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Timeline Template for Teachers


Timeline Template for Teachers document sample

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									Project Activity Timeline Template – for Public Service Announcement concerning Teen

Pre-Production: Goal – Inform and educate students’ peers about teen health issues
Stage I: Inquire

The Inquire stage has two steps: Engage Learners and Build Inquiry. In these steps, teachers design activities that “hook” the students, introduces
the project topic and essential question, and has the students generating questions that help answer the essential question.

Gagne’s Events of              Inquiry Based Learning                                  Project Activities

(1) gaining attention
                               Activity 1: Engage Learners
                                                                                                    Pose a question: “What are
                                 Student performance tasks:
                                                                                                     health issues that teens are
(2) informing learners of                                                                            faced with today
the objective (expectancy)
                                           Introduced to the topic                                 Introduce the importance of
(3) stimulating recall of                  Discuss the essential question                           disseminating fact from fiction
prior learning (retrieval)                 Connect to prior knowledge

(4) presenting the stimulus
(selective perception)
                               Activity 2: Build Inquiry
                                                                                                     Discuss the question posed
                                 Student performance tasks:
                                                                                                     during Activity 1 at length in
                                                                                                     order to disseminate questions
                                           Develop probing questions that help                      they have about each issue.
                                            answer the essential question                           Determine key points in the
                                            (questions that point to specific
                                            information)                                             discussion
                                           Develop leading questions (students                     Relate questions posed to the
                                            provide their own interpretation of
                                            facts)                                                   physiological systems
                                           Write a plan for research                               Identify system and myth of
                                                                                                    Use online tutorials to learn
                                                                                                     content regarding specific

Stage 2: Investigate

This is where the research begins. Students collect data or information and start to put the research process into practice. This is also where students
organize and analyze their research.

(5) providing learning
guidance (semantic
                               Activity 3: Research Topic Student performance
                               tasks:                                                                Use online and library
encoding)                                                                                             material to review articles
                                           Research topic and collect data using a                   regarding teen health issue
(6) eliciting performance
                                            variety of resources (including Internet
                                            and print resources)
                                                                                                     Use videos / pod casts / TV to
                                                                                                      gather information about the
(7) providing feedback                                                                                issue
                                                                                                     Create and utilize surveys to
                                                                                                      disseminate teen awareness
                                                                                                      regarding their topic
                                                                                                  Initiate planning stages for
                                                                                                   Public Service Announcement
                                                                                                       o Goals
                                                                                                       o Message
                                                                                                       o Content
                                                                                                       o Myths
                                                                                                       o Facts
                                                                                                       o Resources
                               Activity 4: Analyze Findings
                                                                                                  Use project planning rubric as
                                Student performance tasks:
                                                                                                   a guide to organize findings
                                                                                                  Use Public Service
                                          Organize, cite, and analyze findings                    Announcement Rubric as a
                                           and check for validity.
                                                                                                   guide to brainstorm PSA
                                          Discuss and model how to check the
                                           reliability of sources and the                          format
                                           importance of having multiple sources
                                           of information.
                                                                                                  Critique findings and pull out
                                          Discuss and model how to cite sources                   necessary/important
                                           correctly                                               information from all sources

Stage 3: Synthesize

In the Synthesize stage, students summarize what they have found and create a product that translates their findings.

(5) providing learning
guidance (semantic
                               Activity 5: Summarize Findings Student
                               performance tasks:                                                 Collaborate with team
encoding)                                                                                          members select information to
                                          Re-examine findings and summarize                       be presented in PSA.
(6) eliciting performance
                                           ideas and form a conclusion
                                                                                                  Critique, and defend points
(7) providing feedback
                                                                                                  Reflect on final content

                               Activity 6: Produce Final Product
                                                                                                  Create a list of tasks and
                                 Student performance tasks:
                                                                                                   responsibilities for PSA, use
(5) providing learning                                                                             PSA rubric as a guideline
guidance (semantic
encoding)                                 Decide on and create a                                 Decide on medium for PSA
                                           medium/product that communicates
                                           and translates findings
                                                                                                   (PowerPoint with embedded
(6) eliciting performance                                                                          photos & video, video, Photo
                                                                                                   story, Digital Poster)
(7) providing feedback                                                                            Arrange and assign members
                                                                                                   to perform each task
                                                                                                       o Titles & Headings
                                                                                                       o Photos & Artwork
                                                                                                      o Lines (What you’re
                                                                                                          going to say)
                                                                                                      o Editing
                                                                                                      o Organizer (production
                                                                                                 Critique final product using
                                                                                                  rubrics for PSA

Stage 4: Understand

Students present and defend their findings, and reflect and evaluate their work in the Understand Stage. The ILU approach expects students to also
engage in extension activities where they can apply their new knowledge and take what they have learned a step further.

(8) assessing performance
                              Activity 7: Present and Defend
                                                                                     o Present PSA
                              Student performance tasks:
                                                                                     o Teacher & Class review of PSA
(9) enhancing retention                                                              o Present PSA during Health Fair
and transfer
(generalization)                         Present and defend research findings to      (The goal is to educate your
                                          an audience                                  peers!)

                              Activity 8: Reflect
                              Student performance tasks:
                                                                                     o Reflect on Health Fair outcomes
                                                                                          o Successful or Unsuccessful
                                         Reflect on learning experience                  o Were you able to reach
                                         If students worked in a group, they                 your target audience?
                                          reflect on how they functioned in the
                                          group. If they worked individually,
                                                                                          o Discuss interesting aspects
                                          they reflect on their process, how it               of the health fair
                                          worked and how they could improve on
                                          it next time

                              Activity 9: Extend Thinking
                                                                                     o Come up with new ideas for
                              Student performance tasks:
                                                                                       improving the PSA and Health
                                         Extend thinking to further
                                          understanding (i.e. apply new
                                          knowledge in new situation)

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