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 YOU on paper . . .
A well-prepared resume’

   Contains all important information
   Is neat, complete, and accurate
   Shows an employer that you are:
       Serious
       Educated
       Experienced
       Thorough
       Accurate
Three basic types of resume’
   Chronological – lists education and
    experience in reverse chronological
   Functional – lists skills and abilities with
    sections at the bottom for education
    and employers. Dates are minimized.
   Mixed – lists by skills and abilities but
    includes dates also.
       A resume’ can be prepared:

   Using a Resume’ Wizard
   Using a template from the internet
   From a sample in a book
   Formatted by you in a word processing
   There is no ONE right way to format a
     Some common resume’
     categories are:
   Objective
   Education
   Experience
   Skills and Abilities
   Interests
   Volunteer Activities
   References
   You choose categories to include or omit by
    what you want employers to know.

   States your objective in preparing your
       Part-time or full-time
       Entry-level or management
       Field of interest: sales, food service,
        computers, general office
       Education (sample)
   Francis Howell Central High School, 5199 Hwy N,
    St. Charles, MO 63304      (636) 851-4600
   Will graduate June 2006     GPA 3.7
   Business/Cooperative Work Program, Senior year
   Subjects: Keyboarding, Supervised Business
    Experience, Accounting, Marketing, Chemistry,
   Keyboarding speed: 45 wpm
   Trained in word processing, database, spreadsheet,
    presentation software, telephone, voice recognition
    software and 10-key calculator.

   List company name, address, telephone
    number, and name of supervisor to contact.
   State job title and important duties.
   If preparing a chronological resume’, state
    dates employed. If listing your current job,
    put “(year) to present.”
          Skills and abilities
   List things an employer should know about you:
       Excellent attendance
       Punctual
       Reliable
       Work independently
       Show initiative
       Team player
       Follow through
   Employers like to know more about you:
   Could lead to interview questions
       Scouting
       Computers
       Sports - participant or fan
       Travel
       Reading
       Anything you do on a regular basis for fun
   Never lie or exaggerate about interests or
    volunteer activities!
        Volunteer Activities

   Things you’ve done to help your community
       Habitat for Humanity
       Highway cleanup
       Hospital volunteer
       Canned food drive
       Nursery volunteer
       Nursing home visits
       Blood drive

   Personal references should be someone who
    could vouch for your honesty, commitment,
    and reliability:
       Teacher, coach, scoutmaster, counselor,
        employer, supervisor, neighbor you’ve worked
        for, parents of your friends, friends of your
       NOT your parents, grandparents or anyone with
        the same last name, or anyone under 25.
     Before you use your resume’
   Spell check
   Proofread on screen
   Proofread hard copy
   Have someone else proofread for
    content and appearance.
   Make any necessary corrections
   Use good printer and paper for your
    final copies
     Use your resume’ PLUS . . .
   Always take two copies of your resume’
       One to leave with the employer
       One to use for completing the job
        application if required to do so at that time
   Dress appropriately
   Go alone (not with a parent or friend)
   Use good manners
   Remember interviewing skills we will be
    discussing in class.
   Good Resume + Interview Skills

You’ll stand
out from
the rest of
the flock!

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