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									                           GEORGE R. OWENS, P.E., C.E.M.
                                  9449 Penfield Ct.
                            COLUMBIA, MARYLAND 21045
                                   (410) 964-3513


       Registered Professional Engineer in Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and

       Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.) - Association of Energy Engineers

       State of Ohio Certified Energy Auditor

       International Energy Manager of the Year - Association of Energy Engineers

       Energy Manager’s Hall of Fame - Association of Energy Engineers

       President - Association of Energy Engineers - 2001

       Numerous energy project awards including the 1996 Energy Users News, Energy
        Management Award


       Direct supervision of Engineering, (M.E.P., Paving, Roofing, Drafting, CAD) Accounting,
        Clerical, Project Management and Secretarial Personnel. Responsible for selecting, hiring
        and supervising numerous Architectural, Engineering and Environmental Consulting Firms
        and Contractors.


       Energy and Engineering Solutions, Inc. (EESI) , Columbia, Maryland
        1997 - Present: PRINCIPAL - Engineering and Energy Services provides cost
        effective solutions to the Commercial, Development and Institutional sectors with a
        focus on Energy Management. Although specializing in providing independent
        consulting services, full project responsibility from design through installation and
        operation is available for one source responsibility. These services include:
             Electric Deregulation Studies and Consulting
             Energy Management System Studies, Specifying, and Optimization
             Operations and Maintenance Enhancements
             Energy Systems Upgrades Including Lighting and HVAC Systems
             CFC Programs
             Mechanical and Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades
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          Performance Specifications and 3rd Party Review of New Construction
          Acquisition Evaluations
          Shopping Center Utility Programs

   1981 – 1997 - DIRECTOR OF ENGINEERING, Director of Energy Management, The
    Rouse Company, Columbia, Maryland. The Rouse Company owns, develops and manages
    78 shopping centers and 100 office buildings throughout the United States and Canada
    totaling 57,000,000 square feet. Responsible for managing and reducing an Energy Budget
    of $85 million annually. Total area of buildings under control of Energy Management
    Systems engineered exceeds 40,000,000 square feet.

    RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDED: 1) Utility rate analysis for 55+ utilities; 2) Energy
    Management Systems evaluation and installation; 3) Energy Management System
    operations (55 total); 4) Supervised Roofing and Paving Project Managers budgets of $4.5
    million annual; 5) Computer Programs for Energy Accounting, monitoring and control; 6)
    Manage energy studies, audits for conservation, co-generation, fire safety, energy source
    conversions, HVAC design adequacy and primary electrical distribution; 7) Lighting
    Design for interiors and parking lots; 8) Established a Corporate Electrical Preventive
    Maintenance Program; 9) Evaluated telecommunications potential and improvements; 10)
     Responsible for $8,500,000 annual Capital Improvement Program for HVAC, Lighting,
    and Energy Management Programs; 11) Plan review for new shopping centers - HVAC,
    electric, lighting; 12) Responsible for the removal and retrofit PCB transformers; 13) $3.8
    million HVAC conversion that has reduced utility costs by $1,400,000 per year at one
    location; 14) ASHRAE Energy Award: First Place - Baltimore Chapter, Second Place -
    Regional Award; 15) Designed and retrofitted Parking Lot Lights for over 1,000 acres;
    16) Negotiations between landlord and tenant utility lease disputes; 17) Supervisor of
    Mechanical Engineer, Paving and Roofing Managers, Accountant, Project Manager,
    C.A.D. Operator and summer interns; 18) Coauthored the Project Managers, Design
    Guidelines, Center Manager's Training, Preventive Maintenance, Emergency, Operations
    and Environmental Manuals; 19) Contact for Environmental Issues, including PCB's,
    ACM, etc.; 20) Developed the Energy Task Force - Produced $2.5 million annual savings;
     21) Implemented over $10 million of Energy Reduction Projects with utility rebates of
    over $3.5 million; 22) Conducted a study to determine the feasibility for Energy Services
    and Electric Wheeling, 23) Negotiated direct purchase of natural gas contracts, 24)
    Developed a program and negotiated with utility and other energy service companies for
    deregulated utility services, alternative contracting and energy services contracts, 25)
    Experienced in electricity, gas, oil, water, sewer, steam and chilled water utility rates,
    purchasing and management.

   1977 - 1981 - Energy Conservation Engineer, J. Shillito’s Company, Federated Department
    Stores, Cincinnati, Ohio. Responsible for the development and implementation of the
    Energy Conservation Program. Significant achievements included: 1) Development of
    Energy Reporting and Tracking Procedures to evaluate yearly, monthly, and weekly Energy
    Usage Trends; 2) Justified, specified, purchased and had installed a Central Computerized
    Energy Management System for optimum energy usage for 1.5 million square feet; 3)
    Routinely analyzed the energy bills for all locations using Computer Programs developed
    by myself to check for accuracy. This included two states and four separate utilities; 4)

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        Prepared and presented direct testimony before the Kentucky Energy Regulatory
        Commission on the merits of a required rate increase; 5) Implemented control changes at
        several locations for energy efficiency. Included were Electronic Time Clocks, Duty
        Cyclers, Pneumatic and Electrical Controls; 6) Met with Governor Rhodes (Ohio) and the
        Ohio Department of Energy on pending Energy Legislation; 7) Received the "Outstanding
        Energy Conservation Award" for Shillito's from Jefferson County, Louisville, Kentucky;
        8) Engineered and installed Power Factor Correction; 9) Lighting Design for Retail
        Department Stores was featured in Retail Magazine.

       1968 - 1977 - Proctor and Gamble Company

        Engineering Division, Cincinnati, Ohio 1975-1977. Electrical Engineer responsible for the
        design and implementation of Programmable Logic Controllers, coordinating an outside
        Engineering Consultant, and managing large Electrical Projects. DC drive engineering and
        installation. Power systems modifications. Included providing direction to the design staff
        in preparation of drawings.

        Cellulose Division, Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada 1975. Electrical Engineer for a major
        pulp mill and responsible for the design and modifications to the low voltage and high
        voltage power systems and pulp drying systems. Responsible for the maintenance of
        electrical systems including a 32 MW turbo generator. Responsible for the supervision and
        training of the Canadian Electrical Engineer.

        Charmin Paper Division, Mehoopany, Pennsylvania. Plant Electrical Engineer 1971-1974.
          Responsibilities included: 1) Adjustable frequency drives; 2) Maintenance and
        troubleshooting consultant; 3) Energy Conservation projects; 4) Electronics and Electrical
        Trainer; 5) Electrical Safety Advisor; 6) DC Drive and Power Systems; 7) Power System
        Study; 8) Designed additions to the 480, 4160 and 13200 volt power systems; 9)
        Supervisor of drafter.

        Engineering Division, Cincinnati, Ohio 1968-1971. Electrical Engineering Assistant,
        Electrical Engineering Associate and Electrical Engineer - Responsibilities included the
        engineering, specification for purchase and installation checkout of the following: 1) Relay
        logic control; 2) 15KV cables and substations; 3) 5KV and 480 volt motors; 4) DC
        drives; 5) Building lighting and HVAC controls.

       1968 - Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, Co-op Program. Test
        Department - responsible for the testing and maintenance of protective relaying and
        associated hardware and wiring.


       Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Member; Past member of the
        National Committee of the Pulp and Paper Society of the Industry and Applications

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       Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
        Senior Charter Member; Vice President of Region II - 1984; President and Founder of the
        Ohio AEE Chapter - 1983-1985; Certified Energy Manager.

       American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
        Cincinnati Chapter Energy Committee - 1984. Baltimore Chapter Energy Committee

       Association of Energy Services Professionals AESP

       Illumination Engineering Society - Member of National Energy Committee - 1986.

       Past Member Ohio Solar Resource Advisory Panel (OSRAP) - Board of Directors.

       Energy Star Ally – Environmental Protection Agency 1999 – 2002, Earth Day Challenge
        Certificate of Achievement, 1999


       Panel discussion about the merits of dry type transformers at the annual meeting of the
        IEEE Pulp and Paper Committee.

       Mid Atlantic Energy Conference - "Full Function Mid-Range Energy Management

       M.E.M.R.A. "Energy Program of The Rouse Company."

       Energy Technology Conference (9) - "Energy Conservation Ideas."

       Cincinnati Chapter of the Electrical Manufacturers Society - "The Role of Electrical
        Manufacturers in Energy Conservation."

       Small Business Retailers, Sponsored by Congressman Tom Hall, Dayton, Ohio, -"Energy
        Conservation Workshop for Retailers."

       University of Cincinnati, School of Administration Graduate Class, Demonstration of an
        Energy Management System.

       Association of Energy Engineers World Energy Congress 1980 - "The Proper Selection,
        Care and Feeding of an Energy Management System."

       National Electrical Testing Association - Contributing Editor

       Instructor with Virginia Polytechnic University and North Carolina University - Instructor
        for the Energy Management Diploma Series - "The Energy Management Program at
        Rouse," "Energy Management Systems" and "Preventive Maintenance".

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   AEE World Energy Congress - 1987 - "Energy Management System Specifications."

   "Integrating Microcomputers with an E.M.S." Presented at a short course titled
    "Microcomputer Applications in Energy Management."

   "New Development in Energy Management Systems" ICSC's 1988 Center Build
    Conference. 1990 Center-Build Roundtable.

   1990 Edison Electric Institute, Panel Member, Executive Seminar Series.

   Two articles appeared in Energy Management Magazine.

   "Energy Impact of Renovations" Carlson Report Newsletters.

   "Integrating Microcomputers to Energy Management Systems" appeared in the Winter 1988
    issue of Strategic Planning and Energy Management magazine.

   AEE World Energy Congress - 1989 - Energy Users News panel discussion.

   ASHRAE Baltimore Meeting. Panel discussion - Open protocol - 1990.

   1st & 2nd National Commissioning conference - "O&M Pays - Commissioning Helps," "An
    O&M Case Study of 70 Shopping Centers" - 1993 & 1994.

   Energy Management 2001 - Presented @ AEE's World Energy Congress - appeared in
    Energy Users News, Heating/Piping Air Conditioners.

   Washington Chapter - AEE - "The Rouse Company Energy Program and Indoor Air Quality"
    - 1993

   Virginia Society of Professional Engineers - "The Rouse Company's Energy Program and
    What's In Store for the Future"

   AEE 1993 Conference, Boston - "Smart Building Operations".

   Contributing Editor for "NETA WORLD" Magazine. "Customer's Corner".

   Instructor for ICSC's Management Training Seminars in the U.S. and Canada.

   AEE World Energy Congress - 1992 - Panel Discussion Environment and The Energy

   Edison Electric Institute - Customer Workshop - 1993, 1995 - Presentation on The Needs
    of Customers.

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   ASHRAE Region III - CRC '93 - Energy Presentation.

   NORDAX - Northeastern Utility Data Exchange - Demand Side Management.

   PEPCO & The Mid Atlantic ICSC - Shopping Center O&M Energy Program.

   ICSC's Centerbuild Conference 1989, 1994 - Energy Round Table.

   BOMA International Conference 1995 - "Energizing The Bottom Line"

   Energy User's News, Sept 95 - "Energy Management 2005"

   Association of Energy Engineers, World Energy Congress-95, Session moderator and the
    paper "Energy Management 2005"

   "George Owens Top Ten Reasons for Switching Utilities"- Sept 95 Energy Users News

   Energy Buyers Advisory, a publication of Public Utilities Reports, Inc., Quoted in
    the June 23, 1997 issue "Energy Service Providers Hear Some Straight Talk"

   Buildings: The Construction and Management Magazine. Quoted in June 1997
    article "Power Up For Utility Dereg"

   8th Annual National Energy Services Conference and Exposition, 1997 "Electric
    Deregulation" Planary Session.

   Competitive Power Congress, AEE, 1997. "Slashing Energy Costs Through
    Maintenance Improvements"

   Chair of the International Council of Shopping Centers Committee on Electric
    Deregulation, 1997.

   Buying Electricity II, Energy Users News, "Electric Deregulation". "The Ten Step
    Program of Electric Deregulation for Building Owners and Managers"

   Shopping Center World, Feb 1997. Quoted in the article "Plugging Into Energy

   ICSC, 1997 Spring Convention. "Become Penny-Wise, Forecast Future Needs and
    Save Your Shopping Center Money!!!" Panel Discussion.

   National Business Energy Forum, 1997. "Direct Access and Beyond: Provision of
    Energy Services to Commercial Customers"

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   Article about the ICSC Committee's work on Electric Deregulation, George Owens-
    Chair. ICSC's Government Affairs Newsletter and 8/97 Issue of ICSC's Value
    Retail News.

   Member of Energy Committee of the International Council of Shopping Centers

   Program Advisor to Energy Technology (10 and 11) Conference in Washington, D.C. and
    Mid-Atlantic Energy Conference. Session Chairman; Energy Technology (9, 10 & 11)
    Conference and AEE World Energy Congress.

   Keynote Speaker, MASC-Mid-Atlantic Association of Shopping Centers, Energy and
    Marketing Services 10/97

   1997 WEEC-World Energy Engineering Congress, Two Panel Sessions.
    Purchasing Electricity Tips and Issues for Commercial Building Owners and
    Energy Services in a Deregulated Environment

   Board of Directors of AEE’s Certified Energy Procurement Professional Program

   Quoted in Energy Users News, Energy Management Magazine, Air Conditioning, Heating
    and Refrigeration News, Transmission and Distribution Magazine, Strategic Planning for
    Energy, Heating, Piping and Air Conditioning and ICSC's Shopping Center Today.

   Micro-computer programs for utility rate analysis and reporting utility billing analysis for a
    major shopping center in the Midwest.

   Past contact member of the Cincinnati Building Energy Evaluation Program.

   Quoted in newspapers, radio and televisions media concerning Energy Matters.

   City of Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Energy Committee, Chairman Utility Review
    and Energy subcommittees.

   Authored three chapters in the "Energy Management and Control System Handbook", First,
    Second and Third Editions.

   Member Baltimore Gas and Electric Company - collaborative - Commercial Demand Side
    Management Program Design Team 1992-1993.

   Technical Advisory Board Member for "Energy User's News" Magazine - 1993

   AEE's Regional Energy Manager of the Year - Award 1992.

   BOMA Task Force on Hazardous Wastes.

   AEE's International Energy Manager of the Year - Award 1994.

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   AEE’s Energy Managers Hall of Fame

   Advisory Board, Energy User News 1998 to 2002

   Edison Electric Institute, National Accounts Seminar - Energy Management
    Systems: The Latest News - 1998

   Quoted in Transmission and Distribution World magazine - Utilities Face a Brave
    New World by Rick Bush. - 1998

   Quoted in American Health Care Association Provider Magazine - Plugging Into
    Electricity Deregulation by Robbin Christianson - 1998

   Electric Deregulation, New Opportunities for Commercial Customers Infocast
    Seminar. Getting the Maximum Benefits from Multi-Site Energy Management
    Programs - 1998

   1998 AEE Competitive Energy Congress - Managing Risk for Energy Purchasing
    from a Consultant’s Perspective and Electric Industry Restructuring Update Mid-
    Atlantic and New England

   1998 AEE International Energy and Environmental Congress - Upgrading
    Buildings for the 21st Century

   Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment Magazine- What is All the Fuss
    About Interoperability? BACNet From an End Users Perspective - Fall 1998

   World Energy Engineering Congress - AEE, Session Chair, End User Strategies for
    Purchasing Electricity and Gas and Critical Issues in Electric Utility Deregulation
    Forum panel discussion - Fall 1998

   International Council of Shopping Centers - Fall 1998 Centerbuild conference,
    Session Chair Electric Deregulation for Shopping Centers

   Community Associations Institute Fall 1998 Reregulation of the Electric Industry
    panel discussion

   Maryland School Energy Managers Workshop, Utility Deregulation Update - 1998

   Cool Sense Conference – Retrofitting Chillers for CFC’s with a Payback - 1998

   President - Association of Energy Engineer’s National Capital Chapter – 1998-1999

   Architect’s and Engineers Coalition of Maryland - Energy Education for
    Customers, Why Bother? - 1998

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   National Electrical Contractors of America, Electricity Deregulation - 1998

   Fall 1998 - Maryland Deregulation Conference

   Professional Office Building Management - June 1999 - How to Negotiate Contract
    with Deregulated Electricity Provider

   Energy Efficiency Awareness Workshop for Business Owners and Managers -
    Program Successes - Feb, 1999. Sponsored by MEI, CCBC, Partnership for
    Environmental Education Technology Education and EPA Energy Star Small
    Business Program

   National Electrical Contractors of America, Electricity Deregulation - Marketing
    Conference, San Antonio, TX. May 1, 1999

   Chapter 7 - Customer Choice: Purchasing Energy in a Deregulated Market - Book
    compiled and edited by Albert Thuman, P.E., C.E.M. ISBN: 0-88173-307-5

   Energy Users News- Dec, 98 Supplier and End-User Perspectives on Power Marketing

   Progressive Engineer - May, 99 - On the Deregulation Bandwagon

   Quoted in Shopping Center Management Insider – Catch Electricity Bill Errors with Usage
    Form 1999

   AEE World Energy Engineering Conference - 1999 Session Chair and Keynote Luncheon

   AEE International Energy and Environmental Congress - Session Chair - Sep 99.

   Energy Users News - Interview June 1999. Inside ESCO’s Energy Services and Savings

   Quoted in Shopping Center Management Insider How to Negotiate Contract with
            Deregulated Electricity Provider

   AEE World Energy Engineering Conference - 2000 Session Chair and Opening Session

   AEE World Energy Engineering Conference – Advisory Board, Multi-year

   AEE-NCC Energy News – “Utility Deregulation Update” Fall 2000

   Energy Manager Magazine – “Performance Contracting and Energy System Outsourcing”
    – May 2000

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   Quoted in Energy Manager Magazine – “Plugging in to Low-Cost Power” – May 2000

   Quoted in The Columbia Flier Newspaper – “Electricity: You use it, but can you really
    choose it? – June 15, 2000.

   Presentation to MD School Energy Managers – ASBO Seminar May 16, 2000.

   Quoted in Energy Users News – “The Biggest Names in Lighting Get Bigger” – May 2000.

   Judge for 2000/2001 ISTF competition. U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Medal
    of Technology Program

   Energy Management Handbook, 4th Edition. Chapter author on Utility Deregulation

   AEE’s Energy Insight “The Role of the Energy Manager is at the Forefront Again!” 6/2001

   Moderator for “Status Report – Utility Deregulation in Maryland”, Maryland Energy
    Institute Annual Conference 5/2001

   Quoted in Professional Office Building Management newsletter, “Catch Electricity Bill
    Errors with Usage Form”, 6/2001

   Quoted in Energy Users News “What to Expect from Energy Standard 90.1” 8/2001

   Buildings Magazine, co-authored “Energy: What’s Up Now, Mitigate the risks now and
    pending in energy markets” 9/2001

   Co-presented “Controlling Your Future” First Annual Joint Energy Summit 9/2001

   2001 AEE World Energy Engineer Congress, Session Chair, Awards Banquet Chair,
    Advisory Committee

   Quoted in Professional Office Apartment Management newsletter, “Catch Electricity Bill
    Errors with Usage Form”, 10/2001

   AEE’s Business Energy Solutions Expo, Session Chair, presented paper “Purchasing
    Energy for Multi Locations for National Accounts” 11/2001

   ICSC Centerbuild Conference 10/2001 Co-presented “The Next Energy Crisis is Here
    Now. Are You Ready?”

   Energy Manager Magazine 2/2001 “Shopping For Bargains, Utility deregulation presents
    opportunities for the cost-conscious shopping center owner”

   Quoted in 2/2002 Shopping Centers Today, “Owners cope with Enron bankruptcy

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   Quoted in The Baltimore Sun – “Deregulation yielding little competition” 2/10/2002, “363
    of BGE’s largest customers are moving on” 7/2/2002

   Quoted in Energy Users News – “A few Thoughts on the Industry, Ideas from a session at
    Globalcon” 7/2002 EUN

   Quoted in Shopping Centers Today – “Owners cope with Enron Bankruptcy” 2/2002

   Globalcon 3/28/2002 AEE – Session Chair, Roundtable participant

   4th Annual Maryland Energy Institute Conference – “The Reality of Buying Electricity in
    An Open Market in Maryland” 4/10/2002 Moderator, Session Facilitator “How to Develop
    a Procurement Program Work Session: “ Role Up Your Sleeves and Get to Work”

   IFMA Baltimore Chapter, Panel Member “A Proactive Approach to Managing and
    Procuring Energy in an Open Market” 5/15/2002

   AEE World Energy Engineering Congress - Advisory Board 2002, Session Chair, Presenter
    of AEE Hall of Fame awards

   Judge, Energy User News Efficient Building Awards 2002

   Energy User News Technical Advisory Board 2002

   “What does it Take to be a Successful Energy Engineer/Manager?” presented to the AEE
    student chapter at James Madison University – 2002

   AEE-NCC Energy News – “Utility Deregulation – Lessons Learned (the Hard Way) Fall

   AEE Certified Energy Procurement – Board member 2002

   Reciepient of the AEE Distinguished Service Award 2002

   Session Chair, Business Energy Solutions Expo and Conference, AEE 12/2003

   “Making Your Project Go, By Making Your Project Green”, International Council of
    Shopping Center Centerbuild Conference, Session Moderator, Co-Organizer. 2003

   International Council of Shopping Center Centerbuild Conference, Session Moderator, Co-
    Organizer, Roundtable Leader 2003

   Energy User News Technical Advisory Board 2003

   AEE Certified Energy Procurement – Board member 2003

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   AEE WEEC Advisory Board 2003

   “Next Phase in Utility Deregulation: What Do You Do When You Lose Price Protection”,
    AEE WEEC 2003

   Maryland Energy Institute, Board Member 2003

   Quoted in an article “Supply vs Demand” in Jul 1, 2003 Transmission and Distribution

   The Reality of Buying Electricity In an Open Market in the Metropolitan Washington
    Region, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Session Moderator 2/26/2003

   “Energy Management: Don’t be afraid to mix and match systems”, quoted in article in
    3/24/2003 issue of Environment of Care Leader

   Energy Users News Energy Awards Judge, 2003

   Washington Chapter of AEE “ A few words about reliability”, 9/16/2003

   Baltimore Chapter of AEE 2/2004 “Deregulation” panel presentation.

   Association of Energy Engineers – AEE Nominations Committee 2004-2007

   Assisted Housing Financial Management Insider – Quoted in article Sept/Oct 2004 “Use
    Electricity Usage Form to Catch Billing Errors, Keep Track of Costs”

   Maryland Energy Institute, Board Member 2004

   AEE WEEC Advisory Board 2004

   AEE Certified Energy Procurement – Board member 2003-4

   Judge, Energy User News Efficient Building Awards 2003-4

   Energy User News Technical Advisory Board 2003-4

   AEE World Energy Engineering Congress - Session Chair, Presenter of AEE Hall of Fame
    awards 2003-4

   International Council of Shopping Center Energy Committee Chair 2003-2004

   “Utility Deregulation - Lessons Learned (the Hard Way!)” Presentation to AEE NCC


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           Ohio College of Applied Science, Cincinnati, Ohio 1966-1968. Associate of Applied
         Science Degree in Electronics. Member of Tau Alpha Phi Honor Society.

           Miscellaneous courses and unsupervised education.
         University of Cincinnati Evening College courses; Westinghouse Industrial Drives
         Seminar; Energy Management Seminars; Instrumentation Trainer; BOCA Energy Code;
         HVAC Systems Design; Computer Programming; Fan Fundamentals; Outdoor Lighting;
         PCB Regulations; Direct Purchase of Natural Gas; Indoor Air Quality; Commissioning;
         Numerous Environmental & Energy Training Sessions.



        Finneytown Public Schools, Cincinnati, Ohio - "Energy Conservation, What Can You

        Advisory Committee to Finneytown School District, Cincinnati, on energy matters.

        Advised the College of Mount St. Joseph and Cincinnati Music Hall on Energy

        Exterior Lighting - Howard Community College

        Advised Goucher College (Baltimore, MD) on their campus wide District
         Cooling/Heating modernization.

        Provided HVAC renovation guidance to the Baltimore School for the Arts - 1993 -

        Baltimore Zoo - Building & Grounds Board Committee 1994

        Assisted the Mechanic Theater in evaluating HVAC and Energy Management

        Committee member responsible for developing the Energy Management Training
         course in association with the Maryland Energy Administration

        Provided a review of the University of Maryland Hospitals central plant renovations.

        Board of Directors - Maryland Energy Institute

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        Department of Energy Awards Judge through the National Capital Chapter of AEE – late

        Energy Users News Energy Awards Judge 2001-2002


        United Way - 1990 Rouse Company Campaign Chairman responsible for contributions
         exceeding $250,000; 1986-1988 Chairman of United Way Benefit Functions, raising over

        Volunteer Contribution Committee - The Rouse Company - Member of Board deciding
         distribution of contributions to charitable organizations with active participation of fellow

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