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Orange County Non Profit Fundraising


Orange County Non Profit Fundraising document sample

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									Communities In Schools of Orange
                             Helping Students Learn, Stay in School and Prepare for Life

Board of Directors                                                            CISOC Staff

Dr. Tara L. Fikes                                                             Sheila D. Sholes-Ross Executive
Housing and                                                                   Director
Community Development

Valerie Foushee
Chair, Orange County                                                          Stephanie K. Bland
Board of Commissioners                                                        Director of Programs

James Harris
Town of Carrboro
Economic & Community Development                                              Shiqin Xu              Program
CIS Board Chair                                                               Assistant

Kim Hoke
Public School Foundation

Robin McDuffie
Blackman & Sloop, CPAs, PA

Dr. Neil Pedersen
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

G. Patrick Rhodes
Orange County Schools

Lisa Stuckey                                         ANNUAL REPORT
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board

Ted Triebel                                             2008-2009
Orange County School Board

Jon Wilner
Community Advocate
                                                             Communities In Schools of Orange County
                                                                       Helping Students Learn, Stay in School and Prepare for Life

                                                                         Board Chair and Executive Director Annual Statement
                                                          As we present the 2008-2009 annual report, we reflect upon the number of years of
                                                          hard work that were necessary to bring CISOC to where it is today. It has been a
                                                          pleasure to be a part of the dynamic Communities In Schools team. We are in
                                                          great appreciation to the individuals and partnering organizations that have
                                                          faithfully collaborated with CISOC to further the noble objective of giving every
                                                          child in Orange County a chance at academic success. During this fiscal year the
                                                          organization has made strides to find and fill gaps in its programming and to get to
                                                          the core of educational problems which plague area youth. For many years, CISOC
                                                          has centered its programming in the middle schools; however programming at the
                                                          high school level has been essential. The organization has understood this need for
                                                          a number of years, but needed the research and evaluations to quantify it and the
                                                          fundraising to build the capacity to achieve it. Today, our high school program is
                                                          in its second year, and CISOC is striving to meet the challenges of the 21st century
                                                          by introducing students to Green jobs. During the 2009-2010 fiscal year, we will
                                                          continue to strive towards excellence by enhancing current programming. CISOC
                                                          is unable to achieve this great challenge by itself. It is the support of current and
                                                          future donors that will allow Communities In Schools to continue to do good work!
Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009


                                                          James Harris                           Sheila Sholes-Ross

                                                          James Harris                           Sheila Sholes-Ross

                                                          Board Chair                            Executive Director

Communities in Schools of Orange County (CISOC) champions the connection of needed
community resources to schools to help young people successfully learn, stay in school and
prepare for life.

CISOC believes that every child needs and deserves:

                            A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult

                            A safe place to learn and grow

                            A healthy start and a healthy future

                            A marketable skill to use upon graduation

                            A chance to give back to peers and community

In 1992, several community partners, agencies and local schools became concerned about the overall
success of students. While researching this issue, they discovered the national Communities In Schools
effort to help students stay in school and succeed. Realizing the success of the national program, locals
began moving towards starting a Communities In Schools in Orange County and in 1994 the organization
was formed.

                                                                                                            Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009
CISOC is a non-profit, non-partisan, community based organization. By addressing social, economic,
and educational barriers, CISOC helps youth that are at risk for academic failure succeed in school!

                             Communities In Schools Of Orange County

                        151 E Rosemary St. Suite 207, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514

                            (919) 967-6677 Phone        (919) 967-2772 Fax



                                                                           Director of Programs Report 2008-2009
                                                          The 2008-2009 fiscal year for Communities In schools of Orange County was an
                                                          exciting year for programming. It has also been a very rewarding year to be in the
                                                          position of Director of Programs. As the title theme of the programs report
                                                          indicates, by closing the circle we are eliminating gaps in our programming. One
                                                          notable achievement was the continuation of the Green Awakening Math and
                                                          Science Initiative (TGA). TGA, in and of itself did not make the organization
                                                          successful, but rather it enhanced the other CISOC programs by extending
                                                          programs to serve students longer. It also concentrates on problem areas identified
                                                          by other CISOC program evaluations, and school district improvement plans.

                                                          After the successful implementation of the second summer component of The
Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009

                                                          Green Awakening Program, it was also very apparent that community
                                                          collaboration was important in effective programming. CISOC teamed up with a
                                                          few of the best universities in the Triangle: Duke University, North Carolina
                                                          Central University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North
                                                          Carolina at Chapel Hill to give the summer students the best experience of their
                                                          lives. In 2007, “collaboration” was the theme of a CISOC newsletter. Back then,
                                                          CISOC had no idea the degree to which collaboration would enhance its future
                                                          programming. Without the help of many universities, both school districts, and
                                                          other collaborators, CISOC may not have been able to provide such an enriching


Culbreth Elective Class
Basics Achieved: A One-on-One relationship with a caring adult, A safe place to learn and grow, A
Healthy Start and A Healthy Future.
Problem Areas Targeted: Academic Improvement, Mentorship
This program is modeled after the traditional Project Strategy Design. Students involved in this
project are mainstreamed for most or all of their classes, but for one class, they are enrolled as a
group to receive extra academic support. Last year this program served thirty-nine students and
provided consulting services to many others. This program also offers case management coordination
and connected program services. As students improve, they are placed in AVID. Students in this
program achieved a 100% passage rate.

The Green Awakening
Basics fulfilled: One-on-One Relationship with a caring adult, A Safe Place to learn and grow, A
Marketable Skill to use upon graduation, A Chance to give back to peers and community.
Problem areas targeted: Minority and economic disadvantage achievement Gap, Middle to High
School transition, Math and Science achievement.
The Green Awakening Program has both a summer and
traditional school year component. The summer program is
used to build relationships with future high school
classmates and most importantly entice each student’s
interest in math and science. During the summer 44
students from both Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools and
Orange County Schools participated. With the help of our
curriculum designer, students created several sustainable
energy projects. Student also visited several area
universities, spoke with scientists and conducted science
experiments. Each student exhibited mastery of concepts encompassing issues in solar energy,

                                                                                                       Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009
sustainable engineering building materials/practices, individual environmental responsibility, and
remote circuitry in wireless communication transmission. With the help of Solar Tech professionals,
several students also built solar panels at Carrboro town hall. The summer program used a tiered
approach whereby certified math and science teachers, undergraduate engineering students, Chapel
Hill and Orange High school students were all utilized to teach and supervise the curriculum. In
addition, a survey was given to each student. Fifty percent of students stated that they were more
confident about attending high school after the summer program. Also, on a scale from 1-10 students
rated their teachers 8.8. CISOC is currently working with the traditional school year program to
increase academic achievement. Each high school across Orange County (5) has a site coordinator.
Students from the summer and new students who were not able to participate during the summer
have been recruited. Currently, the program is serving approximately 62 students. A full report of
this program may be obtained from the CISOC office. Staff also continues to work with an evaluator
to assess programs effectiveness.

                                                          Brothers Learning and Achieving as Citizens in Schools
                                                          Basics Achieved: A One-on-One relationship with a caring adult, A safe place to learn and grow.
                                                          Problem Areas Targeted: Minority Achievement Gap, Negative Behaviors, School Engagement.
                                                          This program was founded and created by Keith Green, a special education specialist. This program
                                                          is an alternative learning opportunity that is designed to improve school citizenship, self-esteem and
                                                          self-actualization, increase academic achievement, and reduce situations or behaviors that impede
                                                          success in school for African-American males. Students meet during the school day to discuss social
                                                          and academic issues. The site coordinator periodically meets with parents, teachers, and
                                                          administration. During the 2008-2009 school year, this program served sixteen students at Stanback
                                                          Middle School in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Students visited North Carolina Central University
                                                          and North Carolina A&T University. During the summer students were taken on a college tour of
                                                          Atlanta, Georgia. This program achieved a 100% grade promotion rate. 81% of the students
                                                          passed the math end of grade test.

                                                          Smith Latino Initiative
                                                          Basics Achieved: A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult, A safe place to learn and grow.
                                                          Problem Areas Targeted: Minority Achievement Gap, Enrichment, Academic improvement,
                                                          The Smith Latino Initiative is an after school program at Smith Middle School. This program was
                                                          created to address the growing needs of the Latino population at Smith Middle School in Chapel Hill,
                                                          North Carolina. This program provides tutorial support as well as one-on-one mentoring. The
                                                          Campus Y at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides mentoring and tutoring to the
                                                          Latino Initiative. During the 2008-2009 school year, CISOC had the privilege of working with a
                                                          math and a social studies teacher to give students a well rounded tier of support. The program served
                                                          21 students during the school year. This program achieved a 100% grade promotion rate. 52% of
                                                          the students in the group passed the math end of grade test and 47% passed the reading portion of the
                                                          end of grade test.

                                                          CIVIS Program
                                                          Basic Achieved: A one-on-one relationship with a caring adult, A safe place to learn and grow.
                                                          Problem Areas Targeted: Behavior modification, Juvenile Delinquency
Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009

                                                          The Citizens In Schools program connects students not only to professionals but also to adults who
                                                          where once involved in the judicial system and are now successful people. This program promotes
                                                          positive socialization skills among peers, school involvement, and real-world activities to help
                                                          students learn about the justice system and government. The program served 7 students in Stanback
                                                          Middle School during the school year.

                                                          Stanford Technology Initiative
                                                          Basics Achieved: A Marketable Skill to Use Upon Graduation, also a one-on-one relationship with
                                                          a caring adult.
                                                          Problem Areas Targeted: Digital Divide
                                                          This program uses the Whole-School project strategy. It serves the entire school, assisting with
                                                          efforts to include school climate, staff development, and student needs and services. This specific
                                                          project provides funding for special technology programs within the school such as the Robotics
                                                          Club and technologies for the Future Business Leaders of America.

Middle School After School
Basics Achieved: A One-on-One relationship with a caring adult, A safe place to learn and grow, A
Healthy Start and A Healthy Future.
Program Areas Targeted: Minority Achievement Gap, End of Grade Preparation, Latch Key Kids,
Academic Improvement.
The Middle School After School Program (MSAS) provided students with productive and enriching
activities at the end of the school day. With the generous support of the NC Department of Juvenile
Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Orange County, the Town of Carrboro, the Town of
Hillsborough, and the Town of Chapel Hill Human Services, CISOC is able to provide this program
in all seven middle schools across both Orange County Schools and Chapel Hill Carrboro City
Schools behind school district. Other partners include 4-H and Orange County Parks and Recreation
which provide students with other enriching activities. Students received individual and small group
academic help and participated in a number of academic activities such as end of grade test
preparation, and tutoring to improve quarterly grades. Teachers from the traditional school day are
used to assist in academic areas and assist students with finishing homework. The after school
program also provides enrichment activities such as cooking, chess, taekwondo, and robotics. The
overall goal of this program is to reduce the number of Latch Key Kids between the hours of 3pm to
6pm and improve academic performance. Students are also given a healthy after school snack and
are given time for physical activity. Last year this program served 943 students!

Special Projects: 2008-2009 Annual School Supply Drive
The 2008-2009 School Supply Drive was exceptional. With the help of major companies, local
                                  municipalities and WCHL radio, CISOC raised $1000 worth of
                                  school supplies and served 50 Orange County students in seven
                                  middle schools. Special Thanks to WCHL radio for helping
                                  to promote the school supply drive this year at University

                                                                                                       Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009

                                                                                          HELLOS AND GOODBYES

                                                          A Salute to our Former Program Assistant
                                                          Dustin Deal joined Communities In Schools of Orange County (CISOC) in March 2008 and
                                                          served as program assistant until February, 2009. Dustin came in as an intern while a student at
                                                          North Carolina State University (NCSU) in the Master of Public Administration program. He
                                                          was instrumental in grant writing as a student and received a $6000 grant from the Department of
                                                          Juvenile Justice. He completed the MPA program requirements in December 2008. Also, he was
                                                          instrumental with the grant writing for the successful receipt of the 2008 Department of Public
                                                          Instruction grant for the continuation of The Green Awakening (TGA) program. Dustin wanted
                                                          to remain with CISOC, but his wife Whitney was accepted in a graduate program in Savannah.
                                                          So it was with heartfelt thanks to bid Dustin goodbye. Because of his experience at CISOC he
                                                          has entered into the non-profit sector in Savannah. He and Whitney, along with their wonderful
                                                          dog Dexter still remain in contact with CISOC staff. CISOC wishes Dustin luck in his future
                                                          endeavors and thank him for all of his hard work!!

                                                          Shiqin Xu, CISOC New Program Assistant

                                                          Shiqin Xu, our new Program Assistant brings excitement to CISOC. She came to America in
                                                          December 2007 as a student in the Master of Public Administration at North Carolina State
                                                          University (NCSU). Shiqin was hired in March of 2009, and is a committed and dedicated
                                                          assistant who refuses to take “no” for an answer as she works on behalf of students in Orange
                                                          County. She was instrumental in getting the Green Awakening Summer Program underway!
                                                          During the summer she worked long hours to ensure that all student needs were met. Shiqin
Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009

                                                          completed her Master Degree in Public Administration in August 2009 from NCSU. She resides
                                                          in Durham with her husband Jiefu who is a PhD student at Duke University School of
                                                          Engineering. Jiefu has also committed to being a friend to CISOC…what a team they make for
                                                          us. We welcome Shiqin and look forward to the many successful endeavors we are sure she will
                                                          experience during her tenure at CISOC!!!!!!!!!

                            Volunteers and Special Partners

CISOC would like to give a special thanks to all of the hardworking volunteers, especially the
Campus Y volunteers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, along with
community people serving on the CISOC board of directors.

Thanks to Our Partners! They help us Grow!

Duke University, North Carolina Central University BRITE Center and Nursing Department;
North Carolina State University Biotechnology Program; University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill Carolina Center for Educational Excellence; WCHL, Chapel Hill Carrboro City
Schools; Orange County Schools, Alpha Phi Omega, Department of Public Instruction,
NC Education Consortium, Time Warner Cable, Strowd Roses, Department of Juvenile Justice,
Support Our Students Program, Triangle Community Foundation, Morgan Creek Foundation,
CISNC, Duke Energy, Carrboro High School, University Mall, Solar Tech, Town of
Hillsborough, Town of Carrboro, Town of Chapel Hill, Orange County Human services, and
2008-2009 CIS Board of Directors.

                                                                                                 Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009

                                                                                        The CIS Mail Bag

                                                          Dear CISOC

                                                          Thank you for following your vision and making possible The Green Awakening
                                                          Program. The students you served so wonderfully will never forget the summer of
                                                          2009. As a mother, I want to thank you for hiring [my son]! This was his first paid
                                                          position and I was amazed at the pride and maturity he showed over his time with
                                                          CISOC. I watched him grow up before my eyes and heard him express gratitude
                                                          for all he learned over the summer. Miracles do happen. I truly appreciate all you
                                                          sowed into the lives of the young people you serve. God Bless you for being a

                                                          -A Parent
Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009

                                                          I just wanted to say thank you so much for the school supplies. We have started to
                                                          distribute them and the kids are so pleased. I really appreciate what CIS has done
                                                          for the children in our community. Have a great day, Lisa

                                                          -A Chapel Hill City School Social Worker

         Financial Position 2008-2009
  Communities In Schools of Orange County, Inc. (CISOC)
             Statement of Financial Position
                     June 30, 2009

Total Current Assets                      $ 257,029
Net Property and Equipment                       3,461
Total Assets                          $        260,490

Liabilities and Net Assets
Total Current Liabilities                  $     9,296
Net Assets                                     251,194
Total Liabilities and Net Assets          $ 260,490

   Communities In Schools Orange County, Inc. (CISOC)
                 Statement of Activities
             For Year Ended June 30, 2009

                                                           Communities In Schools of Orange County | 2008-2009
  Total Support and Revenue                    $ 454,015

  Total Program Services                        319,652
  Total Supporting Services                       62,462
  Total Expenses                                382,114
  Changes in Net Assets                         (71,901)
  Net Assets - Beginning of Year                179,293
  Net Assets - End of Year                 $    251,194


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