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Milage Report Template


Milage Report Template document sample

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									                                Globaloria-WV Pilot-Year-3
                           Learning and Teaching Progress Report
                                 Overview and Instructions

The Globaloria Learning and Teaching Progress Report System was designed to facilitate the
management of your own teaching and learning as well as that of your students. We recommend
that you write your progress report on a daily or weekly basis, and not leave it to the day of
submission. If done right, and shared with peers and colleagues, the progress report can be a
valuable professional development tool.

Submission Method and Content:
   1. There are 4 submission dates for Globaloria Progress Reports:
              September 15, 2009

              December 15, 2009

              March 15, 2010

              June 15, 2010 (or at the end of your school year)

   2. Your Reports should be submitted on the progress report wiki as a WORD Document:

   3. Use the “Globaloria Progress Report” form, which can be downloaded from the
      Educators wiki:

Travel Expenses: Any travel expenses you incur in a reporting period should be listed on a
separate mileage invoice attached to your Progress Report Email. The template for the milage
invoice can be found on the “forms” section of the educator’s wiki
( Send photocopies of your travel receipts
via regular mail or scan and e-mail to:
       David Lowenstein
       Globaloria c/o WVCPD
       208 Hale St.
       Charleston, WV 25301

Globaloria is a 12-month-long Teaching and Learning Hands-On Engagement.
The stipend is connected to the performance -- as reflected in the wikis, blogs and the
progress reports during a 12-month period (July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.)

We are delighted to support your time, learning, vision and efforts to run the Globaloria
program successfully throughout the entire academic year. We highly appreciate that you
invest time in your own self-learning.

You are expected to organize, manage and post regularly your ongoing work on your
class wiki, blog, and website. You are also expected to initiate your own Globaloria
recruiting or training projects to expand the Globaloria-WV community in your school,
and other schools in WV for the benefit of you and your students.

The 12 month Globaloria opportunity may include the following activities:
    Design and develop an individualized (more advanced) program with the
      returning Globaloria students.
    Establish leadership opportunities for “Globaloria graduates” to act as mentors for
      new students.
    Design recruiting strategies for new students, educators, administrators in your
      school and community, or in other communities in WV.
    Give presentations and discussions about your exciting and innovative work in
      your school, to your Board and in conferences.
    Provide training and demonstrations to other students and decision-makers in your
      school and community (students, educators, superintendent, etc.)
    Offer trainings and demonstrations to other communities in WV (High schools,
      Community Colleges, Vocational-Technical Schools, Superintendents, Academic
      Institutions, etc.)
    Write a paper about your Globaloria story, and/or provide case studies from your
    Send us your other ideas! We are all learning together how to develop, sustain and
      grow Globaloria in WV!

We have established a Performance-Based Stipend System:
    Lead Educators can receive $3000 per year ($750 x 4 reporting periods)
    Support educators can receive $1000 per year ($250 x 4 reporting periods)
    Mentors can receive $250 per school supported, per semester.

The Globaloria Stipend is performance based, and a unique way for us to say thank you
for your hard work and extra time and efforts you will invest each week into making it
happen with your students – and beyond!

Warmest Regards,
The World Wide Workshop Team


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