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					                          Korean SW Company Delegation List for Kor

No.     Company Name               URL               Attendee              Title

                                                    Jenny, Kim       General Manager

1     T1 Systems Co., Ltd.
                                                   Ji-Eun, Moon      Managing Director

                                                  Jung-Hoon, Kim           CEO

2         AhnLab Inc.      Seong-Hak, Jun    Head of S/W division

                                                   Jae-Hak, Lee          Director

3        NexG Co., Ltd

                                                  Dong-Han, Kim          Manager

                                                 Kwan-Yong, Maeng        Manager

                                                    Dong-Il,Kim            CEO

4        Altibase Corp.

                                                  Won-Joon,Choi           Director
                                                       Young-Hwan, Cho      CEO

5     NAMOO I&C Co., Ltd

                                                        Joo-Hwan, Noh        CTO

6       Winitech Co., Ltd.    Eun-hee, Kang       CEO

7    IGLOO SECURITY, Inc.     Deuk Choon, Lee      CEO

    INFINITT Healthcare Co.,
8                              Sun-Joo, Lee       CEO

                                                        Young Gil, Song   President
9     NComputing Co., Ltd.
                                                       Hui Young, Yoon    Deputy Mgr
10   YD Online
elegation List for Korea-India SW Business Forum(New Delhi)

          Purpose of participation                          Business Information

                                      T1 Systems Co., Ltd., using its Total Smart Solution, provides
                                      Cutting-Edge Media Display Systems with contents to buildings,
                                      hotels, convention/exhibition centers, government offices, and
                                      proudly offers the unprecedented total culture/art space through
                                      ubiquitous media system with top-notch design art.
                                      - Digital Signage (Indoor, Outdoor)
         Advance to the Indian IT
                                      - Interactive Window (Advertisement Methods for Commercial
         market/ Partnership with
         Indian companies
                                      - Media Facade, Media Pole(Smart Street, Smart & Intelligent
                                      - Media Plastic Arts, Media Art, Media Art Wall, video Screen
                                      - Kiosk, U-table
                                      - and related solutions - H/W, S/W, Contents, Contents Application
                                      as a total system

                                      No 1. Security SW company in Korea
                                      Network and Online Security
         Utilization of Indian SW
                                      Anti-malware program for PC and mobile devices
         manpower resources
                                      Central Security management service
                                      UTM (Unified Threat Management) / IPS / Firewall

                                      NexG is the next generation ISP and equipment manufacturer
                                      offering high-end VPN and network security solutions. Since its
                                      establishment in 2001, NexG have focused all the efforts into the
                                      two core businesses and have expended its business within the
                                      domestic market and as well as the international market. NexG
                                      has taken the first place in network security solutions in Korea
         Advance to the Indian IT
                                      since year 2006. Revenue growth shows more than 20% every
         market/ Partnership with
         Indian companies
                                       VForce UTM line-up and VPN line-up are built to guarantee the
                                      high performance that satisfies customers needs of network
                                      security. VForce series features an user-friendly monitoring
                                      system and remote monitoring system that saves financial and
                                      human resources for enterprises and institutions.
                                       NexG provides 2,000 customers with quality and customized

                                      ALTIBASE Corp., No 1 Database Management System(DMBS) in
                                      Korea, was established in 1999 as a Database Management
         Advance to the Indian Market
                                      System (DBMS) provider that guarantees high performance and
         / Partnership with Indian
                                      high availability and secured No.1 in In-memory DBMS market in
         Companies / Utilization of
                                      Korea. 40% is consist of R&D engineers among total man power.
         Indian SW manpower
                                      ALTIBASE also built a solid customer relationship that include
                                      Telecom, Finances, Goverment, Enterprise and Internet fields
                                      widely recognized for superiority of its products and solutions.
                               Namoo INC is one of the leading Real-Time Java technology
                               developers/providers in Korea.
                               Namoo INC's Real-Time Java solutions have enabled Korean
                               global high-tech manufacturerers to acquire and deliver
Advance to the Indian IT       real-time data from the various “smart” devices and equipment
market / Partnership with      that pervade the shop floors in a standarized manner
Indian companies / Utilization to enterprise applications on the business floor.
of Indian SW Manpower          Namoo INC provides integrated IT solutions to help build smarter
                               where information is shared, saved and analyzed to enable prompt
                               and flexible business operating environments
                               which allow for continuous innovation & process improvements.

Advance to the Indian IT         1. Intergated Emergency Managament System & Consulting
market / Partnership with        2. R&D of Ubiquitous technology for fire and disaster prevention
Indian companies / Utilization   3. IT service in Traffic Control system and Water Distribution
of Indian SW Manpower            Systems (SI)

                                 Igloo Security, INC a professional information security
                                 management company, has worked hard to let our customers
                                 achieve their business goals through safe protection of their
                                 informational assets, so that they can fully invest efforts into their
                                 main business with our Enterprise Security Management and
  Advance to the Indian IT
                                 service (such as eXTRiM(Next Generation Information Security
                                 Model), General Threat Management System, Managed Security
                                 Service(MSS), Security Education and consulting, including fused
                                 complex security monitoring service, which work for efficient
                                 protection of overall IT and information communication
                                 Infrastructure .

                              Ever since the development of PACS technology, INFINITT's
                             main goal was to develop cutting-edge medical imaging software.
Advance to the Indian Market
                             Compliance with international industry standards such as DICOM,
  / Partnership with Indian
                             HK7, IHE, and HIPAA has been imperative to all R&D activities.
 Companies / Utilization of
                             With our line-up of next generation medical imaging product
    Indian SW manpower
                             including RIS, 3D PACS and ASP, INFINTT is fast becoming one
                             of the worldwide leaders in medical imaging and information

Advance to the Indian IT
                                 Education (e-Learning) market, e-government market,
market/ Partnership with
                                 Factory & Corporation market need computing environment, etc.
Indian companies
Online Game Company
ness Forum(New Delhi)

                    Requirements for networking /meeting

        Want to meet with IT/SW/DS/Media Digital Cpmpanies and
        Leading Media Art/Digital Signage Companies

        Meeting whith Software Development Service Company and e-
        government and securty related companies for business
        development in e-government and security

        Want to meet with IT Companies interested in Netwrok, Security,
        Internet Servicer, Remote Control Solution etc and companies in
        SW development

        Those companies which have business experience in database
Interested in Meeting with Processs control and real-time system
development Companies and companies in Manufacturing and
steel industries.

Companies interested in Winitech's business area such as
integrated Emergency Management System and companies who
has SW development ability

Interesting Indian companies :
Public, Finance, telecommunication, Energy, education etc.

Interested in meeting with healthcare IT company ( HIS, EMR or
EHR), Healthcare Modality company ( CT, MRI, X-ray, etc.) - Tele
Medicine, IT company interested in Healthcare, and Ministry
related to health and medicine

Want to meet with government manager, local IT companies who
is related to e-Learning and e-government
Want to meet with Game sw companies for developing game SW
for local market and for oursourcing SW development

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