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					        PRESS RELEASE
Marmitek introduces the GigaVideo580™!
The video transmitter which is insensitive for WiFi, Bluetooth or microwave

EINDHOVEN- A video transmitter which sends the images of your hard disk recorder, satellite
receiver or digital TV decoder to a second TV in your house. With this you can enjoy your
centrally recorded or saved images and sounds everywhere in your house!

No need to pull cables
The GigaVideo580 sends the audio and video signal wirelessly through walls and ceilings. So pulling
cables and drilling holes is no longer necessary.

5.8GHz Frequency band
Most video transmitters operate on the 2.4GHz frequency band. The GigaVideo580 is an exception to
this. It sends the audio and video signal via the 5.8GHz frequency band. The difference between video
transmitters with a 2.4GHz signal and a 5.8GHz signal is that this last one is insensitive for elements in
the house at the 2.4GHz frequency band like a wireless (WiFi) network, Bluetooth devices, microwave
ovens and wireless telephones.

Operating the connected A/V device
Operating the connected A/V device is possible from the location of both TVs. So you don’t need to go
to another room to pause the movie or change the channel. You can just use the original remote
control of the connected A/V device.

This high-quality video transmitter has a suggested consumer retail price of € 99,95 including VAT.

Note for the editorial staff

Full details of the GigaVideo80 can be found on our website at

Marmitek brings comfort and safety to your home or company in an innovative manner. Marmitek uses the latest
techniques in the field of multimedia, video surveillance, home automation and security. Mutual compatibility of
products is one of the spearheads that allows you to put together your own system and add new user options at any
given time.

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