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Best Portal Website Templates document sample

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									New Portal to Cost and Performance Integration

  The Planning and Evaluation Staff is pleased to introduce the new and
  improved Cost and Performance Integration Website for the Fish &
  Wildlife Service. This website is your portal to all the Service’s official
  information concerning cost and performance. You are now able to
  navigate thru the various reports and analytical tools (depending on your
  permissions), create ad hoc analyses on cost and performance data,
  review and track performance metrics, and access key links to the
  Department and OMB sites that provide additional Cost and Performance
  data and guidance.

  The drop-down menus across the top of the screen are segregated by
  subject matter and designed as a one-stop access point for each level of
  data. The links down the left side of the site are intended to provide quick
  access to important documents and key information.

  The following pages provide you with a synopsis of the key features and
  information you will find under each menu and guidance on how to
  access the various reports and tools.
                       Key Features

                           The drop-down menus across the top of
                           the page are your access keys to “subject
The links on the           matter” information. Each menu is
left provide               reviewed in detail on the following pages.
“quick” access to
information and
commonly used
documents. The       The “WHAT’S NEW” section will be
links in the light   updated periodically and provide you
brown text are       with the latest links to new reports or
still under          guidance concerning cost and
construction.        performance information.

                              The links on the bottom of the page provide you
                              with a way to get back to the home page and
                              also link you to other key information for the
                              Fish and Wildlife Service.
          Activity Based Cost Management

                     Text shown in white on any drop down tab indicates a link to a business intelligence
                     tool. Access to these commercial software tools is limited to those who have received
                     training and/or been provided a user license.

                                           The Activity Based Cost Management menu
                                           provides key information concerning the Service's
                                           Activity-Based Costing (ABC) data. The first two
                                           links provide you with a basic overview of ABC as
                                           well as the methodology by which costs are
                                           assigned to activities and FWS Operations Plan
                                           measures and goals. The link in white allows a
Arrows on the drop down menu               licensed user to perform ad-hoc queries on the
indicate “fly out” menus that lead         ABC cost data. All Service employees are able
to an additional level of                  to view historic cost reports by fiscal quarter. You
information. Simply select the             also have access to the current fiscal year
subject you are interested in              Activity Dictionary as well as the dictionaries
viewing and the link will open that        associated with previous fiscal years. There is a
page. If you click on a link that
takes you away from the website,
                                           link to the Time & Attendance Worksheet in a
you can use your back button on
                                           variety of formats with the accompanying training
your browser to go back to the             guidance. There is another link to information on
website                                    improvements and feedback from Service
                                           employees. Lastly, there is list that shows how
                                           the FWS Activities crosswalk to the DOI
Performance Planning and Goal Tracking

                  The Performance Planning and Goal
                  Tracking menu provides access to the tools
                  needed to enter and track annual and
                  cumulative Service-wide targets. This
                  information will be collected and monitored by
                  Program and Regional Managers. The
                  commercial software tools can only be
                  accessed by those who have been given
                  licenses to enter, modify or approve metrics.
                  The other information included on this menu
                  include the FWS Operations Plans, historic
                  annual performance plans and past strategic

                  There is a link to the FWS Performance
                  Framework which is a graphical depiction of
                  how cost information and performance
                  information are aligned to the DOI Strategic
                  Goal Structure. This model has become a
                  best practice in the Department of Interior.

                  Additional information is provided on PART,
                  Organizational Assessments and, new this
                  year are SES Performance Templates. These
                  templates can only be accessed by the Senior
                  Level Management in the Service.
     Cost and Performance Integration

The Cost & Performance Integration menu provides access to the DOI
Quarterly Report that integrates cost information with performance metrics.
This report was mandated by the Department in FY 2005 and provides the
Department with an integrated view of the Services’ ability to link costs and
performance. Those with licensed software access will also be able to create
ad hoc reports integrating cost and performance data by Region or Program.
The Cost & Performance Framework is a graphic and explanation that details
how costs are driven from programs to performance goals as well as
demonstrating how the costs are aligned with the performance metrics for
each goal. The Data Validation and Verification (V&V) link provides
information on either Cost V&V or Performance V&V. The cost validation
methodology is still conceptual but will be built out to start in FY 2007. There
is also a link to a Cost and Performance Budgeting methodology that was
introduced at the April 2005 Directorate Meeting for 2007 Budget Planning.
           Key Concepts and Training

The Key Concepts and Training menu provides links to Time Coding, ABC
Model Methodology and ABC Model Software Applications training materials.
These materials were used by the Planning and Evaluation Staff (PES) to train
key personnel in the Washington Office and Regions on the model
methodology and the online analytical processing (OLAP) tool that is used to
view cost data. The Definitions and Key concepts tab links to key terms and
definitions for understanding Activity Based Cost Management. The Other DOI
and External Links menu provides information on the DOI Strategic Plan, The
President’s Management Agenda, Deputy Secretary’s Memo, a link to the DOI
ABC Website and other external links. The videos link provides access to view
videos on Cost and Performance Integration by Secretary Gale Norton, former
FWS Director Steve Williams, Beth Stephens and others.
                  Human Resources

The Human Resources menu is structured to provide information on linking
employee performance to goal achievement. The current menu is only
populated with the SES Templates but will eventually be available as a
source to inform the use of performance metrics in employee performance

The Help menu provides Regional contact information for
questions on Cost and Performance. You will also be able to see
the responsibilities of the implementation team, learn who the
contacts are for performance in the Washington Office and identify
the members of the Deputies Oversight Team. Within the next
few months, the implementation team will be developing an online
help desk. This concept will provide an additional mechanism in
the portal to allow employees to contact the Planning and
Evaluation Staff on issues regarding cost and performance
integration, training, licensing/accessing business intelligence
tools, getting software support, and general questions on the
implementation of cost and performance integration at the FWS.
                          Incomplete Links

                                    The following links are under construction:
                                       Subject Menu Navigation Links
                                         –   Performance Planning and Goal Tracking
                                               •    SES Performance Templates> Guidance
                                         –   Definitions and Key Concepts
                                               •    Performance Planning and Goal Tracking
                                               •    Cost and Performance Integration
Left Side Navigation Links               –   Human Resources
 –   Latest News                               •    Linking Performance Goals to Employees
      •   Director’s Notes                     •    SES Performance Templates> Guidance
      •   Regional Highlights            –   Contacts
      •   Deputies Oversight Team              •    Implementation Team
                                               •    Washington Office Performance Contacts
 –   Management Tools
                                               •    Deputies Oversight Team
      •   Manager Analysis
      •   What-if Scenarios for          –   Help
          Resource Planning                    •    Help Desk

As these links are updated, a note will be added to the "What's New"
section on the Website.

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