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Competition in the Coffee Industry - DOC


Competition in the Coffee Industry document sample

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									Special Research Report on China’s Coffee Beverage Market, 2010
【Published】  :July/ 2010
【Report Code】   :IG
【Report Pages】  :110
【Form】 PDF or Hard copy
【Delivery】 E-mail or EMS
【Chinese Version】 :Hard Copy RMB 30000 Electronic(PDF) RMB 30000
                    Enterprise wide RMB 31000
【English Version】 :Hard Copy RMB 40000 Electronic(PDF) RMB 40000
                    Enterprise wide USD $2,400
【Telephone】  :0755-25407633 25407713 25407397 25193391

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   From the International Coffee development analysis, this report studied the factors around the
development of upstream and downstream of China’s coffee industry chain, the supply and
demand of coffee beverage market, market competition structure, product price, import and export
conditions, production conditions and future business prospects and many other market factors for
market development, and provides a wealth of valuable information and data.

    This report is made by our researchers through the use of scientific statistical means and
research methods based on the data and information provided or published by national statistics,
market surveillance databases, industry association (institutes), import and export statistical
departments, research institutes and other organizations. To study with rigorous content, intuitive
charts and detailed data to help enterprises within the industry, investment companies and
government departments understand the current situation of China’s coffee beverage industry,
development trends, market competition conditions, financing channels, distribution of regional
markets, key enterprises of the industry and other market information, for an accurate grasp of
industry trends, a well understanding of industry pattern, for avoiding business and investment
risks, for providing scientific references for developing the right competition and investment
strategic decisions.
Telephone :0755-25407633 25407713 25407397                    25193391

【Table of Contents】

Chapter I Analysis of development environment of China's coffee drinks
1.1 Analysis of Development of China's macroeconomic environment
1.1.1 China's macroeconomic development
1.1.2 China's macroeconomic trends forecast
1.2 Analysis of Policy Environment of China’s Coffee Industry Development
1.2.1 Coffee industry authorities, trade management system
1.2.2 The main regulatory and industrial policies of coffee industry,
1.3Technical environment analysis of the industry

Chapter II Analysis of the international coffee drinks development
2.1 Current Situation analysis of the International Coffee Drinks
2.2 The situation of coffee drinks in major countries
2.3 Supply and demand of the international coffee drinks market
2.4 Importance dynamics of the international coffee market

Chapter III Analysis of the Development of China's coffee upstream
3.1 China's coffee beans production and acreage
3.2 Regional Distribution of China coffee beans plant
3.3 Analysis of the price of coffee beans in China
3.4 Cost structure analysis of China’s coffee drinks production
3.4.1 Raw Materials
3.4.2 Production costs
3.4.3 Management costs

Chapter IV Supply and demand of China’s coffee drinks market
4.1 Analysis of China's market demand for coffee drinks
4.1.1 Market Characteristics
4.1.2 Analysis of market size
Telephone :0755-25407633 25407713 25407397                25193391
4.1.3 Analysis of Market regional distribution
 major market distribution
 Analysis of key sales areas
4.1.4 New Product News
 Recent developments of new products
 Development trends of Processing technology
4.1.5 Analysis of Market sales channels
The form of sales channels
Analysis of key business sales channels
4.2 Analysis of supply of China's coffee drinks market
4.2.1 Product composition
4.2.2 Output Analysis
4.2.3 Analysis of key production areas
4.2.4 Price Analysis

Chapter V Analysis of China’s coffee drinks trade
5.1 Imports analysis
5.1.1 Analysis of import volumes
5.1.2 Analysis of import prices
5.1.3 Analysis of import by country
5.1.4 Analysis of import by Customs
5.1.5 Analysis of import by regions
5.1.6 Analysis of import by companies
5.2 Export Analysis
5.2.1 Analysis of export volumes
5.2.2 Analysis of the export price
5.2.3 Analysis of exports by country
5.2.4 Analysis of Export by Customs
5.2.5 Analysis of Exports by Regions

Chapter VI Competition of China’s coffee drinks industry
6.1 Analysis of competitiveness of alternative products
6.1.1 Competitive Analysis and tea drinks
6.1.2 Competitive Analysis and other alternative beverages
6.2 Competition analysis of coffee beverage market
6.2.1 Competition of instant coffee and canned coffee
6.2.2 Competitive Analysis of focused producing and selling regions
6.2.3 Analysis of Market Brand Competition
6.2.4 market share of major Enterprise

Chapter VII Leader businesses of China's coffee drinks
7.1 Overview of business
7.2 Regional distribution of enterprises
Telephone :0755-25407633 25407713 25407397                    25193391
7.3 Proposed project and projects in construction of major producing manafactureres
7.4 Study of major manufacturers
7.4.1 Shanghai Nestle Co., Ltd.
Enterprise basic information
Enterprise performance
Future trends
7.4.2 Yun Lu Baoshan CoffeeBeverage Industry Development Co., Ltd.
Enterprise basic information
Enterprise performance
Future trends
7.4.3 Yunnan Coffee Drinks Factory
Enterprise basic information
Enterprise performance
Future trends
7.4.4 Jie Rong Food Co., Ltd., Zhuhai
Enterprise basic information
Enterprise performance
Future trends
7.4.5 Dongguan Nestle Co., Ltd.
Enterprise basic information
Enterprise performance
Future trends
7.4.6 Mocha Food Co., Ltd.
Enterprise basic information
Enterprise performance
Future trends
7.4.7 Other major enterprises
Enterprise basic information
Enterprise performance
Future trends

Chapter VIII China’s coffee beverage industry trend analysis and forecasting
8.1 Supply forecast of China's coffee beverage industry
8.1.1 The main factors affecting coffee industry
8.1.2 Supply forecast of Coffee industry
8.2 Demand Forecast of China’s Coffee Beverage Industry
8.2.1 The main factors affectign coffee industry
8.2.2 Demand forecast of coffee industry
8.3 Coffee Industry Import and Export Forecast
Telephone :0755-25407633 25407713 25407397                    25193391
8.3.1 Import forecast of coffee industry
8.3.2 Export Forecast of coffee industry
8.4 Future trends of China's coffee drinks market

Chapter Nine Marketing and investment analysis of China’s coffee beverage
9.1 Marketing Strategy Analysis of coffee drinks and recommendations
9.1.1 Industry Marketing Strategies
9.1.2 Development of Marketing Strategy and recommendations
9.2 Investment Environment analysis of coffee drinks and recommendations
9.2.1 Industry Investment Environment
9.2.2 Industry Investment Risk Analysis
9.2.3 Industry investment and development proposals
9.3 Development analysis and recommendations of coffee beverage business
9.3.1 Development Status and Problems of Enterprises in the Industry
9.3.2 Coping strategies of enterprises in the industry

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