• But no one ever
  returns to this
  neighborhood after
  graduation from
  agricultural school
“Please Don’t Make Me Go!”

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