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                                       STATEMENT OF OPERATING RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS
                                                                                                                       2008/09 Accounts Actual 12 2009/10 Accounts Budgeted
UR1                                                                                                                      months ending 30 June       12 months ending 30 June
Code                                                                                                                             2009                         2010

       Ministry & Mission receipts
 R1    General Offerings from envelope/plate from Congregation
R1A Presbytery Levies
 R2 Wider Work - Donations received separately [eg Christmas Bowl, disaster aid]
       Income from UCA Organisations
 R3       - Synod Fund Grants and reimbursements (eg if any Synod Mission Resource Fund, etc)
 R4       - Other Synod sources (if any, eg, reimbursements, donations, etc)
R4A    Investment Fund Grants [Canberra Presbytery use only]
 R5    Government Grants (if any from Federal/State/Local Government departments)
 R8    Donations from other non-UCA sources eg sponsorships
R13    Mission Specific Revenue eg community outreach, school education, missionary appeals
       Total Ministry & Mission receipts                                                                                                         0                          0
       Interest Income receipts
 R6    Interest income from investments with non-UCA Financial Institutions (bank accounts)
 R7    Interest income from Uniting Financial Services investments
       Total Interest income receipts                                                                                                            0                          0
       Property leasing receipts
       Surplus on sale of property/non property assets [Please provide details of all purchases and sales of
 R9 property, furniture, equiptment, etc]
 R10 Property income from all sources (hall hire, rent from other properties, etc)
R10A Discounts on property leasing income [negative value]
       Total Property leasing receipts                                                                                                           0                          0
       Other income
R11 Bequests received identifying Congregation/Presbytery as beneficiary
R12 Other receipts (Social functions, Fund raising, Fetes, insurance claims, legacies, etc)
       Total Other income receipts                                                                                                               0                          0
       Income-Generation Activity receipts
R14 Income-Generation / Business Activity receipts [opportunity shops, child care, markets, café, etc]
R15 Discounts on Income-Generation / Business Activity receipts [negative value]
       Total Income-Generation Activity receipts                                                                                                 0                          0
       TOTAL RECEIPTS                                                                                                                            0                          0

                                                                                                                       2008/09 Accounts Actual 12 2009/10 Accounts Budgeted
UR1                                                                                                                      months ending 30 June       12 months ending 30 June
Code                                                                                                                             2009                         2010

       Staff costs
       Ministers, Deacons, Lay Pastors, Youth Workers' stipends (Accredited & Non-Accredited) - full cost, including
       taxable & non-taxable benefits, Ministers Support Funds, training where Payment Summary (Group
 P1    Certificate) is issued
P1A Housing Allowance & Travel Allowance paid to Ministers, Youth Workers etc
       Lay Staff Salaries, Wages, Allowances, Honourariums - performing admin & other secretarial and domestic
 P2 duties where Payment Summary (Group Certificate) is issued
P2A Superannuation
P2B Workers Compensation Insurance
       Reimbursements & Out of pocket expenses, etc - where Payment Summary (Group Cert) is not issued, eg,
 P3    volunteers, cleaners
 P3A   Reimbursements to linked/multi-centre Congregations for Ministers costs
       Total Staff costs                                                                                                                         0                          0
       Property-related costs
 P4    Consultants/Contractors (non-employees) where an invoice is issued to Congregation for services
 P5    Rent paid (if any)
 P6    Repairs & maintenance to property - day to day repairs
       Provision for property refurbishments - if affordable, monies saved to undertake major improvements in the
 P7    future
 P8    Insurance premium costs to cover property - buildings & contents
 P9    Electricity and gas expenditure
 P10   Water rates
 P11   Council rates (if any charged)
P11A   Property management and other costs
       Total property-related costs                                                                                 0   0
       Mission Costs/Mission Giving
P12 Contributions to UCA Living is Giving programmes as per planning form completed
P13 Contributions to other UCA Organisations- donations, grants, etc
 P14   Presbytery Levies
 P15   Other donations to Non-UCA organisations (eg Christmas Bowl), including local programmes, sponsorships
P15A   Local Mission Support eg RE in schools, community outreach, programmes for Youth/Marrieds/Seniors etc
P15B   Overseas Mission Support
P15C   Mission Education costs eg training & planning expenses
P15D   Fund-raising costs
       Total Mission Costs/Mission Giving                                                                           0   0
       Administration and other
 P16 Audit/Accounting fees (if any)
P16A Accounting/Legal/Professional fees (if any - including contractor costs)
 P17 Bank charges (if any charged by non UCA Banks)
       Depreciation of non-property assets > $500 - if affordable monies saved to replace cars, machinery, PCs,
P18 photocopiers etc
 P19   Repairs & maintenance to non-property assets (as described in P18)
P19A   Motor vehicle expenses (registration, petrol, servicing)
 P20   Insurance premium costs to cover non-property assets (as described in P18)
 P21   Interest expense on borrowings (loans from banks and Uniting Financial Services)
 P22   Stationery & printing costs
P23 Telecommunications expenses (mobile phones, desk/hand set phones, internet connections, faxes)
P24 Postage & courier costs
P25 Other miscellaneous costs
       Total Administration costs                                                                                   0   0
       Congregation/Church service costs
P26    Fellowship expenses eg music licenses, Worship expenses, social activities, refreshments etc
P27    Meeting costs
P28    Congregation member (non-employee) training & conferences
P29    Other Worship costs
P30    SPARE
       Total Congregation/Church service costs                                                                      0   0
       Income-Generation Activities costs
 P31   Cost of Goods/Services Sold
 P32   Business development & review costs
 P33   Marketing & promotion / networking
 P34   Management wages and allowances
P34A   Superannuation
P34B   Recruitment, consultant and other human resources costs
 P35   Property - rent & maintenance
 P36   Miscellaneous costs (legal, insurance, other)
P37 Bad Debts Written Off
     Total Income-Generation Activity costs                                                         0   0
     TOTAL PAYMENTS (Staff + Property + Mission + Admin + Congregation & Income-Generation Costs)   0   0
                                        SURPLUS/(DEFICIT)                                           0   0
                                                                                                                                       2008/09 Accounts
UR1                   STATEMENT OF ASSETS AND LIABILITIES (WHOLE DOLLARS ONLY)                                                         Actual 12 months
Code                                                                                                                                  ending 30 June 2009

  A1   Current account - day to day Uniting Financial Services (UFS) transactional account used to pay bills and operating expenses
 A1A   Current account - day to day Non-UFS transactional account used to pay bills and operating expenses
  A2   Minister's Benefit Expenses (cheque account) in the name of the Congregation/Presbytery
  A3   Land value of properties (using latest Valuer General's valuation) as at       /      /
  A4   Buildings & Fixtures (insured value) Valuation being replacement cost as provided to Synod
  A5   Investments (Bank accounts) with UFS - general reserves or savings
  A6   Investments (Bank accounts) with other financial institutions - general reserves or savings
  A7   Investments (Bank accounts) with UFS to cover Asset Replacements- relates to P18
 A7A   Investments (Bank accounts) with non-UCA to cover asset replacements- relates to P18
  A8   Investments (Bank accounts) with UFS to cover property refurbishment/Improvements- relates to P7
 A8A   Investments (Bank accounts) with non-UFS to cover property refurbishment/improvements- relates to P7
  A9   Investments (Bank accounts) Sales Proceeds deposit accounts with UFS
 A10   Other investments (Shares, bonds, etc)
 A11   Debtors (people or organisations that owe you money)
 A12   Other assets (including furniture, equipment, motor vehicles and computers)
A12A Accumulated Depreciation for other non property assets (motor vehicles, computer, furniture etc) [negative value]
       Total Assets                                                                                                                                         0

  L1   Borrowing (loans) from UFS
  L2   Borrowings from all other financial institutions
  L3   Minister's Benefit Expense Liability - contra to A2
  L4   Provision for staff related expenses (annual leave, long service leave, etc)
  L5   Creditors (people or organisations you owe money to)
  L6   Other liabilities
       Total Liabilities                                                                                                                                    0

       Total Assets less Liabilities (Net Assets)                                                                                                         0
 RF1   Accumulated Funds                                                                                                                                    0
 RF2   Current Surplus/Deficit                                                                                                                              0
       Total Retained Funds                                                                                                                                 0

Regarding Asset A3 above ie "Land value of Properties", if you do not have Valuer General's valuation, please complete the

SITE ADDRESS OF EACH BUILDING/VACANT LAND                                                                             TYPE OF

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