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									                                                                   SAMPLE COVER LETTER

                                                                                                     Comment [MDM1]: Return address: Where you
                                                                                                     would like a reply sent
932 E. Lincoln Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54901

October 27, 2009

Ms. Kathy Brown                                                                                      Comment [MDM2]: Always try to get a name of
                                                                                                     the person who will be reviewing the applications.
Manager, Human Resources Department
Bracken Blue Technologies
819 Mayfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60682

Dear Ms. Brown:                                                                                      Comment [MDM3]: Never use “To whom it may
                                                                                                     Comment [MDM4]: Use a colon, not a comma.
In response to your recent advertisement in the Chicago Tribune, I would like to apply for the
position of Personnel Assistant. I recently read with interest an article about Bracken Blue
Technologies in the New York Times. Your company’s research in the area of employee                  Comment [MDM5]: Indicate where you learned
                                                                                                     about the position and why you are specifically
maximization through establishment of on-site exercise and nutrition classes is an area of special   interested in this organization.
interest to me. My goal is to begin a career in Employee Relations with a company that shares
this perspective.                                                                                    Comment [MDM6]: Include your career
                                                                                                     objective or goal in this section.

My qualifications are based upon a combination of education and work experience. While
                                                                                                     Comment [MDM7]: This is your sales paragraph.
completing my major in Sociology and a minor in Business Administration at the University of         Sell your skills, experiences, and address how you
Wisconsin Oshkosh, I studied topics such as Wage and Salary Administration, Human Relations          have the specific qualifications the employer desires
                                                                                                     through a combination of your cover letter and
Management, and Social Statistics. I also completed an Honors Thesis entitled “Keeping Your          resume.
Employees Healthy: A Study in Employee Retention”. These courses gave me an understanding
of the challenges faced by personnel specialists. While pursuing my degree, I completed a
Benefit Management Internship with YYK Industries. This experience provided practical
knowledge and experience in areas such as insurance plan management and FMLA

My resume is enclosed for your review. I will contact you the week of February 10 to arrange a       Comment [MDM8]: Indicate your future
                                                                                                     plan of action.
mutually convenient time to discuss my qualifications for this position. Thank you for your time
                                                                                                     Comment [MDM9]: . Make sure to contact them
and consideration.                                                                                   unless they note(in the job posting) to not contact
                                                                                                     them. I set the date as two weeks later if sending via
                                                                                                     US Mail, one week if submitting my materials
Sincerely,                                                                                           electronically.

SIGN HERE                                                                                            Comment [MDM10]: Always sign the
                                                                                                     document. If sending electronically scan a copy of
                                                                                                     your signature and save it as a .jpg. Insert that
Oliver O. Oshkosh                                                                                    signature here.

Enclosure                                                                                            Comment [MDM11]: A reminder that the letter
                                                                                                     has an enclosure

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