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Safety Professional Career Coaching - PDF

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Safety Professional Career Coaching document sample

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GIA Mini Jewelry                                Day-at-a-Glance
Career Fair                                     10:00 - 11:15 am
                                                “Job Success in Today’s Market”                 Coaching Appointment
Las Vegas, NV                                   panel discussion
June 6, 2010                                    11:15 - 11:30 am
                                                                                               9:30 – 10:00
                                                                                               11:45 am – 1:15 pm
                                                11:30 am - 1:30 pm
                                                Career Coaching and Recruiting

Career Coaching
Appraising                                 Carolyn Jacoby                              Marketing and P.R.
                                           Senior Representative-North America
Gail Brett Levine                          Australian Pearl Centre (USA) / PASPALEY
                                                                                       Natalie Corrado
Executive Director, National Association                                               Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator
of Jewelry Appraisers                      Colored Stones                              Erica Courtney, Inc.

Business Start-Up and                      Douglas Hucker                              Networking
Entrepreneurship                           President & CEO, AGTA
                                                                                       Phyllis Bergman
Ann Arnold                                 Design                                      CEO, Mercury Ring Corporation
CFO/Vice President, Lieberfarb, Inc.       Jurgen Maerz                                Kendra Bridel Weinman
                                           Technical Consultant, The Platinum Expert   President, Lusciouss International Inc.
Career Information
                                           Mark Maxwell                                Hedda T. Schupak
Cindy Chandler
                                           JMA Instructor, GIA                         Market Analyst/Business Consultant
Manager of Education, The InStore Show
Patti J. Geolat                            Diamonds                                    Retail
CEO, Geolat Companies                      Robert Lucien May                           Susan Eisen
Beth Griffin                               Executive Director, Natural Color Diamond   President, Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry
Office Manager, Erica Courtney, Inc.       Association                                 and Watches

Terry Ianuale                              Manufacturing                               Marc Green
President, TMI Enterprises, Inc.                                                       Vice Chairman, Lux Bond & Green
                                           Gena Alulis
                                           CEO, CliQ/Superfit, Inc.

       Hosted By                                                 Sponsored by
Company                                      Positions                                 Company                                      Positions
Ackerman Jewelers                            Graduate Gemologist                       Charles Garnier                              Experienced Commission
                                                                                                                                    Sales Representatives for numerous
Ron Ackerman                                                                           Guy Benhamou
                                                                                                                                    U.S. and International territories.
5335 Ehrlich Road, Tampa, FL 33625                                                     606 South Olive Street, Suite 2150
T: 813-961-7321                                                                        Los Angeles, CA 90014                        Visit JCK Booth #PP53
F: 813-963-1702                                                                        T: 213-892-0075 F: 213-892-0079
E:                                                            E:                                                     
Established for 26 years. Main focus                                                   Elegant & refined jeweler Charles Garnier
is bridal and diamonds. We are a full                                                  established his reputation by 1901.
service jeweler.                                                                       Charles Garnier designs are sold in over
                                                                                       60 countries around the world. Their
AGS Laboratories                             Inventory Control/Security Professional   factory is the premiere electroform fac-
                                             Diamond Grader                            tory in the world with the most sophis-
Denise Manfra
                                                                                       ticated manufacturing and technology
8917 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas,          Visit JCK Booth #6064                     which, when combined with old world
NV 89117                                                                               craftsmanship sets Charles Garner
T: 702-233-6120 F: 702-233-6126 E:                                                     designs apart from all others.                                                                         Contempo Jewelers                            Sales Executive
Among the best-known and well-                                                                                                      Jewelry Expediter
                                                                                       Nicholas Labate
respected diamond grading laboratories
                                                                                       486 Hempstead Turnpike
in the world and first to offer a diamond
cut grade based on proven science.                                                     West Hempstead, NY 11552
                                                                                       T: 516-483-1900 F: 516-483-4374
Budhrani Enterprises                         Watch Specialist -                        E:
                                             with brand knowledge                      Fine retail jeweler in business since
dba Caribbean Gems
                                                                                       1992. Full service selling all fine
Deepu Budhrani                               Sales Executive - Jewelry & Watches
                                                                                       14K/18K, platinum and diamond jewelry
212 Front Street , Ketchikan, AK 99901                                                 repair and appraisal service.
T: 907-225-7300 F: 212-994-9637
E:                                                                 EyeOnJewels Corp.                            Sales Executive
                                                                                       Darius Vasefi
The Complete Jeweler! Huge diamond
                                                                                       65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
inventory, and authorized dealer for: Bre-
                                                                                       T: 949-429-4124
itling, Omega, TAG Heuer, Mont Blanc,
Ebel, Tissot, Rado, Guess, Technoma-                                                   E:
rine, Michele, Seiko, Citizen, Swatch,                                       
and Cross pens.                                                                        EyeOnJewels is a multi-channel com-
                                                                                       merce platform focused on the global
Casting House                                CAD Designer                              jewelry and watch markets. We help
                                             Bench Jeweler                             local stores compete more effectively
Kim Ouellette                                                                          with online stores and assist consumers
5 South Wabash, 6th Floor, Chicago, IL       Project Coordinator                       in finding who they are looking for more
60603                                                                                  efficiently.
                                             Visit JCK Booth #21118 G.P.
T: 773-263-3429 F: 312-782-7153
E:                                                                EZCORP                                       Jewelers
                                                                                       Tara Stafford
Growing manufacturing company in Chi-                                                  T: 702-366-9594
cago specializing in custom full-service
                                                                                       EZCORP is a market leader in the
Certified Jewelry Appraisals                 Jewelry Appraisers                        specialty consumer finance industry.
                                             Full/Part-Time                            EZCORP is one of the nation’s premier
169 Swedesford Lane                                                                    providers of alternative banking services.
                                             (WI, MN, TX, TN, CA, PA)
Millersville, PA 17551
Full service onsite appraisal company.

2     2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                                  Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                           On-Site Recruiters

Company                                       Positions                             Company                                       Positions
Firestone Diamond Ltd.                        Sales Executive                       Jared – The Galleria of Jewelry               Retail Sales/Management

Aditya Nanavati                               Visit JCK Booth #946                  Doug Redman
1603-04 Crawford House                                                              375 Ghent Road, Fairlawn, OH 44333
70 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong                                                 T: 330-665-6261 F: 330-665-7265
T: 852-2530-3677 F: 852-2530-9877                                                   E:
E:                                                                                                     Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, is a divi-
Firestone International is a multi-national                                         sion of Sterling Jewelers Inc., the world’s
diamond and jewelry manufacturing                                                   largest specialty retail jeweler.
company headquartered out of Mumbai,
India. Its operations span the U.S.,                                                Jewelry Television                            Diamond Buyer
Europe and India, and include rough
                                                                                    Donna Burns
and polished diamond procurement,
                                                                                    10001 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN
diamond polishing, jewelry design and
manufacturing, distribution, and after-
sales service.                                                                      T: 865-692-6000 F: 865-692-1346
Gemory                                        Business Partner            
                                                                                    Jewelry Television is the largest retailer
Erwan Leroy
                                                                                    of loose gemstones and one of the top
300 Berry Street , San Francisco, CA                                                online jewelry retailers in the U.S.
T: 408-398-2231                                                                     Kishut Diamonds                               Sales
                                                                                    Eran Polack                                   Visit JCK Booth #3145
                                                                                    3 Jabotinsky , Ramat Gan, Israel
Gemory uses new nanotechnology
                                                                                    T: + 972-543977234 F: + 972
process to inscribe photos, logos and
grading reports in high resolution on the                                           35750721
surface of any diamond, pearl or any                                                E:
other gem.                                                                          Diamond manufacturer and exporter.
                                                                                    Sell to U.S. and the Far East.
Gemological Institute                         GIA India
of America                                    Nirupa Bhatt
                                                                                    La Masters Jewelry                            Sales Manager

                                                                                    Leah Finn                                     Sales Associates
World Headquarters                            10th Floor, Trade Center
                                              Mumbai, 400 051 India                 26780 Ynez Court, Suite A, Temecula,
Human Resources Recruiter
                                              E:                    CA 92591
The Robert Mouawad Campus
                                                    T: 951-699-5719 F: 951-346-3796
5345 Armada Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008                            Positions                   
T: 760-603-4000                               Education
F:760-603-4099                                                                      A full service jewelry store serving the
                                                                                    Temecula Valley since 1988. Family
                                                                                    owned and operated.                                   GIA Middle East (LLC)
Positions                                     Judy Anand                            Leo Hamel Fine Jewelers                       Estate Buyer
Admissions Representative                     P.O. Box 43659                        Kelly Bush                                    Estate Processor
Database Administrator                        Dubai, United Arab Emirates           1851 San Diego Avenue, Suite 130              Sales Assistant
                                              E:                 San Diego, CA 92110
Manager, Global Safety
                                              Positions                             T: 619-299-1500 F: 619-299-1595
                                              GIA Instructors (2)                   E:
The Gordon Company                            Freelance National Sale Directors     A full service jewelry store and estate
Philip Holden                                 Junior Accountant/Financial Analyst   buyers serving San Diego County for
                                                                                    30 years, dedicated to our clients and
4040 Galt Ocean Drive, Fort Lauder-           Visit JCK Booth: L37                  employees.
dale, FL 33308
T: 954-763-9800 F: 954-763-9877                                                     Marquirette’s                                 General Manager
                                                                                    Lyle Fields                                   Jewelry Manager
The Gordon Company is a leader in                                                   7818 Vaughn Road , Montgomery, AL             Bridal Manager
the managed liquidations of retail                                                  36116
                                                                                                                                  Jewelry Shop Manager
jewelry stores.                                                                     T: 334-270-0074 F: 334-270-0059
                                                                                    E:                      Sales
                                                                                    Large high-end fine jewelry and giftware
                                                                                    store. INSTORE magazine “Cool Store.”

                                                                                                                  2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                3
Company                                      Positions                               Company                                     Positions
Mendelson & Associates, Inc.                 Fine Jewelry Retail and Merchandising   South Coast Jeweler                         Sales Associate
Maryam Kaissi                                                                        Jenny Tiev
2615 South Hill Street, Los Angeles,         Visit JCK Booth: 8070                   3723 South Bristol Street
CA 90007                                                                             Santa Ana, CA 92704
T: 213-749-1241, Ext 103                                                             T: 714-540-6132 F: 714-640-6139
F: 213-749-4019                                                                      E:
60-year old manufacturing company                                                    5,200 square foot jewelry store in Santa
specializing in fine jewelry; headquar-                                              Anna, California, specializing in wedding
tered in a 35,000 square foot, state of                                              rings and watches.
the art factory in Los Angeles.
                                                                                     Star Ring Inc.                              Colored Stone Buyer
Montblanc                                    Boutique Manager
                                                                                     Richard Harrison                            Administrative Assistant
Patty MacLaney                               Assistant Managers                      9256 Owensmouth Avenue,
430 Mountain Avenue, Murray Hill, NJ         Sales Managers                          Chatsworth, CA 91311
07974                                                                                                                            Visit JCK Booth #14152
                                                                                     T: 818-773-4900, ext 108
                                             Sales Associates
T: 908-508-2358 F: 908-464-3559                                                      F: 818-773-4910
E:                                                      E:                                                                    Company was founded in 1988, and is
Montblanc is a producer of exclusive                                                 one of the largest color stone jewelry
products such as watches, jewelry,                                                   manufacturers on the West Coast.
writing instruments and leather goods
which reflect the outstanding standard in                                            Summerwind Jewelers                         Sales Professionals
couture, quality and tradition.
                                                                                     & Goldsmiths                              Vendor Recruitment Sales Reps           Melvin Reisz
                                             Customer Service - Consumers            49 Market Street
Amit Jhalani
                                                                                     Portsmouth, NH 03801
7 West 45th Street, Suite 1605, New          Customer Service - Vendors              T: 603-436-9188 F: 603-436-9788
York, NY 10036
T: 212-379-6361 F: 212-840-5909
                                                                                     Coastal New England fine quality and MySolitaireCon-
                                                                                     full-service jeweler. Offering on site are leading online retailer of
                                                                                     goldsmith custom design services,
fine jewelry and diamonds.
                                                                                     designer lines - ideal cut diamonds and
                                                                                     fine colored gemstones.
Rapaport Diamond                             Trading Manager

Corporation                                  Gemologist                              The Vault Gallery                           Sales

Jackie Tan                                   Sales                                   Rex Thompson, G.G.
1212 Avenue of the Americas,                                                         1339 Pacific Avenue
Suite 1103                                                                           Santa Cruz, CA 95060
New York, NY 10036                                                                   T: 831-426-3349 F: 831-426-2809
T: 646-572-8534 F: 646-572-8535                                                      E:
E:                                                                                                                      Retail fine jewelry, diamonds, colored
The Rapaport Group is an international                                               gemstones, design, repair, appraisal, art
company providing first class, added                                                 glass and American craft. 4,700 square
value services that support the develop-                                             feet two floor gallery in downtown Santa
ment of free, fair, efficient and competi-                                           Cruz.
tive diamond and jewelry markets.
                                                                                     Zale Corporation                            Associate Buyer
Royal Creations                              Sales Personnel
                                                                                     Leesa McElroy                               Allocator
Vinnie Alwani                                Manager                                 901 West Walnut Hill Lane                   E-commerce Merchants
321 Spruce Mill Way                                                                  Irving, TX 75038
Ketchikan, AK 99901                                                                                                              QA Inspectors
                                                                                     T: 972-580-4988
T: 340-998-9445 F: 907-247-3692                                                      E:                    District Managers
Jewelry store located across from cruise                                             Zale Corporation is a leading specialty
ships. Established in 1998.                                                          retailer of diamonds and other jewelry
                                                                                     products in North America, operating
                                                                                     approximately 1,900 retail locations in
                                                                                     the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

4     2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                                  Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                  On-Site Recruiters &
                                                                                                          Job Listings

Company                           Positions            Company                           Positions           Company                              Positions
A to Z Gem Traders                Store Manager        Alana Norell, Inc.                Jewelry Website     Anfesa’s Jewelers                    Repair Coordinator
                                                                                         Manager and                                              Bench Jeweler/
Sam Kaoud                                              Alana Baum                                            Dwayne Williams
                                                                                         Sales                                                    Goldsmith
3804 Sepulveda Blvd # C                                New York, NY 10036                                    205 New Fidelity Ct.
Torrance, CA 90505                                     E:                              Garner, NC 27529                     Jewelry Sales
T: 310-791-5431                                                                 T: 919-773-0013                      Associates Full/
F: 310-791-5581                                                                                              F: 919-773-0012
                                                       Alaska Jewelry, Inc.              Sales Associate                                          Part-time
E:                                                                                  E:                                 Laura Timmons                     Jeweler Store
                                                       407 Lincoln Street                Manager                              Production &
Aaron Faber Gallery               Jewelry and
                                                       Sitka, AK 99835                                       Zameer Kassam
                                  Watch Sales                                                                                                     Coordinator
Patricia Faber                                         T: 907-747-5744                                       550 South Hill St. Suite 1554, Los
666 Fifth Avenue                  Assistant            F: 907-747-0660                                       Angeles, CA
New York, NY 10103                Manager AF           E:                                T: 347-409-3333
T: 212-586-8411                   Services, Sales                                 E:
E: E:          Assistant,                                                                       Sales Associate
                                                       Alaskan Heritage                  Sales Associate

                                                       Gems & Arts                                           Atlantic Diamond                     Inside Sales
                                                                                                                                                  Account Manager
Adam Neeley                       Sales Assistant
                                                       Gabriel Karim
Fine Jewelry                                           216 Front Street, Ketchikan, AK                       Praveen Dukkipati, GG
Aleta Keeling                                          99901                                                 5 S. Wabash Avenue, Suite 818,
The Festival of Arts, Laguna                           T: 907-825-8833                                       Chicago, IL 60603
Beach, CA                                              E:                               T: 312-236-8521
E:                                                                                       F: 312-236-9695
                                                       All that Glitters                 Bench Jeweler       E:
                                                       Mac Mcburney                                
Adamant Designs                   Assistant Sales      209 Madonna Road, San Luis
                                  Manager              Obispo, CA 93405
                                                                                                             Aucoin Hart                          Sales Associates
Sam Kaoud
3804 Sepulveda Blvd. #C,                               T: 805-544-4367                                       Jewelers                             Merchandising
                                                       E:                                                                   Assistant
Torrance, CA 90505                                                                                           Kent Hardin
T: 310-791-5431                                                                 1525 Metairie Road                   Bench Jewelers
E:                                                                                  Metairie, LA 70005
                                                       A’LOR International Ltd.          Design and
                                                                                                             T: 504-834-0166
                                                                                                                                                  Design Consul-
                                                                                         Development                                              tant
                                                       Ori Zemer                                             E:
Addessi Jewelers                  Retail Opportunity                                     Manager
                                                       La Jolla, CA                                
Wayne Addessi                                          T: 858-454-0011
387 Main Street                                        F: 858-454-9944                                       Audra & Dalilah                      Intern

Ridgefield, CT 06877                                   E:                                        Audra Voltaire
T: 203-438-6549                                                                 New York, NY 10036
F: 203-438-0719                                                                                              T: 646-982-9699
                                                       American Jewley                   Administrative
                                                                                         Assistant                                Designs Inc.
                                                       Mehran Hakimian
                                                                                                             B2C Jewels                           Jewelry
ADOLFO                            Internship
                                                       New York, NY                                          Umesh Mahtani
DOMINGUEZ S.A.                                         T: 212-575-2800                                       New York City, NY
Rosa María Ogando González                             E:                             T: 212-221-1101
Pol. Ind. San Cibrao das Viñas,                                                                              F: 212-221-3350
32911 Ourense Spain
                                                       Amethyst                          Jewelry Sales       E:
E:                             Angela Malkin                                4806 Bethesda Avenue,
                                                       Bethesda, MD 20814
                                                                                                             Bailey’s Fine Jeweler                Bench Jeweler

Alan Friedman                     Sales Associate      T: 301-907-6871                                       Trey Bailey                          Diamond Buyer
Company                                                F: 301-907-6875                                       415 Daniels Street
                                                                          Raleigh, NC 27605
Alan Friedman                                                                  T: 252-908-0342
350 North Cannon Drive Suite #1                                                                              E:
Beverly Hills, CA 90210                                AMIRAH                            Jewelry Designer
F: 310-279-5449
E:                               Harianto Mehta                                   Mumbai. 400036 India

                                                                                                            2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                          5
Company                          Positions          Company                          Positions          Company                                        Positions
Bay Hill Jewelers                Sales Associate    Belle Roche Estate               Buyer              Bob Siemon Designs                             Bench Jeweler

Stacey Papp                                         Jewelry Buyers                                      Mona Cabello
7782 West Sand Lake Rd.,                            Judy Scheuer                                        3501 W. Segerstrom Avenue,
Orlando, FL 32819                                   2210 Encinitas Blvd. #G1,                           Santa Ana, CA 92704
T: 407-226-6882                                     Encinitas, CA 92024                                 T: 714-549-0678
E:                              T: 760-479-2300                                     F: 714-979-2823                             F: 760-479-2323                                     E:
Beads, Crystals & More           Retail Sales
Phil Fischman
                                 Associate                                                              Borsheims Fine Jewelry                         Ladies Jewelry
                                                                                                                                                       & Watch Sales
967 South Coast Highway 101,                        Ben Bridge Jeweler               Sales & Customer   and Gifts
                                                                                     Service Profes-                                                   Associate
Suite #B105                                         Human Resources                                     Jodi Longmeyer
Encinitas, CA 92024                                                                  sional
                                                    Seattle, WA 98111                                   120 Regency Pkwy
T: 760-942-5222                                     E:                               Omaha, NE 68144
F: 760-942-2617                                                              T: 402-391-0400
E:                                                                                   F: 402-391-6694
                                                                   Jewelry Sales      E:
Bee’s International              Trainee Diamonds
                                 Specialist         Jorge Gonzalez
Group Limted                                        3562 Eastham Drive, Los Ange-
Rendy Ng                                            les, CA 90232
                                                                                                        Brax Jewelers                                  Sales Associate

Room 1201-06, 12/F, 123                             T: 310-280-7311                                     Amy Astaraee
Des Vouex Road, Nan Fung                            E:                                  3601 Jamboree Rd #15A
Tower/Hong Kong                                                                   Newport Beach, CA 92660
T: 852-352-92089                                                                                        T: 949-250-9949
E:                             Bert Levi Family                 Office Manager     E:
                                                                                     & Bookkeeper
Belenky Brothers                 Sales Associate
                                                                                     Sales Associates
Seth Bloomgarden                 Intern
                                                    Bert Levi                                           Brilliant Earth                                Sales & Opera-
                                                    123 Horton Plaza                                                                                   tions Associate
151 Wooster Street                                  San Diego, CA 92101                                 Eric Grossberg
New York, NY 10012                                                                                      San Francisco, CA                              Operations Man-
                                                    T: 619-239-2618
T: 212-674-4242                                     F: 619-231-7898                                     E:                     ager/Specialist
E:                              E:                                                  
                                                                                                        Brown Goldsmiths                               Jewelery Sales
Bella Cosa Jewelers              Sales Associate
                                                    Bijou                            Designers          Judith Brown
Joseph Molfese, GG               Website Sales                                                          11 Mechanic Street
                                                    Thomas Daniel
7163 Kingery Hwy                 Manager                                                                Freeport, ME 04032
                                                    Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA
Willowbrook, IL 60527                               E:                           T: 207-865-4126
T: 630-455-1234                                                                                         F: 207-865-1207
E:                                 Bijoux Collection                Sales Person/      E:                                                            Marketing
                                                    Raj or Nik Talreja
Bella Jewelers, LLC              Sales Person       19562 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 239,                      C. Taylor Manufacturing                        Master Sterling
Michelle Fusaro                                     Tarzana, CA 91356                                                                                  Moldmaker
186 Danbury Road                                    T: 818-344-3110                                     Cynthia Taylor
                                                                                                        St. Petersburg, FL                             Manufacturing
New Milford, CT 06776                               F: 818-344-2147
T: 860-355-2714                                     E:                             E:              Manager
F: 860-355-2740                           
                                                                                                        C.M. Diamond (NY) Inc.                         Jewelry
                                                    BLU JEWELS, LTD                  Sales              D.C. Baid
Bella Rosa Jewelers &            Sales and
                                                    Cris Rodriguez
                                                                                     Professional       2 West 45th St. Suite #1408,
Fine Art Gallery                                    470 Park Avenue, New York,                          New York, NY 10036
                                                    NY 10022                                            T: 212-944-9401
Joe Schweke                                                                                             F: 212-944-9856
1103 A State Street                                 T: 212-755-6300
                                                    F: 212-755-6305                                     E:
Santa Barbara, CA 93101                                                                       
T: 805-966-1707                                     E:

6    2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                    Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                                    Job Listings

Company                       Positions          Company                           Positions            Company                           Positions
Carat Exchange                Sales and          Christopher Kaufmann              Top Jewelry          Claude Thibaudeau                 East Coast Sales
                              Marketing                                            Sales person/                                          Representation
Seema Gupta                                      le Salon                                               Designs
                              Brand                                                Store Manager                                          West Coast Sales
New York, NY 10036                               Christopher Kaufmann                                   Marilyn Alaimo
T: 646-469-1135               Ambassadors        232 Worth Avenue                                       395 Mayor, Suite 702, Montreal,   Representation
E:                       Palm Beach, FL 33480                                   Quebec, Canada H3A 2KY            Midwest Sales                            T: 561-653-6311                                        T: 514-397-9411, Ext.227          Representation
                                                 E:                                   F: 514-397-8855
Carati Paris                  Sales Associate
                                                 www.christopherkaufmannjew-                            E: malaimo@creationthibaudeau.
                                                                                                                                          Visit JCK Booth:
Jonathan Habchi                                                                       com                               GP 22112
UTC Mall                                                                                      
4545 La Jolla Village Drive                      CIRCA                             Inventory Control
La Jolla, CA 92122                               Susan Lebo
                                                                                   Assistant            Clyde Duneier Inc.                Men’s Stainless
T: 858-638-1777                                                                                                                           Steel Jewelry
                                                 415 Madison Avenue 19th Floor                          Miryam Kops
F: 858-638-1771                                                                                                                           Designer
                                                 New York, NY 10017                                     415 Madison Avenue
E:                           T: 212-486-6013                                        New York, NY                                   F: 212-688-0605                                        T: 212-398-1122
                                                 E:                               E: Miryamkops@clydeduneier.
CaratLane Trading             Trainee
Pvt Ltd                                                                                       
Avnish Anand
                                                 Ciro Diamond                      Marketing

Chennai, India                                   Dipen Gandhi
                                                                                   Executive            Coach                             Sr. Jewelry
                                                                                                                                          Manager –
T: 044-42935017                                  Hong Kong, China                                       Human Resources
E:                          T: 66894895                                            New York, NY                                E:                     

Carina Rossner Jewelry        Part time Studio   Citidiamonds                      Secretary/Book-      Coastal Jewelers                  Seasonal Sales
                              Assistant/Busi-                                      keeper                                                 Associate
Carina Rossner                                   Yossi Meshulam                                         Susan MacDonald
                              ness Manager                                         Sales
Palo Alto, CA                                    10 West 47th Street Suite 1004,                        28 Dock Square
E:                      New York, NY                                           Kennebunkport, Maine 04046                            T: 212-944-4040                                        T: 207-967-0100
                                                 F: 212-944-1095                                        E:
Catherine Angiel              Sales/PR           E:                
Martha McLean
Greenwich Avenue, New York,   Sales/Marketing    CJ Charles                        Sales/GG             Collins Family Jewelers           Sales Associate
NY 10014                      Assistant          Maiken Eriksson                                        Jacqui Ullmer
T: 212-924-4314                                  1135 Prospect Street                                   8220 Mira Mesa Blvd.
E:                       La Jolla, CA 92037                                     San Diego, CA 92126                          T: 858-454-5390                                        T: 858-578-6670
                                                 F: 858-454-4938                                        F: 858-578-1513
Chamilia                      Jewelry Design     E:                                 E:
Tina Erickson
530 N. 3rd Street
                                                                                                        Color Story                       Production

Minneapolis, MN 55401
                                                 Classique Creations               Customer
                                                                                                        Robert Leser
E:                            LLC                                                    18 East 48th Street
                                                                                   Order Dept.                                 Susan Abramov                                          Manhattan, NY 10017
                                                                                   Administrator        T: 212-832-8013
                                                 1412 Carroll Street
Christopher Kaufmann          Senior Bench
                                                 Brooklyn, NY 11213                                     F: 212-308-3621
                              Jeweler                                                                   E:
Christopher Kaufmann                             T: 718-604-7600
East Hampton, NY                                 F: 718-604-2295                              
T: 561-653-6311                                  E:
                                                                                                        Cora International LLC            Operations &
                                                                                                                                          Product Manager
www.christopherkaufmannjew-                                                                             Margret May                                                                                                New York, NY
                                                                                                        T: 212-575-1433

                                                                                                       2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                     7
Company                           Positions          Company                          Positions         Company                                        Positions
Country Wide Gold                 Precious Metal     David Wolf                       Appraiser -       DiaCentre Inc                                  Jewelry Sales
                                  and Gem Buyer/                                      Gemologist                                                       & CSR
Buyers                                               David or Lynn Wolf                                 Prashant Mehta
Joseph Werner                                        555 5th Avenue, New York, NY                       New York, NY
Miami, FL 33165                                      10017                                              T: 212-354-0393
T: 321-223-2315                                      T: 201-602-4410                                    E:
E: Joseph@BringGoldGetCash.                          F: 212-986-5316                          
com                                                  E:
www.CountryWideGoldBuyers.                                              Diamond Staffing                               Sales Associate

com                                                                                                     Solutions                                      Store Manager
                                                     David Yurman                     Quality
                                                                                      Assurance         Suzanne Devries                                Jewelry Manager,
Coutre Staff                      Quality Assur-     Sara Krause                                        Derry, NH                                      Gemologist
                                  ance Analyst                                        Analyst
Erik Perez                                           24 Vestry Street, New York, NY                     T: 603-437-2329
                                  (Coordinator)      10013                                                                                             Experienced
34 Desbrosses Street 3rd Floor,                                                                         F: 603-437-6004
                                                     T: 646-264-7450                                                                                   Bench Jewelers
New York, NY 10013                Design Assistant                                                      E:
T: 212-729-7700                                      F: 212-478-1664                          
                                  CAD Designer       E:
F: 212-898-1352
E:                                                   Diamonds Direct                                Sales Associate
                                                     DC INC.                          Assistant         USA INC                                        Store Managers
                                                                                      Stone Buyer
CT Gold and Silver                Jewelry Expert     Liz Connolly                                       Jeffrey Baer
                                                     Springfield, NJ                  Diamond Inven-    Charlotte, NC
Donna Dillio                                                                                            T: 704-532-9041
441 Danbury Road                                     T: 800-526-4597                  tory Management
                                                     E:                                  E:
New Milford, CT 06776                                                                         
T: 203-240-5912
                                                     De Beers Diamond                 Boutique
                                                                                      Administrator     Diamonds International                         Sales
Cudini & Lucas                    Sales
                                                     Bridgette Bottone
                                                                                                        Michael Villani
                                                                                                        592 Fifth Avenue
Jewelers                                             Houston, TX                                        New York, NY 10036
Ngi or Joe                                           E:                            E:
10035 Adams Ave #103                                                 
Huntington Beach, CA
T: 714-964-1214
                                                     Delage Jewelers                  Sales Associate
                                                                                                        Donna Distefano                                Fine Jewelry
F: 714-965-1446                                      Gary Weinshank                                                                                    Consultant/
                                                                                                        Marissa Harvey
                                                     62 West 47 Street                                                                                 Contractor
                                                                                                        New York, NY
D.K. Bressler                     General Sales      New York, NY 10036                                 T: 212-594-3757
                                  Associate          T: 212-719-4070
Ronald or Vivi Kawitzky                                                                                 E:
32 West 47th Street                                  F: 212-768-3049                          
New York, NY 10036                                   E:
T: 212-302-2177                                                         Doris Panos Designs                            General Manager/
F: 212-302-0784                                                                                                                                        Production
                                                     Designs By M                     Retail Sales      Doris Panos
                                                                                      Associate         2 Channel Drive Suite 103                                   Dana Vanore                                        Port Washington, NY 11050
                                                     MCRD                                               T: 917-589-6888
Damiani USA                       Bookkeeper         San Diego, CA 92140                                E:
Corporation                                          T: 800-421-0215, Ext. 0                  
Chief Financial Officer
                                                                                                        Dream Ice Custom                               Diamond Setter
New York, NY                                         Desires                          Sales Associate
T: 212-760-2790                                                                                         Jewelry
                                                     Rohan or Harish Bajaj
F: 212-760-2796                                                                                         Trin Tahir
                                                     Ketchikan, AK 99901
E:                                                                                    18540 Plummer Street
                                                     T: 727-460-5406                                                                                         Northridge, CA 91324
                                                                                                        T: 510-394-8236
David & Company                   Jewelry Sales
                                  Associate          Desires By Mikolay               Operations        E:
Human Resources                                                                       Manager
                                                     Tara Mikolay
232 Boylston Street, Chestnut
                                                     55 King Street
Hill, MA 02467
                                                     Chappaqua, NY 10514

8    2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                    Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                                      Job Listings

Company                            Positions         Company                            Positions         Company                            Positions
Dublin & Co                        Sales Associate   Emerald City Jewelers              Sales             FAS Management                     Director of
                                                                                        Professional                                         Purchasing
Raj Narula                                           John Simantiras                                      Search
San Francisco, CA                                    7611 Brookpark Road, Parma                                                              Director of
                                                                                                          Frank Schuck
T: 510-366-4131                                      OH 442129                                            New York, NY                       Merchandising
E:                                  T: 216-749-4653                                      T: 732-796-9291                    Quality Assur-
                                                     F: 216-749-7201                                      E:
Duvall Jewelry Mfg                 Production                                                                                                ance Analyst
Corp.                                                                    Fashion Forward                    Sales
Lisa Cheng                                           Employment Solutions               Goldsmith         Consulting, Ltd.
New York, NY 10036                                                                      -Bench Work
                                                     Assisted                                             Lynn Anne Yori
                                                                                                          Orlando, FL
                                                     Julie Huffman
Dynasty Jewelers                   Sales –Retail                                                          T: 404-372-1465
                                                     Bakersfield, CA
Rohan Bajaj                                          T: 661-204-9485
Ketchikan, AK                                        F: 661-588-7830
T: 727-512-1088                                      E:                              Ferro Estate & Custom              Store Manager
                                                     Emrusa                             Office/Sales      Jewelers
Edigem Ltd.                        Managing          Kumar Dhadda                                         Bryan Ferro
                                   Director                                             Exhibition        91 Main Street
Switzerland                                          15 West 47th Street Suite #800,
                                                     New York, NY 10036                 Assistant         Stowe, VT 05672
Anne Hoffman                                                                                              T: 617-275-6664
                                                     T: 212-997-1767
Maihofstrasse 102                                                                                         E:
                                                     F: 212-997-2468
Lucerne, Switzerland 6006                                                                       
T: 41 41 4291515
E:                                     EPI                                Sales             Fox’s Gem Shop                     Gemologist/                                                                          Representative                                       Appraiser
                                                     Cory Halbardier                                      Kenneth Gustafson
Eklektic Jewelry Studio            Bench Jeweler     Newport Beach, CA 92660                              1341 Fifth Avenue
                                                     T: 949-735-4702                                      Seattle, WA 98101
Marco Gutierrez                                                                                           T: 800-733-2528
Houston, TX 77006                                                                                         F: 206-628-3779
E:                       Ever Precious                      Diamond           E:                                                           Wholesale
                                                     Cory Halbardier
Elba Inc/Venetian                  Jewelry Sales     2024 Quail Street, Newport
                                                                                                          Fuenfer Jewelers                   Sales/Appraisal
                                   Representative    Beach, CA
Jewelers                                             T: 949-735-4702                                      Brett Fuenfer
Brenee Johnson                                       E:                         124 Skokie Blvd.
Alaska & Carribbean                                                                 Wilmette, IL
T: 909-802-7038 Ext.109                                                                                   T: 847-256-9444
E:                                Facets Fine Jewelry                Bench Jeweler     F: 847-256-9447
                                                     Alicia Arnold
Eleganza Jewellery Ltd.            Manager Product
                                                     4530 Lee Highway
B N Srinivas Rao                                     Arlington, VA 22207
102, SDF IV, SEEPZ, Andheri (E),
                                                                                                          Gainesville Jewelry                Graduate
                                                     T: 703 527-4247                                                                         Gemologist
Mumbai. 400096 India                                 E:                        Patrick Pittman
T: 91-22-30882200                                                      1020 Jesse Jewell Parkway SW,
E:                                                                             Gainesville, GA                                    Farr’s Jewelry                     Jeweler           T: 770-532-2592
                                                                                                          F: 770-532-8555
                                                     Steve Shields
Elie International                 In House Sales
                                                     2466 Washington Blvd
Robert Beck                                          Ogden, UT
2 West 47th Street Suite #801,     Sales             T: 801-866-8989
New York, NY 10036
                                                                                                          Gallery of Jewels                  Jewelry Gallery,
                                                                                                                                             Sales Associate
T: 212-719-0090                                                                                           Bill Hoover
F: 212-718-8720                                                                                           2101 Union Street
E:                                                                                    San Francisco, CA                                                                                           E:

                                                                                                         2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                      9
Company                          Positions          Company                          Positions          Company                                        Positions
Galloway & Moseley               Bench Jeweler      Gems NY Corp.                    Sales              GGL                                            Gemologist/
                                                                                     Representative                                                    Diamond Grader
Jewelers                                            Vishnu Batwara                                      Iris Zito
Britton Moseley                                     22 West 48th Street Room #706                       611 W. 6th St., Suite 800
444 N Guignard Dr ive                               New York, NY                                        Los Angeles, CA 90017
Sumter, South Carolina 29510                        T: 212-575-2635                                     T: 213-624-4000 Ext. 111
T: 803-775-1209                                     F: 212-575-2675                                     F: 213-624-1450
F: 803-775-1343                                     E:                                  E: iris@diamondresolutionser-
E: britton@gallowayandmoseley.                                                                
                                                    GemStone USA                     Office Assistant                         Abhi Agarwal
                                                                                                        Globe Diamonds Inc.                            B2B Phone Sales
                                                    42 West 48th St. Fl. 11                             Sheetal Parikh
Gem Pawnbrokers                  Jewelry Sales      New York, NY                                        37 West 47th Street #403
Kenneth Conn                     Fine Watch Buyer   T: 212-764-9063                                     New York, NY 10036
378 Schermerhorn Street          - Sales            F: 212-764-7154                                     T: 212-391-3949
New York, NY 11217                                  E:                          F: 212-391-3979
                                 Gold Buyer
T: 718-225-5436                                                         E:
F: 718-596-7476                  Pawnbrokers                                                  
E:       Appraisers
                                                    Generales & Generales            Sales/Sales                              Fine Jewellers                   Assistant          GN Diamond, LLC                                Inside Sales
                                 Branch Managers                                                                                                       Representative
                                                    Peter Generales                                     Kim Daley
                                                                                                        800 Chestnut Street, Suite 206,
Gem Shopping                     Bench Jeweler/     North Hollywood, CA 91602
                                 Goldsmith          T: 818-763-9768                                     Philadelphia, PA 19107
Network                                                                                                 T: 215-238-4455
                                                    F: 818-763-0424
Pat Kelley                                          E:                               F: 215-592-8349
Duluth, GA                                                                   E:
T: 770-662-5505                                                                               
F: 770-662-5503                                     Geneve Time Corp                 Online Business
E:                                                           Developer          Gold Buyers of America                         Professional
                                                    Nazila Azizi                                                                                       Precious Metal                                                                                     Marisa Drake
                                                    Los Angeles, CA                                                                                    Buyer
                                                    T: 213-627-5233                                     1301 N. Congress Ave. #400,
GeMiracle                        Jewlry Sales
                                                                                                        Boynton Beach, FL 33426
                                 & Admistrative     F: 213-627-4944
Charles Lawrence                                    E:                         E:
2957 State Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008                                  Gennaro Jewelers Inc.            Retail Jewelry
T: 760-729-7749                                                                      Design/Remount/    Gold Rush Jewelers                             Jewelery
                                                    Gary Hudes                                                                                         Professional
F: 760-729-7990                                                                      Sales/Serv         Don Ressa
                                                    410 Bedford Avenue
E:                                                                                828 W Houghton Lake Drive
                                                    Bellmore, NY                     Diamond Jewelry                                                                                       PO Box 740
                                                    T: 516-639-6449                  Appraiser
                                                    E:                          Prudenville, MI 48651
Gemological Science              Clerical/Account
                                                                                                        T: 989-366-7071
International                                                                                           E: goldrushjewelers@earthlink.
Debbie Azar
                                 Diamond Grader     Genovese Jewelers                Sales              net
581 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor                         Teresa Schaberg                                     Goldsmith Gallery                              Sales Manager
New York, NY 10036                                  12460 Olive Blvd
T: 212-207-4140                                     St. Louis, MO 63141
                                                                                                        Jewelers, Inc.
F: 212-207-4156                                     T: 314-878-6203                                     Scott Wickam
E:                           E:                      2820 2nd Avenue North                                                    Billings, MT 59101
                                                                                                        T: 406-252-3662
Gems N’ Loans                    Jewelery Sales     Georgetown Jewelers              Bench Jeweler      F: 406-252-3662
Jewelry Exchange                                    Scott Chamberland                                   E:
                                                    351 Georgetown Square                               www.goldsmithgalleryjewelers.
Mack Hembree
                                                    Wooddale, IL 60191                                  com
3753 Mission Avenue, Suite 111
Oceanside, CA 92054                                 T: 630-766-4137
T: 760-421-3570                                     F: 630-766-4206
F: 760-421-3571                                     E:

10     2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                  Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                                          Job Listings

Company                           Positions         Company                             Positions             Company                          Positions
Gottlieb & Sons                   Diamond Sorter/   Hearts on Fire                      Diamond Setter        IDI Design Group                 Account Manager
                                  Grader                                                                                                       Customer Service
Alan Gottlieb                                       Julie Levine                                              Nurielle T
1100 Superior Ave. Suite #2050,                     99 Summer Street                                          17 East 48th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114                                 Boston, MA 02110                                          New York, NY 10017
T: 216-771-4785                                     T: 617-912-5328                                           E:
F: 216-696-7704                                     F: 617-523-4814
E:                                  E:                               IJC                              Vice President
                                                                                                                 of Sales
                                                                                                              Daryl Shamitoff
Grono and Christie, Inc           Jewelry Sales
                                                                                                              5506 6th Avenue South            Visit JCK Booth:
Meryl Jaspon
                                                    Heritage Appraisers                 Independent
                                                                                                              Seattle, WA 98108                PC 320
Milton, MA                                          LTD.                                                      T: 206-902-3021, Ext.213
                                                                                        Jewelry Appraiser
T: 617-696-1490                                     Stephen E. Lott                                           F: 206-902-3052
F: 617-696-2221                                     P.O. Box 22611                                            E:
E:                             Shaker Heights, OH 44122
                                                    T: 216-991-7576
                                                                                                              ImaGem Inc.                      National/Intl.
Gruno’s Diamonds                  Bench Jeweler
                                                    E:                         Evangeline Taualofai
Pam Molter or Brent Meade                                                5869 Overbrook Avenue
801 N Perryville Road                                                                                         Philadelphia, PA 19104
Rockford, IL 61107                                  Human Resources                     Manager of            T: 215-477-9920
                                                                                        Jeweler’s Shop
T: 815-399-1525                                     Consulting Services                                       F: 215-477-9930
F: 815-399-1562                                                                                               E:
E:                                  Lourdes Arroyo Mellado                                                                Malaga, Spain
                                                    E:                                  Independent                      Graduate
Greenlead Diamonds                Sales Profes-
                                                                                                              Appraisal Firm                   Gemologist &
                                  sional                                                                                                       Appraiser
Andre                                               Hyde Park Jewelers                  Bench Jeweler         Richard Malerba
635 South Hill Street #201                                                                                    Atlanta, GA 30350                Marketing
Los Angeles, CA 90014                               Kerry Barlow
                                                    Denver, CO 80206                                          E:
T: 818-235-8295
                                                    T: 303-333-4446
E: greenleafdiamonds@gmail.
                                                    F: x7767
                                                                                                              International Diamond            Experienced
com                                                                                                                                            Diamond Sorter
                                                    E:                                   Club
Guliani’s Fine Jewelry            Sales Associate                                  Mike Rabban
                                                                                                              550 South Hill Street #1165
Shanu Guliani                                       I Gorman Jewelers                   Jewelry Sales
                                                                                                              Los Angeles, CA
Blakeney Shopping Center,                                                               Professional
9816 Rea Road, Suite #B,                            Adam Gorman                                               T: 213-446-4911
Charlotte, NC 28277                                 1133 20th Street NW                                       F: 213-627-5692
T: 704-542-2980                                     Washington, D.C. 20036                                    E:
F: 704-542-2984                                     T: 202-775-8544
E:                               E:                                       International                    Diamond Graders                                                                       Gemological Institute            Graduate
Gumuchian                         Quality Control   IDD                                 Market Research       Scott Friedman
                                                                                        Analyst               589 5th Avenue                   Visit JCK Booth:
                                  Assistant         Alok Mehta
Cynthia Lobacz                                                                                                New York, NY 10017               12038
New York , NY                                       42 West 48th Street, Ste. 1500,                           T: 212-847-3309
T: 212-593-9888                                     New York, NY 10036                                        F: 212-644-8378
F: 212-593-9111                                                                                               E:
                                                    Idex USA                            Sales/Marketing
                                                                                        Representative                                   Osnat Davidov
                                                    7 West 45th Street, Suite #1602,
Hamilton Jewelers                 Direct & B2B      New York, NY 10036
                                  Sales & Opera-    T: 212-382-3528
Donna Bouchard
                                  tions Manager     F: 212-382-2671
2542 Brunswick Pike
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648                             E:
T: 609-771-6010                           
F: 609-771-8250

                                                                                                            2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                     11
Company                          Positions          Company                         Positions          Company                                        Positions
Island Companies Ltd.            Commissioned       James Free Jewelers             Sales Manager      Jewelers Mutual                                Customer
                                 Jewelry Sales                                      (Leader)                                                          Service/Personal
Brenda Stewart                                      Anita Fink                                         Sarah Day
                                 Bench Jeweler                                                                                                        Jewelry
70 Harbour Drive, Suite 300                         3100 Far Hills Avenue                              P.O. Box 468
P.O. Box 10063                                      Dayton, OH 45429                                   Neenah, WI 54956
Grand Cayman Islands                                E:                             T: 920-725-4326
Cayman Islands KY1-1001                                                                                E:
T: 345-640-5200                                     James Robinson, Inc.            Sales - Retail
F: 345-945-5900                                     Joan Boening
E: careers@islandcompaniesltd.                      480 Park Avenue
                                                                                                       Jewelry By Design                              Studio Manager-
com                                                                                                                                                   Design Sales
                                                    New York, NY                                       John Caro                          T: 212-752-6166                                    2932 Prince William Pkwy,
                                                    F: 212-754-0961                                    Woodbridge, VA 22192
Ivanka Trump Fine                Brand
                                                    E:                             T: 703-580-8880
Jewelry                                                                     F: 703-878-8887
James Turi                                                                                             E:
685 Madison Avenue
                                                    Jarvis Gems and                 Gemologist
New York, NY 10065                                  Jewelry Appraisals
T: 212-756-9912
                                                                                                       Jewelry Couture by                             Rolex Certified
                                                    Steven Jarvis                                                                                     Watch Maker
F: 212-756-9913                                     N. Dallas Tollway& I-635 Area
                                                                                                       Sehati/Josephs Fine
                                                                                                                                                      Sales Profes-
E:                            5550 LBJ Freeway                                   Jewelers                       Dallas, TX 75240                                                                                  sionals
                                                                                                       Kara Erickson
                                                    T: 972-851-0009                                                                                   Bench Jeweler
J. Birnbach Jewelry              Gemologist and
                                                    F: 972-851-0001
                                                                                                       363 S Mills Road
                                 Customer Service                                                      Ventura, CA 93003
Udi Moritz                                          E: swjarvis@dallasjewelryap-                       T: 805-650-0808
576 5th Ave. Suite #501          Production                                        E:
New York, NY 10036               Manager            www.dalllasjewelryappraisals.            
T: 212-997-3205                                     com
E:                                                                                 Jewelry Depot Inc.                             Fine Jewelry                                   JC Penney’s                     Recovery
                                                                                                                                                      Sales Associate
                                                                                    Operations         Sean Bach
                                                    Todd Davis
Jabel                            Quality Control
                                                    T: 972-431-1655
                                                                                    Senior Manager     2910 Oakwood Blvd
                                 Specialist                                                            Hollywood, FL 33020
Liz Connolly                                        E:                            T: 954-923-0500
Springfield, NJ                                                             F: 954-924-5473
T: 800-526-4597                                     Fine Jewelry Repair                                E:
                                                    JCK Events                      Retailer Consul-
Jacob & Co                       Boutique Sales
                                                    Desiree Hanson
                                                                                                       Jewels By Tashne                               Sales Assoc/Asst
Philip Nassimi                                      T: 203-840-5651                                                                                   Manager
48 East 57th Street                                 E:                            2683 Via De La Valle
New York, NY 10022                                                      Del Mar, CA 92014
T: 212-719-5887                                                                                        E:
E:                           Jean Dousset                    Internship                                  Angela Giorgio                                     Johnson Jewelers                               Sales Associates
                                                    10100 Santa Monica Blvd.                                                                          Store Manager
Jacoby Enterprises               Manager for
                                                    3rd Floor
                                                                                                       Kelly Crenshaw
                                 Colored Stone                                                         5860 North Mesa # 118                          Sales Manager
Abraham Jacobowitz                                  Los Angeles, CA 90067                              El Paso, TX 79912
Brooklyn, NY 11219                                  T: 310-651-9922                                    T: 915-833-1415
T: 718-435-0289                                     F: 310-388-0105                                    F: 915-833-3372
F: 206-338-4132                                     E:                          E:
E:                                                                                                        Joseph Gad & Co.                               Administrative
                                                    Jennifer Jewelry Corp           Sales Manager
Jade Galore                      Retail Sales
                                                    Jennifer Pai                    Sales Personnel
                                                                                                       Winona Kress
                                 Professional                                                          589 5th Avenue, Suite #1007,
Christina Wong                                      131 South San Pedro                                New York, NY 10017
Cupertino, CA                                       Los Angeles, CA                                    T: 212-840-4800
T: 408-383-9868                                     T: 213-680-9200                                    F: 212-840-2434
E:                              F: 213-680-9033                                    E:

12      2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                                         Job Listings

Company                           Positions          Company                            Positions            Company                            Positions
Kaufmann De Suisse                Gemologist and     Lauderhills Fine                   Gemologist           Long’s Jewelers                    Retail Sales
                                  Jewelry Sales                                                                                                 Associate
Moneca Kaufmann                                      Jewelry, Inc.                      Sales                Deena Cohen
Worth Avenue                                         Geneva Barnhill                    Appraisers           60A South Avenue
Palm Beach, FL                                       2090 Dunwoody Club Drive,                               Burlington, MA 01803
T: 561-832-4918                                      Atlanta, GA 30350                                       T: 781-262-5802
E: palmbeach@kaufmanndesu-                           T: 770-396-0492                                         F: 781-229-8854                                             F: 770-395-1034                                         E:                             E:                     
Kessel Diamond                    Secretary/Office                                                           Ludevine                           Renderer
Mfg. Inc.                                            Left Turn Jewelry                  Sales                Shahla Kareen
Roni                                                 Erin MacDonald                                          Los Angeles, CA 90027
606 South Hill Street #1206                          305 Forest Avenue # 103,                                T: 310-741-7505
Los Angeles, CA 90014                                Laguna Beach, CA 92651                                  E:
T: 213-896-0323                                      T: 949-376-4400
F: 213-896-0321                                      F: 949-376-4403
                                                                                                             Lugano Diamonds                    Sales Profes-
E:                           E:                             Lorie Clark                                                      620 Newport Center Dr. Suite 100
                                                                                                             Newport Beach, CA 92660
Khoury Bros. Jewelers             Trainee and        Leitzel’s Jewelry                  Jewelry Sales        T: 949-720-1258
                                  Management                                            Professional         F: 949-720-1325
11301 Rockville Pike                                 Alison Leitzel-Williams
Kensington, MD 20895                                 607 East Lincoln Avenue                                 E:
T: 703-848-898                                       Myerstown, PA 17067                           
F: 703-848-8989                                      E:
                                                                                                             Luminar Creations                  Telemarketing

                                                                                                             Lynn C Grimm                       Sales Represen-
Kimball’s Jewelers                Experienced        Liberty Diamonds                   Sales/Internet       Burbank, CA                        tative
                                  CAD/CAM                                               Manager              T: 973-727-8350
Julie Wilkerson                                      David Lob
                                  Operator                                                                   E:
6464 Kingston Pike, Knoxville,                       18009 Sky Park Circle Suite A,
TN 37919                                             Irvine, CA 92614                              
T: 865-584-0026                                      T: 949-261-8663
F: 865-558-9890                                      F: 949-261-9127
                                                                                                             Lux Bond & Green                   Jewelry/Watch
                                                                                                                                                Repair Associate
E:                        E:                                     Catherine Berey                                                                                     46 La Salle Road, West Hartford,   Store Manager
                                                     Lili Diamonds USA, Inc.            Gemologist           CT 06107
L.K.Genesis Inc                   Regional Sales
                                                     Chaim                                                   T: 860-561-6510
                                  Representative                                                             F: 860-561-6559
Rushabh Bhansali                                     580 5th Ave Suite #2500
48W 48th Street, Suite 604A,                         New York, NY 10036                                      E:
New York, NY 10036                                   T: 212-302-0002                               
F: 866-896-3458                                      F: 212-302-9899
E:                             E:
                                                                                                             Lynchburg Jewelry                  Graduate
                                                                                                             & Pawn
La Perla Jewelers                 Bench Jeweler      Lolo Perle LLC.                    Outside Sales
                                                                                                             Sean Hardy
Robert La Perla                                      Alain Bendennoune                                       6115 Fort Avenue
95 Memorial Road                                     617 South Olive Street                                  Lynchburg, VA 24502
West Hartford, CT 06107                              Los Angeles, CA 90014                                   T: 434-845-7296
T: 860-232-3381                                      T: 310-926-8961                                         F: 434-455-0296
F: 860-231-8174                                      E:                            E:
E:                                                                                                  Long Jewelers                      Appraiser

                                                     Steve Long                         Assistant Estate     M&L Jewelry                        Territorial Sales
Lambros Goldsmith, Inc.           Seasonal Sales
                                                     701 North Battlefield Boulevard,   Buyer                Manufacturing, Inc.                Director
Lambros Magiafas                                     Chesapeake, VA 23320                                    Jerry Madison
307 S. Franklin Street                               T: 757-436-1920                                         2520 West 6th Street
Juneau, AK 99801                                     F: 757-436-0720                                         Los Angeles, CA 90057
T: 703-508-1833                                      E:                              T: 800-886-2635 Ext. 1245
E:                                                  F: 213-252-6301                                                                                     E:

                                                                                                           2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                        13
Company                           Positions         Company                           Positions          Company                                        Positions
Magestic Gems                     Manager           Metro Jewelry                     G.G./Appraiser     Neiman Marcus                                  Precious Jewels
                                                                                                                                                        Sales Assoc
Jennifer Raghani                                    Appraisers                                           Sherri Draper
Juneau, AK                                          Jeff Averbook                                        2 East Maple Avenue
T: 360-420-5192                                     121 Mystic Avenue                                    White Plains, NY 10601
E:                           Medford, MA 02155                                    T: 914-989-4977
                                                    T: 781-306-0099                                      F: 914-989-4955
Magpie Jewellery                  Gemologist
                                                    E: info@metrojewelryapprais-                         E: Sherri_draper@neimanmar-
Martin Wright                                                                 
421 Gilmour Street, Ottawa,                            
Canada K2P 0R5
T: 613-859-8789                                     Milano Diamond                    Sales Associate    New York Jewelers                              Jewelry Manufac-
                                                                                                                                                        turing Assistant
E: martin.wright@magpiejewel-                       Company                                              Nancy Wood                                                                                                 11 North Wabash Street                         Sales Associate                             Ben                                                  Chicago, IL 60602
                                                    747 Middle Neck Road                                 T: 312-855-4999
Maloy’s Jewelry                   Estate Jewelry    Great Neck, NY                                       F: 312-855-9082
                                  Salesperson       T: 516-487-0202
Workshop                                            F: 516-487-6969
Robert Maloy                                        E:
717 SW 10th Avenue                                                 Niru NY Ltd                                    Gemologist
Portland, OR
                                                                                                                                                        Jewelry Opera-
T: 553-203-4720                                     Mimi So International,            Product Develop-   Elizabeth Kusek
                                                                                      ment Coordinator   20 East 46th Street Suite 1002                 tions Coordinator
E:                                LLC                                                  New York, NY 10017                                                                        Retail Sales
                                                    Laura Rogove                                         T: 212-972-3007 Ext. 219
Mark Silverstein                  Outside Sales     580 5th Avenue                                       F: 212-972-3014
                                  Representative    New York, NY 10036                                   E:
Imagines                                            T: 212-300-8672                            
Sally Furrer                                        E:
All US Territories available                                                     NLK Consulting &                               Rendering Artist
T: 406-293-4779                                                                                          Design, LLC
E:                            Morgan’s Jewelers                 Sales/Gemolo-                                                                    gist/Designer      Nancy Klein
                                                    Dru Brammer                                          New York, NY
                                                    50-C Peninsula Center
Marks of Design, LLC.             Retail Sales
                                                    Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
Kathleen McNichols-Marks                            T: 310-375-4471
500 D Howe Avenue                                   F: 310-375-4451                                      Noelle Leone                                   Intern
Shelton, CT 06484                                   E: dbrammer@morgansjewel-
                                                                                                         Lauren Noelle Fiabane                          Sales/Manufac-
T: 203-924-0030                           
                                                                                                         Anaheim Hills, CA 92808                        turersRepresen-
F: 203-924-0090                           
E:                                                                                     T: 800-609-2125                                tative                               Moyer Fine Jewelers               Sales              E:                      Visit JCK Booth:
                                                    Scott Brown                                                                                         DC 20153
Mc Clave Jewelers                 Jewelry Sales
                                                    Carmel, IN
Ron Mc Clave                                        T: 317-844-9003                                      North American                                 Sales Associate
9301 Tampa Avenue                                   F: 317-844-9575                                      Jewelers
Northridge, CA 91324                                E:
                                                                                                         Martin Weinberger
T: 818-998-0118
                                                                                                         5 S Wabash #1512
F: 818-998-8721                                     Neil Diamonds                     Part-Time
                                                                                      Administrative     Chicago, IL 60603
E:                          Howard Horn                                          T: 312-425-9000
                                                    38 Oak Street, Ridgewood                             F: 312-425-9900
Me & Ro                           Sales Associate
                                                    NJ 07450                                             E:
Nicole Zalewski                                     T: 800-355-7375                            
Chicago, IL                                         F: 800-355-8329
T: 312-957-8181                                     E:

14      2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                  Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                                          Job Listings

Company                           Positions           Company                         Positions             Company                             Positions
Novel Collection                  Administrative      Optima Diamond                  Sales Profes-         Pandora Jewelry                     Retail Operations
                                  Assistant                                           sionals                                                   Manager
Michal Ashkenazi                                      Shery Levy                                            Concept
580 5th Avenue                                        550 S. Hill St., Ste. 1570                                                                Sales Associate
New York, NY 10036                                    Los Angeles, CA 90013                                 Valley Fair Mall                    Asst Operations
T: 212-869-6035                                       T: 213-488-0440                                       San Jose, CA                        Manager
F: 212-869-6196                                       E:                           T: 877-278-9850
E:                                                                              E: customerservice@bluedia-                              Orli Diamonds                   Wholesale
                                                                                      Diamond Spe-
                                                      Isaac Dekalo
Novell Design Studio              Manager
                                                      67 E. Madison STE 1606
                                                                                      cialist               Paolo Costagli                      Marketing
Batool Esmael                                         Chicago, IL 60603                                                                         Assistant
                                                                                                            Kristie Russell
T: 732-428-8300                                       T: 312-332-0990                                       730 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2101        Graphic Design
E: batool@novelldesignstudio.                         F: 312-332-2914                                       New York, NY 10019                  Intern
com                                                   E:                                   E: kristie_Russell@paolocostagli.
                                                                                                                  In-house sales
Niru NY Ltd                       Gemologist
Elizabeth Kusek                   Jewelry Opera-      Oscar Heyman & Bros.            Sales & Adminis-
                                                                                      trative Assistant
20 East 46th Street Suite 1002,   tions Coordinator   Lewis Heyman                                          Pave Fine Jewelry                   Sales Associate/
New York, NY 10017                                    501 Madison Avenue                                    Design
T: 212-972-3007 Ext. 219                              New York, NY
F: 212-972-3014                                       T: 212-593-0400                                       Teresa Rainwater
E:                             F: 212-759-8612                                       1778 4th Street                                        E:                             Berkeley, CA
                                                                               T: 510-547-7000
Ocalas Lady                       Retail Sales                                                              F: 510-547-7007
Jeweler Inc.                      Associate           Ovadia Diamond                  Full Charge           E:
Nancy Porter
                                                                                      Inside Sales
315 E Silver Springs Blvd                             Guy Yosef                                             Pearce Jewelers                     Sales Associate
Ocala, FL 34470                                       589 Fifth Avenue Suite # 905,   Representative
                                                                                                            Kate Pearce
T: 352-629-5703                                       New York, NY 10017                                    41 Glen Road
F: 352-401-0044                                       F: 886-332-9227                                       West Lebanon, NH 03784
E:                         E:                             T: 603-359-1300                                                         E:
Ofer Mizrachi                     Operations          Pageo Fine Jewelry              Sales Associate
Diamonds, Inc.                                        Caroline Stangle                                      PENTIMENTO, Inc                     Appraiser

David Saida                                           33 Newbury Street                                     Jan Levine
Diamond District                                      Boston, MA 02116                                      4066 Telegraph Road Suite 2B,
15 West 47th Street Suite 1802                        T: 617-266-0066                                       Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
New York, NY 10036                                    F: 617-266-3550                                       T: 248-644-2545
T: 212-997-2326                                       E:                          F: 248-644-3960
F: 212-997-5052                                                                      E:
                                                      Pamela James                    3D CAD/CAM
                                                                                      Jewelry Designer
                                                      James Billetz                                         Perrywinkles Fine                   Wax Carver
Olufson Designs                   Sales Profes-       New York, NY                                          Jewelers
                                  sional              T: 866-725-2254
Les Oehler                                                                                                  Michele Krol
215 SW 2nd Street                                     E:
                                                                               227 Main Street
Corvallis, OR 97333                                                                                         Burlington, VT 05401
E:                                                                                 T: 802-865-8390                                                                                      F: 802-865-0150

                                                                                                          2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                         15
Company                          Positions          Company                            Positions           Company                                        Positions
Persin & Robbin                  Jewelry Repair     Quality Diamonds                   Sales – New         Retail Assistance                              Territory Manager
                                 Coordinator                                           Account Manager
Jewelers                                            of San Diego                                           Corporation
Robin Lashen                                        Ronit Behar                                            Julie Grimes
24 South Dunton Avenue                              861 6th Avenue # 165                                   T: 888-472-6033
Arlington Heights, IL 60005                         San Diego, CA 92101                                    E:
T: 847-253-7900                                     T: 619-232-1273                              
F: 847-253-2953                                     F: 619-232-1275
E:                             E:                                  Richdiam                                       Graduate                                                                                                                                   Gemologist
                                                                                                           Sheetal Gupta
                                                    R2Net                              Assistant Product
                                                                                                           New York, NY
Pompos Jewelry                   Manager
                                                    Julianna O’Brien
                                                                                                           T: 323-232-9312
Corporation                                         6 East 45th Street Suite # 1805,                       F: 32-3-231-82-91
Gabriel Angolo                                      New York, NY 10017                                     E:
606 South Hill Street #309                          T: 212-719-9733                              
Los Angeles, CA 90014                               F: 212-704-9937
T: 213-624-1441                                     E:                                  Robbins Brothers                               Sales Full/
F: 213-624-1591                                                                                            Jewelry
                                                    Rachminov Diamonds                 Vice President
                                                                                       Sales               Cheryl Albert                           Winnie Yu                                              P.O. Box 517
                                                    New York, NY                                           Azusa, CA 91702
Port Royal Jewelers              Sales Department   E:                               T: 626-224-940
Steven Leonard                   Design                                                                    F: 626-609-2752
623 Fifth Avenue South           Department         Rahl Jewelers                      Bench Jeweler/
Naples, FL 34102                                    Brad Gamms                                   
T: 239-263-3071                                     3001 North Barrington Road
F: 239-263-3071                                     Hoffman Estates, IL 60192                              Robuck Jewelers                                Bench Jeweler
E:                      T: 847-765-3000                                        Charlene Robuck
                                                    F: 847-765-3003                                        845 North Kansas Avenue,
Pounders Jewelry                 Sales              E:                                   Topeka, KS 66608
CJ Pounders                                                                  T: 785-235-3211
3131 North Division Street,                                                                                F: 785-235-5911
Spokane, WA 99207
                                                    Rare 1                             Graphics Design-
T:509-326-3131                                      Elle Choi                                    
F: 509-326-8313                                     E:                                                                                Romano’s Jewelers                              Sales Associate                             Reaver Diamond Co.                 Secretary/Sales
                                                                                                           Carlos Torres                                  Store Manager
                                                    Steve Reaver                                           510 6th Street Suite 900
Precieux Art Jewelers            Bench/Sales
                                                    30555 Southfield Road, Suite                           Los Angeles, CA 90014
Dave Cutler                                         100, Southfield, MI 48076                              T: 818-437-6886
6015 University Avenue                              T: 248-645-9200                                        F: 818-500-8303
Cedar Falls, IA 50613                               F: 248-645-9203                                        E:
T: 319-277-0717                                     E:                   
www.thediamondstore.coom                                                                                   Roseark, LLC.                                  Sales Associate
                                                    Reis-Nichols                       Graduate
                                                                                                           Jill Hoffmeister
Prestige Jewelry                 Sales/Customer
                                                    Cindy Nichols
                                                                                                           Los Angeles, CA 90004
Mike Kazanjian                                      3535 East 86th Street                                  T: 323-822-3600
San Franciso, CA                                    Indianapolis, IN 46240                                 E:
E:                       T: 317-255-3344, Ext. 102
                                                    F: 317-255-4469                                        Rosy Blue                                      In house Sales
Provident Jewelry                Sales Associate    E:                            John Kane
Aaron Steinberg                                                               529 Fifth Avenue 12th Floor
331 Clematis Street                                                                                        New York, NY
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
                                                    Replenish Inc.                     Micro Fabrication
                                                                                                           T: 646-388-5614
T: 561-833-7755                                     Michelle Journey                                       E:
F: 561-833-8763                                     Pasadena, CA 91107
E: steinberg.pjnaples@gmail.                        E: micro-assembly@replenishinc.
com                                                 com

16     2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                     Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                                   Job Listings

Company                         Positions           Company                         Positions          Company                         Positions
Royal Maui                      CAD Designer        San Diego Jewelry               Assistant          Shreve, Crump & Low             Jewelry Repair
                                                                                    Manager                                            & Service
Hunaida Shamieh                                     Buyers, LLC                                        Human Resources
                                                                                    Jewelry Buyer                                      Coordinator
200 East Via Rancho Pkwy                            Heather Taylor                                     232 Boylston Street
Suite #185                                          907 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA                      Boston, MA 02467
Escondido, CA 92025                                 92101                                              E:
T: 760-432-8400                                     T: 619-236-9603                          
F: 760-432-8400                                     E: heather@sandiegojewelry-
                                                                                                       Simmons Jewelry Co              Retail Sales                                                                                                                      Merchandiser
                                                    www.sandiegojewelrybuyers.                         Christel
Sales Associate                                     com                                                Washington D.C.
RP Wax                          Jewelry Designer
                                                    Schneider Design                General Office
                                (Downtown Los
Louis Benowitz G.G.                                 Studio                          Assistant          Simon Golub & Sons/             Sales Manager
                                Angeles office)                                                                                        (SGS)
607 S. Hill Street, Suite 236
                                                    Trese Young
                                                                                    Bench Jeweler      C&A Diamonds/IJC
Los Angeles, CA 90014                                                                                                                  Slaes Manager
                                                    245 Promenade North                                Bob Hewett
T: 213-629-1823                                                                                                                        (C&A)
                                                    Long Beach, CA 90802                               P.O. Box 80866
                                                    E: trese@markschneiderdesign.                      Seattle, WA 80866               Vice President
                                                    com                                                T: 800-426-7125                 Sales
Rue La La                       Jewelry Inspector                        F: 206-767-6870
                                                                                                                                       Visit JCK Booth:
Julianna Scandone                                   Sean DeNamur                    Bench Jeweler              PC-320
150 Omicron Court
Shepherdsville, KY 40165                                                                                        Writer &
E:                            Sean DeNamur                                                                       Customer Service
                                                                                                       Eric Peerless                                     1191 Sheridan Avenue, Cody,
                                                                                                       815 Franklin Avenue
                                                    WY 82414
S. Kashi & Sons                 Bookkeeper/         T: 307-587-4276
                                                                                                       Garden City, NY 11530
                                Secretary                                                              E: customerservice@since1910.
Elie Kashi                                          E:
71 West 47th Street                       
New York, NY 10036
                                                    Shane & Co.                     Bench Jeweler/
T: 212-869-9393
                                                                                    Goldsmith          Soho Gem                        Jewelry Website
E:                                  Hank Inderlied                                                                     Marketing, Sales
                                                                                                       Maria Benavides                                      Roseville, CA
                                                                                                       367 West Broadway
Saks Fifth Avenue               Sales Associate
                                                                                                       New York, NY
                                                                                                       T: 212-625-3004
Pauline Bolton                                      asp
                                                                                                       F: 212-625-3501
New York Flagship Store
611 Fifth Avenue
                                                    Shinestones Inc                 Manager            E:
New York, NY 10022                                  Manish Ghandi                   Administrative
T: 212-940-2257                                     22 West 48th Street             Assistant          Solari & Huntington             Sales and Gemol-
F: 212-940-4299                                     New York, NY 10036                                                                 ogist/Appraiser
E:                           T: 212-944-0065
                                                                                                       Jewelers                             E:                         Robert Solari
                                                                      100 Main Street, Park Ridge,
San Diego Estate                Receptionist                                                           IL 60068
Buyers                                              ShopNBC                         Senior Buyer/      T: 847-825-5600
                                                                                    Buyer              F: 847-823-4365
Heather                                             Kelly Thorp
                                                    6740 Shady Oak Rd                                  E:
907 Sixth Avenue                                                                             
San Diego, CA 92101                                 Eden Prairie, MN
                                                    T: 942-643-6000
T: 619-236-9603
                                                                                                       Sophia & Chloe                  Experienced/
E:                                                                                                                   Complex Wire
                                                    www.ShopNBC.TV                                     Lauren Ansolabehere
                                                                                                       Encinitas, CA
                                                                                                       T: 760-6v32-1217                Experienced
                                                                                                       E:    CAD/CAM

                                                                                                     2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                    17
Company                           Positions          Company                           Positions           Company                                        Positions
Sovereign Diamonds,               Jewelry Designer   Stuart Moore                      Sales Associate/    The Lion’s Den                                 Sales Associate
                                                                                       Administration                                                     -Temp.
Ltd.                              CAD Designer       Jim Brewer                                            Erik Martinez
Anshu Jain                        Diamond Grader     587 Newport Center Drive                              Salmon, ID 83467
Sovereign House, 11 - A,                             Newport Beach, CA 92660                               T: 916-207-8475
Mahal Ind. Estate                                    T: 949-644-0501                                       E:
Mahakali Caved Rd., Andheri                          E:                  
(E) , Mumbai, Maharashtra India            
                                                                                                           Tiffany & Co.                                  Sales

T: 91- 96195 54461
                                                     Stuller                           Vice President -
                                                                                                           Lissa Kruger
                                                                                       Bridal Merchan-                           Kristy Duplechin                                      Fashion Valley Mall                            Grader (Colored
                                                     Lafayette, LA                                         2007 Friars Rd.                                Stones & Pearls),
Spectrum Fine Jewelry             Sales Associate    E:   Vice President of   San Diego, CA 92101                            Gem Acquisition
& Exotic Gems                     Retail Store                   ecommerce 
                                                                                                                                                          Quality Inspector
                                  Manager                                              Diamond & Gem-
Abhi Nayyar                                                                                                                                               - Temporary
2802 State Street, Suite A                                                             stone Specialists
Carlsbad, CA 92008                                                                                         Tiffany Kunz Design                            Business
T: 760-434-5070                                      T & J Jewelry, Inc.               Sales Associate
                                                                                                           Kat Horstmann
                                                                                                                                                          Admin Intern
F: 760-434-1433                                      Greg Myer                                             1831 N Harvard Blvd
E:                           2615 South Hill Street                                Los Angeles, CA 90026                              Los Angeles, CA 90007                                 T: 805-598-3078
                                                     T: 213-749-1241                                       E:
Spinelle Fine Jewelers            Bench Jeweler
                                                     F: 213-749-4019                                       www.tiffanykunzdesitgn,com
Lori Wear                                            E:
1232 First Street, Napa, CA                                                                                Turgeon-Raine                                  Experienced
94559                                                TanzaniteOne                      Sort House
                                                                                                           Jewellers                                      Sales
                                                                                       Supervisor                                                         Representative
T: 707-253-7789                                      Mining Ltd.                                           Mr. Schnall
F: 707-253-8920
                                                     Mervyn Dettmer                                        1407 Fifth Avenue
                                                     P.O. Box 15237                                        Seattle, WA 98101
                                                     Arusha, Tanzania, United                              E:
Staffing by Hall, Inc             Gemologist         Republic
                                                     T: 255-754-600-997                                    UGL-USA                                        Gemologist/
Betsey Birt                                          E:                                                                           Appraiser
                                                                                                           Robert Lejman
New York, NY                                                                 New York, NY 10036
                                                                                                           T: 212-921-3324
                                                     The Bisanar Co.                   Gemologist/
                                                                                                           F: 212-921-4574
Starborn Creations Inc            Sales                                                Appraiser
                                                     Lori Baker                                            E:
Greta Schiegg                                        226 Union Square                            
Jacob Javits Convention Center,                      Hickory, NC 28601
New York, NY                                         T: 828-322-5090                                       Uneek Fine Jewelry                             Administrative
T: 800-749-5498                                                                                                                                           Assistant
F: 928-204-2400
                                                     F: 828-322-5092                                       Collections
                                                     E:                                                                                  Diamond Sorter
E:                                                                              Alexis V.
                                                                                                                             550 South Hill Street Suite 1055,
                                                     The Diamond                       Assistant Sales     Los Angeles, CA
Sterling Jewelers Inc             Senior Diamonds                                      Associate           T: 213-622-5119
                                  Assorter           Connection                                            F: 213-572-0170
Rita Haley-Cook
                                                     Julie Stalmar                                         E:
375 Ghent Road
                                                     2350-H San Diego Avenue
Akron, OH 44333
                                                     San Diego, CA
T: 330-668-5617
                                                     T: 619-296-8900
F: 330-670-6737
                                                     F: 619-260-1460

18     2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                                                     Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Bracelet courtesy Erica Coutney
                                                                                                                      Job Listings

Company                          Positions          Company                           Positions            Company                       Positions
Union Gems, Inc.                 Sales Associate    Walters & Hogsett                 Sales Associate      Yakubov Group USA             Administrative
Gaurav Khandelwal                                   Fine Jewelers                                          Mark Kirsch
6222 Richmond Avenue                                Donald Janson                                          580 Fifth Ave #1608
Suite #865                                          2425 Canyon Blvd.                                      New York, NY 07666
Houston, TX 77057                                   Boulder, CO 80302                                      T: 212-302-4550
T: 713-977-0300                                     T: 303-449-2626                                        F: 212-302-4151
F: 713-977-0390                                     F: 303-449-0111                                        E:
E:                              E:                 
Valentin Magro                   Office Assistant                                                          Your Jewelry Box LLC          Bench Jeweler/
Valentin Magro                                      White Mountain                    Salesperson          Kerry Keith or Devin Mullen
42 West 48th Street                                 Jewelers                                               908 Logan Blvd
New York, NY 10036                                                                                         Altoona, PA 16602
T: 212-575-9044                                     Peter Tims                                             T: 814-940-7312
F: 212-575-9045                                     161 E. Deuce of Clubs A-9                              Ext. 204 or 207
E:                      Show Low, AZ 85901                                     F: 814-940-7308                               T: 928-537-3699                                        E:
Van Cleef & Arpels               Sales Associate
                                                                                                           Z Luxe Group, INC.            Jewelry Designer
Nancy Bai                                           White Pine Trading LLC            Diamond Sorter/
3333 Bristol Street                                                                   Grader               Ori Zemer
Costa Mesa, CA 92626                                Andrew Brown                                           La Jolla, CA
T: 714-545-9500                                     New York, NY                                           T: 858-454-0011
F: 714-557-7657                                     T: 646-758-0290                                        E:
E:                           E:                                                                                    Zia Jewelry                   Retail Sales
                                                    Wick & Greene                     Master Bench
                                                                                      Jeweler              Lee Cohan
Verdura                          Manufacturing      Mike Gibson or Eva Greene                              31761 Camino Capistrano
                                 Associate          121 Patton Avenue                 Gemologist
Colleen Caslin                                                                                             Suite 3
New York, NY                     Adminstrative      Asheville, NC 28801               Appraiser            San Juan Capistrano, CA
T: 646-454-3372                  Assistant          T: 828-253-1805                                        T: 949-636-1283
E:                               F: 828-253-7001                                        F: 949-388-6647
                                                    E:                                 E:
Village Heights                  Part Time Bench                        
Louis Eafalla                                       Windsor Jewelers                  Sales Consultant
122 ½ N. Parchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004                               Kevin Slusher
T: 310-467-8658                                     526 South Stratford Road,
E:                               Winston-Salem, NC 27103                              T: 336-721-1768
                                                    F: 336-722-8159
Waldman Diamond                  Sales              E:
Eli Fruchter                                        Women’s Jewelery                  Adminstrative
15 W 47th St 1000                                   Assoc
New York, NY 10036
T: 212-921-8098                                     Kendra Bridel
E:                                 52 Vanderbilt 19th Floor                                    New York, NY

                                                                                                         2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                  19
                                 Our Education. Your World of Opportunity.
                                 Launch your career in the jewelry industry with GIA Education. Visit the GIA
                                 Education booth located in the Atrium to learn about our world-renowned,
                                 professional diplomas and courses. Whether you choose to learn through
                                 Distance Education or at one of our campuses, the prestige and practicality
                                 of a GIA education is within reach.
                                 Also, find out how to finance your education, where to live and how to get a
                                 job once you finish your classes. GIA is here to help you launch your career in
                                 the jewelry industry!

Save the Date!                                    2011 GIA SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS ARE BEING
                                                  ACCEPTED THROUGH OCTOBER 30, 2010.
Career Fair at GIA Carlsbad
                                                                                             Fund your future with a
Friday, October 22, 2010
                                                                                             GIA scholarship. Each year,
Gemological Institute of America                                                             donor and Institute spon-
The Robert Mouawad Campus                                                                    sored scholarships make a
                                                                                             GIA Education a real possi-
As one of the jewelry industry’s largest job                                                 bility for many students.
fairs, GIA Career Fair attracts the jewelry
industry’s top retailers, manufacturers,                                                     Take this opportunity to
laboratories, and wholesalers. Whether                                                       embark on an exciting
you're in the middle of a career change or                                                   jewelry career – or enhance
new to the working world, Career Fair gives                                                  your skills in gemology, or
you the chance to explore everything the                                                     jewelry manufacturing arts.
fine jewelry industry has to offer. For more      To find out more about GIA Scholarships or to download
information, e-mail                               the application, visit,
call 800.421.7250
ext 4100, or visit
for details

                                                   World Headquarters
                                                   The Robert Mouawad Campus
                                                   5345 Armada Drive | Carlsbad, CA 92008   For more information
                                                   T: 760-603-4000 | F: 760-603-4080        visit

20   2010 GIA MINI JEWELRY CAREER FAIR                                                             Model courtesy of Penny Preville. Rings courtesy Yanina & Co.

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