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Event Budget Form - PowerPoint

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Event Budget Form document sample

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									Budget Preparation Training Manual

                    Revised - 2010
                               Table of Contents
1.   Security/Access
       a. User Security
       b. Log In
2.   Main Menu
       a. Layout
       b. Options Link
           Display Settings
           Password Change
3.   Reporting Events
       a. Reporting Events Overview
       b. Event Codes
       c. Budget Form Packages
            i. Budget Summary Form
                 1. State/Contract & Grant template
            ii. Payroll Form Template
                 1. Payroll Form Instructions
                 2. Benefits Adjustments
                 3. Lump Sum Adjustments
                 4. Opening/Activating Payroll Form
4.   Reports
       a. Reports Overview
       b. Baseline Report Instructions
       c. Employee Report Instructions
5.   Workflow
       a. Workflow Overview
       b. My Workflow Link
6.   Completing Reporting Events
       a. Completing Reporting Events Overview
       b. Email Message
       c. Pending Completion Status
7.   Completed Events
                                         1.a. Security Access
                                             User Security
Complete ER System Security Request Form
located on the Budget Office website:

Information needed to complete form:
    UTD Net ID
    Full Name
    Email

Level of Security to Reporting Events
   Event 01 – Departmental Input
   Event 01 – Director/Department Head
   Event 02 – School/Division
   Event 03 – Provost/VP

Events may shift according to structure of

Approver has authority to complete an
Event which sends to next Level and Event.
See 5. Workflow for further details.
      1.b. Security Access
                      Log In
  Access Budget Horizon at the following web address:$erweb_asp/main.asp

                                  User Name – UTD Net ID

                                  User Password –For new Users please call
                                  Budget Office for initial password (once
                                  initial password is received, change
                                  password in Options – located on Main
                                          2. a. Main Menu
1. Access
    • Reporting Events
      (Budget Form Packages)
    • Completed Events
    • Reports

2. Workflow

3. Misc:
    • Options
       Password Change                2
       Display Setting
    • Exit System

4. Drop Down Links
    •   Provides another option to
        access Events and accounts.

5. Display Browser                    3

                                        2.b. Main Menu
                                              Options Link
Access by clicking Options link

Display Settings:
  Settings are saved and applied
   each time computer is used to
   log on to the Web extension.

Change Password:
  For new Users please call
   Budget Office for initial
   password .initial password
  If you forget user password,
   please contact the Budget
   Office at x2663 and request
   Budget Horizon password
   change to reset.

                                    Options link
                                    3.a. Reporting Events
Access by clicking Reporting Events

Reporting Events Link displays list of
Budget Form Packages as determined by
Users security.                             Reporting
                                            Events link

Budget Form Packages
Departmental accounts are grouped
based on funding type.

  BA – Baseline (General University
   Accounts)                                              Budget Form     Click on Budget Form package
  NB - Non Baseline (Self Supporting)                    packages link   to advance to next step
  C&G – Contract & Grant
  STUFEES – Student Fees (418xxx)
  RESENH – Research Enhancement

New Account Requests- follow current
UTD New Account Request process.
The Budget Office will contact department
once the account(s)are ready to view and
                                      3.b. Reporting Events
                                               Event Codes
Access by clicking Budget Form Package
link on Reporting Events screen
                                               Displays Budget Form
Starts the event process for the Budget Form   Package selected
package selected.

Event Code displayed depends on which
Event you are assigned to:
  Event 01 – Departmental Input
  Event 01 – Director/Department Head
  Event 02 – School/Division
  Event 03 – Provost/VP                              Click on Event Code
                                                      link to advance to next
Event Status Values:
  Not Started - The event has been
   defined, but the reporting unit has not
   opened any forms.
  Open – The reporting unit has opened
    at least one form.
  Reopened- The reporting unit has
   chosen Completed for the event, but
   the Approver has reopened the event.
  Completed – The reporting unit has
   filled in and stored and processed all
   forms in an event.
                                  3.c. Budget Form Packages
Access by clicking Event on
Event Code screen

Budget Form Packages contain two
Form Codes:

  Budget Summary -used to
    budget revenue, operating costs,
    transfer funds to other accounts,
    project FY11 beginning balance,
    close an account , and make
    changes to the responsible
    person/account name.
      BUDGDR – Department
      BUDGSD – School/Division
      BUDGPV – Provost/VP

  Payroll - used to make any
    necessary adjustments to an
    employee assignment.                    Click on account
                                            link to advance to
Accounts that are attached to Budget
Form packages are displayed for each
Form Code under Form Name.

NOTE: If account has no payroll data
only the PAYROLL link will be visible
– see 3.c.ii.4. on details on how to
open(activate) account payroll form.
                     3.c.i. Budget Summary Form
                                            Account Name, Responsible
                                            Person and Close Account fields

                                            Revenue – enter as a positive
Click Store                                  number
(stores data) and                           ---------------------------------------
then Process –
NOTE: Be sure
BUDG(account #)                             Payroll amounts are populated
is in field before                          from Payroll Form
clicking Process

                                            Operating Expenses – enter as a
                                            positive number


                                            Transfer In -populated if receiving
                                            a transfer(s) from another account

                                            Transfer Out – Enter account the
                                            funds are being transferred to and
                                             enter $ amount as a negative
                                            Transfer Out (8330) for Budget
                                             Use Only
                                            Current Year Adjustment- enter a
                                            positive or negative amount to adjust
                                            current fiscal year ending balance
3.c.i.1. Budget Summary Form
State/Contract & Grant Template

                                   State and/or Contract
                                   & Grants account
                                   templates do not have
                                   transfer section

                      State accounts will
                      reflect a negative
                      ending balance
                           3.c.ii. Payroll Form

                           Example of Current Employee
                           data entry line

Delete Assignment Box

                        Example of New Employee/Change
                        Assignment data entry line

                          When done with all changes be sure
                          account working on is in this field
                          before clicking Process
                                          3.c.ii.1. Payroll Form
 Changing Current Employee                                                   Adding New Employee
1. Only the following boxed fields can be updated on a             In the Add Employee box
  current employee:
                                                                   1. Enter job class
   a) Override Rate
   b) Allocation % Override                                             a) Hit F2 for a drop down box of job classes.
   c) Start/End Date                                                    b) Sub code defaults based on Job Class entered.
   d) Medical, FT/PT, Retire Code                                  2. Enter UTD ID
                                                                        a) Enter first four letters of last name and UTD ID# –
2. To delete an employee :                                                   SMIT12345678.
                                                                           i. If last name is less than 4 letters put a zero in place
      a)    Put an X in the delete assignment box.
                                                                               of letters – YI00.
            i. Note: Employee will still appear on Payroll Form.
                                                                           ii. If UTD ID is not in Budget Horizon contact Budget
      b)    Employees Total Salary/Comp will change to zero                    Office to have name added.
            after clicking the store button.                            b) Note: Only numeric UTD ID will appear in the UTD ID
      c)    If you want to undelete the X from the box hit the             column.
            backspace button.                                           c) Click Store button to have employee appear on
                                                                           Employee Data entry field line.
3. To change Current Employees assignment other than               3. All boxed fields must be entered.
  what is notated in 1 above.                                           a) Note: FTE, Man Months, Total Salary, Total Fringe,
   a) Put an X in the delete assignment box and add                        Total Comp are calculated fields.
      employee in the Add Employee Box .                                b) Follow current UTD polices regarding personnel
      i. Note: Employee will still appear on Payroll Form.                 appointments.
      ii. Proceed to Adding New Employee section for               4. Senior Lecturers – cost will go to sub-code 1023 on Budget
          further information.                                        Summary Form.
                                                                   5. Blank Positions: Use Z999 as the UTD ID. If adding more
 4.        Store data when complete with all employee changes.        than one blank position with the same job class( within the
                                                                      account) you will need to use Z999 for the first position,
                                                                      Z998 for the second, Z997 for the third, etc.
 5.        Click Process to populate/update Budget Summary
           Form.                                                   6. Store data when complete with all employees changes.
                                                                   7. Click Process to populate/update Budget Summary Form.
                                3.c.ii.2. Payroll Form
                                 Benefit Adjustments
Benefit Calculations – calculated according to rates on Staff Benefit Rate sheet located on Budget
Office website
       a. The following are data entry fields(drop down fields):
             i.      Medical Code
             ii.     FT/PT
             iii.    Retire Code
       b. Other benefits are calculated in Total Benefits Cost based on employees rate.
             i.     FICA, UCI, Medicare, Vacation/SL
       c. Note: For Baseline accounts no data entry needed –Benefits totals do not carry forward to
         Budget Summary Form.
       d. To add to Benefit budget amount use the Budget Benefit Adjustment field in the Account
         Summary section (located on bottom right of Payroll form).

            Benefit data entry fields
                                 3.c.ii.3. Payroll Form
                              Lump Sum Adjustments
Wage(1050) Lump Sum Adjustment field:
        Amount entered in this field is in addition to sub total 1051 salary cost.
             At least one HRS position must be entered if budgeting wage lump sum amount.
        Enter a negative amount to subtract from sub-total amount.

            Faculty Sal-Lump budgets sub-code 1022.
                   Accounts that have Faculty allowable expenses only.

Longevity and Budget Benefits Adjustment fields:
         Amounts entered in these fields are in addition to sub-total costs for Longevity and Benefits.

NOTE: Research Assistant(1032), Teaching Assistant(1031), Lecturers(1024) lump sum adjustments
      • Currently no field is available to add to sub-total amount.
      • To add to your sub-total cost create a Blank position for the job class you want to adjust .
           • Make the cost the amount you want to add to your lump sum .
                   3.c.ii.4. Payroll Form
Opening/Activating Payroll Account Form

 After clicking PAYROLL
 link a Variable Dialog
 Box will appear

                                      Choose account
                                      from drop down
                                      list to activate –
                                      click Process
                                                      4.a. Reports
Access by clicking Reports link on Main Menu screen

   Baseline Report
      Run at the School/Division level to ensure
          you have budgeted within the appropriate
      VERY IMPORTANT to complete prior to
          completing your Baseline Budget Form

   Payroll_EMP
      Listing of Employees on the following levels:
            School/Division

            Department

            Budget Form Package

            Account

   Export to Excel feature                                          Baseline and Payroll_EMP links
      Click excel button prior to running your
      Be sure to unclick after exporting your
         report or you will stay in excel mode each
         time you run a report
                                   4.b. Reports
                           Baseline Report Instructions
After clicking Baseline link you will be taken to Variable Dialog

Enter School or Division
Enter Y for Baseline(N for Non-Baseline accounts)
Enter 1101 for Budget Year
Enter B1 for Enter Budget Version
Click Process

                                                                    Allocation Total amount is
                                             4.c. Reports
                        Employee Report Instructions
After clicking Payroll_EMP link you will be taken to
Variable Dialog Box

Enter -Either School/Division, Department, Budget Form
                                                         Report displays the following:
       Package, Account
                                                              • UTD ID
Enter - 1101 for Budget Year
                                                              • Employee Name
Enter - B1 for Enter Budget Version
                                                              • Job Class
Click Process
                                                              • FY2010 Rate
                                                              • FY2011 Rate
                                                              • HRS#
                                                              • Account
                                                              • FTE
                                                              • Allocation %
                                                              • Start/End Date
                                                              • Merit Increase
                                             5.a. Workflow
The user workflow for Budget Horizon enables users to monitor and control the workflow of Budgets(Reporting
Events). The workflow includes an email function and a status overview which notifies both Approvers and
Contributors throughout the Budget Prep process.

Workflow is determined by who sees the Reporting Event 1st , 2nd , 3rd and so on. Budget Horizon calls this “Levels”.

  Within each Reporting Event contains a Level opening for a Contributor and Approver.
       A Contributor can perform all necessary account revisions. Once the Contributor completes their revisions,
        they will press the ‘Finish’ button and an email will be sent to the Approver for that Event/Level.
       An Approver has the same functional capabilities, in addition to being able to close the Reporting Event which
        moves it to the next Event/Level.
          Note : When the Approver closes the package it is no longer available for input.

  Each Reporting Event Level of approval must accommodate these rules:
       Option 1 - No users identified as Contributor or Approver (only applicable to Level 1)
       Option 2 – Minimum of one user identified as an Approver (Levels 1, 2, & 3)
       Option 3 – Identify a user as a Contributor and a different user as Approver (Levels 1, 2, & 3)

  A User cannot be identified in different Events/Levels. For example, a School Fiscal Officer cannot be in
   Event/Level 1 and 2.
                                                  5.b. Workflow
                                               My Workflow Link
Access by clicking My Workflow

My Workflow shows the current
status of each Budget Form Package
the User has security to. It will either
show a blank status (no action has
been taken) or a green check mark if
the Approver/Contributor has
completed their input or review

Example of Workflow configuration
for employee Usertest and Budget
Form package Unit 10999_NB:                              Designates a contributor.
                                                         A contributor cannot close     Status – a green checkmark
Logged in as Usertest and clicked                        an Event – just notifies the   designates that Level has been
on My Workflow
                                                         next Level they are finished   completed
                                           My Workflow   with entry
 a. User Test is Level 1 and has ER            link
    security for EVENT01. User Test
    is designated as an Contributor.
 b. Director Bob is Level 2 and has
    ER security for EVENT01.
    Director Bob is designated as a
 c. School/Division Sue is Level 3
    and has ER security for
    EVENT02. School/Division Sue
    is designated as an Approver.
 d. Dr. Provost/VP Smith is Level 4
    and has ER security for Event03.
    Dr. Provost/VP Smith is
    designated as an Approver.
6.a. Completing Reporting Events

                                           Logged in as Usertest –
                                           note Finish button. Once
                                           Finish button is clicked an
                                           email message will be sent to
                                           the next person(Level) within
                                           the workflow

                                           NOTE: If assigned as an
      All accounts must be set to OK
                                           Approver a Complete button
      status, (as a result of processing
                                           will be visible and once button
      Budget forms) before clicking the
      Finish or Complete button            is clicked it will officially close
                                           that Reporting Event(send to
                                           Completed Events)
                6.b. Completing Reporting Events
                        Email Message
 Warning message asking: Are you sure you want
to Complete the Event?

                                                 Click Send Email
                       Click OK to go to next
                       Email Message Box
6.c. Completing Reporting Events
   Pending Completion Status

                         For Levels 2 and 3 cannot
                         Finish/Complete Budget Form
                         Package until the Level before
                         has been completed.
                                      7. Completed Events

Access by clicking Completed Events link

Once the Complete button is pushed on
the Reporting Event Package goes
 to Completed Events.                      Completed Events

The user will have view only
status for the completed Budget
Form Package.

Note: FY10 Budget Form Packages are
also available to view.
                                                        Click Budget Form
                                                        Package to view package

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